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Follow-up to the previous story "'There Is A Light...' covers article -" - Vu writes:
Here's the excerpt of Mark Monnone from the Lucksmiths talking about their cover of "There is a Light that Never Goes Out" for our upcoming podcast show (

The relevant transcription for those who can't hear the poor audio:
Vu: Can you tell me a little bit about how -- it it Micro-Indie Records or Matinee that approached you guys to do the recording for the Smiths Tribute album?

Mark: Yeah, it was Matinee Recordings of Santa Barbara. Our friend, Jimmy, who runs Matinee is quite obsessed with the Smiths ... unlike us, of course! Y'know people seem to think just because we have the word 'Smiths' in our name, that we must be obsessed with the Smiths (well we actually like them a lot).

But yeah, so Jimmy just, I think it was the 50th release or some on Matinee. Or some special landmark number something special to him so he wanted to do a Smiths Tribute.

At first we didn't know what song to go for. There are so many... I mean which Smiths song do you choose? And then Jimmy said, 'I really want you guys to do There is a Light That Never Goes Out'.

And we were like, 'Alright, we're gonna do that one!'.

What's so great about them is with the way they present. Y'know, Morrissey's vocal delivery and everything, I think it's so important. In a way, they're kind of untouchable. I think that compilation is half good and half pretty good.
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  • the lucksmiths are very good - ad they it perfect on this website
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 10 2008, @12:46PM (#316182)

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