posted by davidt on Monday June 25 2007, @11:00AM
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Morrissey on the Late Show With David Letterman; worldwide television premiere of That's How People Grow Up -

Morrissey's upcoming appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman will be recorded on Monday the 25th of June, and will be broadcast on Friday the 29th of June, and will feature the worldwide television premiere of the new song "That's How People Grow Up."

The Late Show with David Letterman Show schedule has also been changed to the broadcast date of June 29.
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  • Ill pick you up at the Train Station

    Dont be scared of Carter, hes my Choclate Lab he will be in the back seat...hes gonna lick your face when you get in...

    giant -- Monday June 25 2007, @11:21AM (#264633)
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    I Like You
  • So, he's recording it today at the Ed Sullivan theater? (or somewhere else?) Then they 'broadcast' it on Friday?
    What exactly does that mean? How can he play it on the show Fri if it's being recorded tonight...I'm confused.
    Whatever. As long as he's there in the flesh on my idiot box, he can do anything and I'll be glued to it.
    Corrissey -- Monday June 25 2007, @11:49AM (#264640)
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    Here you'll find my thoughts and I
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  • I actually like Meat Is Murder for its rockabilly tempo songs. This idiot needs to keep in mind that every Smiths album is unique in its own way. Has he even heard Well I Wonder??? It's one of my all-time favorite Smiths song where Moz really sings his heart out.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 25 2007, @01:25PM (#264658)
  • when the single 'That's how People Grow Up' is available to download, let's all download it and get it to number 1.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 25 2007, @02:35PM (#264668)
  • that Kucinich and Shia LeBeouf are much better lead-ins over the diving dogs!
    suzanne -- Monday June 25 2007, @03:20PM (#264678)
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    I scare dead people.
  • Truly Disappointed (Score:2, Informative)

    i'm normally a positive person, but things just did not work out well for those of us that couldn't score Letterman audience tickets. i woke up at 7am to be at the ed sullivan theatre right when they opened, and i was one of the first on a standby list for today's taping. i received no call for the show, but did wait outside patiendly for Moz to exit the theatre after his performance.

    there were about 6-8 fans waiting behind a baracade close to Moz's van, and when Morrissey finally came out, we all called out to him, (Smiths 7"s and sharpies clearly in hand). He did glance over and acknowledge us briefly, but chose to proceed to the van denying us the brief minute or two that would have meant the world to us. for many it was an all day affair just to be there. i suppose screaming fans are a commonplace occurrence for Moz, so maybe he just can't be bothered to react each and every time time he hears them. i guess i can understand that somewhat. Moz was once a pop-fan too, though... and it's just sad when someone you've done so much for can't give you a half a minute of his time.

    in any regard, i'm sure the broadcast will be great, and i'm very much looking forward to Philladelphia and New York City. the band looked great; and so did our Man... onward; upward...

    carlos -- Monday June 25 2007, @07:10PM (#264714)
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    "This world may lack style, I know..."
  • 74883&page=3/ []

    Scroll to xfranklyx post
    mozmic_dancer -- Monday June 25 2007, @07:12PM (#264715)
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    "I am the fun and the fair, on a Mozsite for the criminally insane..."
  • i smell a conspiracy!
    se repenti fort <[email protected]> -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @11:19AM (#264761)
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    simply smiths -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @02:11PM (#264788)
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  • Grrr. I just sat through two prerecorded
    episodes of Letterman. It's on in the
    middle of the night here. Plus the rewind
    and fast forward function on my vcr is stuffed,
    so I can only visually rewind or fast forward.
    Gee Whiz, Mr. Morrissey can't ya be more reliable!
    mauve21 -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @06:08PM (#264807)
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  • thanks for starting one of the most awesome sets i've ever seen and then quitting seven songs in... i dont even know what to feel.. it was so great and now it just sucks
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @07:24PM (#264809)
    • Re:boston by mauve21 (Score:1) Thursday June 28 2007, @04:19PM
  • I just watched Lettermen's how aired Monday night. There was a comedy bit about the Price is Right with lots of animal killing jokes and images of raw meat.
    midson -- Tuesday June 26 2007, @09:15PM (#264879)
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  • I've got a funny feeling (or not so funny, I should
    say) that if Mr. Morrissey's throat is still
    sore, and he is still ill,
    there may not
    be a Letterman performance...
    mauve21 -- Thursday June 28 2007, @09:44PM (#265290)
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  • A bit of an unfortunate coincidence took place don't you think? The subject of meat played a considerable role on the show. First Letterman fixates on a plate of ribs that were used as some sort of prop. Then Shia Labeouf explains how his name translate to "thank God for beef." It all culminates in Letterman shaking hands with Moz using the hand he just used to devour the plate of ribs.
    David Rich -- Friday June 29 2007, @10:45PM (#265471)
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  • Anyone knows if its already in youtube?
    famke -- Saturday June 30 2007, @08:16AM (#265512)
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