posted by davidt on Tuesday July 03 2007, @03:00PM
Craig writes:
The Atlantic City Borgata show scheduled for Thursday the 5th, has been postponed. I hope us East Coast folk get to see him and more importantly I hope the Mozzer feels better!!

According the Borgata site- 'Please note this show has been POSTPONED. A new date will be forthcoming
Ticket Pricing: $95/$75'

Borgata info.
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  • get well soon stevie!

    all your children
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 03 2007, @03:31PM (#266168)
  • PNC in Holmdel has been ppd as well (according to true-to-you). Tour to resume 7/07 in Boston for the makeup show.
    robert -- Tuesday July 03 2007, @03:46PM (#266169)
    (User #95 Info)
  • I just hope he cancels his Florida shows so I don't give in to my gay friend's peer presure and have to go along and spend $10.00 on tickets 15 minutes before the show.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 03 2007, @03:47PM (#266170)
  • A friend of mine works in a hotel (I can't mention) up in the NE somewhere. Well, the night security guard told her...confidentially...that Morrissey was staying at the hotel and that he had 3 Girls-Gone-Wild DVD's in his suite! Can you believe that? Wow, Moz...I never suspected...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 03 2007, @03:51PM (#266171)
  • OK..i know this will be un-popular, but after having MSG AND Borgata cancelled...with no rescheduling yet... this is BULL! I LOVE Moz..but really..his history of cancelations borders on the riduculous! Must be that vegetarian diet! Theres a lot of major acts out there that RARELY if EVER have this amount of cancelation history. Meat eaters I bet!
    HOW SOON IS never -- Tuesday July 03 2007, @04:02PM (#266174)
    (User #19525 Info)
  • as long as the fucking hectors
    in the west coast saw him
    he wont care !
    markmustb1 -- Tuesday July 03 2007, @05:57PM (#266206)
    (User #13161 Info)
    cos no one ever turns to me to say ...
  • Anyone want 2 nights at the Sheraton in AC?

    9 x Fined -- Wednesday July 04 2007, @07:24AM (#266294)
    (User #18826 Info)
    • Re:So.. by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday July 04 2007, @12:11PM
  • You know, some of these posts are a disaster catalogue, or a catalogue of disasters. Diet ? Hotel ? Videos? Doctors? Cancellations because of this and that. Have these people never been ill ? God only knows. Where do they come from to write this stuff.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery,

    Anonymous -- Thursday July 05 2007, @03:09PM (#266473)
  • According to the Live Nation website the Atlantic City and Philadelphia shows have been rescheduled.

    The Atlantic City show at Borgata is now scheduled for Tuesday July 24, 2007 at 8:00pm.

    Here's the link: d/16124/ []

    - TheMozCat
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 10 2007, @08:40AM (#267326)

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