posted by davidt on Monday December 03 2007, @06:00PM

On Friday of last week I issued writs against the NME (New Musical Express) and its editor Conor McNicholas as I believe they have deliberately tried to characterise me as a racist in a recent interview I gave them in order to boost their dwindling circulation.

I abhor racism and oppression or cruelty of any kind and will not let this pass without being absolutely clear and emphatic with regard to what my position is.

Racism is beyond common sense and I believe it has no place in our society.

To anyone who has shown or felt any interest in my music in recent times, you know my feelings on the subject and I am writing this to apologize unreservedly for granting an interview to the NME. I had no reason whatsoever to assume that they could be anything other than devious, truculent and unreliable. In the event, they have proven to be all three.

The NME have, in the past, offered me their “Godlike Genius Award” and I had politely refused. With the Tim Jonze interview, the Award was offered once again, this time with the added request that I headline their forthcoming awards concert at the O2 Arena, and once again I declined it. This is nothing personal against the NME, although the distressing article would suggest the editor took it as such. My own view is that award ceremonies in pop music are dreadful to witness and are simply a way of the industry warning the artist "see how much you need us" - and, yes, the "new" NME is very much integrated into the industry, whereas, deep in the magazine's empirical history, the New Musical Express was a propelling force that answered to no one. It led the way by the quality of its writers – Paul Morley, Julie Burchill, Paul du Noyer, Charles Shaar Murray, Nick Kent, Ian Penman, Miles – who would write more words than the articles demanded, and whose views saved some of us, and who pulled us all away from the electrifying boredom of everything and anything that represented the industry. As a consequence the chanting believers of the NME could not bear to miss a single issue; the torrential fluency of its writers left almost no space between words, and the NME became a culture in itself, whereas Melody Maker or Sounds just didn't. Into the 90s, the NME's discernment and polish became faded nobility, and there it died – but better dead than worn away. The wit imitated by the 90s understudies of Morley and Burchill assumed nastiness to be greatness, and were thus rewarded. But nastiness isn't wit and no writers from the 90s NME survive. Even with sarcasm, irony and innuendo there is an art, of sorts. Now deep in the bosom of time, it is the greatness of the NME's history on which the “new” NME assumes its relevance.

It is on the backs of writers such as Morley, Burchill, Kent and Shaar Murray that the "new" NME hitches its mule-cart, assuming equal relevance. But the stalled views of the "new" NME sag, and readers have been driven away by a magazine with no insides. The narrow cast of repeated subjects sets off the agony, a mesmerizing mess of very brief and dispassionate articles unable to make thought evolve; a marooned editor who holds the divine right to censor any views that clash with his own.

The editorial treatment given to my present interview with the "new" NME is the latest variation on an old theme, but like a pre-dawn rampage, the effects of the interview have been meticulously considered with obvious intentions. It is true that the magazine is ailing badly in the market place, but Conor doesn't understand how the relentless stream of "cheers mate, got pissed last night, ha ha" interviews that clutter every single issue of the "new" NME are simply not interesting to those of us who have no trouble standing upright. Strangely enough, my own name is the only one featured in the "new" NME that links their present with the NME's distant past, therefore a Morrissey interview is an ideal opportunity with which to play the editorial naughtiness game.

This, regrettably, is what has taken place with this most recent interview, which, it need hardly be said, bears no relation in print to the fleshly conversation that took place.

I do not mean to be rude to Tim Jonze, but when I first caught sight of him I assumed that someone had brought their child along to the interview. The runny nose told the whole story. Conor had assured that Tim was their best writer. Talking behind his hands in an endless fidget, Tim accepted every answer I gave him with a schoolgirl giggle, and repeatedly asked me if I was shocked at how little he actually knew about music. I told him that, yes, I was shocked. It was difficult for me to believe that the best writer from the “new” NME had never heard of the song 'Drive-in Saturday'; I explained that it was by David Bowie, and Tim replied “Oh, I don't know anything about David Bowie.” I wondered how it could be so – how the quality of music journalism in England could have fallen so low that the prime “new” NME writer knew nothing of David Bowie, an artist to whom most relevant British artists are indebted, and one who single-handedly changed British culture – musically and otherwise.

Tim's line of questioning advanced with: "What about politics, then ... the state of the world?" - which, I was forced to assume, was a well-thought-out question. It was from here that the issue of immigration - but not racism - arose.

Me: If you walk down Knightsbridge you’ll be hard-pressed to hear anyone speaking English.

Tim: I don't think that's true. You’re beginning to sound like my parents.

Me: Well, when did you last walk down Knightsbridge?

Tim: Ummm.... Knightsbridge that where Harrods is?

So, Tim was prepared to attack and argue the point without even being clear about where Knightsbridge actually is! The "new" NME strikes again. Oh dear, I thought, not again.

I chose to mention Knightsbridge because it had always struck me as one of the most stiffly British spots in London. I am sorry Tim, but you are not yet ready to interview anyone responsibly.

When my comments are printed in the "new" NME they are butchered, re-designed, re-ordered, chopped, snipped and split in order to make me seem racist and unreasonable. Tim had told me about his friend who did not like the 1991 song Bengali In Platforms because the friend had thought the song attacked him on a personal level. I explained to Tim that the song was not about his friend. In print, the "new" NME do not explain this, but attempt to multiply the horror of Tim's friend by attributing "these people" and "those people" quotes to me - terms I would never use, but are useful to the "new" NME in their Morrissey-is-racist campaign because these terms are only used by people who are cold and indifferent and Thatcherite. All of the people I spoke to Tim about in the interview who are heroes to me and who are Middle-Eastern or of other ethnic backgrounds were of no interest to either Tim or Conor. Clearly, Tim had been briefed and his agenda was to cook up a sensational story that would give life to the "new" NME as a must-read national if not global shock-horror story. Recalling how Tim asked me to sign some CD covers, I do not blame him entirely. If Conor can provoke bureaucratic outrage with this Morrissey interview, then he can whip up support for his righteous position as the morally-bound and armoured editor of his protected readership - even though, by re-modelling my interview into a multiple horror, Conor has accidentally exposed himself as deceitful, malicious, intolerant and Morrissey-ist -all the ist's and ism's that he claims to oppose. Uniquely deprived of wisdom, Conor would be repulsed by my vast collection of World Cinema films, by my adoration of James Baldwin, my love of Middle-Eastern tunings, Kazem al-Saher, Lior Ashkenazi, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and he would be repulsed to recall a quote as printed in his magazine in or around August of this year wherein I said that my ambition was to play concerts in Iran.

My heart sank as Tim Jonze let slip the tell-all editorial directive behind this interview: "It's Conor's view that Morrissey thinks black people are OK ...but he wouldn't want one living next door to him." It was then that I realized the full extent of the setup, and I felt like Bob Hoskins in the final frame of The Long Good Friday as he sits in the back of the wrong getaway car realizing the extent of the conspiratorial slime that now trapped him.

During the interview Tim asked if I would support the "Love Music Hate Racism” campaign that the NME had just written about and my immediate response was a yes as I had shown my support previously by going to one of their first benefit gigs a few years ago and had met some of their organizers as well as having signed their statement. Following the interview I asked my manager to get in touch with the NME and to pledge my further support to the campaign as I wanted there to be no ambiguity on where I stood on the subject. This was done in a clear and direct email to Conor McNicholas on the 5th of November, which went ignored and last week we found out that it had never even been presented to anyone at the campaign as that would obviously not have suited what we now know to be the NME’s agenda. I am pleased to say that we have now had direct dialogue with "Love Music Hate Racism" and all of our UK tour advertising in 2008 will carry their logo and we will also be providing space in the venues for them to voice and spread their important message, which I endorse.

Who's to say what you should or shouldn't do? The IPC have appointed Conor as the editor of the "new" NME, and there he remains, ready to drag the IPC into expensive legal battles such as the one they now face with me due to Conor's personal need to misstate, misreport, misquote, misinterpret, falsify, and incite the bloodthirsty. Here is proof that the "new" NME will twist and pervert the views of any singer or musician who'd dare step into the interview ring. To such artists, I wish them well, but I would advise you to bring your lawyer along to the interview.

My own place, now and forevermore, shall not be with the "new" NME - and how wrong my face even looks on its cover. Of this, I am eternally grateful.


3 December 2007.
Merck Mercuriadis writes:
Morrissey vs NME

Morrissey's statement on the above will be issued in tomorrow's issue of The Guardian.

The print edition of The Guardian will hit the UK streets at about 1 am and the statement will also be available to coincide at
Update: 12/04 16:43 GMT: Article is now online:

I abhor racism, and apologise - for speaking to NME - The Guardian Unlimited
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  • I'm first!
    TheevesHours -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:03PM (#286940)
    (User #19449 Info)
  • Brilliant statement. So well written. Moz is a genius indeed.

    And the more we learn about this interview - as long as Moz n Merck can make these facts stick in court - the more I believe he does have a genuine case against the NME for defamation under English law. And I hope he takes it all the way. Those opportunistic, grasping fuckers who thought to ride to a nice little self-righteous bit of back-slapping publicity on the back of Moz deserve nothing less.
    2-J -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:05PM (#286941)
    (User #4798 Info)
  • Morrissey, you are, far and away, the most amazing wordsmith of our time. Well done. The truth will prevail. You will prevail.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:07PM (#286942)
  • Morrissey is an absolute GENIUS with his "new" NME parallel...

    Reading this was thrilling.

    Moz? Howdya do it?

    There must be a twinkle in his eye tonight!!!


    I am watching you in awe tonight with a HUGE smile on my face.
    suparni -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:08PM (#286943)
    (User #20478 Info |
  • I had no reason whatsoever to assume that they could be anything other than devious, truculent and unreliable.

    Toaster -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:11PM (#286944)
    (User #11921 Info)
    Now the sun shines cold/and all the sky is grey/the stars are dimmed by clouds and tears/and all I wish has gone away...
  • As simple, sharp, and beautiful as a diamond.

    It wasn't enough to condemn racism but he absolutely demolished the "new" NME in the process.

    We need more sparkling prose from Morrissey. If Robert Forster can do it, so can he.

    -- Worm
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:13PM (#286946)
  • Mozza, you're freaken brilliant!!! This just made my you!
    mell -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:13PM (#286947)
    (User #20022 Info)
  • I am breathless after reading that statement.

    Well done, Morrissey!
    Mel Torment -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:15PM (#286948)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • I'm left speechless. Morrissey, you are a genius. I've loved reading and hearing your words from the first of them I ever heard, almost twenty years ago. Thank you so much, for every word you've ever flung our way.
    PFTLT -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:17PM (#286949)
    (User #19538 Info)
  • NME and Racism aside the writing is amazing. I've always known that Morrissey was an incredible writer, but this piece is amazing and brilliant.

    I know many will laugh, but imagine Morrissey writing fiction or non fiction books. My god!

    He is the greatest songwriter of all time and can you imagine him being the greatest writer of all time?
    TheevesHours -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:21PM (#286951)
    (User #19449 Info)
  • I sit in silence letting his words surround and smother the foolishness that fills the air around me.
    shorts -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:25PM (#286952)
    (User #19582 Info)
    "You're the bees knees, but so am I..."
  • Completely disregarding the substance of the issue, which I'm sure will get adequate, then super-adequate treatment below, let me say: what a superb piece of writing. And I applaud Morrissey for standing up for himself so resolutely. His reaction to these absurd criticisms seems to be informed by the Finsbury Park debacle. I wasn't quite as conscious of what happened then, as I was a 14-year-old SoCal boy, but I always wished Morrissey had told his side of the story more forcefully.

    Bravo, Morrissey - and none of your fans worth their salt ever believed the lies!
    jessesamuel -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:26PM (#286953)
    (User #1984 Info)
    On an occasion of this kind it becomes more than a moral duty to speak one's mind. It becomes a pleasure. -O.W.
  • Fantastic statement and incredibly well-written!
    You can read some comments on the Guardian blog here: y_responds.html
    Good_Mourning -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:26PM (#286954)
    (User #14411 Info)
  • Awesome stuff. I really hope the man sits down sometime soon to write his memoirs...but i'm not holding my breath.

    Never read the NME over here in the states, and i don't believe that i'm going to begin anytime soon.
    The War Room -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:34PM (#286957)
    (User #16954 Info)
  • Who really gives a fuck about this stupid publicity stunt. The fact is that nobody but us Morrissey fans care about Morrissey. But by blowing this whole thing out of proportion, by Morrissey himself and his management, now they get their names in mainstream press. What a joke!
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:37PM (#286959)
  • -New Greatest Hits - Feb.

    -New album - Sept.

    -New autobiography - Just in time for

    Dare to dream...

                                                                ~El Boydelz~
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:39PM (#286960)
  • That was GREAT!

    See, that's what we needed. The essence of who he is could be felt behind those words, and it's that very essence that's under attack. This should set everyone straight.

    I love it when Morrissey posts things online for us to read. I mean, it's unfortunate that he had to post this, but I did enjoy it terribly much. I wish he'd write to us on TTY more often and for happier reasons.

    I hope this experience isn't too hard on him, the poor dear. My brow is furrowed in concern.
    Scarlet Ibis -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:40PM (#286962)
    (User #17521 Info)
  • "Tim accepted every answer I gave him with a schoolgirl giggle, and repeatedly asked me if I was shocked at how little he actually knew about music. I wondered how it could be so – how the quality of music journalism in England could have fallen so low..."
    9 x Fined -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:49PM (#286966)
    (User #18826 Info)
  • Absolutely impressed. NME have little to no idea just who they're dealing with...just as they seem to have little or no idea of their own history or even of the history of British music, on which they are supposed to be the definitive experts.
    hectorisdead -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:52PM (#286967)
    (User #6425 Info)
  • That's all really.
    Jake The Stripper -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:54PM (#286968)
    (User #118 Info |
  • Well well since I heard yesterday that Moz was going to issue a publi statement I knew it was gonna be good but not THIS good.

    Fricken heck way to go Moz!!!! Beautifully written and even an in-joke for all those diehard fans 'devious, unreliable etc'.

    Moz just the one thing mate if you happen to read this you released 'Bengali in Platforms' in 1987 and 'Asian Rut'in 1991. Just thought I'd help you out with that.

    I believe it was Tony Wilson who once smugly remarked that once Moz became a pop star that England had lost one of it's potentially greatest playwrite's.

    I didn't used to agree with much that came out of old Tony's mouth but reading this stunning riposte I think it's easy to see he was 100% correct about that one.

    Now roll on the court case. I'm backing Moz to win this one, after all he's already had a practice run through!!! Just hope he doesn't get Judge Weekes!!!!

    Roll on Mozalini.

    the artful roger -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:59PM (#286969)
    (User #14667 Info)
  • You held them off while Morrissey could think, and now you're getting this thing published in a mainstream newsletter.

    I'm so impressed with you right now, dude.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:59PM (#286970)
  • /morrissey-needs-to-speak-out-clearly-against-raci sm-and-fascism/

    The NME are out in the cold.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @06:59PM (#286972)
  • to have read a piece in which the pathetic, the tragic, the rotten and the comic sides of the current NME press world are so well interwoven and unfolded. You have such an uncanny way of being tragic and funny without this ever sounding two opposite sides of human existence, Moz. No one is so poignantly satirical in the way you are.

    I am glad also you never became a writer/critic for music magazine - but it seems it was the music press' loss, not yours. :}

    I never doubted for a moment you were not racist.

    Mrs. Woolf -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:03PM (#286975)
    (User #14157 Info)
  • I know that I have been criticle of the man in the past, but I applaud him at this current moment in time. Unlike the August, 1992 NME "racist" issue (the Madstock Union Jack incident), which Morrissey never publicly defended himself against until 9 months later, Morrissey is actually defending himself this time. I am glad to see that it only took him the last 15 years to grow a set of balls.

    True, in this perticular case, his views were grossy distorted by a ruthless writer and editor ("Journalists Who Lie" indeed). Nevertheless, in many past direct quotes, Morrissey has come off sounding very racist. Simply by stating once that Prince (The Artist) had a hair style that resembled "pubic hair", can be considered just as much as a racist comment as if he were to say that Prince was a "nappy haired chocolate face".

    I am not calling him a racist, I am simply saying that for someone who has been in the public eye for so long, you would think he that he would have learned not to stick his foot in his mouth so often.

    I don't care who you are, or where you live in the world, everyone has had a "racist" thought or point of view at some point in their lives - be it wanting to tell the Asians not speak so loudly on public transit, to wanting to stand up to a group of Black "thugs" when they cut in front of you in line while waiting for public transit. The difference between us and Morrissey is that his words are going into print and he should know better.

    Regardless, tonight I am very proud of Morrissey for standing up for himself, as I do feel in this instance he was wrong done by.

    Sir Steve
    Sir Steve -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:08PM (#286976)
    (User #15068 Info)
  • I think his best friend said that once.

    Sorry Moz, I am one of those who did this time.

    How so many people can try and categorise this man as a betwetting wimp is beyond me. He's a prizefighter!
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:08PM (#286977)
  • OH my God! That is just amazing.

    I cheered while reading that but also laughed my head off: "I do not mean to be rude to Tim Jonze, but when I first caught sight of him I assumed that someone had brought their child along to the interview." If I was TJ right now I'd probably be tying a concrete block around my neck and staggering towards the nearest river. Or rushing out to buy Aladdin Sane with a purple face and considering a more suitable career. Ventriloquist's dummy, perhaps?

    That statement slays the NME and leaves nothing left. I am flabbergasted by Morrissey's prowess. This is priceless. Just.... priceless...

    Alf Ramsey's Revenge -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:19PM (#286981)
    (User #4965 Info |
    It's all a matter of opinion...
  • Never doubted his stance for a second, but it's nice to see... and hopefully the beginning of the end to all this. I'm sure it's stressful for him and many close to him - as well as all of us! Here's hoping the NME will try to set things right and it won't grow into protracted nastiness. But, what needs to happen will..

    Still, it's hard to imagine how anyone could have thought of him as a racist. For anyone thoughtful enough, I think it's all out there in the open.
    LucasT -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:20PM (#286982)
    (User #16225 Info)
  • the David Bowie story sounds oddly i've read it somewhere on this website.

    suzanne -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:21PM (#286983)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • But if the NME has been a spent force in his eyes since the 80's, why has he spoken to them many times since?

    I'm sure the "face" on the cover has played a part in selling out another tour.

    I'm not saying they haven't distorted his views.
    However, when it suits him----
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:23PM (#286985)
  • Some on here were moaning about Merck doing all the talking and Morrissey himself not making a statement. Let me tell you something -- it takes time to form prose like these. Brilliant!

    The NME is done for...
    king leer -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:25PM (#286986)
    (User #80 Info)
  • it was such a setup from the start - and like he points out having VIEWS about immigration or culture is NOT racist. Hope that writer dissapers from history for being such a pawn.
    Smiths <reversethis-{moc ... a} {2eporhtdniw}> -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:31PM (#286992)
    (User #215 Info)
  • I'm breathless, in awe, and in love.

    and I have to write more so my post doesn't get aborted by the Lameness Filter for not being creative. Well, for god's sake I'm losing oxygen to my brain from my breathlessness and that was all I could write at the mo..... :P

    Love you Morrissey. :)

    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:37PM (#286994)
  • Maybe Tim was subconsciously referring to Conor when he said, "It's Conor's view that Morrissey thinks black people are OK ...but he wouldn't want one living next door to him."
    Just a thought anyway.

    *Note to IPC - fire Conor(the racist editor?) and hire Bob Stanley or Julie Burchill as the next editor of NME.*
    Johnny Marr -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:41PM (#286997)
    (User #1113 Info)
    Going Underground
  • "It is true that the magazine is ailing badly in the market place, but Conor doesn't understand how the relentless stream of "cheers mate, got pissed last night, ha ha" interviews that clutter every single issue of the "new" NME are simply not interesting to those of us who have no trouble standing upright."

    I'm still laughing. :)
    happilly_unloveable -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:45PM (#286998)
    (User #18821 Info)
  • He's written 3 pages at least of A4 and still hasn't sold out his Sunderland concert.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:54PM (#287001)
  • His letter reads like Shakespeare; he's like Marc Anthony in the forum addressing the masses "I've come not to praise the NME, but to bury it..."

    That's exactly what it is, folks; the grandest eulogy I have ever read. He presents his case well. He has changed his plea to guilty, but for only for wasting his time with this sorry publication.

    That portrayal of Tim Jonez was brutal and yet, what could he he have possibly in store for McNicholas? I feel like I only got a taste of that, i.e. the revelations of political scratch-my-back wheeling and dealing for award show appearances, benefits, and such.

    Since Mozzer and I like talking about movies, anyone remember the scene from "A Fish Called Wanda" where Archie Leach is being hung upside down out of a window by Otto? This statment sort of serves like the written equivalent of Morrissey doing that to McNicholas.

    "Apologize, apologize..."

    Death to the NME and all hail the great Mozzalini, the last great pop star.

    If anyone questions you again about this man's talent for words, his intellect, or his heart, show him/her this piece of writing.

    Then, kick 'em where it hurts.
    mozmic_dancer -- Monday December 03 2007, @07:57PM (#287002)
    (User #11277 Info)
    "I am the fun and the fair, on a Mozsite for the criminally insane..."
  • There's nothing better than reading a writing from Morrissey! His writing is clear, to the point, and marked by forceful and fluent expression. As always, I'm with you Morrissey forevermore!!
    To members WeMissUMoz and PoetryLover: I appreciate the welcome statements!
    Jeffrey -- Monday December 03 2007, @08:20PM (#287006)
    (User #3926 Info)
  • Puts an end to the lot of it.
    Go on...marry her
    Dont marry a man yull brake my hart
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @08:25PM (#287009)
  • He nailed the "jounalist," he nailed the editor, he nailed the NME. In no uncertain terms he reminded all the doubters that, yes, he has always admired and vocally supported artists from different backgrounds, countries, and cultural traditions. Racists and other small-minded haters need not apply.

    That was well conceived and delivered with passion, wit, and authority.

    There is a reason why his fans have always loved him so.

    Well done, Morrissey, well done.

    Anaesthesine -- Monday December 03 2007, @08:26PM (#287010)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • Now, more than ever, I want to have Morrissey's babies.

    Is his brain not the most arousing thing you've ever encountered?
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @08:36PM (#287014)
  • It seems to me that Morrissey only ever gave the NME a second chance for romantic reasons. They know how important Morrissey is but they failed to understand Morrissey. They were clouded by jealousy. It was simply a couple of twats trying to take out the dominant male, in a pathetic attempt to gain notoriety and boost sales.

    This may work for the short term. After that, what will the knock on effect be of serious artists speaking with them? Why take the risk? The NME ceased to be important many years ago and now Conner is putting the old cow out of it's misery. Time for the knackers yard is long overdue. Artists should be petitioned to not speak to the NME, or at least be warned of the dangers. The NME website is their only hope of staying in business, so I for one will avoid visting it.

    I don't feel the need to debate if Morrissey is racist or not. Certainly not on this forum. You already know. We already know where he stands. We have been listening to his songs, his comments at concerts and reading his interviews for however long. At 37 year old. Half of my life has been dedicated to the very subject. It's about time the media picked up on it. I hope they are quick enough to cut and paste from Morrissey's statement in the same manner they have with NME's twisted words. They wont though to any great degree. We know that too. We will have to debate with people who have heard or read the NME spin on Morrissey's views and give them education in reverse.

    Tim Jonze has proved over the last few days just what a fanny he is. He isn't worth writing a full paragraph on. He will do well at the NME during its dying days.

    I feel 'Love Music Hate Racism' comment on this issue and distance themselves from the NME. They should go further and acknowledge not only is Morrissey not racist but that the NME used racism to sell their magazine. Shame on them. Shame on everybody at NME who remains silent.

    It is understandable that IPC would defend writs technically served against them. It is them it will cost and damage. Their lawyers are going to find it harder to prove NME's portrayal of Morrissey was anything like fair or accurate. They'd have more chance proving David Irving should be awarded the nobel peace prize. IPC should hand Conor his P45 today. Pressure should be put on IPC to act quickly and firmly, or some of the shit will stick to them. I suggest we put pressure on them by boycotting their products and Time Warner products until Coner is sacked shortly after making an apology to Morrissey. IPC should donate a huge sum to 'Love Music Hate Racism' as a goodwill gesture. They will also have to redress the balance to the damage their vile article has caused to Morrissey in the various ways. Personally and professionally.

    Boycott List:
    25 Beautiful Homes
    25 Beautiful Kitchens
    4x4 Magazine
    Amateur Gardening
    Amateur Photographer
    Angler's Mail
    Cage & Aviary Birds
    Chat - It's Fate
    Chat Passion
    Classic Boat
    Country Homes & Interiors
    Country Life
    Cycle Sport
    Cycling Weekly
    European Boatbuilder
    Golf Monthly
    Guitar & Bass
    Hi-Fi News
    Homes & Gardens
    Horse & Hound
    Ideal Home
    In Style
    Land Rover World
    Marie Claire
    Model Collector
    Motor Boat & Yachting
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    Park Home & Holiday Caravan
    Pick Me Up
    Practical Boat Owner
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    Racecar Engineering
    Rugby World
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    Morrissey the 23rd <[email protected]> -- Monday December 03 2007, @08:39PM (#287016)
    (User #910 Info |
  • Sometimes I forget why I love the man.

    Always he reminds me.

    dallow_bg <[email protected]> -- Monday December 03 2007, @08:55PM (#287023)
    (User #10559 Info |
    "All the people I like are those that are dead."
  • I can't wait till this beatiful lines see the light of the day.. it's always delightful to read the words of a truly and unique artist. let's beat the bad journalism and let the world to value this beautiful soul.
    thanks from Mexico..
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @09:05PM (#287027)
  • After the teddy fiasco, rumour has it
    we now have to name all new pets mohammed
    Let's hope so
    After all we are the city of culture

    As you know we did interrogate the beatles
    What an interrogation
    Anyway pardon maccer for writing the long and winding road
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @09:07PM (#287029)
  • Uniquely deprived of wisdom, I love this quote!

    Well done Moz, top class!
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @09:12PM (#287031)
  • Dear Mr Morrissey,

    Thank you for your thoughtful, lucid and expansive comments.
    So: Now each and every band must approach any and all interviews armed to the teeth with their own video and sound crews so that an entirely objective record of 'The Interaction' exists, in case of legal actions.
    Print media is irrelevant. We need the tones, gestures, the whole ambiance of any future ‘execution attempt to boost flagging sales' type scenarios.

    What's the betting that the original of the tape 'goes missing in transit' from Bangkok, or is 'devoured by mosquitoes' whilst Mr Jonze 'relaxes' on major tranquillizers at his Thai Beach/Therapy Resort? I'd get some Thai lawyers on Jonze's arse a.s.a.p
    I'm disappointed in you. You're meant to be paranoid, irascible and unreasonable. Why didn't you surreptitiously tape/video the whole farrago and release it on YouTube?

    You're currently wearing a T-Shirt adorned with the factual statement: 'Je Suis Morrissey'.
    I guess it's too late logistically to organise new merchandise for the new tour?
    "I am Morrissey" on the front
    and 'I'm not sorry....for the things I've said' on the back!
    In multiple languages, including French, of course.
    Oh, and you could offer your audience the chance to support you by selling T-shirts that say:
    'Morrissey - Je T'Aime' on the front
    'Mais Je Deteste L'eNeME' on the back.

    Sorry if my French isn't up to scratch. Does that make me a racist? Or just the product of an appalling 70s English public school education?
    Say it Loud! I'm White, Middle-Aged, Middle-Class and Proud! And I'm as racist as my West Highland Terrier, Alfie Moon.
    Here's an article your lawyers and viewers of this site might find....'interesting':
    "Tackle race divisions or Britain will go to dogs, warns Phillips" s/news.html?in_article_id=418883&in_page_id=1770

    Here’s one for the pre-show tape: George Clinton & Parliament ‘Fantasy Is Reality [Hangin In There]'
    “I’ve seen the light, I’ve taste the blood of his soul.And it tells me to ‘Come On Home’
    As it tells me to ‘Carry On’:Fantasy is Reality in the world today, but I’ll keep hanging in there, That is the only way.Recollections of what Grandaddy used to say….” h%20Parliament:1921215153;_ylt=AlnBZkjaF7O80oUEUhb VNpYJGbgF;_ylu=X3oDMTA5ZW01N2htBHNlYwNiZ3NpYg

    I live in The Malvern Hills, in The Heart of England. If you're ever in the area: Pop in and I'll drive you around The Elgar Route in my Morgan sports car. Please: Don't waste your new album giving these cretins any more attention. Sue them to oblivion then get back to your day job of sharing inexpressible joy with your audience.
    Andy Mooney

    PS: I have a confession to make. I pretended to be Thom Yorke on this site recently to share Radiohead's version of 'The Headmaster Ritual'. Forgive me! Please don't sue me! Or you, Thom!
    Or I'll finally release my long-threatened opus:
    "Broadmoor? Who Started This War"

    BrummieBoy -- Monday December 03 2007, @09:29PM (#287034)
    (User #11602 Info)
    sig cancelled
  • "The price one pays for pursuing any profession or calling is an intimate knowledge of its ugly side."
    - James Baldwin, "The Black Boy Looks at the White Boy" in Esquire (May 1961)
    dizzy flipper -- Monday December 03 2007, @09:50PM (#287040)
    (User #18036 Info)
    "Yes. I refuse to alight."
  • ...if the NME is such a rag? I don't understand.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 03 2007, @10:10PM (#287041)
  • OK, so what did we learn from this? To paraphrase a DM song, I guess Morrissey's not trying to tell us anything that we didn't know when we woke up today!

    Point one: The NME is lame.
    No, really? I had no idea. Thanks for pointing that out!

    Point two: Morrissey is a victim.
    Again, I think we got that the first 200 times you said it, Morrissey.

    Point three: Morrissey is not racist because he enjoys things made by people who are not white. AND, Morrissey was willing to play in Iran!
    "I'm not homophobic because I know a gay person" What a great argument. "I'm not racist because I'll even accept Iranian money!"

    I don't really care what the exact postal code of Knightsbridge is... Why is that important to see that the statement Morrissey made is ridiculous?

    And why bring up anything about how young Jonze looks? Who cares? Morrissey looked pretty young when he was Jonze's age as well! And who cares that he didn't know a David Bowie song! You know, there was a point in time where Morrissey didn't care about Bowie! And didn't he say he liked Kristeen's lyrics about hanging Bowie with his neckerchief?

    I guess, this is also a sad goodbye for me. A goodbye to a guy that I used to admire and love unconditionally for at least 10 years now. A guy that I probably wouldn't've made it through my teenage years without. A guy I travelled around this (immigrant-filled) globe for. A guy I didn't realise would actually stoop so low. Just a guy, who in the end, really is human and really did let me down just like a lot of other people have done.

    For what it's worth, thanks Morrissey. I hope one day I'll read an apology from you (but I'm not holding my breath).
    ProtestSinger -- Monday December 03 2007, @10:13PM (#287042)
    (User #7285 Info)
    .*.* I can smile about it now but at the time it was terrible *.*.
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