posted by davidt on Friday April 20 2007, @08:00PM
Morrissey on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" (Apr. 20, 2007). Post your info and reviews in the comments section below.

Update: 04/21 21:19 GMT: link to video of broadcast on YouTube posted in the comments by giant:

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  • my friend just texted me from the show.

    i just want to see the boy happy
    first of the gang to die
    you have killed me
    all you need is me (NEW SONG! got a phone call during it but couldn't hear much)

    allikazoo -- Friday April 20 2007, @08:47PM (#254923)
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  • It was awesome! I got in at the very end of letting everyone in with no ticket! So lucky! I had a blast and heard a quite a few talk about going to the Cat & Fiddle afterwards.
    WildHoney81 -- Friday April 20 2007, @09:30PM (#254927)
    (User #13086 Info)
  • I'm a pretty big fan, but I'll be the first to say...that really kind of sucked.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 20 2007, @10:09PM (#254929)
  • Major disappointment. Morrissey sounded like crap tonight. I knew I should've just gone to bed.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 20 2007, @10:13PM (#254930)
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  • anyone is uploading it on you tube?
    thanks :)
    Very Moz -- Friday April 20 2007, @10:25PM (#254938)
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  • Hearing there's a new song is making my mouth water right now for the gigs I'm going to..... May 22 is too far away.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 20 2007, @10:27PM (#254940)
  • What the hell was that? Morrissey sucked major ass tonight! American Idol loser Sanjaya could've done a better job!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 20 2007, @10:29PM (#254941)
  • couldn't have picked a worse song
    but he looked good and seemed to be having fun
    markmustb1 -- Friday April 20 2007, @10:37PM (#254945)
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    cos no one ever turns to me to say ...
  • I thought it was great! I had only one person in front of me and left with a piece of Morrissey's shirt.
    Derekx -- Friday April 20 2007, @10:38PM (#254947)
    (User #18735 Info)
  • Jimmy you a hole- only one song on your show- what the ****. I thought he was going to play three songs on TV. Oh well, I guess I just have to wait for the show on May 26th- I'll be there!
    Anonymous -- Friday April 20 2007, @10:41PM (#254948)
  • Visit for a full report on Mozzer's Kimmel performance.

    Viva Morrissey
    The Bicycle Tragedy -- Friday April 20 2007, @10:49PM (#254953)
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  • Fun taping, free concert, new song- what is there to complain about?
    Even Jimmy referenced the ton of people on top of the parking structure!
    Change in FOTGTD "Silverlake Resevoir."
    After the first tow songs: "The cameras are off, now its just us. You can stop smiling."
    He looked only slightly uncomfortable, not as carefree as Pasadena, but better than most tv appearances.
    Lots of greasers, and some real weirdos. That guy holding up the pink rose for every single song in front of us was really pathetic.
    MindKiller317 -- Friday April 20 2007, @10:58PM (#254957)
    (User #18214 Info)
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  • You were unfortunate to see the performance on television, but live he was fantastic. The new song was epic and I cannot wait to hear a studio version.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 20 2007, @11:04PM (#254958)
  • He was great. I don't know why so many of you assholes are complaining here. Morrissey is only human you know... Anyway!

    The new song rocked.. "all you need is me"... the lyrics are beautiful, wait till all of you hear it. Almost made me cry..!!

    The crowd was awesome, very lively.. Great atmostphere!!

    Good to see you all!!

    Mozzer66 -- Friday April 20 2007, @11:13PM (#254964)
    (User #12441 Info)
    "Because we Must"...
  • jimmy kimmel could be one of the unfunniest men in the world. i don't get it. (although his girlfriend - sarah silverman - while not nearly as funny as most people think, is wicked hot).

    as for morrissey's performance - well, it's just a gentle reminder of how truly uninspiring ROTT was. simply put, it's a mediocre album. here's hoping his next includes two things ROTT misses - great melodies and interesting lyrics.
    Anonymous -- Friday April 20 2007, @11:22PM (#254972)
    • Re:jebus. by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday April 21 2007, @03:45PM
  • We haven't seen it on the left coast mystery anymore...was the guy from 'The Shield' any good? It say's here in the paper he is the main guest (USA today, no mention of Mozz, the nerve), best show on the box, Vic Mackie is the man..hope I can stay awake for my Morrissey three minute thrill.
    Foster88 -- Friday April 20 2007, @11:36PM (#254978)
    (User #17605 Info)
    I have spent my whole life in ruin's, because of people who are nice.
  • Terrible performance. Horrible choice of song. Moz looked like shit. He really needs to trim the hair. It's over. Move on.

    This performance drove home the fact that ROTT is truly sub par album. Of course, the Morrissey cult, which is much like the Scientology cult, will make sure that my thoughts are recorded and provided to the proper authorities.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @12:34AM (#254981)
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  • I haven't seen Moz for some years now and I must say the following: I've watched him grow old, and I've seem him more times than I can count. But being out of the scene for a while and now seeing him again was surprisingly refreshing. I realize (if you'll forgive me) that he may not appear to have the "edginess" as some come to expect based on past recordings and shows. God knows, I was at the point many times casting slings at his "narrowing" of phrasing and melody. But as time goes by, who in the world can moan a phrase as intoxicating and enveloping? To witness up front and close the pulling at his chest, the lyrical grunts and pleadings; they are just so raw and unrestrained. I mean, who does that? What modern artist comes even remotely as close to capturing the awe of romance as Morrissey does? I simply choose not to be so petty and critical anymore. He will always be remembered for being original and timeless, regardless of the quality of a Jimmy Kimmel concert (at least for me). I can respect the view those have who didn't find the "mini-concert" satisfying. But I suggest consideration of why you loved him in the first place. After all, that's why you went. So, don't be so hard on him. I once believed that someone would come along and prove that Moz was just another singer in the bunch...but I've been wrong so far; he's unlike anyone and I'm quite convince he will always be.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @12:42AM (#254983)
  • This is the best tv taping of Morrissey I've ever seen. Moz debuted a new song that kicked arse!

    Played Boy 'Appy, First of the Gang (used as outro, you will only hear half of it on the broadcast but supposedly you can see it in its entirety on the website), Disappointed, All You Need Is Me (New song!!!!), and Gang Lawd.

    Changed First Uv lyrics slightly with a nod to the nearby hipster town of Silverlake ("You have never loved until you've seen the stars reflect in the Silverlake resevoirs").

    Moz came out to enthusiastic applause and cheering ("Welcome to the world of TV tapings" or some such greeting), but while waiting around to begin, he was awkward and after a while just embarrassedly stepped off to the side of the
    stage (my side, Boz's side) and watched the screen showing some kind of orange juice making machine some uni students made - was kinda lame, the machine, not Moz.

    Moz kept announcing that he'd like us to come to Stockton. Only a handful of people cheered about Stockton. THen Morrissey dismissed it by saying nobody's going to Stockton because it's too far. I guess I'm nobody because I'm going to Stockton.

    It was cute to see Moz look a little awkward, and the taping was quick 'n' dirty, unlike Jools Holland where they did retake after retake. BUt I
    got to see Moz get his face powdered and th'Lads looking visibly bored @ Jools Holland.

    The new song was very witty and the best he's done in years. "All You Need Is Me" is brilliant because of the lyrics -- the thing that formerly sunk much of ROTT into subpar territory.

    Some especially memorable lyrics from "All You Need Is Me":

    You don't like me, but you love me
    Either way, you're wrong

    There's a naked man laughing at you in your dreams
    And you're scared because you know what it means

    (There's a similar couplet earlier that implies the naked man in your dreams is Morrissey -- that's just how I read it. YMMV)

    I saw lots of people with camera phones even though those were banned and we went through a metal detector prior to being let in, so a recording of it should surface soon.

    Moz threw his tie out into the audience, something he's never done before. I like his ties! Even more than his shirts. He also threw out his shirt at the end, which predictably caused a violent melée that lasted well beyond 10 minutes.

    I liked how after he did the first two songs (the ones that get aired), he joked that we didn't have to smile anymore because the cameras were
    no longer on us and that we were on our own. It was more like a concert and less like a tv taping. The only thing is that the stage was too far to hope to get a chance to shake his hand. And nobody tried to get onstage. But I was really happy. It's really unnatural, this state of happiness.

    Speaking of happiness (the fave thing I've seen written on the bass drum), in the morning the bass
    drum had a cover of white with black lettering of "PIGSTY", but by the afternoon, it was changed to a blue background and white lettering (I
    think) of ART SUFFER (top), ENGLAND HATRED (bottom)
    Mel Torment -- Saturday April 21 2007, @01:01AM (#254984)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • watching it right now on TV. Compared to hearing it live today... it sounds like crap. The band sounds shitty, and his voice sounds shredded. He was MUCH better live! Sounded great live. You people who only saw the broadcast missed out bigtime.
    great job moz!
    MindKiller317 -- Saturday April 21 2007, @01:07AM (#254985)
    (User #18214 Info)
  • The two couples in line behind my boyfriend and I. We all stood in line for 4 hours in the cold, wet rain, and had a good time getting to know eachother and laughing at everything..including the "phalic cloud". One of the couples even gave up one of there umbrellas to help 2 fellow MOZ fans from getting soaked. It just reaffirmed how great MOZ fans are and that we didn't get any stares or grief from people cuz we are a gay couple. I would have waited longer and with snow falling to see the show again. Moz was great and the crowd were energetic. I can't wait for the Hollywood Bowl now! Thanks to everyone again for making this small concert such a standout for us. MOZ=GOD
    Lost_in_LA -- Saturday April 21 2007, @01:11AM (#254986)
    (User #17378 Info)
  • Will this really be a "Greatest Hits" tour after all? Or will it be a Ringleader tour all over again!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @02:02AM (#254988)
  • Are the lot of you mentally retarded? It doesn't matter if it was live or not. We are speaking specifically about the aired song. Any other analysis is moot to most people because they didn't get to hear any new song played live.

    Watching it live, and watching it on tv, is of little consequence. Of course some people will feel more infused by the atmosphere because they are in the audience, and some dopamine was released, but the song itself aired unchanged from the live performance, and I thought it was utter shit. he looked like shit too. Does he even care about his appearance any more? Age is no excuse. He needs an intervention.

    Morrissey is currently writing in a paint by numbers format. If you don't believe that there are slew of other artists out there who are writing much more interesting music than what Morrissey produced on his last album, then you are the stereotype. Have fun with your vacant life. It will grow old at around age 30.

    There's no need to descend on everyone who disagrees with you.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @02:32AM (#254989)
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    • Re:Zzzzzzz.... by Morrisseyvive (Score:1) Sunday April 22 2007, @07:53PM
  • Reports are reaching Sewersby Bridge that the new song All You Need Is Me is a direct paean from Morrissey to Swallowneck?

    Basically it is all about Swallowneck's devotion to him... so think of him kindly!
    MarkFromScatter -- Saturday April 21 2007, @03:37AM (#254992)
    (User #16900 Info)
    If you don't like me, don't look at me...
  • It was a fantastic "mini show" - it was much better sounding live than the tape I just watched now that I am finally home!

    I took several pix of both lines - the main line and the True-To-You guest list line. I did not see Julia tonight- very odd!

    They did not allow cameras into the show so the pix I have of the performance are grainy video still shots from my television.

    All of my pix are here: /f8bfscd []



    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • The name of this site should immediately be changed to morrissey-soloved. It is abundantly clear that this forum is no place in which to engage in any sort of fair, logical and objective discussion about the quality (or lack thereof) in the product being put forth by its namesake.

    Those persons who dare open up with their honest observations are fodder for cheap shots, crude comments, and incendiary death chants (what is the fascination with arson, anyway?).

    Face it, Morrissey is not aging gracefully. The lack of oversight over the broadcast quality, while clearly not his fault, suggests that he doesn't even care.

    I'll be the first to stand up and say that Morrissey has a unique and powerful vocal prowess. But last night, whoa! Was he experimenting with his voice, or was the audio REALLY that bad? Whether it was a weight gain, a poor choice of wardrobe, or the "TV cameras", he looked fat and bloated. The only mystery left is whether is hairline will recede faster than his ability to continue putting on great live shows.

    ROTT bombed in the US, and any suggestion that the upcoming tour is still pimping the "new" album (Jimmy Kimmel cracked me up with that one) makes my skin crawl. Nevertheless, I'll be at my local show hoping (and praying) that last night's TV appearance was not indicative of how things will be on the road.

    All I ask is that the legions of hard-core posters on this site be open to the fact that there are "fans" and there are "fans", and oh yeah, there are "fans". We are all entitled to our own opinions, and sometimes we build up the courage to post them.

    GROW UP.

    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @07:04AM (#255009)
  • I am glad to hear that the live version was better than the one I saw on the TV show. I am not even going to ask, though for anyone to download a recording of it, since it will inevitably be a scuffle of the live experience.

    This is what I saw (endured) from here (front of TV screen):

    1. A cone-head, bald-headed guy who talked and looked like humpty-dumpty. The only funny thing he (involontarily) said was that there was an old Italian lady who stole everbody's place in a line and walked in front of everyone, and began to curse everybody. The rest I can't remember, for I was too excited to see Morrissey, and plus I was munching a bunch of noisy Doritos to withstand the wait.

    2. A certain Maria, whose dress was so rolled up her legs that one could almost gaze at her secret entrances, and who said, while the camera boldly displayed her entrance, she used to be "a sausage vendor" before being an actress. Interesting background...

    3. Jimmy finally lets Morrissey in (my bag of Doritos was nearly empty by then), and lets him sing "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy". The band played terrifically, but from the TV it sounded like they put clothes on Morrissey's voice and Mikey's trumpet. I expected the crowd to scream and jump, like a bunch of teenny cheerleaders, but I forgot for a while we are all, for the most part, a little too old for that. But the Latinos, on the other hand, don't care, so they were doing plenty of cheerleading in the front. Still, from the TV, the crowd seemed like a bunch of those dummies you put in cars to test them on car crashes.

    4. No interview with Morrissey, not even a complement made by Jimmy to him, and Jimmy Canine, who has a hair style that resembles a torn black helmet, goes back to the side of the stage to keep on chatting with the ex-sausage vendor and
    the cone-head guy.

    5. Morrissey has his glittering blazer off now, and starts sining FOTGTD. He barely finishes the first phrase of the song, when commercial brakes kick in, showing a cartoon with a donkey doing ehh-ooohhnn instead.

    I have no idea how the live version was better after this, but I believe it! Nothing can be worse than this! I have watched recorded appearances of Moz in David Letterman and in Craig Kilborn - and they all were kick-asses!
    Mrs. Woolf -- Saturday April 21 2007, @07:14AM (#255010)
    (User #14157 Info)
  • Eeeeh, but there's some right nasty Yankee Doodles on this 'ere site, just like during the war. Ungrateful beggars.....
    Mrs.Brady Old Lady -- Saturday April 21 2007, @08:55AM (#255021)
    (User #16107 Info)
    I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now.....
  • Great to see Morrissey on American television again. I thought he and the band looked great. Moz had on this flashy blazer and tie. The band had the retro lizard lounge vest and pant getups. They televised "Boy Happy" and ended the show going into the first ten seconds of FOTGTD. The bass drum had the crypic message: ART SUFFER ENGLAND HATRED (anyone know what that is in reference to?) Kimmel mentioned ROTT, but oddly he didn't mention the US tour this summer!

    The crowd was quite a sight. Kimmel commented about the folks who slept overnight on line and waited in the rain. I'm hoping the Kimmel site posts the entire concert soon.

    The fact that he debuted a new song IS GREAT NEWS, PEOPLE!

    Keep and eye out for it here on: ex.html/ []

    Remove the spaces, etc. etc. You know the drill by now.
    mozmic_dancer -- Saturday April 21 2007, @08:59AM (#255024)
    (User #11277 Info)
    "I am the fun and the fair, on a Mozsite for the criminally insane..."
  • ...with you people!
    You're a bunch of nutters (in a bad way)!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @09:00AM (#255025)
  • I'm just waiting for the next thrilling installment in the escapades of Swallowneck. Do please tell us all.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @09:59AM (#255030)
  • Andrea F. I still have your passport and i want to give it back... [email protected] email k? =/f8bfscd&.dnm=54f0scd.jpg&.src=ph
    your in this pic.. if anyone knows her please let me know thanks
    floresitarockera -- Saturday April 21 2007, @11:25AM (#255038)
    (User #10567 Info |
    • Re:Passport by andrea_464 (Score:1) Sunday April 22 2007, @07:10PM
  • I have this performance in HD on my DVR and I'd like to upload it to YouTube, however, I'm not sure how to get it from the DVR to my computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @11:57AM (#255044)
  • you tube (Score:2, Informative)

    your welcome. :>)
    giant -- Saturday April 21 2007, @12:57PM (#255047)
    (User #430 Info)
    I Like You
    • Re:you tube by not sorry (Score:1) Saturday April 21 2007, @02:57PM
      • Re:you tube by dbowie (Score:1) Sunday April 22 2007, @05:48AM
  • I've been a life long Moz fan, but after his recent performances, I can't justify seeing him live. I would much rather pay money to see a band that actually writes interesting music, and seems interested in playing live like the Kings of Leon.

    Their new album blows ROTT out of the water, as do others.

    Morrissey seems to be coasting off of his psychotic, thumb sucking fan base who could care less what he produces. They're just in it for the aesthetic.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @01:11PM (#255052)
  • I caught a whole big piece of tie last night, but I already have a huge collection of ties myself, so I am not sure what to with it except for maybe a little bit of scarfing. I just need to find some lemon wedges, and I'm good to go!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @01:52PM (#255059)
    • Re:hang the dj by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday April 21 2007, @02:44PM
  • Morrissey might have sounded better if the lead guitar player (not boz) was in tune! It also sounds like Morrissey could not hear himself. Singers will start to go off pitch and sound like crap when they can't hear themselves in the monitor. I thought he looked his typical self. They need to have a mirror site where everyone can go an complain about him. This is a site for his friends (not fans!). Not that you can't saying something negative, but those comments should be intelligent and constructive.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @01:58PM (#255060)
  • Being there I can say it was much better live. He looked fit, remember the camera adds 10 pounds. Jimmy Kimmel's assistant even said something along the lines of it being the most passionate crowd he's ever had. I agree the edited show you all have seen sucked, but it was dynamite live.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @02:42PM (#255068)
  • the same person just acting like they're different people mindlessly bashing Moz's performance? Seems like it to me. Ridiculous.

    Nitwits, I say!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @02:47PM (#255072)
    • Re:Is it... by suzanne (Score:1) Saturday April 21 2007, @06:46PM
    • very very true by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 22 2007, @10:31AM
  • that nigga morrissey was whack last night. man that suit looked like dirt.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @02:59PM (#255075)
  • Michael Chiklis: Greek-American
    Maria Menounos: Greek-American
    Morrissey: Partaker of Greek sex
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @03:49PM (#255084)
  • does anyone have more of the lyrics from this new song? i am dying to hear it!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @05:51PM (#255095)
  • Was a better performance than Moz and the boys gave that night. That nigga got flow!
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @07:38PM (#255101)
    • Re:Dr. Geek by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 22 2007, @01:19AM
  • Have to admit..he sounded pretty off but I think this was because the band was overpowering him. He was practically shouting.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @07:59PM (#255104)
  • I was expecting much worse based on the downer comments (which usually don't sway my opinion). Sure it was a bit shambolic -- do you expect album track replications? Moz looked cool in his glittering blazer and there was lots of energy from him and the band.

    The bad reviews the crowd got seem off, too -- probably the most frenzied that TV show's ever seen.
    king leer -- Saturday April 21 2007, @08:29PM (#255107)
    (User #80 Info)
  • What was that all about? What an asshole.
    Anonymous -- Saturday April 21 2007, @09:08PM (#255108)
  • Who spent so long whinning that Morrissey needs to come to America to play because he hasn't played there for soooo long, and when he does, you all bitch about his performance. For christ sakes, you are so hard to please. What is your problem. No wonder he took his time to come back. Carry on like this and you will never get him to come back again.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 22 2007, @05:57AM (#255127)
  • Just saw the video and I thought it was fantastic! I understand the comments (his voice, the overall sound, etc.) but since there are enough people who where actually there who have posted saying it was MUCH better live, I'm believing them.

    See you in Stockton!

    Anonymous -- Sunday April 22 2007, @07:30AM (#255132)
  • All the people who were at the show and are complaining,its because they didnt know the songs.They were expecting to hear suedehead,everyday is..,etc wich are all still good songs,but its what they play on the radio flash backs.If they were real fans they would know these songs and sing along,these are the people who keep talking shit about the past two albums.At one point during ganglord Moz encouraged people to sing along,right before he sings "save me save me save me save to save me"I have never seen him have to do this before.The bottom line is there were lots of people who just went cause their friends had an extra ticket.I think MOZ did a hell of a job out there,I really liked "All you need is me".I was able to record the show.I just have to adjust the volumes ,by the way does anyone know of a good pruduction software.I really had a good time,and Im really excited about the Hollywood Bowl.That is all.

    KOFFINJOE -- Sunday April 22 2007, @11:05AM (#255157)
    (User #18722 Info)
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  • Dont know why this people are complaining. This was a free concert. I was willing to pay to go. They went free.
    Morrisseyvive -- Sunday April 22 2007, @07:57PM (#255179)
    (User #14765 Info)
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