posted by davidt on Wednesday October 10 2007, @09:30PM
Report posted in the forums in this thread by the sister of ella-reflex (original post):

...Jason Schwartzman and David Duchovny were the guests that were taped. Morrissey played "All You Need Is Me" and during his watch fell off and he made an embarrassed face. The band went for a shirt change, then played "That's How People Grow Up". Sparse on the details, but have to go.
The taping is scheduled to be aired on Friday night, Oct. 12 according to the Carson Daly website.
Photos of fans lining up for the show posted by Jay "Some Totally Random Moz fan" A.K.A. "Mud" in the Tour image gallery.
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  • he looked soo goood!! and so happy..i really enjoyed tonight..=] i wish he wouldve played more songs.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 10 2007, @09:34PM (#277760)
    • Re:yum by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 10 2007, @09:39PM
  • "All You Need Is Me" and "That's How Peole Grow Up" were splendid!

    My camera was not allowed inside but I did snap a few shots of the fanz in line- the first of the gang showed up @ 8 AM for the 5 PM taping!

    Pix here: 2364756361/ []

    Show will air Friday night 10/12/07 ;^)



    Mud <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 10 2007, @10:02PM (#277768)
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    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • It seems like there were about 200 people in the studio, so it was pretty small and intimate.No one checked our tickets as we entered the studio! As it turned out, although the mini concert was sold out there were tickets available for the taping of the show with Jason Schwartzman, Tig Notaro, David Duchovny as late as a few hours before. However, that is the same taping all the Morrissey fans were at only the Morrissey mini concert was sold out! Turns out, it was not really sold out at all and even the standbys got in! We had to sit through the taping of two shows until Morrissey finally hit the stage at the very end. About 50 people were allowed to stand directly in front of the stage which was about 6 rows deep.We were all so close only about 2 feet away in the front row and 10 feet away in the last row! The band members came out and everybody was cheering...then Moz appeared and the crowd went wild! He was smiling and seemed to be in a very happy mood. He shook some hands and then walked back and forth on the stage just smiling and waiting. Carson came out and then stood next to Moz wating for his cue to announce Morrissey while seeming to be very uncomfortable and awkward. He never looked at Moz or exchanged words with him...just stood there.
    Moz sang "All You need is Me" and the crowd was cheering ,clapping and singing along(although I don't think most of the fans knew the words to the song). During the song, his silver bracelet fell off...he left it there and picked it up later. After the song, they all left the stage and returned with a change of clothes except for Moz. Moz was joking around a bit but I could not really hear what he was saying. It was pretty quiet in the studio and we were all standing so close to him. It was so different to see him that close. He looks even better up close, by the way!
    They sang That's How People grow Up and at the end of the song he reached down and shook hands with some of the fans in the front row.
    He was of course, his usual charming and handsome self!
    Afterwards a few of us waited outside the studio to see him drive out. We saw Jesse drive out in his Honda Element and he waved back to us. After about 20 minutes, the rest of the band drove off in a van. Shortly after another van with Arturo at the wheel drove off with Moz in the back seat.
    All in all it was a really fun time I only wish they had performed a few more songs but still great never the less! LOVED IT!

    It'll be on Friday!

    Mozillow -- Wednesday October 10 2007, @10:07PM (#277770)
    (User #18555 Info)
  • I too thought Carson Daly looked awkward onstage next to Morrissey and is it just me, or did Moz not shake his hand when Carson offered it? Maybe I imagined it but anyone else that was there notice that?
    maryII -- Wednesday October 10 2007, @10:38PM (#277776)
    (User #19348 Info)
    Let the right one slip in.
  • I don't think the "warm up guy" ever had a crowd like us. Carson might possibly be a robot, I'm still not quite certain.

    Moz seemed in top shape tonight. Great sound, and all. I was the first to shake his hand during That's How People Grow Up (still excited about it). No stage invaders though...
    JoeyfromIndy -- Thursday October 11 2007, @12:29AM (#277788)
    (User #19878 Info)
  • Epic night! I got to be front row center in the pit!!!!! AND shook Moz's hand!!!!

    True, his bracelet fell off during All You Need Is Me, and he made a funny face. It was an awkward experience between Carson and Moz. I didn't catch either of them reaching for a handshake, but I remember looking around in awe and then focused on Moz's shoulder as it straightened out as if he thought Carson would try to give a "shake" but then aborted the mission.

    Now to think, I could have sworn that i've heard Moz banter about Daly before. Perhaps they have an unspoken uncomfortableness around the other?

    Or maybe it was the fact that Carson Daly simply has no talent and to be thrust in front of greatness like that, is likened to putting a small child in front of a bag of money. This "tool" is so lame, we were hoping for Chevy Chase to make a comeback. Magic had the "hook" ready for this robotic clown!

    Moz has no business on this show. Granted, i'll be happy to see Moz at any appearance, but Carson Daly doesn't deserve the honor.

    It wasn't a total loss beside Moz: Seeing David Duchovny that close was awesome! Californication is a brilliant show btw, you clones should check it out. Never a dull moment with my man "Mulder"! My hands still hurt from the "seal" act their jester forced on me since I was in the front row.

    What is with that guy anyway? I like Kimmel's "bitch" way better.

    Finally, one can't complain too much when you think of Moz's performances. Another key note:

    During the break, after All You Need Is Me, Moz and the boys left the stage and over the loudspeakers seemed to be the studio version of All You Need Is Me. Anyone else catch that?! If only for a brief second, then The More You Ignore Me cut that song off.

    All in all, a great night. See you tomorrow Moz!

    Jim Rome -- Thursday October 11 2007, @01:49AM (#277791)
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    ...and how?
  • ...I'm assuming the temperature of the studio wasn't arctic?

    I'd prefer if he wasn't sick when he comes back through the midwest again.

    And Carson Daly *IS* a complete tool, thanks.
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 11 2007, @07:22AM (#277805)
    • Re:So... by tamkim (Score:1) Thursday October 11 2007, @10:26AM
  • That was kind of the feeling I had with Carson Daly's jokes. They were kind of misogynistic. He made a lot of jokes about NBC buying the Oxygen network and it was humor. Re. no handshake, Moz was gracious and respectful as a guest, Carson was not very adept and warm as a host. So I think they were just two ships passing in the night...

    I was surprised to be the only one who showed up at 6:30am at NBC's ticket office to hope for a standby ticket (mentioned on the 1iota website, box office opens at 8am). A few diehard Plain White T fans beat me in the line and then some random older tourists followed after (all for the Leno show)(btw, PJ Harvey will be on Leno next Tues.) Anyhow, NBC did not know anything about standby tickets for CD. They weren't able to reach his folks while I was there, but the totally awesome guest services guy (thanks Aldo P.!) checked and saw tickets were available, so he logged on for me and got me a true ticket! Awesome! I am so thankful to him and to whoever that cancelled or decided to open more seats. It was worth waiting in the cold.

    I almost just stayed in my car to be first in line, but decided it would be more reasonable to go home and nap (since I only had 3 hours sleep from the show on Tuesday night), especially as no one was around lining up. I returned about 1:30/2pm and there were about 20 folks lined up. It was really fun meeting and chatting with the folks around me (shout-outs to Kim & her friend, Andrew, Maya & Irregular Regular girl- sorry I'm so bad at remembering names). Around 5:30pm or shortly thereafter, they let people in. TTY ticket folks took the initiative to collect into a separate line and were let in first. We were all checked off a guest list, so they didn't check our tickets.

    It was an interesting experience being part of a studio audience (being herded around, all the behind the scenes people coordinating). House band was good and it wasn't hard to get into them, but the audience host reminded us of our duty there, to very vocally sound like we were entertained by Daly and the guests and a bigger audience than we were. Wasn't hard whenever Moz was mentioned!

    They were taping two shows at once, I think they taped out of sequence and Moz's two performances might be on separate days (hence the shirt change for the boyz and changing the cover of the bass drum to a different color. Yes, Moz stayed in his tight black, short-sleeved polo-- handsome, handsome!). In the beginning, the audience host said it would be aired Friday and Thursday (he said it in that order, but I'm checking tonight anyway). Later, they only mentioned Friday, so who knows.

    Congrats to the folks who were pulled from the back bleachers to the front seats during the show taping and got the floor with the first couple bleacher rows when they let us in front of the stage. That was probably a random pick from the PA. It was cool to be so close to Moz and the boyz. Julia appeared out of nowhere in the front row to the right side of the small stage (it was nice to finally meet her aferward and introduce myself. I didn't realize she's such a thin, delicate thing. How does she survive the front row at every concert?) Arturo was checking why people couldn't fill out the sides (was told it was for the camera guys). I didn't go too wild screaming because Moz and the band were listening and watching for direction from the production people outside of the songs. Moz was very gracious in shaking some people's hands during his first entrance and second exit and a little bit during one of the songs. He also looked all the way out to his right, off the stage, to all the folks in the bleachers (it was a weird set up in the studio, not centered on the stage area). I think there was mutual appreciation that we were all there together.

    It was great to hear One Day Goodbye Will be Farewell and That's How People Grow Up and be able to sing along after so many shows. Caught Boz's eye and Jesse said bye straight to me as they were e
    romeogirl -- Thursday October 11 2007, @11:21AM (#277832)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • Everyone who beat me to it gave such good reviews, I only have tangential musings to add.

    The audience handling was really slack compared to other tv audiences I have sat in. But it was quick and dirty -- got out by 19.30. It took forever to see him on Jools Holland and Jimmy Kimmel, and those were very well organised if rather smilingly fascist. CBS is very tight, too.

    Why didn't Moz do the Ellen show? It's the stage next to CD's. He's mentioned wanting to go on Ellen -- ooh-er! -- a couple of times. Why not? Moz likes the dykes. Ellen's show has done concerts. Gwen Stefani did a rather large outdoor show for Ellen's show that looked double the capacity of Jimmy Kimmel's outdoor venue. I thought the point of doing a tv appearance was to get more media exposure. Nobody watches CD, and who's going to watch it on Friday night except those who are already into Moz? And why do that if there's TiVo and youtube? It was very puzzling, but I was glad that Moz did it and that we could go watch it.

    And maybe he didn't want to do another CBS show, but it would be wonderful if Moz would go on Craig Ferguson's show or Conan O'Brien's (though Conan's on NBC in NYC).

    Even though the atmosphere of the show was completely staged (the usual coaching of tv audiences of when to applaud and how loud, when to laugh and how heartily, segments shot out of sequence, pretending it was Friday night, etc.), I couldn't help but be excited and jump up and down like the silly 13 year old fangirl that I am (inside) when it came time for Moz.

    Although we were packed back into the third row of the obscuring floor crowd, Moz still noticed G and me, making the exaggerated "searching" look at us.

    I think the (first Monday night at the Palladium) tongue-rapist was there. I thought the skinny girl (one of the three audience contestants dancing for a free dinner-for-two certificate) was her, but I also thought tongue-rapist had shorter hair. Other people said that first dance contestant was indeed the "disgusting" one.

    I wish David Tseng were there instead. He would've outdanced her, even the self-booty-slapping guy who had won!! : )

    The whole experience was so wham-bam-thank-ya-ma'am, I'm still a little dizzy. Or maybe I'm just suffering sleep deprivation. Camped out in the queue right after the CD taping.

    I shouldn't even have to mention it, but I can't get over how bad Carson Daley is... his jokes were so lame and the punchlines could be spotted miles away. Who is the damn joke writer? But the comments about the cheap show and the pantsless astronaut suit was funny.

    It was a nice bonus to see David Duchovny and to hear that the 2nd X-Files film is a go. Californication is really funny. I think you can see the first episode for free on HBO's website. I think the password is "Monday nights". I dunno, it's been a while, so maybe I forgot the correct password and maybe it's not on anymore.
    Mel Torment -- Thursday October 11 2007, @12:10PM (#277841)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • com/cd/mainframe&h=200&w=200&sz=13&hl=en&start=3&u m=1&tbnid=mz7d3gIxTS8I_M:&tbnh=104&tbnw=104&prev=/ images%3Fq%3Dbird%2Bin%2Bhand%2Brecords%26svnum%3D 10%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26rls%3DGGLC,GGLC:1969-53,GG LC:en%26sa%3DN
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 11 2007, @01:58PM (#277849)
  • that he's invited people from "TTY" and then played "all you need is me."
    suzanne -- Thursday October 11 2007, @03:13PM (#277857)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • This is really confusing. People say that it is on Friday night, Oct. 12. I live in California and the show usually comes on around 1:30 in the morning. Does this mean it comes on Friday morning on Oct. 12 or Saturday morning on Oct. 13? I'll be looking for it at 1:30 Friday morning to be on the safe side.
    Tigress -- Thursday October 11 2007, @07:31PM (#277872)
    (User #16690 Info)
  • What is that sticking out of his pants in one of the tour image pictures? Someone please tell me!
    Pushing up Daisies -- Friday October 12 2007, @09:57AM (#277991)
    (User #20170 Info)
  • Anonymous -- Friday October 12 2007, @02:46PM (#278048)
  • watching that skeletor daly for 30 mins then only the one mozzer song left me bummed

    Anonymous -- Friday October 12 2007, @11:07PM (#278094)
  • All You Need Is Me was great -- much better than the new song he played on Letterman earlier this year.

    Thought after watching the performance: The only thing worse than Morrissey fans clapping along to his songs is standing front and center with your arms crossed.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 13 2007, @02:23AM (#278131)
    • Re:Great song. by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 15 2007, @08:26AM
  • I loved all the three new songs Morrissey put out recently - Arms Around Paris, That's How People, and Good Bye Will Be Farewell. They are even haunting, they stayed in my head so clearly that I wouldn't even need an ipod to replay them. But this song, All You Need Is Me did not enter me, as much as I try to. Maybe I was too exhausted by the time Carson Daly's show finally showed up - at 2 in the morning, yawn :O - or maybe it's my TV's fault, with those micro speakers that don't play low notes very well. Or maybe it's just that you can't please everyone at all times.

    I did like, really like Ronson's cover version of Stop Me, on Conan O'Brian's show, though. Did anyone watch that? I thought it was awesome, because he did it with feeling.

    So the result is that I liked Ronson's cover version more than I like Morrissey's song in Carson. Disappointing! Maybe due to technical problems. :(

    But I'm sure the Mozzer is going to put out another exhilarating album. If 3 out of 4 songs riveted me, I'll just skip over this song when I play to play the CD.
    Mrs. Woolf -- Saturday October 13 2007, @12:56PM (#278201)
    (User #14157 Info)
  • does anyone happen to have the taping for download after viewing it i accidently deleted it from my tivo list damn
    joeymozzer -- Saturday October 13 2007, @05:43PM (#278237)
    (User #5229 Info)
  • Can someone please post the Carson Daley episode with Morrissey on You Tube? I was at the show but unfortunatley missed the airing!
    Mozillow -- Saturday October 13 2007, @06:13PM (#278239)
    (User #18555 Info)

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