posted by davidt on Tuesday June 24 2008, @11:00AM
Sven68 writes:
Death Cab for Cutie played an acoustic version of "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" for a radio session at Philadelphia's Radio 104.5.
It can be downloaded here:

Listen to Death Cab For Cutie On KCRW Monday 6.22 - Sonic Itch Music

‘There is A Light That Never Goes Out’ (mp3)
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  • One of the best cover versions of this song, up ther with Neil Hannon's.

    uncleskinny -- Tuesday June 24 2008, @11:20AM (#305697)
    (User #7815 Info)
    And so I drank one, it became four, and when I fell on the floor, I drank more
  • love Morrissey & Death Cab for Cutie.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 24 2008, @11:49AM (#305699)
  • I like this rendition of the song, but as I listened to the beginning I heard a little Neil Young in the singer's delivery. Then I pictured Neil covering the song and thought it would sound very interesting. Then I went back to work.
    evennow -- Tuesday June 24 2008, @12:29PM (#305703)
    (User #17371 Info)
    an empty sets me free
  • The Cure's "All Cats Are Grey" is all you need.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 24 2008, @03:43PM (#305731)
  • Better than their version of This Charming Man from You Can Play These Songs With Chords. I know Ben is a huge Morrissey fan too. I haven't caught the full KCRW set, but they always put on a good showing.
    JoeyfromIndy -- Tuesday June 24 2008, @04:07PM (#305735)
    (User #19878 Info)
    • Re:Ben Gibbard by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 25 2008, @04:52PM
  • I very much like this cover; simple, unadorned and beautiful. Ben's voice really works for this song much better than their other Smiths cover. This version and Noel's cover are really well done
    cmrock456 -- Tuesday June 24 2008, @09:19PM (#305753)
    (User #15897 Info)
  • DCFC is a really talented band; I admire their work! But this rendition is awful. It lacks energy and emotion, and the vocals are insincere--deliberately stilted. Very few vocalists can capture the essence of this song. The reality and urgency simply aren't felt. This cover is simply a confusing mockery. "Seven Worlds Collide" had a much better rendition. So did the Starbucks "Sweetheart" collection.

    Imagine having no breath, and very little life left inside of you. Feel your heart beating almost out of control. Can you feel your insides burning, and your palms sweating-- your throat tightening? A severe headache--and only one chance to say "I love you." This is one moment, and there will never be another--for as long as you live. You have lost everything, and your hope and reason for living is next to you. How would you sing? ...Not like DCFC. That's for sure.

    sycophantic_slag -- Tuesday June 24 2008, @10:31PM (#305755)
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    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • Nothing really new or exciting done to the arrangement and a pretty lackluster vocal....

    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 25 2008, @04:22AM (#305773)
  • Very well done.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 25 2008, @07:09AM (#305780)
    • Re:Loved it. by wemissumoz (Score:1) Wednesday June 25 2008, @10:28AM
  • Sweet!

    My daughter has been hooked by Death Cab For Cutie...

    I'm sure this cover will be a pleasant surprise for her...

    I admit, I have heard a few of their songs and they are very good..
    Wow and Fans...
    Had to be! they certainly have that edge..

    Right on! Best of Fortunes to Death Cab For Cutie..
    Love the name to!:)
    Marisela -- Wednesday June 25 2008, @10:42AM (#305797)
    (User #1865 Info)
  • did someone have to cheapen such a wonderful song in this manner?
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 26 2008, @12:30AM (#305855)
  • Deaf Cat for Cubans are normally an extremely DREADFUL band, in my opinion... but this cover version is actually quite decent and will be added to my collection. *Three snaps in a Z formation*
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 26 2008, @10:16AM (#305868)

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