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Uncleskinny writes:
Gay icons - Observer Music Monthly
As chosen by Rufus Wainwright

6: Morrissey
"Whether he's gay or not, he is the gay Elvis. He is among the greatest entertainers of our time. The banter, the dancing, the stage-craft, it all conspires and you know exactly what Morrissey is. He is heroic. He is a total package, like Dean Martin or Prince."
20 most fabulous (part two) - Observer Music Monthly

18. Bedroom boy
Martin Rossiter on the joy of Morrissey

When I was young I felt a sense of 'otherness'. I still do. And more so even than REM or Husker Du (two other pivotal guitar groups of the time whose singers were queer), the Smiths were the musical manifestation of that otherness. In 1983, in a country that was embracing consumerism and letting its government introduce homophobic legislation, Morrissey provided a voice. It was a voice that was overtly political because it celebrated otherness.

Despite Morrissey never publicly declaring his sexuality, the message was clear. It is OK to be 'other'. In fact, that otherness should be celebrated with intelligence and style. It should dance on the streets, dust down its bunting and stick two nail-varnished fingers up at Thatcher's Britain.
In the same Observer, he's also mentioned in Miranda Sawyer's article and extensively in an article on Amy Lamé.
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  • Martin Rossiter is hugely talented. I understand he is vehemently bisexual.

    I think Mr. Rossiter eloquently described (in words) what Morrissey offers to the fans. "Otherness" might not be the best word, but it works nevertheless. ...Too bad Gene broke up. Martin Rossiter seems more approachable than Michael Stipe.

    With love,
    Ken S.
    sycophantic_slag -- Sunday November 12 2006, @09:32AM (#239452)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • 'Well, the only thing wrong with Morrissey concerts is that they're full of Morrissey fans. Everyone is angry with everybody else for turning up to a show that's only meant for them.'

    How could she?!
    goinghome -- Sunday November 12 2006, @12:34PM (#239468)
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  • When did he declare this?
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 12 2006, @01:04PM (#239471)
  • ow embarrassin
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 12 2006, @03:26PM (#239485)
  • REM's album, "Reveal," was named "Reveal" for more than one reason.

    Michael Stipe revealed his sexuality, officially, to the world- and guess what happened? Nobody really cared at all.

    He remained what he essentially was all along:

    a talented, handsome, poetic, gentleman.

    I almost died when he declared that HE stole his stage-moves from Morrissey. Love it!

    Ken S.
    sycophantic_slag -- Sunday November 12 2006, @07:53PM (#239488)
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    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • nnnnn!
    lilyboobear -- Monday November 13 2006, @01:05AM (#239501)
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