posted by davidt on Tuesday March 28 2006, @11:00AM
MyMelody writes:
Saw Moz last night at the recording of KOKO. Got last minute tickets off a friend and raced down there. We've never moved so fast! Moz looked amazing, very youthful and handsome and we were very close. We screamed like girls. Well, two of us ARE girls, but anyway. He sang 'You have killed me' the one with the children's choir, another amazing new one (forgive my ignorance, I've not downloaded the album, I'm waiting excitedly for it!) and 'I will see you in far off places.' 4 songs! It was such an amazing treat. He had a big gong with 'tormentors' written on it. He also cracked a joke about Lynn Perrie (Ivy Tilsley in Corrie) who had died a couple of days before.

The venue was amazing for seeing Morrissey, so intimate, and the new songs sounded brilliant, it left us wanting so much more. Can't wait for the Palladium.

You can see Moz at Koko on The Album Chart show this Friday, Mar. 31 on Channel 4 at midnight. It also gets repeated on E4 (Saturday, Apr. 1, 2pm). Also, the White Rose Movement were ace as well. Hope they don't get cut from the show.
Messing Around and Pulling Faces also writes:
I had the privilege last night (27th March) to be at the first UK show that Morrissey has performed this year (following last week's well-discussed cancellations). Playing live at the KOKO Camden (formerly the Camden Palais), recording for Channel 4's, The Album Chart Show, Moz played 4 songs from the new album (in order, You Have Killed Me, The Youngest Was the Most Loved, I Just Want to See the Boy Happy and I Will See You in Far-Off Places). All of these are going to sound amazing throughout the summer...

Looking fantastic (you'd not have guessed that he'd been under the weather last week) and sounding equally good, Moz strutted around, prowling the stage in his usual fey way, but looked more at ease with himself and the band than I've ever seen him. I think he's really going to enjoy the small venues this spring/summer - he appears to live for that look in the eyes of the front row!

In terms of stage-design, the gong now has TORMENTORS written across it, and the bass-drum has the Italian flag across the front - a nice touch!

Sadly no photography was allowed, but it certainly left many a smiling face in the crowd.
Must Go To Work, Tomorrow writes:
Last night, at the recording of the Album Chart show at Koko in Camden, N.London Morrissey played four live tracks from Ringleaders. Each track was introduced as "The next single from Morrissey's latest album" indicating that the following tracks will be lifted for release from the album.
He played : "You Have Killed Me", "The Youngest Was the Most Loved", "I Just Want to See the Boy Happy" and "I Will See You in Far Off Places" which he dedicated to the late Lynne Perrie (aka Ivy Brennan from Coronation Street.
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  • this is so positive to read, im setting the sky plus now!! cant wait to see him sing the youngest was the most loved which is fast becoming a fav.
    vicarinatutugal -- Tuesday March 28 2006, @11:05AM (#206668)
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  • "in the future" is a sing-along and has a nice jaunty feel - that would have been a good choice.

    Maybe "dear god" too. "youngest" is just weak and "boy" only sounds good on repeated listens.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday March 28 2006, @11:20AM (#206681)
  • Well at least Moz is getting some play on Channel 4 (who put the M was on the other night), thanks to C4 for not ignoring him like the radio.
    Did'nt know lynne perry had died...wonder what the joke was???
    Does anyone know any??
    L'Estrange -- Tuesday March 28 2006, @11:22AM (#206685)
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  • According to the channel 4 web site the album chart show will be on Saturday the 1st at 12.55 am not Friday the 31st.
    Tbevie -- Tuesday March 28 2006, @01:31PM (#206778)
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  • As mentioned, photography was completely verboten at Koko, but someone who was standing near me in the crowd managed to sneak a photo with their mobile, which is online here (originally posted on the discussion board):

    As always, please delete any space in that link as necessary.

    I also scribbled something out early this morning and that's here:

    It was a really good performance, albeit the room was slightly lacking in atmosphere. I haven't slept since the concert, in fact, but I plan to make good on that now...
    naomi -- Tuesday March 28 2006, @03:00PM (#206818)
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    Fine purveyors of drivel since 1980...
  • "Good evening Camden town" was morrissey's welcome. He and the band were brilliant. This really felt like a special gig.The other bands like The yeah yeah yeahs and the Zutons had to re perform their singles due to sound problems but luckily moz and the band had no problems. An excellent night, i feel privlidged to have been there.
    aaazzz -- Wednesday March 29 2006, @08:49AM (#207109)
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    YOUTUBE morrissey morrissey

    Anonymous -- Sunday April 02 2006, @03:29AM (#208314)

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