posted by davidt on Thursday February 05 2009, @08:45PM
Morrissey on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" (Feb. 5, 2009). Post your info and reviews in the comments section below.

susmoz reports Morrissey played:
"Someone Is Squeezing My Skull", "Mama Lay Softly On The Riverbed" for TV. He also played "Black Cloud", "This Charming Man" and "Best Friend On The Payroll".

Update: 02/06 09:20 GMT:
Resurrected21 posted in the forums that "Skull" is on YouTube:

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  • I wish I was there! Great little set for all you lucky ones! This Charming Man? Wow...
    Kill Uncle Fan -- Thursday February 05 2009, @08:49PM (#320423)
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  • ...I hope he plays this song throughout his tour!
    sonnet29 -- Thursday February 05 2009, @08:56PM (#320424)
    (User #4574 Info)
    My love, wherever you are, Whatever you are...Don't lose faith...I know it's gonna happen someday...
    • Re:This Charming Man! by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 06 2009, @09:46AM
      • I'm totally with you on this! I was AMAZED that he was actually playing it. It was kinda of a big deal...

        I think that Moz actually enjoys going on Jimmy's show and provides something special each time. Last year he premiered All You Need Is Me on the show (after the cameras stopped, of course), and this time graced us with a Smiths classic. Maybe he just wants to give us Moz Angeles fans a special treat as well.

        I also got the feeling that Jimmy had no clue as to who he was last time he appeared on the show. He seemed genuinely surprised by all the cheering when he would mention Moz, and joked with the audience about our unexpected excitement. He also made a couple jokes about Moz that really made no sense (comparing Morrissey's clothes to something you would see at the vatican? huh?). But this time, he was prepared, and his Moz jokes were highly appropriate (or at least well researched) and a bit clever. So I would like to think that Jimmy and Moz have a good relationship and that he will continue to come to LA to give us these miniconcerts.

        Also, for anyone who was there, I was the "Apple commercial guy" who asked the question that got the crowd booing at me. It was a test, and you all passed.
        MindKiller317 -- Friday February 06 2009, @11:00AM (#320502)
        (User #18214 Info)
      • Re:This Charming Man! by Glory Hole (Score:1) Friday February 06 2009, @01:08PM
  • I can't believe I missed this. Pleas tell me this means he'll be playing it on this tour. PLEASE Morrissey!!!
    How many solo fans at the gig?
    Gin N Tonic Jil -- Thursday February 05 2009, @08:58PM (#320425)
    (User #7276 Info)
    You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!
  • this is what he played

    Five songs! Squeezing My Skull, Mama Lay Softly, Black Cloud, This Charming Man, Best Friend on the Payroll

    nice to see a return of a southpaw song, in my opinion anyway
    allikazoo -- Thursday February 05 2009, @09:00PM (#320426)
    (User #10277 Info)
  • "I haven't got a stitch to wear" takes on a whole new meaning. ;p

    To be so lucky in LA! I can't wait to read your comments. :)
    Corrissey -- Thursday February 05 2009, @09:02PM (#320427)
    (User #18538 Info)
    Here you'll find my thoughts and I
    • Re:*Jealousy*!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 06 2009, @02:32AM
    • Re:*Jealousy*!! by sing-me-to-sleep (Score:1) Friday February 06 2009, @10:35AM
  • I was there! (Score:2, Informative)

    Before Charming: "those were songs from the new album, but this one is even older than me."

    At the end of it all, he shrieked "coachella! Coachella!"

    Great show!
    MindKiller317 -- Thursday February 05 2009, @09:07PM (#320429)
    (User #18214 Info)
  • nice. black cloud is for sure being played.

    palare -- Thursday February 05 2009, @09:19PM (#320430)
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    where the world's ugliest boy became what you see...
  • So glad I flew out and waited 8 1/2 hours in the rain. Words can't express how happy I was when I heard This Charming Man. I'll see everyone on the tour!
    Joe Benzon -- Thursday February 05 2009, @09:26PM (#320431)
    (User #12767 Info)
  • OMG i would have given my left nut to hear that.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Thursday February 05 2009, @09:37PM (#320432)
    (User #2789 Info |
    True friends stab you in the front.
  • to think i had tickets to see him when this was going to be held outdoors! damn rain!
    mademoiselle x -- Thursday February 05 2009, @09:47PM (#320433)
    (User #21258 Info)
  • Waited in the pissing rain all day but mercifully made it into a massively overbooked, packed show!

    After Skull, Morrissey said something like “Let's enjoy ourselves!” Maybe I heard that wrong. Couldn't quite make out much of what he was saying into the mic.

    I think after MAMA he asked if we had downloaded YEAR OF REFUSAL, and then he rhetorically wondered, “Why did I bother to ask?”

    Again rhetorically he asked us if we could possibly bear 3 more songs.

    It seemed like he flubbed some notes on SKULL and MAMA, but it didn't matter because overall he was looking very strong and ready to conquer. During some key phrases he started unbuttoning his shirt! Naughty minx. Looked great in jeans. Boz was looking a bit slimmer. Hope it's not just clever tailoring! Pooley is back on keyboards.

    Introducing “This Charming Man, he said something like “This song is very old, older than I am!” I had wondered if he were going to do a cover of some Gilbert & Sullivan classic, but he was joking. I wasn't as astounded he played it because the distinctive instrumental was played at soundcheck. It sounded the same as soundcheck – sloppy, choppy guitars almost as if some punk band were covering it. It was such a fun treat that I didn't mind the guitar masssacre. MAMA was played at soundcheck several times, with and without Morrissey's vocals.

    SKULL was also done at soundcheck, but BEST FRIEND was a surprise. At first I wondered if it was a b-side off YOR, but as soon as I heard the vocals there was no doubt. Fitting for the re-issue of SOUTHPAW GRAMMAR. WTF happened to those bonus tracks?! Anyroad, ingrate that I am, I'd much prefer NOBODY LOVES US, however, hearing BEST FRIEND at the time was absolutely euphoric!

    The director of musical guests for the Kimmel show mentioned something about re-scheduling the outdoor show later this year. Hope it happens! I'm guessing it will be during the westcoast dates when they finally happen. I know Moz wants us to go to Coachella, but I'd rather spend the same money and time to go to a small town and intimate venue far, far away from the damned desert of SoCal.
    Mel Torment -- Thursday February 05 2009, @09:49PM (#320434)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • Lux Interior! (Score:2, Informative)

    Today one of punk's greatest front men, Lux Interior, passed away at the age of 60.

    I've been a bit down about it all day, and I was moved to hear Morrissey shout out "Lux Interior!" after the first televised song. I know he is a big Cramps fan too.

    There is one less indie genius on the planet today, but thank goodness we still have Morrissey.

    RIP Lux, you will be missed.

    Anaesthesine -- Thursday February 05 2009, @10:21PM (#320438)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • tonight (Score:2, Informative)

    hair looked good. outfit was back to normal--jeans and button down shirt. nice color in the face. where the fuck did those cowboys come from? also, to everyone in the farthest section seating area in the studio who got called last i feel sorry for you (shit, i was in that section too) but I didn't wait 8 hours in the rain. i feel for you. AND if someone else said san diego i was going to slit my nuts open.

    anyway, this charming man was all punked out. really nice version. best friend on the payroll like 1995 again. i shit my pants. boz looked like he lost about 3 lbs. i was glad to see them all wearing clothes. julia was there looking sexier than ever. i think i saw tseng's hair wait i could almost touch it. there were a lot of mexicans as usual BUT they were all sexy as hell. same as the night. sexy as hell. can't wait for the full set list.
    fut -- Thursday February 05 2009, @10:27PM (#320440)
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    • Re:tonight by king leer (Score:1) Thursday February 05 2009, @10:45PM
      • Re:tonight by wemissumoz (Score:1) Friday February 06 2009, @06:06AM
    • Re:tonight by Pachinko (Score:1) Friday February 06 2009, @10:26AM
    • Re:tonight by marred (Score:1) Friday February 06 2009, @02:48PM
  • Perfect performance. SISMS is one of my favorites. Morrissey was above and beyond beautiful. He looked just like he is on the cover of YOR. So adorable in those jeans. He looked more handsome than I have ever seen him. I’ll wrap it up by saying gorgeous, outstanding, star struck and identical to him holding the baby which is my favorite.

    Oh and by the way, it’s too bad that they cut off Mama, I was starting to like it -- because I haven’t downloaded it - Morrissey only got through a tiny piece of it before the show wrapped it up for the evening. And I have something else to say - Morrissey was in my dream last night, but it was nothing like what I just saw on the JK show. And I hope that this dream was not a vision. And I forgot to say one more thing. I saw there were so many girls up in the front -- lucky lucky girls. Soooo lucky.

    Thank you and Good night.

    Kate2828 -- Thursday February 05 2009, @10:47PM (#320442)
    (User #12664 Info |
  • Waited about 20 min. after the show to see him get in his BMW. He was on the passenger side, went up to his window to say hi and he nodded back with a thumbs up..made my night after being in traffic for 2 hours to not make it in the studio.
    Anonymous -- Thursday February 05 2009, @11:06PM (#320443)
  • So glad the Southpaw release means moz will pay attention to that album again. "This Charming Man?" Must have been rather majestic and sad.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @12:32AM (#320445)
  • Can't help but thinking that recent "Paris" pic must have been photo-shopped. He looked a lot heavier than he ever has. Check out the belly on youtube now!
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @01:10AM (#320446)
  • I think Morrissey looked great.I would have loved to be there.I would have loved to hear Morrissey sing this charming man.Oh you lucky things!
    tibby -- Friday February 06 2009, @01:23AM (#320451)
    (User #2713 Info)
    ~I am a poor freezingly cold soul so far from where I intended to go ~I love Morrissey
  • at around 50s and 2:30. If someone that looks like that is smiling at me when I'm 50 (and it's not a waitress) I'll know everything's gone right.


    king leer -- Friday February 06 2009, @03:17AM (#320459)
    (User #80 Info)
  • but times must be tough in the wardrobe dept. if the band had to wear faux-retro Old Navy T-Shirts from 2002 bought on ebay.

    I mean, I still have a couple but I'm not going on national TV.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @03:33AM (#320462)
  • Why does he do that sometimes lately?

    Good performance though. Boz looks goods these days!
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @06:07AM (#320466)
  • finally, I can pull all mine out from the back of the closet.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @06:46AM (#320471)
  • holy hell (Score:2, Interesting)

    This Charming Man?? Does anybody have any video?

    Moz- PLEASE keep this is the live setlist for the tour!!!
    acharmingman -- Friday February 06 2009, @07:24AM (#320473)
    (User #20152 Info)
    "There's more to life than books, you know, but not much more."
    • Re:holy hell by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 06 2009, @07:39AM
  • ...what a weak and uninspired vocal performance this is! He actually let the band down on this one. He looks like he's waiting to order a sandwich when he should be rocking balls and gaining new fans on network TV! It seems he's very uncomfortable out of his own cult.

    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @08:07AM (#320478)
  • At 1:27 in the video Moz shakes someones hand and immediately after wipes his hand off on his trouser.

    Bad fan. Bad fan. Icky hands!
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @08:26AM (#320479)
  • Throughout that one name, he demonstrated his wide vocal range.

    I want more high pitched notes, and falsetto.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @08:26AM (#320480)
  • I really need to get with the times and order a TiVo or what have you...

    I've liked the first few singles off YOR but "Someone Is Squeezing My Skull" restores my confidence that this album will be pretty great.

    He did "This Charming Man" off air?!?! This I must see!!
    took my bow -- Friday February 06 2009, @09:37AM (#320484)
    (User #21922 Info)
    But even I, as sick as I am, I would never be you....
  • dammit i hate you all that attended but there could have been more rocking out you know if i was there id be cutting a rug on the dance floor
    I swear Jim Kim show and Coachella best not be his only L.A. dates or im going to get Thug Life on there asses
    Stoney the Pony -- Friday February 06 2009, @09:37AM (#320485)
    (User #20041 Info)
    "I know what will make you smile tonight"
  • Ay!!! Poor much for aging well..I thought he could do it..but oh no no no :(

    He can still sing but it's awfully hard when you're carrying at extra 30 pounds.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @10:03AM (#320491)
    • Re:Fatty? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 06 2009, @03:16PM
    • Re:Fatty? by miss liverpool (Score:1) Friday February 06 2009, @05:08PM
    • Re:Fatty? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 06 2009, @05:11PM
    • Re:get to fuck joyce by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday February 08 2009, @09:35AM
  • So frustrating. I had outdoor tix, they were voided, was able to get studio tix, got caught in bad, bad traffic and showed up to a capacity filled JKL and couldn't get in.

    In '92 I won a contest on KROQ to meet Moz at a record shop instore in the same plaza as the Knitting Factory. There were a lot of winners and a long line - but we were gauranteed to meet him regardless of our place. Morrissey cut out at the two-hour mark reportedly because KROQ had only paid for two-hours of security. Never got to meet him.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @10:17AM (#320493)
  • Being a longtime fan (Smiths/Morrissey) since 1985, The Man has still got it. He's a gentleman to the very end, and I loved that (ruby?) ring he was wearing. Lovely lovely lovely


    See you in Coachella, cheers my dears
    Pachinko -- Friday February 06 2009, @10:21AM (#320494)
    (User #21276 Info)
  • Thanx for posting that video - he looks great!
    I totally recognised several of my "moz-friends" in the audience, too- lucky b*stards hehehehe ;^)


    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • That was Amazing!I Like Mozzer's big chunky gold ring. Oh, and I spotted Julia on the front row.

    Morrissey is getting better & better!
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @12:14PM (#320509)
    • Re:Wow! by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 06 2009, @01:48PM
      • Re:Wow! by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 06 2009, @03:01PM
    • Re:Wow! by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 06 2009, @08:10PM
  • Why oh why the ugly font at the beginning?
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @12:19PM (#320510)
  • I still find it strange to this day that he sings with such awful, disturbing realism and gathers the adoration of a public could be seeing at a Whitney Huston or a Britney Spears show.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @01:14PM (#320517)
  • Why does he sound so bad? I know he's not that bad live as I have seen him over 10 times.'s not because its TV because he's sounded great live on other shows..
    Is he sick? Here we go with the show cancellations.........
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @01:51PM (#320524)
    • Re:Is He Sick? by ejcurtis100 (Score:1) Friday February 06 2009, @02:12PM
    • Re:Is He Sick? by leedoggpimp (Score:1) Friday February 06 2009, @03:37PM
  • By the looks of his outfit, I'd say he's reliving the Maladjusted days. Please god..don't play any Maladusted songs at the shows
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @02:03PM (#320526)
  • Has he ever played "This Charming Man" live during his solo career? Was last night the first time?
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @03:21PM (#320535)
  • He doing very well:)
    He looks well.
    He has it all!
    He has done it all!
    Haha Sooo, Drop Dead!
    Love It!

    He's had incredible luck.
    Yet,Is a genius and has worked hard for it.

    Thank you Morrissey
    For Saying it to the world.
    Marisela -- Friday February 06 2009, @03:30PM (#320537)
    (User #1865 Info)
  • Apparently, they are dropping it three semi-tones for the live version. It isn't surprising, since the word "skull" must be the highest note he's ever sung, non-falsetto, on a record.

    Sorry for this nerdy remark.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 06 2009, @03:59PM (#320541)
  • Is that middle 8 thing on soul a direct lift from satan rejected my skull? Oh god, the titles even scan!!!
    Driving along in my automobile, with Sid Nettle beside me at the wheel...
  • ...Is what I would say about last night!^_^
    I've seen Morrissey a hand full of times now and yesterday was great as usual!Wish it lasted longer of course! It is worth the wait all day/afternoon in heels in the pouring rain any day to see him up close.Even got a set list^_^
    HellBomb -- Friday February 06 2009, @07:00PM (#320549)
    (User #20448 Info)
  • Maybe someone already asked and I just went past it, but does anyone know where to find the rest of the show? The last time he was on Jimmy Kimmel wasnt the whole concert able to be viewed on Jimmy Kimmel's website?
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 07 2009, @09:54AM (#320569)
  • he had a hard on for me
    id take no notice
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 07 2009, @11:21AM (#320571)
  • His vocals sound a bit forced but he also seems to be holding back a bit at the same time? I will always love Morrissey but it seems the years are catching up with him. He doesn't have that youthful edge anymore and he is now starting to look one of my college professors. Too much Italian food and not enough working out. The new album would have sounded better if Johnny Marr or even John Paul Jones {Led Zeppelin} did some string arrangements. A lot of the music is starting to sound the same......After "Skull" it goes downhill I am affraid. It looks like this is the first Moz solo CD that I am not going to play more than two or three times. I am let down with this release. Maybe its age thats catching up with him and me? The best thing about the new album is the cover. He looks really great with a child in hand. Hmmmmmm?
    Paneeks -- Saturday February 07 2009, @12:51PM (#320578)
    (User #13051 Info)
    "A beach is a place where a man can feel, its the only soul in the world thats real".
  • NOW what make is it and what shop and how much
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 08 2009, @07:20AM (#320596)
  • really enjoyed this, i have not downloaded the new album, i'm awaiting the vinyl and cd next week, so this was a new song for me, although he did play this in doncaster last year when i went, but great stuff. mozz is 50 this year and he is still here, he is a big part of my life and still, yes still, nobody has come close, i really hope to hear a new great band, but sadly, mozz is the only one, and i thankyou morrissey x
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 08 2009, @09:40AM (#320598)
  • That was my first impression on the song--he sounds like David Gedge.
    His delivery with notes travelling up and down was actually a refreshing change.
    Hidden By Rags -- Sunday February 08 2009, @11:32AM (#320607)
    (User #10262 Info)
  • finding the way home
    when youre cold and lonely
    thats what bliss is
    a warm bed
    nothing quite like it
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 08 2009, @01:45PM (#320611)
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