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An anonymous person sends the link/excerpt:

Robert Smith Interview Part 2 -

Didn’t you have a run-in with Morrissey back in the '80s?

“Unfortunately he was asked a question about people called Smith. It was me, Patti Smith and someone else called Smith who was famous at that time, who he would shoot. One would have expected at the time, him being a non-meat eating vegetarian pacifistic sort of guy, to say ‘I choose to shoot myself’ or ‘I choose to shoot no-one’ but he said ‘I’d line them all up and I’d shoot them all’. When I was told that at the time I kind of took umbrage, ‘That’s fucking nice, cunt’. I felt it was a bit unnecessary. I’d never said or done anything. So that engendered one of those tedious feuds. I’ve never met him, I’m not even sure we’ve been in the same room. I’m sure it’s the same for him, he got really aggravated at my response. I was very over the top but I felt justifiably so, having just been shot in print. It was one of those things, a mini Blur/Oasis thing. I don’t think I played along with it enough for it to become anything more. It kind of got resurrected from time to time, I think on his fansite it got reinvigorated and there have been various attempts to reignite it, but I think he’s actually said something really nice about us recently, about the fact that I’m a little bit wayward. Honestly I’ve never really had a problem. I felt it was unfair that he would shoot me. If you asked him again he might choose to shoot himself rather than me and Auntie Patti and whoever else it was.”
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  • nice to see that Robert actually takes it with a grain of salt now. that "feud" always seemed to be a bit pumped up by the press.
    eugenius -- Thursday October 30 2008, @10:14AM (#313515)
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    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
  • Not 20 minutes ago, I was -- for the first time -- reading the very interview Robert Smith is referring to. What a coincidence! I was reading it in that "Morrissey In Conversation" book, but I just found the text of it here:

    Though it was Mark E. Smith and not Patti Smith... and there's some other interesting mentions in there. How times changed!
    This Charming Ben -- Thursday October 30 2008, @10:50AM (#313522)
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    So bona to vada...
  • May I shoot him... pretty please?

    hairbrushedandparted x
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 30 2008, @11:13AM (#313528)
  • The Face: If I put you in a room with Robert Smith, Mark E. Smith and a loaded Smith and Wesson, who would bite the bullet first?
    Moz: I'd line them up so that one bullet penetrated both simultaneously (chuckle). Mark E. Smith despises me and has said hateful things about me, all untrue. Robert Smith is a whingebag. It's rather curious that he began wearing beads at the emergence of The Smiths and (eyes narrowing) has been photographed with flowers. I expect he's quite supportive of what we do, but I've never liked The Cure... not even "The Caterpillar".

    How can you not like "The Caterpillar"? It was 10 times better than "Lovecats"!
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 30 2008, @11:21AM (#313530)
  • 'nuff said
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 30 2008, @11:32AM (#313532)
  • oh well! the truth is .. if it wasn't for both robert and moz i wouldn't be half the person i am today. and i am probably not alone.

    sing-me-to-sleep -- Thursday October 30 2008, @02:47PM (#313558)
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  • I used to listen to The Cure in the late 80s. This was before CDs and I had Disintegration, the tape in college. I especially liked the song Untitled. I also had somebody make me a tape of his "I will kiss you ..., I will kiss you ..., I will kiss you ...". Interestingly Morrissey later came out with the awesome beautiful "Let Me Kiss You", written by Morrissey himself which although it has a similar title to Robert Smith's "I will kiss you…", Robert Smith's couldn't hold a candle to Morrissey's LMKY. That's when or around the time Robert Smith's share of messes of songs, most of his songs were messes. He destroyed "I will kiss you". Actually other than Disintegration, I hated Robert Smith. Then I started to hate Disintegration. I hate anybody who is not a vegetarian and yes yes I know Mike Gross pretends to be a vegetarian but we all know he is prone to eat meat-he just says he is a vegetarian because he wanted to pretend he was on Morrissey's side.
    But getting back to the subject of this thread, looking back, Mike Gross makes Robert Smith look good which isn't saying much really. I mean if you think about it, Robert Smith was not a con man to Morrissey. Robert Smith is not a con man that I know of anyways and he surely is not the poster child for a useless talentless waste of space like Mike Gross is, was. Speaking of the subject of people being shot, Mike Gross wants me dead, that's right. He wants to kill me -- he wouldn't care- he'd like to see me get set up, raped, and killed. I think people like this like people like Mike Gross, haters -- makes one think how they've not had anyone put a bullet in their skulls.

    God Bless Barack Obama and God Bless Morrissey.
    Kate2828 -- Thursday October 30 2008, @03:04PM (#313562)
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  • Well this was obviously another witty sardonic remark from Morrissey during another tedious interview with the ENEMY (NME) I like The Cure but at times there far too whiney.

    The comment was obviously flippant. Morrissey adores Patti Smith always has done.

    Robert Smiths response wasnt ever really taken any notice upon because it wasnt in any sense witty, or funny so no-one picked up on his 'Il eat meat if Morrissey says dont' response.

    But I like how he tries to convince himself the reason it stopped was because he (almighty robert) wasnt going to fall for it or react.

    Anonymous -- Thursday October 30 2008, @03:35PM (#313567)
  • Dear Friends,

    I think Robert Smith has one detail WRONG.

    Morrissey has only adored Patti Smith--he included a rare track "Hey Joe" on "Under the Influence." I have only read about good feelings between Morrissey and Patti Smith.

    I also recall reading that Morrissey once sneaked into a press conference during which Patti was addressing the press. This is very bizarre--but I remeber reading how impressed Morrissey was that Patti "farted" three times during the conference. (I am bewildered by this.) Can someone correct me or clarify?

    I don't know much about Patti--but she is an icon. I honestly don't care too much for her music--although it is impassioned and unique. One thing to note--I am not fond of Robert Mapplethorpe (she and Mapplethorpe were lovers at one time).

    So, in summary, I think Robert Smith has this wrong. I also feel that feuds are unnecessary.

    Ken S.
    sycophantic_slag -- Thursday October 30 2008, @08:26PM (#313584)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • Morrissey said that he was disappointed after the Patti Smith farting incident, and that it was an example of how you should refrain from meeting your heroes, or something of the sort.

    So, Robert Smith got that distant detail wrong, but it's not relevant.

    Interestingly, some people have said the same thing in regards to meeting Morrissey.

    Morrissey's attitude towards The Cure at the time was typical Brit-Pop cattiness. They were peers, and in the British music world, it is seen as good business to shit on your rivals. It's an extension of the "We Hate When Our Friends Become Successful" concept that Morrissey embodies.

    Anyway, we get it, Morrissey doesn't even like the people he likes. This particular persona shouldn't be interesting to anyone who is over the age of 18, or isn't suffering from a personality disorder.

    I hear drugs help.

    Some people just don't thrive on negativity like Morrissey does, and it's because, like someone already said "He doesn't care because he's a Johnny-no-mates."

    Personally, I think he's a neglected thirteen year old girl trapped in a man's body.
    Nick The Name -- Thursday October 30 2008, @10:45PM (#313586)
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  • Like most people here, I listened to The Cure...when I was twelve. Luckily I grew out of it. The fact that Robert Smith is a bore in person never helped, either. He's the kind of person that needs to look awkward in order to seem somewhat interesting. If it wasn't for his ridiculous crazy-menopausal-cat-lady appearance, he would have nothing.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 31 2008, @12:52AM (#313591)
  • I love patti smith, I love the cure, I love morrissey and the smiths.. but I personally as much as Morrissey is my hero... am on Robert Smith's side here.

    Sometimes Mozzer says things you get the impression just for the shock factor and I think that is a most offensive comment to some of the best musicians in history.

    As for the farting incident, it is perfectly natural and I've always thought Morrissey is a bit too prudish with such incidents.

    And Morrissey is my god.. but yes, it's love/hate at times.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 31 2008, @06:31AM (#313616)
  • I love both, but "Underneath The Stars" easily craps on all the new Moz songs I've heard.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 31 2008, @08:49AM (#313640)
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  • They snuck the title of the new Morrissey album in a previous question? Intentional?

    "You've recently allowed your music to be used in advertising in America after years of refusal – why?"
    IJustAte -- Friday October 31 2008, @12:13PM (#313667)
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