posted by davidt on Monday February 19 2007, @12:00PM
Rotter writes:
British-born New York-based DJ Mark Ronson's second album, "Version 2", has a cover of "Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before", featuring Daniel Merriweather. You can hear it at The segueing with The Supremes' "You Just Keep Me Hangin' On" is just one of many remarkable points on this excellently wistful version. The album also features a cover of the Kaiser Chief's "Oh My God" featuring Brits nominee (aka non-winner) Lily Allen. It is released in the UK on 17 April 2007.
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  • another poor attempt, silly sausage farmers. Don't people know that such great music was never meant to have the lyric "ooh yeah" at the end of the verse. I am surprised there was no "Baby Baby Yeah Yeeeah" thrown in there as well. Not as sickening as the My Chemical Romance cover of Jack The Ripper, but certainly not for my taste. Who is going to take the next crack, KC and JO JO? Heaven knows im miserable now!
    Anonymous -- Monday February 19 2007, @12:23PM (#249402)
    • Re:ohh no by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday February 20 2007, @10:28AM
  • Fantastic attempt at a very difficult song to sing. (did you hear noel and coldplay destroy the song a few years back!!)Will be checking out the rest of the covers ASAP.
    Anonymous -- Monday February 19 2007, @12:51PM (#249411)
  • Just lovely.
    David T (different) -- Monday February 19 2007, @12:58PM (#249413)
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    • Re:Lovely by goinghome (Score:1) Monday February 19 2007, @04:15PM
      • Re:Lovely by David T (different) (Score:1) Monday February 19 2007, @04:36PM
  • Hate the singing and the merging of Supremes, although I love the Supremes and The Smiths. Hate the drums, but LOVE the rest of the music. Especially what i am assuming is violin.
    Anonymous -- Monday February 19 2007, @01:08PM (#249415)
  • bringing the music of the smiths to a whole new audience. I could see someone who did not know the smiths, hearing this and asking who is the original artist and then checking them out. I would buy this if I could.
    Anonymous -- Monday February 19 2007, @04:25PM (#249450)
  • about 4'30" he mixes Musical Youth (MC intro to "Pass the Dutchie") over the (original) Smiths "Stop Me..." ... sublime - and via as many versions of 'Hey Jude' as you might want, as well as various versions of 'Pinball Wizard', 'The Only One I Know', 'Venus', 'Tears of a Clown' etc.

    The music this DJ constantly plays says something to me about my life.

    Anonymous -- Monday February 19 2007, @04:52PM (#249464)
  • against my better judgement I am going to listen it now
    Anonymous -- Monday February 19 2007, @05:04PM (#249469)
  • I Like you
    Anonymous -- Monday February 19 2007, @06:00PM (#249479)
  • So I've seen some conflicting info on the web; some sources say this guy's Mick Ronson's son (as well as Mick Jones from Foreigner's stepson). I can't confirm this...anyone know for sure? It would be an interesting trajectory; like production is a genetic trait. Plus, this guy looks a little like Mick Ronson.
    Anonymous -- Monday February 19 2007, @11:10PM (#249509)
  • please could you grant talent and originality to the people who make records, and bless djs and the people who listen to them with some musical TASTE?

    thank you.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday February 20 2007, @11:45PM (#249652)
  • I can't believe there's so many clueless idiot's actually on a morrissey website.

    This is one of the shittest covers I’ve ever heard in my life, I can’t believe shit like that can actually get released, I can’t believe people can be this clueless.

    Do any fo you idiot’s actually have any idea what this song is about? It completley misses the whole point and meaning of the song.

    This wankers vocal completely srtips all the irny and intelligence from the lyrics and just leaves a stinking souless RnB turd.

    God I hate you, I hate you so much Ronson you fucking gimp, I hope you fucking die you clueless cunt.
    Anonymous -- Monday April 09 2007, @02:29PM (#253979)
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