posted by davidt on Friday September 15 2006, @11:00AM
David G. writes:
I found an old Special Issue of the main national French newspaper Liberation entirely dedicated to Jean Cocteau, dated July 1983, with this picture next to an article about a young man who idolised Cocteau so much he tattooed one of his drawings on his shoulder. Note the blue rectangle next to the picture, the same blue as used on Hatful of Hollow...

Maybe I was the only one not to know where Morrissey found the inspiration for the record sleeve, but I was happy to somehow locate precisely the source!

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  • What a find! Thanks for sharing.
    Anonymous -- Friday September 15 2006, @11:08AM (#234863)
  • [a Cocteau fan of course.] i had no idea! wow, a fan with a tattoo. how potent, considering the later proliferation of Morrissey tattoos.

    the picture of the newspaper is gorgeous! any chance of a larger version? David G, did you photograph the newspaper yourself? you mention a shade of blue, but the photo is b/w.

    yeah, wow, thanks so much for sharing this.

    love, math+
    Math Tinder -- Friday September 15 2006, @12:00PM (#234873)
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  • This Blond guy, in the picture, Who is he.

    Just a Cocktou Fan?
    Granvik -- Friday September 15 2006, @04:39PM (#234915)
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  • Very cool - thanks for this! Any chance you could type up the text just underneath the blue rectangle? Presumably that will describe the photo in more detail ... thanks!
    spectral hand -- Friday September 15 2006, @11:32PM (#234930)
    (User #15949 Info)
  • That's funny. Back then, I recognized the tattoo as a Cocteau drawing, but I never knew why that young man had it on his shoulder or whether it was real, or just painted on for the Smiths'lp sleeve. Peculiar that you would find it after such a long time...
    kaleidoscope -- Saturday September 16 2006, @09:07AM (#234956)
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  • I wonder what that serpent would have meant to Morrissey at the time, if it was that it meant anything at all. Strange - I'm not sure, just curious - coincidence it would be if it is that Cocteau himself drew his inspiration from a character (from Tristam Shandy) who executes - a mill? - above his head with his cane to express what he feels about marriage. The publisher of Balzac's novels change gradually this image into the one of a serpent - and it appears as a nearly exact copy of this serpent in this young man's arm.
    Mrs. Woolf -- Saturday September 16 2006, @05:42PM (#234983)
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  • I always thought the guy on the sleeve looked like Andy Rourke. Am I the only one who thought that?
    Anonymous -- Sunday September 17 2006, @08:49PM (#235026)
    • Re:Andy by ouija bored (Score:1) Sunday September 17 2006, @09:30PM
      • Re:Andy by Chuck Smith (Score:1) Monday September 18 2006, @02:40PM
  • Salute for you David G.!! hope you could scan the picture for us! what a brilliant documentation you got

    and who's this guy? did he get a royalties for his picture?
    Peter Marr -- Sunday September 17 2006, @09:33PM (#235030)
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    • This guy is (Score:2, Informative)

      Fabrice Colette, a young french man who had this tattoo done in june 1983. I don't think he ever got anything for the picture. The name of the photographer is Gilles Decroix, by the way. I don't think he ever got money for this picture either...

      David G.
      Anonymous -- Monday September 18 2006, @12:59PM (#235068)
  • a picture of the boys at Glastonbury 1984, Morrissey wearing a blue and white striped viscose shirt, of which I own a segment....
    Anonymous -- Monday September 18 2006, @02:37PM (#235079)

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