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Marianne Faithfull sings Morrissey!

Hi folks!

Some of you might remember me. The Faithfull hardcore from the Strasbourg gig in January!

I do have hot news regarding the new record of Marianne Faithfull to be released in late September:

06 Mai 2008, 00:00

Marianne’s new album ’EASY COME, EASY GO’

Marianne's new album EASY COME, EASY GO will be released at the end of September 2008. Recorded over a two week period at the end of 2007 at the historic Sear Sound studios in New York.

All the songs have been chosen by Marianne and Hal. The album includes interpretations of songs from such varied artists as Billie Holiday's 'Solitude', Merle Haggard's 'Sing me back home', Bessie Smith's 'Easy Come Easy Go Blues' (the title track), Morrissey 'Dear God Please Help Me' and Dolly Parton "Down from Dover.

Using a brass band and string section, the band also reunites Marianne with Marc Ribot, and Barry Reynolds. Both Marianne and Hal feel the album is one of their best to date. The album will also come out as a special edition; keep checking in for details.

I wonder how this cover will be like - so you are likely to love OR hate Marianne for this... ;-)))

Have a nice day!

News also at the Marianne Faithfull official site.
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  • If ever there was a song Morrissey should cover...

    I imagine Morrissey's delighted at the prospect of Marianne Faithfull covering one of his songs, particularly something so recent and close to his heart.

    I wonder if she'll re-phrase the 'explosive kegs' line?
    Deniston -- Wednesday May 07 2008, @10:49AM (#302294)
    (User #21148 Info)
    I just want to keep everyone happy
    • Re:Solitude. by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 07 2008, @11:08AM
  • I honestly thought she was dead
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 07 2008, @03:14PM (#302321)
  • me fav female singer sings a song from Morrissey
    Celibate Cry <[email protected]> -- Wednesday May 07 2008, @11:26PM (#302335)
    (User #220 Info)
    and the hills are alive with celibate cries
  • Dear God Please Help Me is the best song that I have heard in the last 10 years, by any artist. It is a sublime piece of song writing
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 08 2008, @12:45AM (#302344)
  • Wow! She's my second favourite female singer, first is still Morrissey!
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 08 2008, @01:05AM (#302345)
  • I love her. It must be a very good cover.
    Mrs. Woolf -- Thursday May 08 2008, @06:49AM (#302353)
    (User #14157 Info)
  • Morrissey would regard this as the ultimate accolade. He must be very chuffed, indeed. Undoubtedly, Marianne has the emotional chops to do the song justice. This is one of the more interesting ones, surely.
    Ramon -- Thursday May 08 2008, @07:01AM (#302355)
    (User #2577 Info)
    "I'm all over a vulture, like impending death"
  • Marianne's voice will be great on this. Can't wait.
    carnal artist -- Thursday May 08 2008, @01:42PM (#302402)
    (User #7076 Info)
  • Was by the Girl On A Motorcycle. Come Play With Me?

    Thats got to be pretty cool that the person whose record was your first purchase is now covering one of your songs.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 09 2008, @10:58AM (#302475)
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