posted by davidt on Tuesday January 23 2007, @11:00AM
NATAN writes:
Morrissey gave a private concert During his days in Mexico City in the Polyforum Siqueiros. This taped show will air this January 27 on Channel 52MX

More Info in this link.

Título Original: Morrissey en el Polyforum, concierto en exclusiva
Género: Especial
Origen: Producción externa
Clasificación: A
Transmisión: Sábado 27, 22:00 h.
Sinópsis: El showcase completo y la entrevista exclusiva serán parte del especial "Morrissey en Siqueiros"quien por primera vez ofrece un evento privado en nuestro país.
sandra writes:
This is the promo that appeared in some mexican news papers for Morrissey tv program filmed at Poliforum Siqueiros on November 16th 2006 before the concert at Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City. It will be transmited in channel 52MX (on paid tv) next saturday 27th (finally!).

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  • Can somebody please record this for Swallowneck? I can assure you that his trusty curator will place it within the velvet vaults for safekeeping and historical purposes!
    MarkFromScatter -- Tuesday January 23 2007, @01:08PM (#246913)
    (User #16900 Info)
    If you don't like me, don't look at me...
  • para conectar el cable a la compu y ya (si tengo en teoría una buena tarjeta de video)..
    fernando -- Tuesday January 23 2007, @02:45PM (#246930)
    (User #398 Info |
  • No mamen, por favor que alguien lo grabe en su compu, o dvd regrabable y que despues lo suba al foro, hay que compartir no hay que ser, no todos los dias toca Morrissey en el polyforum...

    Viva México y Morrissey "la Diva" Cabrones.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 23 2007, @07:28PM (#246941)
    • Re:No mamen by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday January 24 2007, @12:28PM
  • Pero por favor hagan pruebas antes de grabado "para los primerizos" ya que esto de la tecnologia luego traciona y no nos vaya a salir la grabación mochada..

    Anonymous -- Tuesday January 23 2007, @07:31PM (#246942)
  • ahorita me arranco a compar la tarjeta de video..y listo yo lo subo en el forum..adios
    Morrissey Mexicano -- Saturday January 27 2007, @09:13AM (#247188)
    (User #10231 Info)
  • It started well, the interview excellent but then...

    Let me kiss you playback oh nooooo
    then the same old videos......boring......

    still watching it
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 27 2007, @08:44PM (#247226)
  • Recently when he was in being interviewed in the UK, he was in not a good humour, but in México he totally changend more open, happy, good interview..

    Que bueno que no es mamón Morrissey en México, es buen pedo el carnal...
    Anonymous -- Saturday January 27 2007, @09:01PM (#247227)

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