posted by davidt on Monday February 27 2006, @10:00AM
djcharlesbronson writes:
According to swedish musicmagazine SONIC Morrissey wants to perform at Swedish TV-program BINGOLOTTO.

And it's not his record company, but himself that has aked to play the family-entertainment-show, which is like a much cheesier version of "The National Lottery", mostly watched by elderly, although the viewers are among all ages...

It says that Morrissey wants to be seen in as cheesy programs as possible while promoting the new album.

I do hope it's true, sounds fantastic to me; Morrissey for EVERYONE!!!

Direct link to article:

Morrissey till Bingolotto? - Sonic

Av Pierre Hellqvist
torsdag 16 februari 2006

Inför sverigebesöket i april uppges Morrissey ha uttryckt intresse av att vara med i »Bingolotto«. Inte hans skivbolag eller så, utan på indiecroonerns eget initiativ. Som den nyblivne italienare han är vill Moz vid marknadsföringen av nya skivan »Ringleader of Tormentors« synas i så »cheesy« program som möjligt...
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  • It says that Morrissey wants to be seen in as cheesy programs as possible while promoting the new album.

    yeah this is real...
    Anonymous -- Monday February 27 2006, @10:38AM (#200431)
    • Re:uhmm... by djcharlesbronson (Score:1) Monday February 27 2006, @01:34PM
  • Sounds awfully cool to me too. I hope so, but we'll have to wait and see!


    Math Tinder -- Monday February 27 2006, @08:46PM (#200544)
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  • That would be hillarious. No one would understand a thing.
    Ante -- Tuesday February 28 2006, @04:24AM (#200594)
    (User #9583 Info)
    It wasn't Youth, it wasn't Life. Born Old, sadly wise.
  • Outstanding news! Let's get him on "This Morning with Phil and Fern" "Richard and Judy" "Parkinson"
    "Davina" and any other chat or talk shows I can't think of at the moment (He's booked in for Johnathan Ross already - yea!)

    TOTP, CDUK and Popword too - next stop the time machine and onto Pebble Mill At one (for all the older Brits who read this)

    Tottenham Tom -- Tuesday February 28 2006, @08:36AM (#200625)
    (User #11165 Info)
    "I don't sound like nobody"
  • This is going to be outrageous!

    The big question on my mind at the moment is: WHY?????
    Rodchenko -- Tuesday February 28 2006, @09:00AM (#200633)
    (User #15320 Info)
    Are You Loathesome Tonight?
  • Surely it's time to bring back Razzamatazz, Lift off with Aysha and the wonderful Roy North's 'Get it Together'. Morrissey would be perfectly suited.
    The campaign starts here.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday February 28 2006, @09:58AM (#200641)

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