posted by davidt on Wednesday March 15 2006, @07:00PM
Emil Bigsten writes:
It has been rumored earlier that Morrissey would appear at Binglolotto (according to swedish music magazine Sonic), and now it has been sort of confirmed. I e-mailed Bingolotto to ask if there was any truth in the rumour and it was, the answer I got is as follows:

"Yes, 9th of April. (...) Unfortuanely the studio is fully-booked that evening"

So expect to see Morrissey at Binglolotto at Sunday 9th of April.
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  • That's just bloody hilarious!
    The most cheesy program title ever. Never seen the show, but it must be funny.
    summal -- Thursday March 16 2006, @12:14AM (#203673)
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  • I've seen the show, it's as cheesy as it gets. God help us...
    Rodchenko -- Thursday March 16 2006, @01:39AM (#203680)
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    Are You Loathesome Tonight?
  • If you have not seen the show, imagine the cheeseast show ever, ad some cheease and there you have it. "Bingolotto" have lost most of its viewer over the last couple of years and are still going down. But maybe the 65+ in Sweden will find a new hero... I think its gonna be funny thoght. /jalvemo
    Anonymous -- Thursday March 16 2006, @02:15AM (#203696)
  • I'd love to see it... But the "65+'ers" in Sweden doesn't like to put their hand in their pockets and selling their tickets... I pressume.
    Mozhead_GBG -- Thursday March 16 2006, @11:58AM (#203803)
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  • Absolutely marvellous!!!
    djcharlesbronson -- Monday March 20 2006, @02:34AM (#204496)
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