posted by davidt on Friday February 13 2009, @09:00AM
Update: 02/14 04:43 GMT: Anonymously posted in the comments section a link to the show on YouTube:

Start of show (link from eugenius):

An anonymous person writes:
Unfortunately there was no interview after all - but plenty of shots from Green Room. Music made up for it tho' - Paris followed by This Charming Man.

Predictibly JR made reference to the naked photo shoot - taking mick out of Boz. Mozz was in great form - obviously has good rapport with JR & presented him with a Peter Wyngarde LP. Don't suppose that they will broadcast the comments about a track on there called "Rape"!
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  • Looking forward to this, will definately have to Sky+ it!!

    Although I still think Jonathan Ross is a muppet for what he said at the Roundhouse Gig.
    lovemorrissey -- Friday February 13 2009, @09:28AM (#321024)
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    • Re:Awsome!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 13 2009, @04:43PM
  • So incredible disappointing, I had really looked forward to see an interview with Morrissey.

    Why is it he refuses to let Jonathan Ross interview him? Is it because he doesn’t like being interviewed on TV or is it because he doesn’t like Jonathan Ross?
    Avelin -- Friday February 13 2009, @09:39AM (#321026)
    (User #19571 Info)
  • FYI: He does not like the two 'r's. It may be to do with the racehorse called Mozzer.
    Morrissey the 23rd <[email protected]> -- Friday February 13 2009, @09:43AM (#321027)
    (User #910 Info |
  • hmmm....quite disappointed that there's no interview, I thought the last one was quite funny, although he did a runner when he was last due on, so fair to say, he'd rather not speak to JR.... on the subject of TCM, does anyone agree that this modern version is an insult? i can't help but cringe at such a frivolous interpretation of a beautifully symbolic/important song in Smiths/Moz history...
    Pinkie80 -- Friday February 13 2009, @11:58AM (#321036)
    (User #21968 Info)
  • video of show (Score:2, Informative) []

    (start of show - brief chat with moz)
    Anonymous -- Friday February 13 2009, @04:42PM (#321064)
  • That was just fabulous!
    miss liverpool <[email protected]> -- Friday February 13 2009, @04:45PM (#321066)
    (User #18717 Info)
    I would give you my heart, that's if I had one
  • ...Morrissey is the one that changed JR's view about life. That's some compliment, over and above the present of the album.

    Songs, I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris, and This Charming Man, were a great mix to finish the show.

    Glad I caught it, just in from a great Damien Dempsey gig.
    goinghome -- Friday February 13 2009, @04:56PM (#321069)
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  • []

    So sad how Boz sat up when the camera pan on to him...

    Love Wozzy though.
    eugenius -- Friday February 13 2009, @04:58PM (#321070)
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    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
  • []

    Paris and Charming Man
    Anonymous -- Friday February 13 2009, @06:38PM (#321076)
  • johnny marr makes this song, sorry boz i love you but.....
    noassatol -- Friday February 13 2009, @10:44PM (#321080)
    (User #21796 Info)
  • Never my favourite (Score:1, Interesting)

    This is one of the few Smiths songs where I think Morrissey`s vocal was always better than the music. I`ve always regarded the music as over-fussy and twee (and quite tuneless). Morrissey`s lyrics and delivery are what make this song. Yamaha
    Anonymous -- Friday February 13 2009, @11:42PM (#321081)
  • That was really horrible. He shouldn't be allowed to do Smiths-material with this band. Please don't!
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @12:49AM (#321083)
    • Re:Ouch by Fawdy (Score:1) Saturday February 14 2009, @03:07AM
    • Re:Ouch by paul_psyche (Score:1) Saturday February 14 2009, @05:55AM
      • Re:Ouch by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday February 14 2009, @06:30AM
      • Re:Ouch by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday February 15 2009, @12:07AM
        • Re:Ouch by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday February 15 2009, @03:53AM
        • Re:Ouch by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday February 15 2009, @11:27AM
        • Re:Ouch by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday February 16 2009, @04:13AM
    • Re:Ouch by rooneyred (Score:1) Saturday February 14 2009, @10:15PM
  • I am speaking of Ross of course.

    How Morrissey has allowed this truly awful man into his "inner circle" is, quite frankly, beyond me.

    Ross has made a career out of crass, crude and, often times, deliberately inappropriate material coupled with cloying sycophancy.

    It really is disappointing to watch him take this chump to his heart. It doesn't really say much for him.

    This is the part of the thread when people can now defend Ross as being "hilarious" and accuse me of jealousy.

    I thank you.

    Kimura-san -- Saturday February 14 2009, @03:09AM (#321088)
    (User #21832 Info)
  • Well that was a complete cringe-fest.

    Best friends with Ross now? Oh dear, he really HAS lost it
    Alan Benedict -- Saturday February 14 2009, @03:39AM (#321090)
    (User #19799 Info)
    • Re:Good God (Score:2, Funny)

      Yes Good God. The arrogance of some Morrissey fans is truly astounding. Not only do they want to decide who is in the band, what's on each and every setlist, the musical arrangement of every song, they also want to pick his friends! I wonder who "really HAS lost it".
      not sorry -- Saturday February 14 2009, @05:04AM (#321092)
      (User #14977 Info)
      • Re:Good God by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday February 14 2009, @08:56AM
        • Re:Good God by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday February 14 2009, @09:45AM
          • Re:Good God by Alan Benedict (Score:1) Saturday February 14 2009, @11:21AM
            • Re:Good God by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday February 14 2009, @02:15PM
    • Re:Good God by marred (Score:0) Saturday February 14 2009, @02:03PM
      • Re:Good God by Alan Benedict (Score:1) Saturday February 14 2009, @02:36PM
  • top show, great comments from jonathan, remember seeing morrissey on the channel 4 chat show he used to have, so he's liked him for years, just what it has to do with people on here who mozz be-friends i'm not sure, mozz in great voice also, excellent show.
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @05:36AM (#321095)
  • It's probably a good thing that Moz didn't do a sit-down with Woss, which would just result in another toe-curling moment. Morrissey has already stated that he is not wholly suited to these type of things. He doesn't possess that "spring in steps" that TV chat show guests seem to have.

    Regardless, the songs were great. "This Charming Man" might very well miss Johnny's highlife guitars. This version sounds like Death Cab For Cutie's cover.

    As for the rest, I think the guests are really dull and are nothing but third-rate micro-celebs that you often see when the producers cannot reel in somebody bigger or more interesting.
    Ramon -- Saturday February 14 2009, @07:14AM (#321103)
    (User #2577 Info)
    "I'm all over a vulture, like impending death"
  • Wow, I didn't think I'd go all wobbly just now when I watched "This Charming Man," but I did. I like the fact that he's updated it for this band in 2009. He really doesn't dwell in the past, which is refreshing.

    Those vocals are astonishing but, as someone posted above, I miss the little high-pitched whoop. That' s what really irritated people all those years ago ; )

    As for J. Ross, I don't understand all the vitriol. I only ever encounter him on this site, but he always comes across as clever, articulate and, yes, more than a little crass. A bit like a certain brilliant vocalist I can think of.

    It's interesting that J. Ross and R. Brand (both of whom Moz seems quite close to) have incurred such public wrath of late. The three of them are quite a gang of thugs : D
    Anaesthesine -- Saturday February 14 2009, @07:40AM (#321105)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • I thought the version of This Charming Man was excellent. It reminded me of the live version of Suedehead on Beethoven Is Dead & I loved that too.
    That said, I saw a comment on here where someone said the band could've played it like the Smiths did but chose not to. I don't think that's right, none of them are talented enough to recreate Marr's guitar. Although also, I wouldn't really want them to. If I want to hear it as the Smiths played it, I'll just play the original. I'm quite happy to hear it played a different way.

    And finally... of course, they were live and so without the benefit of three million overdubs like Marr had.
    AnthonyGlamour -- Saturday February 14 2009, @08:24AM (#321107)
    (User #7618 Info |
    • Re:A nice new take on a mighty classic by mcrickson (Score:1) Saturday February 14 2009, @10:06AM
      • Re:A nice new take on a mighty classic by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday February 14 2009, @02:04PM
      • Re:A nice new take on a mighty classic by marred (Score:0) Saturday February 14 2009, @02:10PM
        • You're not listening. They don't have to sound like Johnny Marr to play the song.

          The song is certainly not beginner material but it's also something that is rather easy for an experienced musician to recreate, as many lesser musicians have done on Youtube.

          The band nailed Still Ill, and it is roughly of the same technical difficulty as TCM. Almost all songs are fairly easy to play once their patterns are revealed. It's the creative impulse that is difficult to formulate.

          Morrissey's taste has plummeted so dramatically that he likely thought this version was a good idea. I seriously doubt it has anything to do with it's supposed technical difficulty.

          Fans who merely listen to the songs, and haven't taken the time to learn them on an instrument tend to think the material is a lot more complex than it really is. I know, because I felt the same way before learning to play guitar. Eventually, I realized how shallow the music listening experience is when you don't play a musical instrument. Most people are missing out.

          Besides, the band did the same thing to Last of The Famous. It's merely the modern Morrissey sound, and he has a lot more to do with it than people seem to realize.

          Nick The Name -- Saturday February 14 2009, @08:49PM (#321180)
          (User #20764 Info)
    • Re:A nice new take on a mighty classic by johngill (Score:1) Saturday February 14 2009, @11:16AM
  • if master marr is sooooo good then why oh why is he a member of the crabs, i mean come on, they are shite, the other 2 smiths people work in homebase, got refusal this morning from the postman, and its ace, 50 this year, he is the uk answer to a modern day elvis ,and he doesnt need the smiths or 50% of the abusers on morrissey so low.
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @11:09AM (#321117)
  • just watched the clips, really funny, morrissey sounds better than ever, the chat show man was very kind with his words, really nice touch, long live the english (brit award winner) morrissey
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @11:39AM (#321123)
  • black cloud is the best song i have ever heard. anyone else love it?
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @12:08PM (#321124)
  • ...some tween/emo kid seeing this and thinking "Hey, I like this!" and then buys the heavy rocking "Years of Refusal", then decides to check out this Morrissey guy further...buys other rockers like Your Arsenal, Southpaw, and the last two albums...goes back and buys Meat is Murder...a new Moz fan is born and Morrissey lives on.
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @12:16PM (#321126)
  • Such inane comments usually get published round these parts

    Well it was a knock knock joke but Harry is funny more than can be said for other would be comedic followers

    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @12:52PM (#321129)
  • My opinion. Morrissey's robust baritone has thinned out a bit. His breathing is not right. Fact: he needs to lose 10-15 pounds and everything would improve. I love the guy, but Moz is larger than life and we expect him to be a certain way. Most importantly, it would help his breathing and improve his range. By the way, I am in the U.S. and "Years of Refusal" was already put on the rack at Best Buy, where I purchased 2 copies. $14.99 for the one with the bonus dvd and the regular cd for $12.99. REAL Morrissey fans will love it. "Something is squeezing my skull" is a new favorite, "Black Cloud" is a good song, and features Jeff Beck, which is surreal, because Jeff Beck is one of the greatest guitarists in rock history. "It's not your birthday anymore" sounds like it will eventually be a Morrissey just sounds grand, Morrissey sings the hell out of that song, one of his best performances ever. Overall, I rate "Years of Refusal" as one of his best albums ever. It DOES rock! On the back of the cd it reads, "produced by Jerry Finn, recorded in Los Angeles, play very loud." I love it and I have been a fan since 1985, so I know what I'm talking about. Viva Morrissey!
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @01:06PM (#321131)
  • Maybe it's just me, but I feel the music would sound much better with Alain and Gaz in the band. These new guys just sound to rough for Moz's voice. Finesse is what's missing! Except for Boz of course.
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @03:03PM (#321148)
  • Some people are hypocritical fools!

    The moment he and band attempt a smiths classic, you are all on the bandwagon criticising, and if he decided to never play smiths songs again, good god, I dread to think of the stick he would get.

    Can't people just be happy he's decided to dredge up a Smiths classic - its not 1984 now, things simply have to change and evolve! If people want to hear The Smiths songs ala 1980's then they should really stay at home listening to the records or shut up and just be happy that he's still around singing them!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @03:12PM (#321149)
  • If someone came to Johnny Marr in the 1980's and played a video of the above, subsequently exposing him to the terrible sound created by those strange faces attempting to re-create his genius, he probably would have lost his lunch.

    If someone played that video to Morrissey in the 1980's and said that the old, grey-haired grump with bloated belly singing would be him in a few years, he probably would have left the business completely, taking his would-be shame to the grave in silence, never speaking of what he saw to anyone, ever.

    Sadly, this didn't happen and sadly, we all have to live with what has lazily replaced the brilliance of the Smiths.
    Shade -- Saturday February 14 2009, @03:41PM (#321152)
    (User #21974 Info)
  • Hello, Nick The Name here with more of my wry "off the wall" witticisms about this laughable Morrissey character. I liked him once you know - my comments are valid! He's lost it.

    Well well well, what can be said about this dreadful "TV" appearence? It really is beyond words. The way he laughed when Jonathan "Ross" spoke - the younger Morrissey would be spinning in his grave. He's lost it. And as for that picture of him and his band in the nude - well, see my previous humorous posts for more wry withering asides on that score!! Suffice to say - he's lost it.

    Ans as for those songs - don't get me started. "Paris" isn't even a song at all - its more of a speech or post-it note. "This Charming Man" - well! All I can say is - he's lost it. Really, that's all I can say. He's lost it. Lost.
    Can this really be the same man who wrote the songs which meant so much to me, like "Sunday", "Hairdesser Fired", "Boxing" and "Skinhead"? I think not. He's lost it!

    Of course none of you sad fans can admit these facts, and will level accusations such as "troll", "wanker", "tedious, self-important, illiterate fuckwit" at me. Well, all I can say is, the truth hurts.

    -Nick The Name

    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @04:14PM (#321159)
  • He's still gorgeous
    But israel should still fuck off out of Palestine

    not yet invaded by israelis
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @05:06PM (#321166)
  • ..if you show me yours

    batch face killa's

    puro Morrissey!
    Stoney the Pony -- Saturday February 14 2009, @05:20PM (#321167)
    (User #20041 Info)
    "I know what will make you smile tonight"
  • its like how Death Cab for the Cuties covers This Charming Man, its just to american rock, very litle surprised beats on the song which i hope his band can creates
    Peter Marr -- Saturday February 14 2009, @06:05PM (#321172)
    (User #17077 Info)
  • Does it occur to anyone here that Morrissey has the power with his band to tell them how to play every note of every song? He obviously wants TCM to sound the way it did- or it wouldn't sound that way! How dense can you lot be?
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @07:27PM (#321175)
  • Does anyone know? It's not Mikey Farrell

    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @07:35PM (#321177)
  • This may have already be mentioned but doesn't the beginning of this version of "This Charming Man" sound just like "Walking on Sunshine" which JR joked about being a bonus track?! Ha!

    Franissey (Fran)
  • The drummer was painfully off on one of the first few notes.
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @08:40PM (#321179)
  • Wow... I am speechless over the switch that Morrissey was able to turn-on for This Charming Man. It begs the serious question: If you can still sing like that, Moz, then why aren't you doing it more on your newer songs?

    That was incredible to me...he sounds as good as I've ever heard him...
    dewdrop -- Saturday February 14 2009, @09:00PM (#321184)
    (User #2326 Info)
  • ... just as he loves Russell Brand.I'm sure the recent witch hunt against JR and RB by the right wing media, along with the recent attacks on the BBC merely galvanised his decision to perform on the BBC and on the Ross show. He obviously has different taste to the nutters on this site, which to me is a relief as i wouldnt want to agree with some of the twaddle on here.

    As regards the version of This Charming Man, this band are obviously trying a different take on the song rather than doing it Karaoke style. I'm sure Boz could play the proper guitar line if needed, I can even play it for fuck's sake, but then I never could have made it up , and neither could Boz have I would guess.And that where Marr's genius was and I'm glad they gave it respect by not imitating it note for note.

    Finally, as Jonathon Ross is one of the few powerful media people who gives Mozz continual plugs and airtime ,and is quite obviously a genuine fan, I'm shocked at the attitude of the twats on here who dont know an ally when they see one.
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 15 2009, @03:48AM (#321193)
  • Presenting Ross the Peter Wyngarde LP made my day - still makes me smile at the thought of it
    orlando -- Sunday February 15 2009, @10:13AM (#321209)
    (User #18669 Info)
    • Re:Best Bit by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday February 15 2009, @06:43PM
  • I just don't see the glamour in him, the band and his music anymore? I ask myself "why" and "how come" his music doesn't grab me anymore and lift me up like it used to? I don't even boast and brag about him anymore because most of the people that I come in contact with usually say "Morrissey, do you mean Jim Morrison" anyways. I tried to get excited about this performance but it fell flat I am affraid. He is getting over the hill, overpaid and his music is boring as of late. The only fans that could understand what I mean is the ones who were fortunate enough to have seen The Smiths like myself. The band was exciting, dangerous and always entertaining. The music and the musicians were way superior and I just do not get anything out of any of the solo music anymore. The new CD is already on the shelf with the others and I probably will not play it more than I already did which was twice. The second time hoping I would get some chills or smiles but no, its like the last three solo efforts...They all sound the same. Try the Robert Plant/Allison Krauss "Raising Sand" Cd, now thats a killer!
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 15 2009, @11:54AM (#321215)
  • Sounds like all the rest.....I cannot get into the new songs no matter how hard I try? The songs do not sound like there was any real effort put into the writing or the arrangements. They sort of sound like songs that he took out of the can because he had no ideas for new ones? He also sounds very f-l-a-t as well. This new CD will be shelved very quickly at the radio stations again! Its too bad really.
    Paneeks -- Sunday February 15 2009, @02:16PM (#321228)
    (User #13051 Info)
    "A beach is a place where a man can feel, its the only soul in the world thats real".
  • The previous week Jonathan Ross said that Morrissey would be on the show to sing and chat, so I'm assuming that meant an interview. I think Morrissey must of pulled out at the last minute as Dev Patel wasn't announced as a guest the previous week and therefore was brought in as a replacement for Morrissey.

    Oh well.

    I gotta agree with some on here (and I can't believe it's only some), but that version of This Charming Man, is actually better than that done by The Smiths.

    2shy2die -- Monday February 16 2009, @02:14AM (#321269)
    (User #21972 Info)
  • OK, it was a good single at the time....never really grabbed me that much....too jingly-jangly.

    I much much prefer Morrissey doing it NOW rather than the fey, pale & skinny Morrissey of the yore.

    His vocals also sound much better now.

    Anonymous -- Monday February 16 2009, @10:59AM (#321324)
  • There's an odd paradox about the the current inclusion of 'This Charming Man' into the setlist.

    Firstly....Morrissey has stated on at least two occasions(maybe more that I'm unaware of) that he would NEVER sing 'This Charming Man' again; possibly because it was written about someone in particular, or maybe because it's too strong a reminder of headier times. There's almost a peculiarly hollow feeling of surrender about it's return. This is sated somewhat by the fact that I actually like the new version. Of course it will never replace the jolt I still get hearing the original, but given that I thought I'd never hear it live again....I'll take it. a couple of other people have pointed out, it's an absolute unbridled joy to hear THAT voice again. A voice that seems to have been posted missing since 1987. If, as is blatantly obvious, Morrissey still possesses the voice he built his career upon....why doesn't he use it more often? I don't have a problem with the voice he chooses to sing with now(it sounds miraculous on 'When I Last Spoke To Carol'), but I just wish he'd let it loose a little more often.

    THAT was the biggest thrill of Friday night's show!!!
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Tuesday February 17 2009, @01:43PM (#321542)
    (User #10687 Info)
    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
  • not as pathetic as you my friend
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @11:35AM (#321121)
  • Don't listen or Watch then. Your problem solved.
    paul_psyche -- Saturday February 14 2009, @11:35AM (#321122)
    (User #21725 Info)
    Take me In your Arms and love me...
  • Bring it Mark! I miss you
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 21 2009, @01:39PM (#322042)
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