posted by davidt on Monday April 24 2006, @11:00AM
Guillaume Métayer writes:
On a famous TV show today, the French actor, Claude Brasseur, said that he wanted to meet Morrissey. During the week the show plaid "You have Killed Me" as a jingle before advertisement.

This TV show is "Le grand journal" on Canal + channel which is on air everyday !
We saw exerpts of You Have Killed Me video and Claude Brasseur very moved and dismayed to have its name in a Moz song !!

It's rare to see Moz on French TV, thanks to Claude Brasseur because I think that Morrissey saw movies of Jean-Luc Godart where Claude Brasseur plaid and maybe in a 1964 movie called "Bande à part" with Anna Karina, Claude Brasseur & Samy Frey (the 2 last name mentionned as "not forget" by Moz in the Paris gig)

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  • Is he not a Morrissey fan? But then why would he want to meet him? To complain? I see information about some of Brasseur's films at the link, but not about his comment. love, math+
    Math Tinder -- Monday April 24 2006, @11:07AM (#213647)
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  • "From difficult child to spectral hand to Claude Brasseur" ... I think he's referring to the eyebrows []!
    David T (different) -- Monday April 24 2006, @03:44PM (#213705)
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  • I also saw this TV show (oh my gosh, that rhymes, no?), and all I can say is that Claude Brasseur was not 'dismayed' (it's obviously a problem of translation). He was very very surprised. Taken aback. In fact,you could see that he felt highly flattered to see his name in the booklet. Like a child, really. He said he knew Moz, but his features said the opposite. He actually didn't want to make a fool of himself before the young audience saying he didn't. Relax Claude, relax!
    PS: Claude Brasseur is a very popular actor, but without the aura of Alain Delon or Jean Marais.

    Hope you understand my English. Bye.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 25 2006, @11:43AM (#213829)
    • thanks by Math Tinder (Score:1) Wednesday April 26 2006, @07:51PM

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