posted by davidt on Tuesday June 26 2007, @11:00PM
Dan Arel writes:
The Iron Horse (Pines Theatre) site states that the show tomorrow in Northampton, MA is canceled.
This announcement follows shortly after the Boston show being cut short due to Morrissey's illness (throat, according to Boston post-show reports).
Update: 06/27 15:56 GMT: Philadelphia postponement and statement now posted on the site Iron Horse:

Show Postponed
The Pines Theatre
June 27 • 7 pm

Morrissey regrettably had to end his show at Boston's Bank Of America Pavillion last night after 30 minutes due to a throat infection that made it impossible for him to continue. The audience of almost 5000 strong experienced a fantastic opening 7 numbers that included classics The Queen Is Dead and The Last Of The Famous International Playboys. In the intro to National Front Disco Morrissey explained to the audience that he was ill and said "unfortunately it will not just be the emotions cracking tonight but my voice as well." Three songs later he was unable to continue and the show came to a cose. Morrissey was seen by a doctor immediately and put under strict orders not to sing for 3 days. As a result the shows in Northampton, Mass tonight and Philadelphia on Friday night have also been postponed. It is hoped that new dates will be announced for each city in the next 48 hours. All tickets will be honoured for the new dates. The tour will continue in New York at Madison Square Garden on Saturday night as scheduled. More information will be posted here as it becomes available.
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  • the venue is booked for weeks. i doubt morrissey will re-schedule a later date.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @11:09PM (#264927)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • Get well soon Morrissey. I hope if he doesn't feel up to performing Friday he will cancel before the night of the concert. I was in Vegas once and the show was cancelled minutes before it was to begin. I would rather him reschedule than try to gut it out if he isn't feeling well. I just want to see the boy healthy!
    evennow -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @05:33AM (#264970)
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    an empty sets me free
  • Initially when I saw the subject heading I thought that an M.A in Morrissey Studies had been cancelled at the university of Northampton.
    Can you imagine Module 1- Formation of the Quiff
    Module 2- Early Moz history -Childhood, Smiths Module 3 Mozist theory etc........

    Well if David Beckham can have a course of study then Morrissey should :)
    jdbabz -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @05:34AM (#264971)
    (User #10674 Info)
  • a bunch of alleged "fans" arrive to rip the guy a new arsehole for the cancellation? In about an hour the anonymous (yes Im a hypocrite) crap starts flying about him being over the hill and a diva even though he's been touring for over a year and pleasing audiences by the majority. Just you wait...people complaining about paying out the dosh and are pissed off cos God forbid a man get sick....any minute now...this is exciting isnt it?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @06:00AM (#264977)
  • I must say I am dissappointed. That being said - if he can't sing, he can't sing.
    Still this is the THIRD concert that I have had tickets to where Morrissey has cancelled. I have no idea what the situation is with him. Is he a perfectionist. This is absolutely as un-punk as you can get. All of his heroes (NY Dolls, Patti Smith, etc.) played no matter what their voice was like. Be like your role-models Morrissey - at least try.....
    Also, I don't remember the Smiths cancelling a lot of dates because of any "problems." Am I wrong or is this truly a Morrissey-Solo problem?

    Look, you can judge me for being a little pissed off, and I get it, if he can't sing, he can't sing: but he just had 2 weeks off...
    In the recent Q and A from true to you he said he didn't do anything to help his voice. So, Morrissey, start doing something. Take care of yourself more, I don't know. This is just sucks
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @06:18AM (#264987)
  • To much of many people's dismay, Morrissey IS human, so give him a break. It's like an athlete playing football on a sprained ankle. Moz, we support you! Philly is my hometown, so I am sad, but I know you will make it up to us! WE LOVE YOU...get better!!
    mozgrrl -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @06:59AM (#265001)
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  • I attended the inland invasion in august of 2005, of which there were about 25k people, he was the headliner and cancelled due to illness, evryone was devastated. They mentioned that a make up date would be announced, it took almost 5 weeks, but it was rescheduled for October on Halloween night.

    I think you've got a pretty good chance for a reschedule, I'm praying for ya!

    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @08:03AM (#265011)
  • Does this rescheduling include Boston as well?
    HideOnthePromenade -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @08:06AM (#265014)
    (User #15672 Info)
    • Re:So by mozgrrl (Score:1) Wednesday June 27 2007, @09:08AM
  • What is wrong with you people? Do you not have any compassion at all? Morrissey is clearly sick --- and most of you quote unquote supporters just want him to get onstage and to what end? If he’s not feeling well – and he clearly is not, then he should be in a nice soothing place relaxing and getting better. Morrissey is a genuine, real, truthful human being and you people should treat him accordingly. I was at the concert last night up front close and he was blatantly not himself from the beginning. If any of you have any type of psychological connection to him, then you would have noticed that he wasn’t feeling well. He would literally never conjure up any story or fabricate the truth in any way, shape, or form – ever. Some of you people make me so sick that you remind me of a certain demon spawn who use to bang the drum in high school dance marathons with the attention span of a fly; not to mention his money grubbing antics to top it all off. Even though he was sick last night, he was still so adorable and kind. It was also so hot by the stage which probably contributed to him getting even sicker; the heat was unbearable. I would just like to say, please stop ranting and whining regarding his plight and leave him alone already. This is coming from one who genuinely cares about him as a human and I just wish him a fast recovery. Signing off 17/43—Italy.
    P.S. I wear my sunglasses at night.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @08:39AM (#265020)
  • This now gives Morrissey a reason, an excuse to postpone and/or cancel all shows on the upcoming leg of the tour and based on the weak ticket sales i have a feeling this will happen alot for the upcoming shows being postponed to save his ego
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @09:15AM (#265029)
  • We hate it when our friends get throat infections. Feel better!
    fut -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @09:17AM (#265030)
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    • Still Ill by Corrissey (Score:1) Wednesday June 27 2007, @09:47AM
    • Re:um... by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 27 2007, @11:44AM
      • Re:um... by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 27 2007, @02:53PM
  • Will Ticketmaster issue refunds on postponed shows? I was planning on going to the Philly show from out-of-town and rescheduling days off work may be impossible. :(
    Passat07 -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @09:32AM (#265034)
    (User #19446 Info)
    • probably not by bored (Score:1) Wednesday June 27 2007, @10:36AM
    • Re:Refund? by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 27 2007, @12:00PM
    • Re:Refund? by handsome devil (Score:1) Wednesday June 27 2007, @12:24PM
  • Hey, sorry for the comment abuse but any advice would be really appreciated. We are two Irish moz fans contemplating a spontaneous trip over to NYC to see the man himself. There are tickets still on sale on ticketmaster but it is only offering 2nd level right at the back (section 230).

    I am wary of ebay cos we don't have an address to get the tickets sent to - anyone know of any fan sites where tickets might be available? Ideally I am looking for somewhere thrustworthy to buy two e-tickets - if thats not too naive of me :)

    As I say any help would be appreciated.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @10:48AM (#265052)
  • Well, at least he tried his best. He is such a hard-working man - I mean hard-touring! I mean WHO does tours like this!?
    Also they WAY he uses his voice every night....he does give his best.
    I do know some other artists who cancel the show because they have a touch of headache.
    Yes the fans will be disappointed but it's a bit like a cancelled train - you just cannot do anything about it there and then. We're all human...
    Hope he will be FIGHTING FIT soon.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @02:11PM (#265082)
  • 'Did you ever see a woman
    Coming out of New York City
    With a frog in her hand

    Did you ever see a woman
    Coming out of New York City
    With a frog in her hand

    I did, don't you know (x3)
    And don't it show *

    Repeat in toto
    Repeat in toto

    (A boogie mind poem)'

      - T-Rex, "New York City"

    So now, you know...
    goinghome -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @02:56PM (#265092)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • A Morrissey show cancelled?!?!? That's shocking!! Good thing Morrissey has a stellar track record of making these things up to his loyal fans.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @03:13PM (#265095)
    • Re:So Rare by charmingjeane (Score:1) Wednesday June 27 2007, @07:59PM
  • Boy am I glad I got a ticket for Atlantic City too! Hope he's better by then.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @03:31PM (#265100)
  • Could it possibly be? That all the time over the years Morrissey has given "ridiculous reasons" for cancelling gigs usually relating to "illness and sore throats"? Reasons which were "clearly false" and have launched more conspiracy theories than the JFK and Elvis industries combined? And which led to approximately 769 threads on this very site dwelling on the man's evil and selfish nature ........that maybe yes he just does get sore throats which nesecitate cancellations once in a while?

    And doesn't that cause one or two "fans" who have indulged in these tedious accusations just a slight pause for thought? Even a pang of guilt perchance?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @04:09PM (#265103)
  • what was morrissey doing on his two weeks off? :^)
    suzanne -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @05:17PM (#265112)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • its been a long time since ive posted....i think ever since morrissey unjustly announced he would not be touring canada for the current tour.

    i feel for morrissey...he loves to perform...that is his life...and if thats taken away from him we all know that it must affect him.

    my question is how & why so often does he morrissey cancel a show? is his voice so fragile? is morrissey more likely to be ill than others?

    i mention bob dylan in my subject b/c he is an ARTIST who has toured for YEARS and his cancellations are far and few between. go to bob dylan tour guides and you will see.

    i am not saying one artist is better than the other. i just dont see how it is that a 60yr old man can tour 100 shows a year for 10yrs and not cancel nearly as often as morrissey.

    i am not judging or critizing...just asking.

    discuss and/or cuss...

    still a fan...from canada.


    fitztomoz -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @06:06PM (#265125)
    (User #10667 Info)
  • Mann Center has nothing scheduled for Sunday July 1st. My fingers and toes are crossed that Morrissey will reschedule Philly for this Sunday. Please please please get well soon...and maybe play this Sunday in Philly!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 27 2007, @06:52PM (#265134)
  • Can you even spell grateful?

    Moz is in a new era where he actually realizes the disappointment of a cancelled show. I once DROVE from Austin to Vegas for the man, spent a week there, people started filing in, and at the last minute we were told the show was cancelled.

    Well, I have forgiven Moz (took me a good year tho)

    Be grateful he even TRIED to do the show, told you all he was sick, and has given previous warnings about future cancelled shows..


    Lushey -- Thursday June 28 2007, @01:40AM (#265167)
    (User #8506 Info)
  • Sure, we can understand that he is ill. The man is human for God's sakes. However, what about the lack of concern for people that had to get time off from work approved, get coverage for their shift from a bitchy employee, then, waste money for tix on a credit card which if ticketmaster's nice, will only be refunded the tix fees.

    People are just unreliable, untrustworthy, uncaring and insensitive. Never trust anyone and take care of your business yourself. Bottom line, musicians can't really be trusted because they are only in it for the one Be honest. That's what the business is all about. No real musician truly expresses their gratefulness to their fans who MADE them or uses internal emotionalisms anymore. That's BEEN over. It's such a damn shame too....

    What also sux is how bands & solo-musicians claim how they are in it for those reasons (being thankful for their fans, expressing their emotionalisms) but, they could care LESS about us because look how hard it is to even shake that person's hand. Money changes people. It always wil. Why do you all think there's security people, backstage passes and vip things? It's b/c money changes people. Golden Lights....sorry but, that's reality.

    I don't know about you all but, I've lost a lot of fans in bands recently. They've all just become pompous blowhards w/ egos the size of hot-air balloons. Do you really think they give a damn about us? They do in one respect....for us to give them our hard earned money. Be reasonable and THINK before you buy anything on a band. Use your hard-earned money more wisely like, buying a house, taking a well-deserved holiday or reducing debt. Plus, the people in the gig scene the bands themselves and groupies, are all pretentious shits that have to have constant recognition, validation and acceptance from us fans because they know internally they truly SUCK.

    It blows too since, we've all waited a LONG time here in Philly for him to perform here. Remember back in 1992, when he walked off the stage at the Electric Factory show declaring he'll never play here again? Now, look, 15 years later.....

    Plans are truly RUINED now. What to do on this Friday night? I don't know about you all but, I'm sure as hell not going to sit around and watch the Letterman performance. Ode to beer.

    If he does reschedule, let's hope too, they give some advance notice for people that have a life outside of going to gigs (it's called growing up & getting a life).

    This truly SUX but, I'm going to think much harder next time before shelling out money and wasting time at work by buying tickets, books, dvds, cds, etc on ANY band. Think about it....
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 28 2007, @04:51AM (#265176)
  • ...if he has a throat infection, he could risk permanent damage to his vocal cords if he continued, thus ruining his voice for good. It is his livlihood, so to carry on would of been madness...All Whingers, get over it...!! Do you want Mozza's voice shot to ribbons??
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 28 2007, @05:43AM (#265191)
  • dont be assholes.
    moz was genuninely unwell in boston.

    if you keep talking shit i will come and find you and dump a pail of poop on your head!

    Anonymous -- Thursday June 28 2007, @08:05AM (#265213)
  • I would just like to say Thank U angel for the most beautiful Italian masterpiece – it is the most meaningful memorable … it speaks for itself. And now it’s all I see as the light fades.

    Thank U again for everything.
    May God Bless you.
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 28 2007, @08:27AM (#265216)
  • Those promised rescheduled show dates within 24 hours are just pouring in!
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 28 2007, @08:55AM (#265222)
    • Philly Show by JSabatino (Score:1) Thursday June 28 2007, @09:52AM
    • Re:wow! by LucasT (Score:1) Thursday June 28 2007, @10:37AM
    • Re:wow! by DJ Chucky C (Score:1) Thursday June 28 2007, @01:28PM
  • morrissey got word a bunch of 'non-fans' were going to invade the stage. someone tipped off the venues, and the venues tipped off morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 28 2007, @10:26AM (#265232)
  • Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    Anonymous -- Thursday June 28 2007, @01:03PM (#265250)
  • According to my sources, he made up that lie so he could spend some extra time in Boston, tapping Julia's sweet arse. 'But couldn't he have just done that on the road, in the hotel suite they share together?' I hear the Moz faithful ask in unison. Sure. But Julia has a waterbed in her Boston home. And Morrissey just LOVES to 'do it' on a waterbed. In fact, according the same sources, he's been known to sing 'Seasick, Yet Still Docked' while giving Julia his one eyed trouser trout up that stinkiest of holes that God ever created...
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 28 2007, @01:08PM (#265251)
  • I have tickets to the Philly show and tickets to Baltimore, Atlantic City, and the PNC Bank Center next week. I have never seen Morrissey and I just hope he gets well and dosn't cancel any more shows!!
    geekycheeks -- Thursday June 28 2007, @03:37PM (#265264)
    (User #19465 Info)
  • A loss experience involves the five stages of emotional response:
    (1) denial (2) bargaining (3) anger (4) despair and finally (5) acceptance.

    Ya think Morrissey actually wants to or likes to disappoint his fans? I find it hard to believe it's 'personal'.
    He's had his face dragged in 50 miles of shit... It's time to cut him a little slack. Get Well, Moz!
    Corrissey -- Thursday June 28 2007, @03:46PM (#265265)
    (User #18538 Info)
    Here you'll find my thoughts and I
  • We want you at your best for Australia!!

    Please, please, please....let me get what I want!

    Anonymous -- Thursday June 28 2007, @05:23PM (#265274)
  • marr was seen turning the air down. mozzers throats only weakness...
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 28 2007, @05:56PM (#265275)
  • Who's going to pay now for cancelled:
    1)hotel rooms & other places of accommodation

    2)train tickets

    3)airfair flights

    4)time scheduled off from work and had to provide coverage for their shift by a bitchy employee

    5)bus tickets

    6)meal plans (on an airplane)

    7)babysitters or other caretakers fees for children

    8)car rental fees

    9)gas for the car rental

    10)reinbursement of time off lost from work

    11)reinbursement of pay due to taking time off work but, the gig was cancelled

    12)time, energy on the computer planning all of this

    13)house-sitter fee (or whatever type of dwelling you live in)

    14) pet-sitter fees

    15) ticket fee (laughable)

    16) Credit card debt from ALL of this

    So??!??!?!?!?! Who's going to foot the bill for all of this?????????????????
    Anonymous -- Friday June 29 2007, @04:01AM (#265321)
  • I have 2 tickets to the show in Tennessee and I can't go. I will sell both of them for 60 bucks.
    Email me at [email protected] if interested.
    mozzz79 -- Friday June 29 2007, @06:46AM (#265331)
    (User #13221 Info)
  • Would hate to travel down there if he is going to cancel.
    Anonymous -- Friday June 29 2007, @07:02AM (#265335)
  • I just read that the New York show at Madison Square Garden is also postponed. I read this on, and then checked, where it states that tomorrow's concert is postponed as well. The newsday article stated that new concert dates are supposed to be announced on July 2nd. No word on the other dates just yet.... Let's cross our fingers...
    geekycheeks -- Friday June 29 2007, @03:47PM (#265388)
    (User #19465 Info)

    Check out the front page of their website.

    Crossing fingers!!!!
    Lady Queensberry -- Friday July 06 2007, @04:09PM (#266665)
    (User #16126 Info |
  • According to the Live Nation website the Philadelphia (and Atlantic City) shows have been rescheduled.

    The Philadelphia show at The Mann Center will take place Monday July 23, 2007 at 8:00pm.

    Here's the link: d/16124/ []

    - TheMozCat
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 10 2007, @07:44AM (#267327)
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