posted by davidt on Thursday November 30 2006, @12:00PM
ACTON writes:
Just a reminder. Morrissey will be singing 'I just want to see the boy happy' on UK TV Friday night. Channel 4 'Russell Brand Show' starts at 11.05pm (finishes at 11.50pm approx). I do not see any mention of repeat shows on the Channel 4 website.
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  • I wonder if he is only singing?

    On last week's show it was Amy Winehouse who was the musical guest and Russell had a brief chat with her.
    Given how much of a fan Russell is of Morrissey, I can't see him giving up the chance to have some kind of blether with him.

    Yet, at the same time, it's hard to imagine Morrissey partaking in the ribald badinage that Russell usually comes away with.

    Could be very interesting.
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Thursday November 30 2006, @12:27PM (#241132)
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    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
  • That's the sum total of the promotion for the tour?

    What happened to the Newsnight interview? Can't he reschedule that?

    Give us a decent interview Morrissey. With someone who will ask you questions about your MUSIC!

    By the way, Kristeen Young is on Janice Long's show on the 8th December. Maybe he forced Janice to have her on there before he agrees to go on himself? (Just joking, I like Kristeen really)
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 30 2006, @12:50PM (#241135)
    • Re:Is that it? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 01 2006, @09:08AM
  • it will be repeated (Score:2, Informative)

    E4 wednesday 6th December 11pm
    cossy -- Thursday November 30 2006, @01:17PM (#241138)
    (User #6724 Info)
  • why bother....
    of course it always good to see him
    But , the songs going no where
    and its just not good
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 30 2006, @02:58PM (#241146)
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  • What happened bigmouth, you did go didnt you?
    A stone throw away.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 01 2006, @02:52PM (#241217)
  • is it possible to post the video of the tv show? i can't see it from Portugal

    amazingstar_31 -- Friday December 01 2006, @04:13PM (#241222)
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  • Going on a show where the host looks as though he has had 5000 volts put through him.
    deaf witness -- Friday December 01 2006, @04:14PM (#241223)
    (User #14353 Info)
  • Moz hasn't gone on yet and he looks distinctly uneasy, and who can blame him. He must long for Wossy!
    johngill -- Friday December 01 2006, @04:35PM (#241224)
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  • God this program is dire!!

    Mozza looked genuinly embarrassed to be on it
    hang the davy -- Friday December 01 2006, @04:57PM (#241225)
    (User #17793 Info)
  • Absolutely crap show. Morrissey seemed rather embarrassed to be a part of this. His performance of IJWTSTBH was the only saving grace, but then again, I am biased. No wonder he left the place very quickly. Russell Brand is certainly in a league of his own as far as 'comedy' is concerned, Jonathon Ross need not worry. Cheers.
    mozmal -- Friday December 01 2006, @05:02PM (#241227)
    (User #17231 Info)
    "chips with cream for the last time"
  • I'm a massive fan of Russel Brand and obviusly a humungous fan of Morrissey. Naturally I was looking forward to the show all day!

    Though dissapointed Moz didn't have a bigger part, it was refreshing to see him with a genuine fan.

    God that woman was grating! Painful in fact. But worth it to see Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 01 2006, @05:05PM (#241228)
  • It was 40 mins of the usual ranting from Brand at Courtney Love who looked like she belonged in Estonia with jowels that a big fat pig would have been proud of. Seriously was she pissed or just taken the same drugs as Brand was on? Few camera shots of Moz in the crowd looking bemused, bewildered and possibly terrified!! When he did come on he looked splendiferous in a cracking grey suit and pink tie. Bit flat in places I thought but then so would anyone after having to watch the previous 40 mins of crap. Also thought his voice harked back to early Smiths in a few places. Brand thanked him about a dozen times and then Morrissey actually hugged him! Always a pleasure and a privilege to see the great man on the box though :-) Roll on Newcastle, away the Moz!
    Mozster -- Friday December 01 2006, @05:07PM (#241229)
    (User #6823 Info)
    Ready with ready wit, still running round................
  • Sweetie pies (Score:2, Informative)

    Russell and Courtney entertained in giddy mode for most of the show. Russell introduced Morrissey with some stories of disastrous meetings with other heroes of his, and therefore admitted to feeling some 'trepidation' on meeting Morrissey. Morrissey was on stage at this point, ready to sing 'I just Want to See the Boy Happy', which he did with the band, in very relaxed and note-perfect form. Russell had a few nervous words with him at the end, pleading with Morrissey not to recoil, announcing the release of the single and the UK tour dates. Morrissey was looking pleased and very sweetly gave the effusive and overwhelmed Russell a calming hug before Russell rejoined Courtney to close the show. Courtney agreed with Russell that she loves Morrissey too.

    I was able to put my hands on the single today. The cover looks very sleek and eye-catching, of Moz' moment in deep thought. Kristeen Young does backing vocals on the very theatrical "Sweetie Pie" which is not a cover of the Eddie Cochrane song, but something quite unusual. You're in for a treat!
    goinghome -- Friday December 01 2006, @05:10PM (#241230)
    (User #12673 Info)
    • Yawn. by Hello Indie (Score:1) Friday December 01 2006, @05:18PM
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    • The End Of The Affair by Requiescant Inpacce (Score:1) Saturday December 02 2006, @07:56AM
  • Good performance and the audience seemed to enjoy the song.

    WHAT A SHAME he had to appear on The Courtney Love Show to promote this single. Christ, she really is the mostfuckedup woman to come out of American. Amercian Sweetheart indeed.

    She's an anglophile (adores all things English). But apparently according to her there's no sand in England or indeed even a coastline to speak of. Russell had to remind her that Britain is an island surrounded by sand and coastline.

    "...but you guys have that black gritty stuff that gets stuck under your finger nails not the kinda sand we've got out in California".

    That's right Courtney. England is just a very long tarmacadam jetty sticking out from Northern France.

    Once you arrive on tarry and sticky Planet Courtney (England) there is no escape - you're damned for eternity.

    However M did have a choice. He could have appeared on Jonathan Woss - but Moz is shy and doesn't want to partake of inane irritating chit chat on live television with the most irritating man in Britain. So he settled for the second most irritating man in Britain, Russell Brand and ended up sharing floor space with the mostfuckingirritating woman to have ever come out of America.

    Courtney has a had an "interesting" life but you wouldn't want to live next door to her and you certainly don't want to share the same TV studio with her when you go LIVE
    on television to sing your latest single!

    Morrissey did. Brave man.
    Lazy Sunbather -- Friday December 01 2006, @05:17PM (#241231)
    (User #843 Info)
  • I got in too late to watch tonight but it does strike me, as a fan who has furiously set the video for so many TV slots, that this might be the first one not worth watching and no great loss.

    I'm sure it will do the YouTube rounds.

    I try to be altra-positive on Moz Solo but promoting a single like this on this sort of show.... I don't mind so much as I just can't be arsed.

    Looking forward to punching some fists in the air at the live gigs! Bring them on. But although I'd be really interested to see tonights performance I feel better that I missed it and went for a beer, and secondly, if the 4th single was Far Off Places, Dear God, or (surely the best song left for the charts) To Me You Are A Work Of Art, it would really be worth tuning in for.

    I hope he looked good and stuff... But other than that - roll on a G-Mez Christmas and to Hell with Russell Bland.

    Viva Morrissey.

  • Who produced this show - or rather, didn't? Russell Brand is a likeable, talented and intelligent chappie, but all talent needs producing (someone to steer him away fom the cheap scatalogical stuff and keep him smart, for example). It's always the same with Channel 4, they just stick the latest turn in a studio with a bunch of guests and live music and hope for the best. Where's the invention in that? Of course, Moz has seen them come and seen them go. No wonder he looked bemused. Nice suit. Roll on Birmingham.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 01 2006, @06:30PM (#241241)
  • Not to be greedy but if anybody is able to post a clip of it online that would be sweet.
    Comadre -- Friday December 01 2006, @08:35PM (#241246)
    (User #14721 Info)
    Wielding a bicycle chain
  • I thought it was interesting to see Russell's mask slip a little on the show last night.
    Amidst all his bluff and wild gesticulating, he genuinely seemed over-awed to be in Morrissey's presence.
    It was quite funny to watch Russell try to make sure Morrissey was totally at ease and unembarrassed by the whole thing.

    What did occur to me though was how striking a presence Morrissey appeared in the little close-up asides that peppered the show. It's been well documented that Morrissey has one of those auras that when he enters a room, all eyes go straight to him.

    What I did think gave Morrissey's impression of the whole affair was that he and the band were clearly seen leaving the studio whilst Russell was still trying to bring the show to a close....I guess that said it all.
    Either that or he was desperate to get on the road up to Glasgow for tonight's show.

    See you all there if you're going.
    Requiescant Inpacce -- Saturday December 02 2006, @02:33AM (#241251)
    (User #10687 Info)
    "You should not go to them...let them come to you...just like I do..."
  • cool. Was a few of us there giving it everything when he came out. Russell Brand was very nervous throughout the show it seemed, and when Morrissey entered the room he seemed even more nervous. In between takes he kept talking about Morrissey. It was quite the evening. Morrissey was in good spirits it seemed, the band were on top form, and the sound was great!
    Amazing night had by all I think. :)
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 02 2006, @07:15AM (#241258)
  • I was in the audience for the Russell Brand show last night - of course I only went to hear Morrissey sing. It was my first time ever in a TV studio and I found most of it boring and slightly embarrassing - being told to applaud and laugh at Russell's jokes etc but it was worth it to see Morrissey. Before the show started, Morrisey and his band came out into the studio and sat for a while. I went over and stood near him. He looked amazing if a bit embarrassed and awkward. Morrissey and the band left the studio and went backstage after they had been filmed. My friends and I went to the stage to wait for the performance to begin. I stood at the stage close to the microphone. I was standing next to the ubiquitous Julia Riley. Then I moved to the other side of the stage to get out of the way of the cameraman and was rewarded with an excellent view of Morrissey. The band came on one by one then Morrissey walked on. He smiled at people he knew in the audience but otherwise just stood there quietly in front of us waiting to begin! He was about 4 feet from where I was standing and was wearing an amazing tailored grey suit (I think it was in a kind of fine dogtooth material or something like that) and a beautiful pink tie. The suit was exquisitely cut and he looked wonderful, like an old 1940s movie star.I later watched the show on TV and he looked better live than on TV.He performed live and it was wonderful to stand so close to him and hear him sing. At one point he looked me straight in the eye - it was a thrill to be so close to my favourite artist and look him in the eye while he sang. As soon as he finished his song I reached out my hand - he smiled at me and held my hand and shook the hands of two of my friends too!

    After the show I met Russell Brand and had a photo taken with him. I'm not really a fan but he's a Morrissey fan so he's alright by me. I was standing next to Courtney Love as she said goodbye to Russell - she looks rough, stocky and bloated and the outfit she was wearing was 2 sizes too small. She really is a desperated old hag.

    Morrissey was the real star of the show and the only reason to see it. It was worth schlepping over to White City to hold the hand of my hero and look him in the eye while he sang!

    Jackie x
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 02 2006, @07:33AM (#241259)
  • watch it! (Score:2, Informative)

    (delete any spaces upon pasting)

    Moz looks great!
    Jesse shaved?
    Great single!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 02 2006, @08:55AM (#241263)
    • Re:watch it! by Anaesthesine (Score:1) Saturday December 02 2006, @09:37AM
  • I listened and didn't think that she deserved all of the anti-Courtney commentary which is displayed here.

    Just before Morrissey sang, Julia was in the background wearing a beautiful dress as Mr Brand introduced one of his heroes.

    He didn't dissapoint and he did look cool and smart in that suit and pink tie and thick white 100% cotton shirt.

    At the end, I wondered how they had all managed to fit onto the stage at the same time, along with all the gear and amps. Another amazing feat, but I'm glad that the gang turned up as it sounded amazing.


    Anonymous -- Saturday December 02 2006, @10:33AM (#241266)
  • I do hope Moz's voice holds up for the rest of the tour.
    MrsSmith -- Saturday December 02 2006, @04:17PM (#241293)
    (User #17800 Info)
    • Re:voice by not sorry (Score:0) Saturday December 02 2006, @05:45PM
  • I've put this performance on Youtube..
    natec -- Saturday December 02 2006, @04:33PM (#241299)
    (User #14979 Info |
  • fuck him talking... im off to bed... im at work at 7am.... im getting old sniff sniff
    clearlyovercast -- Friday December 01 2006, @03:22PM (#241221)
    (User #17169 Info)
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