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Update: 02/12 16:18 GMT:
Jon writes:
You may well be aware that last night Morrissey played an intimate show for BBC Radio 2 at the Radio Theatre in London. We think your users would love to hear the gig, a brand new interview and see some pictures of the event. And - best of all - later today/early tomorrow the full concert will be available on to watch on the Radio 2 website, so feel free to spread the word and keep an eye on this link.

Many thanks and enjoy!
Update: 02/12 07:12 GMT:
gonzax posted in the comments (and in the forums) links to download the tracks.
The Most Inept writes:
This is what we Brits pay our TV/Radio license fee for:
RADIO 2 LIVE: MORRISSEY (listen live)
Wednesday 11 February 2009, 2000-2200

Hear Morrissey performing live in the BBC Radio Theatre in London during the second hour of Wednesday's Radcliffe and Maconie show.

Rule Britannia and a solid fiscal policy.
Something Is Squeezing My Skull / Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed / Black Cloud / This Charming Man / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Best Friend Of The Payroll / That's How People Grow Up / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Reader Meet Author / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / I Keep Mine Hidden / I'm OK By Myself
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  • Today fm's Paul McCloone has been previewing exclusive tracks all week from YOR and raffliing off cds and tickets for the Killarney and Galway shows -
    goinghome -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @11:57AM (#320800)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • "And from Thursday evening you'll be able to watch video of the whole concert or individual tracks."

    So it says on the Radio 2 page. Nice!
    goinghome -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @12:00PM (#320802)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • Great Show!! new tracks, great interview and live set! you have to listen! :)
    paul_psyche -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @12:24PM (#320804)
    (User #21725 Info)
    Take me In your Arms and love me...
  • The man is a comic genius. He dsounds very comfortable in his own skin.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @12:37PM (#320806)
    • Re:Top form by paul_psyche (Score:0) Wednesday February 11 2009, @12:40PM
  • Love the BBC (and Moz), you wouldn't get this anywhere else!
    Agent Provocateur -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @12:50PM (#320809)
    (User #10171 Info)
    "Kiss him? Of course I didn't kiss him, he's ugly!"
    • Re:Got to by paul_psyche (Score:0) Wednesday February 11 2009, @12:52PM
    • Re:Got to by goinghome (Score:1) Wednesday February 11 2009, @12:55PM
      • Buffy by johngill (Score:1) Wednesday February 11 2009, @01:27PM
        • Re:Buffy by goinghome (Score:1) Wednesday February 11 2009, @02:44PM
    • Re:Got to by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday February 11 2009, @01:11PM
  • WOW! SISMS was out of this world! brilliant voice and band sounded tight.

    paul_psyche -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @01:10PM (#320814)
    (User #21725 Info)
    Take me In your Arms and love me...
  • sounds superb.

    Anyone else listening while watching England-Spain?!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @01:19PM (#320818)
  • Fucking Hell! This Charmin Man Was fucking AWSOME! Made my Life!!! you could hear the crown going mental!
    paul_psyche -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @01:19PM (#320820)
    (User #21725 Info)
    Take me In your Arms and love me...
  • Why Don't you... brilliant! Said the concert was like an audience with and then said but I'm not Ken Dodd? And then thanked someone in the audience who maybe suggested he is.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @01:33PM (#320834)
  • "This is live radio so if you'd like to insult a celebrity chef now's you chance" ..CRASHING BORES
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @01:36PM (#320836)
  • Just plugged Southpaw re-release and now Reader Meets Author. And Spain are beating England!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @01:43PM (#320837)
  • I keep Mine Hidden!! [email protected]~kin' hell!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @01:52PM (#320839)
  • oh my fucking God, first This charming man,then Seasick yet still docked and now I keep mine hidden. I never ever thought he would play this song.
    gonzax -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @01:55PM (#320843)
    (User #10749 Info)
  • Available online tomorrow, apparently! Suggestion that the setlist was slightly longer than those "at home" have enjoyed??
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @02:02PM (#320844)
  • What I've just been reading is killing me.
    I pray the moment I will hear this concert.
    stab in the back -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @02:08PM (#320845)
    (User #21275 Info)
  • He was soooooooooooo funny when that woman shouted "NO" before 'I'm OK By Myself'.

    And OMG - This Charming Man, Seasick and Hidden.

    What A Radio Show, cant wait for the footage on tomorrows show

    Bona Ecaf -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @02:12PM (#320847)
    (User #21046 Info)
  • I recorded the show (the internet streaming). Sounds quite good although not as good as an FM version but if you want to listen to the concert now let me know and I can upload it for you somewhere.
    gonzax -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @02:30PM (#320850)
    (User #10749 Info)
  • pretty please
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @02:38PM (#320851)
  • Possibility of spare ticket for tomorrow night's recording if anyone interested.
    CleoMonster -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @02:59PM (#320857)
    (User #15372 Info)
  • Have you, ever in your life, listened to a song for the very first time and it's actually reduced you to a blubbering wreck, floods of tears? Well that happened to me when i listened to "I'm Ok By Myself"! Morrissey said just before that it was a powerful message, but flipping eck, i didn't expect it to be so powerful. Usually i hear a new song and it has to grow on me, but this one hit the spot straight away, it's fantastic, it's a song that will always be special for me now. Oh my goodness!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @03:32PM (#320865)
    • Re:To tears. by stab in the back (Score:1) Wednesday February 11 2009, @04:22PM
      • Re:To tears. by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday February 12 2009, @01:23AM
  • Brrrrrrrrrr (Score:2, Informative)

    I arrived Broadcasting House around 17:55, on the way bumped into Uncleskinny.
    18:10 A forum user Crimes who won ticket from true-to-you competition came to look for Uncleskinny said hello.

    Hang around to get a spare ticket, but no luck.

    18:55 queue started moving, by 19:45 people got tickets were in the building.
    19:05 I saw one of the presenters of the show Stuart Maconi at the door.

    Opposite of Broadcasting House, The Langham seemed to have some celeb function or party.
    Some photographers were taking pictures in front of the building.
    You might find out about it from one of the weekend tabloid sapplements.

    Six of us were told by the BBC employees that Morrissey would be on stage 21:00.
    They'd let us know if they could accommodate us or not around 20:50.
    Had to wait outside of the building in freezing temperture.

    20:00 Uncleskinny came out for smoke and told me that there might be a chance to get in.

    20:15 Arturo came out from the building.
    A woman went to talk to him and asked his help.

    20:20 XFM's Ian Camfield and his FIVE colleagues entered in the building.

    20:45 They told ten of us endured the freezing weather that the venue was absolutely packed, they were unable to let us in.
    However, they allowed us to sit in the reception area, so we could listen to the live from the radio broadcasting.

    20:50 A BBC veteran news reader Michael Burke and former Conservertive MP now TV & Radio personality Micheal Portillo were coming out from the building.

    20:55 Other presenter Mark Radcliffe and two people dashed into the venue. He was introducing the live.

    21:03 After the news Radcliffe introduced Morrissey and live begun.

    21:15 Stuart Maconi came out who smiled at us.

    21:50 Maconi came back to the venue.

    Very sad that unable to see the gig, but at least I enjoyed listening to the live from the radio.
    It's the most bizarre situation to listen to Morrissey live.

    Kewpie -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @04:18PM (#320868)
    (User #20603 Info)
    • Re:Brrrrrrrrrr by stab in the back (Score:1) Wednesday February 11 2009, @04:43PM
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  • Did they play any more songs on the night? There was talk that there were more songs on the setlist.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @05:52PM (#320878)
  • Am I dreaming? (Score:2, Interesting)

    This charmin/Seasick/Mine hidden? Please someone to wake me up!
    Argyris_Kravaritis -- Thursday February 12 2009, @12:03AM (#320893)
    (User #3786 Info |
    The only thing that I know is that I don't know anything...Socrates
  • But I was wrong! And I'm glad! "This charming man" sounded fantastic in it's new punk uniform. What a relief. Great voice too, that Moz... (why doesn't he have his own tea-time telly show?).
    Martin -- Thursday February 12 2009, @01:38AM (#320898)
    (User #278 Info |
    A Slight Case of Overcombing
  • Find love that's reachable Morrissey!
    Music is great and you've keep singing meaningful to everybody's life. You're the greatest poet in me and so nice. I'm old and too tired. I do wish you become so happy.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 12 2009, @04:19AM (#320910)
  • Thanks for putting this up, dude (the radio interview). That's one of the
    things that make morrissey-solo worthwhile coming to.

    He said pretty much the same things he has been saying for since I spoke my first word, but, oddly, it's tireless refreshing to hear them - I mean, his position on fame, on life expectancy, the public image, etc.

    What adds a special charm to this latest interview is that he is not as evasive as he was a few years ago, he is more straight to the point - something I noticed in his YOR's work as well. I loved it when he brought up that people almost NEVER say anything they truly feel. I feel the same way (of course). Life in the northern part of the globe is quite a masquerade. And when you lived more than half of it that way... you either drop down your mask or you become the mask.

    And it was quite funny to listen to him trying to interview the interviewer as well - how many artists do that?

    I don't care what people say about him, he is a remarkable person, and just getting better and better.
    Mrs. Woolf -- Thursday February 12 2009, @04:51AM (#320916)
    (User #14157 Info)
  • Just thought I would let you know that the concert is now available to listen online from the Radio 2 Website - A few pictures to look at too, video will be added later tonight.
    paul_psyche -- Thursday February 12 2009, @05:39AM (#320923)
    (User #21725 Info)
    Take me In your Arms and love me...
  • think its off viva hate, has the lyric, i'am a poor freezing cold soul, so far from where i intended to go,? loved that song, his voice was amazing on it......
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 12 2009, @05:57AM (#320924)
  • I was there (Score:4, Informative)

    I was one of the lucky ones to be at the show. Vox-pops taken outside and video as well - they tried to get us singing This Charming Man. Inside was a tiny art-deco theatre, approximately 14 rows of tiered seats, holding about 180 people - great views for everyone. Following a short set of film clips, Shocking Blue and the N-Y Dolls, the stage was revealed - bare-chested US Soldier cut out at the rear doing a muscle man pose and the words REFUSAL across his chest. Mark Radcliffe intoduces the show pretending to be naked a la the recent naked band picture. Morrissey and the band come on and play the show you heard on the radio. Morrissey in vintage blue jeans and pink shirt, the band in navy blue jeans and t-shirts. Plenty of microphone lead whip lashing, standing on the monitor, crouching, kneeling - if you've seen him before you know the score. Unusually, the band, particularly Boz come to stage front instead of standing behind Morrissey. We mostly stay seated except for This Charming Man - this was because we were told we'd get chucked out if we were unruly. This is the BBC so we do as we're told. After the last song broadcast, Mark Radcliffe announces 2 songs from the set list remain unplayed and do we want to hear them? We do, so after a couple of minutes they return, Morrissey in a change of shirt, blue check, to play All You Need Is Me and, his words, 'housewives favourite' First of the Gang. We all stand for these 2 which seems to be appreciated. Great end to a great intimate evening - the pleasure, the privilege was mine.
    hamworthy -- Thursday February 12 2009, @06:11AM (#320928)
    (User #6164 Info)
    • Re:I was there by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday February 12 2009, @09:20AM
  • Fantastic vocal by the old fella..

    but what the f*ck was his band playing?

    Sorry, that was just a shit cluless racket.
    AllSea -- Thursday February 12 2009, @06:38AM (#320934)
    (User #15089 Info)
  • So much for my plan of avoiding setlists prior to Myrtle Beach. Oh well, I would have likely failed anyway. A few comments:

    Crashing Bores – ugh. This song is a crashing bore and well beyond it’s sell-by date.

    Only two Smiths songs. Interesting.

    Nice representation of Southpaw

    Ringleader seems to have been sent to a farm upstate

    Would love to hear him do Interesting Drug again. It sounded really good live on the two airings in 2007.

    I’m not entirely sure what to make of This Charming Man. I am a punk lover (real punk. Boots and Braces, Spirit of ’77, stuff) but I’m just not sure that arrangement works.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 12 2009, @07:11AM (#320938)
  • Thanks to BBC for mounting this show -- listening to it right now and enjoying the hell out of it.

    Mikey is sorely missed (keyboards can't replace trumpets) and too much of Jesse's guitar work is...sludgy. Otherwise excellent!

    king leer -- Thursday February 12 2009, @07:24AM (#320940)
    (User #80 Info)
  • I am gutted that I did not win tickets to this show!!! It sounded terrific with the Moz in great voice and on fine form. 'Seasick' sounded absolutely spectacular and 'Ok' was a fierce and powerful finale.

    It sounds like I will have to change my dance for 'This Charming Man'! No more flailing and camp gestures - it's headbanging time (well, sort of!)

    I am really excited about the shows in May - it seems so long away, groan. Meanwhile YOR will keep us going. The songs are going to fly in a live performance - well, with Moz they always do!
    cocu -- Thursday February 12 2009, @08:20AM (#320944)
    (User #13905 Info)
    sixteen clumsy and shy
  • The video is only available in the UK.

    Is there anyone here who can do something about that?

    Anaesthesine -- Thursday February 12 2009, @08:26AM (#320945)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • This is a great mixture of old and new. Glad to see some of the old dead wood has been culled. I was really surprised to hear "I Keep Mine Hidden". It sounded great, but what a odd thing to pull out (no pun intended.)

    Question for anyone who was there: What was he doing during the end of "OK By Myself"? Was he going crazy?

    Looking forward to the tour even more.
    wemissumoz -- Thursday February 12 2009, @09:24AM (#320949)
    (User #4088 Info)
  • Aunty (Score:2, Informative)

    Ah, for every Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand the BBC is capable of providing something worth the license fee.

    The interview with Mac Onie was really nice...Morrissey can be very warm when he knows the interviewer isn't interested in stitching him up; he can relax and be almost "real"?

    As for the live was simply wonderful.

    One could have predicted peoples reaction to This Charming Man...the same people would be the ones to complain had he not played it. Morrissey plays what he wants when he wants...we should be grateful that he isn't churning out "greatest hits" sets (which is exactly what Blur will be doing this summer...yawn) and gives us something, er, "real" (again with the reality!)

    "I Keep Mine Hidden" was lovely...a real treat.

    As for the "Refusal" tracks...they get better and better with each listen.

    Congratulations Morrissey.

    Kimura-san -- Thursday February 12 2009, @10:48AM (#320957)
    (User #21832 Info)
  • Great sounding show and nice to hear Ken Dodd get a mention,A comic genius.Oh and since when has Lemmy been playing the bass in Morrissey's band?
    Vince Taylor -- Thursday February 12 2009, @11:43AM (#320961)
    (User #21250 Info)
  • To be frank - that was shite. I'm devastated. Been a massive fan since the first Smiths album. defended Mozzer for years. Bought Southpaw and Maladjusted when others had f'd off.

    The band are second rate - Morrissey should know this by now - liven it up ffs - how about collaborating with Sparks? Anything?

    This Charming Man - Should have been a highlight - Band don't know subtlety -- Mozzer can't hit those notes.

    Not one song played of any interest - All songs sounded the same - "I know" "I'll do a slow on off Vauxhall and I" - "I'll choose the biggest dirge on the album though"!

    Anyone want my tickets for Stirling and Glasgow - I'm not looking forward to these at all. Please god may I be wrong!

    Ps - Album shocking - two songs from a greatest hits album released about a year ago - another four (average) songs which have been played live for over a year

    I've never posted anon before but I can't be arsed with all the abuse I'd get if I put my user name.

    Ever get the feeling you've been cheated...
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 12 2009, @01:21PM (#320965)
  • OMG.. have just watched all the Radio2 gig... this man really is amazing... he most certainly put the M in Manchester and the M in Music... can't wait for JRoss tomorrow night.... NN :-)
    NikeyNoo -- Thursday February 12 2009, @01:38PM (#320969)
    (User #21965 Info)
  • Is "This Charming Man" the same song without Johnny? Without Andy?

    If you've heard last night's would be a resounding NO!

    Such a shame...considering that the band had tackled with "Still Ill" before.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 12 2009, @03:23PM (#320978)
  • was his version of dead trees and traffic islands
    Driving along in my automobile, with Sid Nettle beside me at the wheel...
  •'ve just saved me money as I was debating buying tickets for your over-priced show in DC. I think I will pass. This is SICKENING, particularly This Charming Man. It's psuedo-punk, but absolutely lifeless.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 12 2009, @07:19PM (#320986)
  • I enjoyed the concert a lot on the radio. One of his best. Then I expected to watch it on the website also from Thursday evening. But now I cannot. :-((((((((((((((((((
    Anonymous -- Friday February 13 2009, @12:14AM (#320993)
    • Re:I am so sad by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 13 2009, @03:31AM
  • I love you but there're some reasons so I must say good-bye. Be happy Morrissey. You'Re the great poet.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 13 2009, @05:34AM (#321008)
    • Re:My skull by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 13 2009, @05:51AM
    • Re:My skull by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 13 2009, @06:43AM
  • 3 days 18 hours en 2 minutes to enter the shop
    and get my hand on the new album

    and yes, i'll pay for it

    bartender give everyone a drink [but 'let them stay away from my absinth Helfrich duplais bottle]
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Friday February 13 2009, @07:02AM (#321015)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • but this charming man was awesome

    f the haters!
    Anonymous -- Friday February 13 2009, @08:14AM (#321022)
  • i hope the band gets in some more hours of rehearsal. "this charming man" sounded terribly choppy. from yor, he choose the weakest songs on the album to open the show with. the older songs just seemed like he chose the most obscure songs that he hasn't played in years. i don't think many people missed "best friend on the payroll". i hope things change before the tour but i doubt it.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 13 2009, @02:05PM (#321058)
  • I've just watched the full concert video of Morissey on Radio 2, I love him to bits, but was he wearing nail polish? Maybe he's letting his nails grow ready for when does the book signings for his autobiography, just a thought. And another thing, whilst i'm here, why is it that he always sweats in a heart shape on his back? Is it the beauty coming out of him for us all to see? I always said his beauty is right through to his core.
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 14 2009, @12:30PM (#321135)
  • I just watched the live performance via the BBC Radio Website- The show was brilliant and the new album is rather good- perhaps not his best but nonetheless entertaining. The audience sucked big time.
    For me the stand out performance was "Seasick.."
    - it was a really emotional performance- had me in tears...As for the Band- well hats off to the Boys- music bang on form- very talented...
    Roll on Brixton- I'm waiting...
    tallpaddy -- Tuesday February 17 2009, @12:23PM (#321536)
    (User #16766 Info)
  • I loved it - a sort of buzzcocks version.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 11 2009, @01:26PM (#320830)
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