posted by davidt on Tuesday December 12 2006, @01:00PM
Torr sends the link (registration required):

When Lauren Met Morrissey -

A surprisingly upbeat Morrissey spoke to Lauren at length about his remarkable year and gave his opinion on the future of music. Listen to it all right here.

2006 has proven to be a very busy year indeed for Morrissey. At the start of the year he released the well received 'Ringleader Of The Tormentors', his eighth solo album and recorded with legendary producer Tony Visconti.

The rest of the year was spent touring pretty much every corner of the globe including a spectacular headlining performance at this years V Festival.

Speaking to Lauren at length he talks about his incredibly busy year, future plans and of course has a bit of a moan about the future of music and the planet:

'How are you feeling today?'
"I'm feeling very well as you've just given me some vodka.." [listen]
'What kind of year has it been for you?'
"It's been very short and very hectic..looking back on it, it's been great.." [listen]
'Are you going to continue your current production pace?'
" Many people would like me to run off and be shot in a field..but that's not going to happen.." [listen]
'Are you optomistic about the future of music?'
"No no no....I think most people out there are absolute rubbish.." [listen]
'How do you feel being voted in the top three cultural icons?'
"I'm thrilled to be amongst such amazing company and thrilled to be placed third.." [listen]
'How do you feel about your current audience?'
"I try to be as close to them as possible and now i'm surprised how young they are.." [listen]
'What is your opinion on the music industry?'
"I feel like I don't have anything to do with it anymore.." [listen]
'How will you be spending Christmas?'
"I'll do what I normally do...try to completely avoid it.." [listen]
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