posted by davidt on Tuesday April 11 2006, @11:00AM
Torr sends the link / excerpt:

Star Search Casting auditions

Audition Breakdown
I am producing a music video for an established indie band.

The concept calls for a brief appearance by a Morrissey double. Our preference is for an older Morrissey (as he appears today), however, we would consider a young looking Morrissey inpersonator as well. No singing or speaking is required, but if you can pull off the voice we might take that into consideration. The filming will occur in Chicago or Evanston and should require no more than one afternoon of your time. Shooting will occur in late May or early June.
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  • Where's that fecking bear shagger when you need him?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @11:51AM (#210829)
    • Re:Damn by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday April 11 2006, @12:06PM
  • Joser must be the worst looking Morrissey impersonator ever. Iam not saying he is ugly but he doesnt look like Morrissey. I love L.A. rissey.jpg

    HA ha ha ha ha
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @11:57AM (#210832)
  • Lastofthegang should contact them. He is the same age as Morrissey and is a dead ringer for the great man. Long trip from Wales in the UK to Chicago though!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 11 2006, @02:13PM (#210877)
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