posted by davidt on Friday March 14 2008, @01:00PM
Jukebox Jury writes:
One of the leading landmarks of ''Morrissey's Manchester'', the mosaic on the side of Afflecks Palace on Tib Street, has been removed along with all the other mosaics on the side of the building.
They were there Saturday afternoon, but no idea why they have been taken down.
Morrissey features at the front of the mosaic with Bez from Happy Mondays to the right, and moving upwards is Tony Wilson, Liam Gallagher and Barney from New Order / Joy Division. Top left is Ian Curtis, then downwards is Noel Gallagher, Frederich Engels (co wrote the Communist Manifesto with Karl Marx after living in Manchester and Salford). Behind Morrissey in the middle is former Manchester City, united and Scotland footballer Denis Law.

Update: 03/16 07:16 GMT:
Jukebox Jury writes:
This piece was in Saturday's Manchester Evening News, it explains why the mosaics have been taken down but not what is going to become of them.

New plans for Afflecks
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  • I don't live in Manc, but have passed by this landmark many times. If only they had asked, I'd have bought it, framed it, and kept it for posterity. The swines.

    uncleskinny -- Friday March 14 2008, @03:51PM (#298439)
    (User #7815 Info)
    And so I drank one, it became four, and when I fell on the floor, I drank more
  • I thought that the guy mid-right was The Fall frontman. Then again, I've never seen him smiling like that.
    Anonymous -- Friday March 14 2008, @07:02PM (#298453)
  • maybe the city felt the lineup on the mosaic caused unnecessary depression Manchester for sure could do with out.

    Anonymous -- Friday March 14 2008, @08:27PM (#298457)
  • too bad.. good thing I was able to see it for myself on my visit to Manchester.. now it's just a memory.. =/

    Mozzer66 -- Saturday March 15 2008, @12:33AM (#298459)
    (User #12441 Info)
    "Because we Must"...
  • thank you for the picture. was it destroyed or just removed?
    Talk Show Host -- Saturday March 15 2008, @01:22AM (#298461)
    (User #15115 Info)
  • This mosaic was the first Smiths / Morrissey impression I got on my first visit to Manchester. What are they going to do now? Place a Mc DonaldĀ“s ad here?
    Schmitzke -- Saturday March 15 2008, @02:46AM (#298462)
    (User #1209 Info)
    Hello to Sabine Szlachciak, Stefanie Stamm and the "Unfab Three"
  • That kinda sucks

    Anonymous -- Saturday March 15 2008, @09:04AM (#298474)
  • dirty commies!

    Anonymous -- Saturday March 15 2008, @12:42PM (#298482)
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  • That's sad.

    The mosaic is a renowned piece of art in the area and I always looked out for it in the 14 years I lived there.

    There will surely be some more info soon on the reason for its removal (I've seen the post about the ownership changing) and where it's gone - probably through the local rag, the Manchester Evening News.

    (I also thought that it was Mark E Smith was on there, despite the cringe-worthy smile!)
    mike06 -- Saturday March 15 2008, @05:16PM (#298492)
    (User #15204 Info)
  • It's not like the aritst who made those mosaics died or lost the use of his arms, he has a studio right up the road from Afflecks. Maybe it's new owners will commission him to make another one.

    Who would've thought by the way, that out of Afflecks Palace founder Elaine Walsh & new landlords Bruntwood (capitalist soul-less office block owners), Bruntwood would've come out of it looking like the heroes?

    AnthonyGlamour -- Sunday March 16 2008, @03:42AM (#298503)
    (User #7618 Info |
  • It`s a shame it`s going. Looking at Morrissey on there, he just seems to define Manchester. Rusholme, Whalley Range, Stretford, Hulme. They`re all written into the expression on his face. He so obviously betrays the places that made him. Yamaha
    Anonymous -- Sunday March 16 2008, @02:09PM (#298523)
  • Shame about the mural, I hope they put Moz and the rest of Manchester's most illustrious talent on any new art work. However, thank god the shops aren't going; I love that place. Last month the rumour mill was in overdrive and the word was that the new owners were turning the building into flats.
    Change of heart? Public pressure? Or never an option?
    Still, corporate ownership might spell an end to the delightful disorder of the emporium, and what we may well finish up with is a Debenhams for the YouTube generation?
    Mozzersgirl -- Monday March 17 2008, @11:14AM (#298563)
    (User #14229 Info)
    "There's more evil in the charts than in an al-Qaeda suggestion box" - Bill Bailey
  • ssionx=IpqiNw86IwxnKaqiNwF6IHqi&realname=Afflecks_ mosaics_disappear_and_Piccadilly_lawns_dug_up
    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 18 2008, @06:28AM (#298585)
  • I've got it in front of me. You don't believe me I'm sure but I really do!
    Anonymous -- Thursday April 17 2008, @08:20AM (#300858)

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