posted by davidt on Sunday April 02 2006, @11:30AM
Jennymoz writes:
Morrissey sang "You Have Killed Me" live in a studio on Channel Four's "T4 on the Pitch" earlier today. I have attached a video for your viewing pleasure (best opened with VLC media player).

Downoad video clip:
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  • god, he's gorgeous!

    thanks for putting this up for us all.

    viva sharing!

    Anonymous -- Sunday April 02 2006, @12:40PM (#208406)
    • Re:moz on t4 by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday April 02 2006, @01:32PM
  • Not working, not working, not working, not working.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 02 2006, @12:44PM (#208408)
  • this very performance should have been the video for the song!
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 02 2006, @12:58PM (#208410)
  • Why won't it work!? Whenever I click the link, I go to the proper page and it tells me to wait about 40 seconds.. then does NOTHING.. How do you download this?
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 02 2006, @01:12PM (#208414)
  • what a shame (Score:0, Redundant)

    morrissey should take singing lessons. there is a lot of problems with his high levels. there is a couac at the end because he pushes on his larinx. it's time to use a low breathing. idem at the end on good looking man about town
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 02 2006, @01:12PM (#208415)
  • A crap site this megauplo...whatever.
    This link fucked up my computer, it told me if I want a girl in my town, what woman really want but no moz; just 465 virus alerts and 362 malicious java scripts.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 02 2006, @01:24PM (#208417)
  • Thanks for sharing this clip, missed it earlier.

    For those who say they can't get it to work, remove the pop-up that appears after the 40 second wait and the link is behind it...
    Maradona -- Sunday April 02 2006, @02:46PM (#208447)
    (User #13537 Info)
  • it took me to a 5-Star link......thanks.......system addict !!! Chico time beats Moz in Eire top 10.........he'll be GUTTED !!!!! but well deserved......MOz fan for over 20 years but his arrogance lately is unbelievable.....Chico Time.....class.....wish i was a fly on the wall at Sanctuary !

    Count Curtis Stigers the Third......sax is my middle name !
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 02 2006, @04:10PM (#208461)
  • A few points: What's all the sniffing about? Who is "morrisey"? The album is out on monday in the UK, this is not a US show.
    Anonymous -- Sunday April 02 2006, @05:37PM (#208469)
  • I know it was something you would have never seen otherwise, because nobody else taped it, but wow, thankyou for all 13 responses.

    I think i should have shown 1 second of it per week like Mr Reynolds and milked the thanks out of your scabbly old tits.

    Why did i fucking bother.

    P.S. The full quality dvd rip will remain in my underpants forever and ever so suck on that bad boy you cum collectors!
    Jennymoz -- Sunday April 02 2006, @06:36PM (#208475)
    (User #16118 Info)
  • this version of the song (with mikey on acustic geetar) is fantastic...a good song made better, sorta like the Peel Sessions This Charming Man

    the new drummer does superficially resemble Spencer, doesn't he?
    mr. superinvisible -- Sunday April 02 2006, @06:43PM (#208476)
    (User #6367 Info)
    • Re:awesome by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday April 03 2006, @12:16AM
    • Re:awesome by goinghome (Score:1) Monday April 03 2006, @12:55PM
  • I just uploaded the file to yousendit. Don't forget that there'll be a space somewhere in this link -- take it out. J8B45K5Z26

    Thanks Jenny for posting that. So, this show was recorded just today? I assume the edits were done with a live TV director. I like the look of it better than the official video, actually. Any trainspotters know what cameras are used to shoot these segments?

    It seems Moz' cold is back -- some nasty sniffing in there. Other than that it's an excellent version of the song and everybody looks cool. Never seen Mikey on guitar before. What does he not play?
    king leer -- Monday April 03 2006, @11:01AM (#208592)
    (User #80 Info)

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