posted by davidt on Thursday July 31 2008, @11:00AM
GADI writes:
we were 10 lucky fans who got lucky to meet moz 30 min before the tel aviv gig.
there were only hands shake, a group photo and a very short small talk.

But it was amazinggggg!
Photos / article on y-net, link posted by Guillaume Metayer in the comments section of the Tel Aviv post-show.

Thanks to GADI and to Guy Volach for sending photos by Or Alterman (19 total), posted in the gallery:

Morrissey and fans in Israel (July 2008), photos by Or Alterman from y-net

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  • lucky fans...

    pretty sure the guy resting his head on his hand is giving to ole mozzer real good
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 31 2008, @11:02AM (#308722)
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  • cute pic, but yeah...
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 31 2008, @11:10AM (#308725)
  • about those two-decade-long gay rumours...

    That said, you can't beat a good old fashioned pile-on
    Jealous of Youth -- Thursday July 31 2008, @11:13AM (#308726)
    (User #14655 Info)
    "so many women, my head should be spinning. Ah, but no..."
  • Glad you got to meet him at long last. ;)
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 31 2008, @11:36AM (#308731)
  • girls, keep your distance! you have cooties.
    fut -- Thursday July 31 2008, @11:45AM (#308734)
    (User #401 Info |
  • I am a longtime Moz watcher, and its nice to see him break out of his iconic poses. It looks fun!

    Anonymous -- Thursday July 31 2008, @11:56AM (#308738)
  • The Boss looks freaked out! who would blame him with that long haired stoner guy next to him!
    ESTELLE_HOHENGARTEN -- Thursday July 31 2008, @12:08PM (#308740)
    (User #21381 Info)
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  • This is taken from the English Independent the day before Morrissey played TelAviv. Sorry it's not quite baby seals being culled Morrissey. Oh justgo to youtube for the clip.

    The Palestinian, who had been involved in a demonstration in the occupied West Bank village of Nil'in on July 7, was injured in the toe by the shooting. He was treated by army medics and released, according to the rights group, B'Tselem.

    The video clip, which is just over a minute long, was filmed by a 14-year-old Palestinian girl from her home in the village and passed on to B'Tselem.

    It begins by showing the Palestinian, named as Ashraf Abu Rahma, 27, at the demonstration where he waved a Palestinian flag and gave a V for victory sign. The video then cuts to show Abu Rahma sitting on a road blindfolded, with his hands cuffed by a plastic tie and surrounded by Israeli soldiers and military vehicles.

    He is then shown standing at the back of a military vehicle next to an Israeli army officer, identified by B'Tselem as a lieutenant colonel, who is holding Abu Rahma by his right arm.

    Moments later another Israeli soldier standing less than two metres away raises his rifle to his shoulder, takes aim and, without any apparent provocation, fires directly towards the feet of Abu Rahma. The video briefly stops and restarts with Abu Rahma lying on the floor in the same spot while an Israeli soldier inspects his lower legs. At least six other uniformed Israeli soldiers are standing nearby, looking on.

    B'Tselem said it passed a copy of the footage to the commander of the Israeli military police investigation unit and called for an immediate military investigation.

    "B'Tselem demanded that the involvement of the lieutenant colonel who was holding the detainee is investigated," it said. "B'Tselem stressed that members of the security forces are obligated to report unlawful acts. It is even more serious if a high-ranking officer participates in such a whitewash."

    Last night, the Israel Defence Force said an investigation had been ordered: "This was a serious incident in stark violation of the IDF's rules of conduct and safety."

    It described Abu Rahma as a "rioter" and said he had been "arrested for taking part in a violent riot" near Nil'in.

    It said he was allowed home after being examined by a military doctor who found he had been "very lightly wounded with swelling of a toe on his right foot". It added: "The injury was sustained when an IDF soldier fired an anti-riot weapon in close proximity to the detained Palestinian man."

    The village of Nil'in is one of the latest to demonstrate against the construction of Israel's West Bank barrier which has cut off the community from a large area of its farmland and protects Jewish settlements built inside the occupied West Bank. All settlements on occupied territory are illegal under international law.

    Although demonstrations like those at Nil'in are intended by organisers to be non-violent, they have involved Palestinians throwing stones at Israeli soldiers. The Israeli military often fires tear-gas and rubber-coated bullets at the demonstrators.

    In January last year, B'Tselem began to give more than 100 video cameras to Palestinians who live near settlements, Israeli military bases or at the scenes of frequent Israeli military incursions in the West Bank as part of a project, called Shooting Back, to expose human rights violations.

    Last month Israeli police arrested two Jewish settlers after footage from one of B'Tselem's cameras showed four masked settlers severely beating a group of Palestinian shepherds near the village of Khirbet Susiya in the southern West Bank.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 31 2008, @12:18PM (#308743)
  • You know I'm right....
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 31 2008, @12:24PM (#308745)
  • How gay? :)
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 31 2008, @12:29PM (#308749)
    • yawn by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday July 31 2008, @12:43PM
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              • 1 reply beneath your current threshold.
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  • He's a member of the tribe now.

    This picture is wonderful. I haven't seen anything like it. Is this the most intimate Moz has ever gotten with fans, or what?!

    He sure looks like he was happy to be in Israel. :)
    realitybites -- Thursday July 31 2008, @12:55PM (#308755)
    (User #13041 Info |
  • Wow! Mozza underneath, fans piled up! Just look at their faces: Everybody looks so happy! I wish I'd been there.
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 31 2008, @12:57PM (#308757)
  • I don't care if moz, or anyone for that matter, is straight or gay....but there's no question about that dude on the right with his hand on the stoner guy's ass. LOL!
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 31 2008, @01:52PM (#308767)
  • ...the MAN BUFFET is open
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 31 2008, @04:15PM (#308788)
  • I can't think of any other pop singer of Morrissey's stature who would ever be in a photo like this - and in Israel too! He's still head and shoulders above the competition for eccentricity and sheer charisma. Yamaha
    Anonymous -- Thursday July 31 2008, @10:30PM (#308813)
  • That's the cutest thing I've seen in a long time (apart from those puppies the other day...). I don't see what's gay about it, by the way. I suppose people who say that break into giggles when they see two men embrace for hellos as well.

    Grow up.

    I like the way Moz is more and more relaxed the older he gets.
    Mozzarella -- Thursday July 31 2008, @11:30PM (#308814)
    (User #864 Info |
    If I wasn't a cat, I'd be a girl.
    • Re:Wow by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday August 01 2008, @11:52AM
      • Re:Wow by HyldaBaker (Score:0) Friday August 01 2008, @11:32PM
  • The pictures look fantastic..
    It is nice to see Morrissey mingling around..

    Thank you so much for sharing your Information:)

    Marisela -- Friday August 01 2008, @01:08AM (#308819)
    (User #1865 Info)
  • []

    you are always welcomes in israel morissey

    we love you
    Anonymous -- Friday August 01 2008, @01:42AM (#308822)
  • 20 guys all over him, who gives a shit about Palestine.
    Anonymous -- Friday August 01 2008, @09:20AM (#308839)
  • Great pic.

    Definitely a Viz magazine "Up The Arse Corner" pic though.
    Stu Walsh -- Friday August 01 2008, @10:23AM (#308850)
    (User #2312 Info)
  • there really isn't any, so a pic like this makes absolute sense.
    judefolly -- Friday August 01 2008, @11:37AM (#308858)
    (User #21304 Info |
    'sick to the back teeth'
  • he said he'd visit israel-palestine and fix it before he left office
    methadone -- Saturday August 02 2008, @04:26AM (#308897)
    (User #12826 Info)
  • did he become a fan of Switzerland, or the white cross institution or what???

    anyway, this picture looks so makes me happy too. never saw morrissey in a picture like this...especially not with fans on top of him...
    is he finally becoming human..i mean with emotions for someone to see??????? wow... that'll be the day...

    so funny that people immediatly discuss this as being a gay thing/picture/situation whtasofuckingever..... i huess that are the same people that gniffle when they see to men sharing some intimacy instead of beating the crap out of eachother (that's when most poeple shear... yuk!!!)
    anyway... if the guy in the white shirt just above that stoner guy is gay..he can contact me ha ha ha :P

    Anonymous -- Saturday August 02 2008, @05:34AM (#308898)
  • When I was a kid, someone would scream "Pile on!" and the result would look something like this.

    It was obviously snapped in an instant of horsing around -- it's hilarious that some posters project a homoerotic subtext onto it and don't realize they're revealing more about themselves. "Lol!"

    It does bring to mind that quote in Who Put The 'M' about men being the ones who fling themselves at Moz more than women, though.

    king leer -- Saturday August 02 2008, @07:01AM (#308899)
    (User #80 Info)
  • The old Mozzer looks like the textbook "funny" uncle in these photos. Seeing it solidified isn't so funny now.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday August 12 2008, @04:36PM (#309504)

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