posted by davidt on Friday February 01 2008, @09:30AM
Morrissey on "Friday Night with Jonathan Ross", to air on BBC 1 tonight. A report from the taping has been posted by lightupvirginmary on this thread in the forums.

Update: 02/02 07:25 GMT: An anonymous person posted the link to the clip on YouTube in the comments:

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  • does anyone know how fans in the U.S. can see this show? can it be posted on you tube? is there a website where we can view it? I want my MTV (Moz TV)!
    artful dodger -- Friday February 01 2008, @10:03AM (#293668)
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    and as for me, I stand with the tribe of Morrissey.
  • says in papers mozz drops in for a chat, i doubt it, anyone go to the filming last night that can shed any light?
    Anonymous -- Friday February 01 2008, @10:09AM (#293672)
  • Having to sit through another boring 'Wossy' show... you just know he'll suck up to all the guests as per usual, and try desperately hard to 'be their ffrwend' Why is this man on TV constantly? Surely there must be better TV presenters than this burke.BBC do us all a favour and get rid pronto. Of course i'll be watching for the great one, but cringing everytime Woss opens his big mouth...I'm sure Morrissey hates him, but has to put up with him because, well, it's a TV show where you can plug your records, but you can see it in his eyes, he knows Woss is a prize plonker.
    Nat Coutty -- Friday February 01 2008, @10:29AM (#293691)
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  • my name is all over the front page at the mo.
    Unfortunately it co-incides with utter heartbreak about the roundhouse gigs.
    MyMelody -- Friday February 01 2008, @11:14AM (#293715)
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    ...don't make fun of me later... cos I'm just lost...
  • Is he going to ask about the racist fiasco?
    Anonymous -- Friday February 01 2008, @01:34PM (#293753)
  • ok, so he said something about the producer of you know what being in the building... some kind of joke followed.

    then something about - heh i can't remember.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 01 2008, @02:44PM (#293770)
  • Moz wears a lovely blue coloured top with a scoop neck.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 01 2008, @02:46PM (#293771)
  • I'm taping it so i can scan past the rest of that total tool's abysmal show
    Anonymous -- Friday February 01 2008, @03:04PM (#293775)
  • "Cor blimey I almost slipped in then!..." said Woss after trying for a piggy-back.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 01 2008, @03:37PM (#293780)
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  • Moz still sounded a little chesty and his voice was low in the mix but that was a fairly strong vocal on Jonathan Ross. He looked suitably embarrassed at the end of the song when the imbecile presenter tried to jump on his back and our Moz sloped off as fast as he could.
    collo -- Friday February 01 2008, @03:40PM (#293785)
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  • Just watched it. Only Moz and Naveen Andrews worth watching. The sound mix was terrible, you could only just hear Moz. His voice still doesn't sound 100% yet.
    mozmal -- Friday February 01 2008, @03:40PM (#293786)
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    "chips with cream for the last time"
  • At the beginning of the show Jonathan Ross introduced Morrissey, looking very fit in a blue top and jeans, as an icon but he covered his grinning mouth while saluting him in the guest room! He asked Moz if he’d ever been represented in Stars in your Eyes and they agreed that yes, Harry Hill had appeared as him. (During the 2004 Ross interview Moz had explicitly disliked seeing a video of this.) Then Jonathan pulled out the novelty tinned hamburger and powdered red wine, mock-promoting it as a suitable treat for Valentine’s night celebrants. He called out to Morrissey, querying was he still a vegetarian. Morrissey didn’t look impressed, but replied, ‘yes, more than ever’. Ross did seem to be intent on pulling Morrissey’s leg.

    There was an amount of inanity to filter out before the next reference to Morrissey, which was a joke with one of the new ‘Mistresses’ actress about the possibility of calling her child Morrissey and then he could be the godfather as well who would provide gladiolis on visits! The prospect did raise a laugh while Moz was seen just chuckling patiently in the background.

    When Britt Eckland was being interviewed about what she could have done to save her marriage to Peter Sellers who suffered from manic depression, she said she could have medicated him with lithium if she’d only known back then and they would have had a perfect life. Interestingly the camera zoomed back to Morrissey then, who was quietly paying attention, as the audience giggled. Lithium as we know is listed in the new song “Something is Squeezzing my Skull”.

    Morrissey’a performance of ‘That’s How People Grow Up’ ended the show. There was a slight hint of illness still in his voice but otherwise he and the band was very confident and sounded great. Jonathan Ross came over after, saying he loved the microphone whipping; looking for a handshake withheld mischievously by Morrissey; pleading, ’give us a hug then’ which resulted in a moment of uncoordinated horse-play before fade-out…

    goinghome -- Friday February 01 2008, @03:43PM (#293788)
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  • ross is a funny guy and if only a casual fan, still clearly has alot of respect for morrissey. his jokey/ fun poking manner is just in his personality and although obviously not to morrisseys liking i dont think he deserves such a cold reception.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 01 2008, @03:45PM (#293790)
  • Those dreaded Friday nights in 1988 when I and Swallowneck watched Mr Ross on his Channel 4 Last Resort show whilst hurling cheesey puffs at the screen in mild protest... Nostalgia!

    Of course some twenty years later, and after watching that "near miss" of an unwelcome entry (on Morrissey's part), ol' Swallowneck would certainly welcome the entry of Jonathan into his tunnel of love with very little fuss!!!
    MarkFromScatter -- Friday February 01 2008, @03:58PM (#293797)
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    If you don't like me, don't look at me...
    Anonymous -- Friday February 01 2008, @08:04PM (#293832)
  • Does Morrissey have Nickel Back as a band now?

    What will it take to get this plump titted old fart to finally abandon this radio rock sludge that he has been using as a template for over a decade now? I never imagined that Morrissey would be reduced to this.

    "Southpaw Grammar" truly signaled a downward spiral for Morrissey. Moreover, these superfluous vocal groans sound lazy, and well, just plain silly. It almost sounds like he's mocking himself in the shower.

    Ah, age. It kills all of those who live.
    Nick The Name -- Saturday February 02 2008, @12:39AM (#293848)
    (User #20764 Info)
  • Weird indeed. I own the exact same shirt as the one that the band wore tonight.
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 02 2008, @01:11AM (#293852)
  • He WAS due to appear as a guest on Ross for a chat but, as always..... dropped out, and instead chose to sing that foul song at the end. He's let all his fans down by not rescheduling Camden and flirting out of a tv show. He's past it if you ask me... and he's losing his fans rapidly.
    Here's another one gone.
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 02 2008, @02:04AM (#293854)
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  • He's the master of his his own life, not re-schedualing not chatting to Jonathon Ross, are they that bad really? Well he'll never lose me, he is my sunlit dream.
    i'llsendyoumine -- Saturday February 02 2008, @03:28AM (#293872)
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  • Morrissey only performed the single on the show - but was mentioned at various stages during the show - with him appearing on the huge video screen - looking embarrassed and ill-at-ease. Even after performing the single Ross tried to shake his hand (which Morrissey avoided) only for Ross to try and get a piggy-back from Morrissey. Pity because i genuinely like the show - but I won't be surprised if Morrissey doesn't go back on - but he has done before after being embarrassed - so who knows.
    dezzyboots -- Saturday February 02 2008, @03:40AM (#293874)
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  • Morrissey's voice was shaky at a couple points, but the second half of the song was good.

    Other than taunting him with the hamburger, I think it's good that Ross busts Morrissey's balls (there's an American saying for those on here who are tired of asking what all that British slang means). Most interviewers are afraid to do it, but Ross likes to rile him up. It's good for Mozzer sometimes.
    king leer -- Saturday February 02 2008, @05:37AM (#293885)
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  • Can anyone provide a new link, please?
    lg -- Saturday February 02 2008, @07:02AM (#293898)
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    Friendship is the Love that never dies.
  • Is it just me or is Morrissey's male backing band slowly getting younger and sexier? That's definitely a new drummer.

    He also has had them dressing up in cute matching outfits recently. Hmm, I wonder why?
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 02 2008, @07:45AM (#293911)
  • does anyone know what brand jeans the MOZ is wearing?
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 02 2008, @12:40PM (#293952)
  • Nice...Moz, that is.
    redpathetic -- Saturday February 02 2008, @12:55PM (#293956)
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    Happy in this final acceptance of his own absurdity...Albert Camus
  • morrissey is taking advantage of the publicity without the hassle of talking on the show, it's a bit lame really. most fans would much rather listen to him chat than hear the new single. what a shame.
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 02 2008, @02:07PM (#293968)
  • Really someone does need to take Mozzer in hand now again. That 'pullover' looked bloody awful and showed off his man boobs. Stick to your sharp suits Steven ... and im still mightly pissed that you haven't had the manners to redo your cancelled roundhouse shows... little man what now!
    boyracer34 -- Saturday February 02 2008, @03:41PM (#293989)
    (User #20839 Info)
  • It became sadly trendy to treat Morrissey like a circus attraction in these talk shows... David Letterman took a bite of his share, and ate it with his "spare ribs" and Wossy took one of his, with showing a hamburger pattie in front of Moz. What they don't realize is that doing this to a vegeterian is akin to showing a big fat phallus to a woman who has just been raped. I am amazed at how Morrissey's show of calm and grace even if for the sake of business...
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 03 2008, @10:52AM (#294043)
  • It seems strange to me how many times Morrissey contradicts himself. The latest was highlighted on the Jonathan Ross show. For any gig-goers out there - it is well known that ANY venue Morrissey performs at is FORBIDDEN from anyone eating meat inside or outside the venue in any shape or form. There are no burger vans , and indeed even staff within the venues are forbidden from eating meat. This was made known to me at a concert in Greenock last year - so why did he perform on the Jonathan Ross show after he'd blatantly shown off his 'burger in a can' and even quizzed Morrissey about his stance on vegetarianism. Starnge days indeed ................
    dezzyboots -- Sunday February 03 2008, @12:19PM (#294079)
    (User #16641 Info)
  • i don't blame morrissey for walking off stage after the performance. JR is an asshole for mimicking him with that hamburger.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Sunday February 03 2008, @12:44PM (#294086)
    (User #2789 Info |
    True friends stab you in the front.
  • Ross insisted on shaking Morrissey's hand even though it was obvious Moz just wanted to leave. Then Ross jumped on his back and when Moz ran away Ross said something ignorant like 'I almost slipped one in there'. I can't imagine him being so ignorant or overly familiar with anyone else, so why does he think he can do what he wants with Moz? It is obvious that Moz is suffering this fool because an appearance on his show excites interest in record sales from cretins who only know something is good if some floppy haired git says so. Pathetic. We have Jools Holland next Friday to look forward to, but I assume there won't be an interview as Moz and Jools seem to share a well balanced hate-hate relationship.
    'The Year of the Rat'
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 03 2008, @01:46PM (#294103)
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  • This is Lovely...

    Lovely blue..
    I love Blue!

    aww he must have looked very nice, up close..
    His sparkle in his blue eyes..

    I just admire him is all:)

    Thank you!
    Marisela -- Sunday February 03 2008, @11:49PM (#294158)
    (User #1865 Info)
  • I´m quite amazed after reading some of the comments on the show...even after watching the YouTube clip a second time, I´m not able to find the insults to Morrissey that so many of you see.

    He did seem a bit pissed-off after the "Stars in your eyes" comment, but apart from that I didn´t get the feeling that he suffered.

    To me Jonathan Ross seemed to take the piss rather out of the cheeseburger than out of Morrissey, his words of delight sounded ironic to me. Morrissey himself had to chuckle after replying to the "Are you still a vegetarian" question. I didn´t get the impression he felt offended.

    The denied handshake seemed to be a pisstake by Morrissey rather than Jonathan Ross not letting Morrissey get away. Also, Morrissey reacted to J.R.´s tries to get onto his back by grabbing him - which is quite the opposite of trying to shake him off. It did look clumsy, but not as if Morrissey was a poor victim to evil J.R.. I couldn´t detect any hostility between the two. (Thoug his slip-in comment showed a bit of bad taste in my opinion).

    Maybe I see it differently to many of you, because I don´t really know J.R. & therefore don´t have anything against him. Judging only from that video it seemed pretty okay to me.

    The only time I´ve ever seen J.R. before was the time he interviewed Morrissey in his show a few years ago. I found that interview very funny, mostly due to J.R. & his childlike behaviour. There also, he seemed to make more fun of himself than of Morrissey. He didn´t do him any harm.

    Cashews -- Monday February 04 2008, @04:35AM (#294181)
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