posted by davidt on Tuesday July 17 2007, @10:00AM
Jonny Holden writes:
I went to see Russell Brand live in Blackpool last week, and pre-show the gathered assembly were treated to what I presume are a few of Russell's fave Moz tunes. From what I can remember, the 'setlist' before he came on-stage was...

Everyday Is Like Sunday.
First Of The Gang To Die.
You Have Killed Me.
You're The One For Me Fatty.
Ouija Board Ouija Board.
Irish Blood, English Heart.
Interesting Drug.
Piccadilly Palare.

From what I could see, only the missus and me were singing along and getting into it - but fair play to Russell for his constant attempts to plug Moz at any opportunity (he always plays something on his Saturday night Radio 2 show). Interestingly, no Smiths songs in the live setlist though.....but I was kind of hoping he would walk onto the stage to a thunderous 'Last Of The Famous International Playboys', given his reputation - but it never happened...
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