posted by davidt on Wednesday February 01 2006, @11:00AM
torr writes:
Well that was quick! I just got word from Michael Todd @ 95x that Moz has cancelled the Odessa show. Announced and cancelled, all in less than 24 hours. I think that's a new Moz record!

The show listing has been removed from
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  • Ha, I can't wait to hear the snide comments from the UK now.

    Ah well, I have Austin.
    dallow_bg <[email protected]> -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @11:04AM (#195576)
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    "All the people I like are those that are dead."
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  • You can call them and they will tell you Moz aint playing there. Does David T. even reference check these ridiculous post anymore? What a bunch of bullshit!!!

    Jim Rome

    It was canceled because it never was official....!!!! Listen to me clones!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @11:04AM (#195577)
  • not only was the show at a hamburger joint, but the logistics of it weren't very good.

    unless moz hopped a plane first thing in the morning, the bus ride would have been over 6 hours which may have only just gotten him to Austin in time for his interview.

    i say he should replace it with a San Antonio date.
    suzanne -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @11:05AM (#195578)
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  • I've seen that there are rumors of an alternate Texas show, but the Odessa show seems to have been put together hastily. I am not sure what to make of it, but it does make one think. I, like many, are avid Morrissey fans, but this setting and cancelling of shows is just too much!

    Morrissey, please please please come to Houston and please please please don't cancel hours before the show.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @11:10AM (#195583)
    • Amen to that by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday February 01 2006, @11:42AM
  • It's sad to admit it now, but if a gig isn't announced on True-to-You, then it's probably not official. This Odessa gig was never on True-to-You. Sad that Morrissey isn't even using his official website -- he has to resort to a half-baked fan site.
    eugenius -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @11:13AM (#195587)
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    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
  • where odes that leave us as far as the Ally Pally date is concerned...?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @11:21AM (#195593)

    posts two US dates:

    "1 February 2006

    March 15 OKLAHOMA CITY Bricktown Events Center, 1800 cap, $35 admission

    March 16 TULSA Cain's Ballroom, 1600 cap, $35 admission"

    And follows with a snide:

    "Information printed elsewhere about a date in Odessa TX is incorrect."

    Just which "elsewhere" are you referring to, dear?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @11:28AM (#195599)
  • It wouldn't be the first time a venue owner decides to use the Morrissey name and then pretends he has cancelled something he never agreed to in the first place.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @11:35AM (#195605)
  • the dates on True To You were wrong.

    March 13 - Tulsa, OK at Cain's Ballroom
    March 14 - Oklahoma City, OK at Bricktown Events Center

    I can't frickin' believe it!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @11:47AM (#195617)
  • Last year Morrissey said he wasn't playing at the Isle of Wight festival after loads of people (including me) had booked tickets. I can't remember his exact words then but they amounted to something like 'If I haven't said that I'm playing somewhere then I'm not'. It became clear at the same time that the site that Morrissey was using to convey information was True-to-you. Like it or not this is the site he uses to announce information and like it or not if you haven't heard it there first then you really shouldn't bother gossiping over it.

    Certainly don't bitch about a date that he's supposedly cancelled that was never announced on that site. Get up to speed people.
    ohglen -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @12:41PM (#195637)
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    • exactly by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday February 01 2006, @12:47PM
  • Is that that the underlings in the office of a record company / promotion company are given a list of things to sort out for an artist they really couldn't care less about.
    And before you say it's impossible that a person working for a professional company won't be 'up' on their clients, consider the person I dealt with at Penguin who didn't know who Will Self was, let alone if he could do a signing.
    "You know? Famous author? You publish his books?"
    "Oh ... do you have an ISBN for one of them?"

    So, what may be likely with these cock ups in announcing shows is that someone pretty much ignorant of all things Morrissey phones up a few venues, believing that Moz is like every other puppeted artist and will just 'play where he's jolly well told'.
    The venue goes 'Yes, we'll have him'.
    The employee goes 'That's great, how's this date sound? We'll get back to you.'
    The venue go away believing it's a done deal from the positive tone of the employee, not realising that they have to relay information right back to the very top ... thus, a rumour is born.
    And Moz, when choosing his dates, rightly sees that he is not some record company tool and will not run himself into the ground for some pleb who thought he'd call a venue on the East Coast for one night, and see if he could book him in on the West Coast the next.
    I'm not saying it's true of a small company like Sanctuary, but as we know from their emails about the ticket touts, the gigs aren't their business, they're the business of the promotion company and the ticket companies. Plenty of room there for them to cut back on staff with common sense.
    Mozzersgirl -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @01:16PM (#195649)
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    "There's more evil in the charts than in an al-Qaeda suggestion box" - Bill Bailey
  • That is the worst thing to get your hopes up an then it all goes to shit. I couldnt believe Moz was coming to Odessa in the first place, but then to have him cancel...My day has been ruined. Well I guess theres always Austin, 6 hours away.
    safetydan -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @01:56PM (#195658)
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  • Man that sucks the rug got pulled out from under Odessa before it was even set- but at least it was clarified before anyone bought tix - unlike many past cancelled shows... ;^(

    I am happy for Austin and Suzanne especially as I know she has travelled far in the past only to have Moz cancel. A lot of us fans can relate to that- I had driven across the desert from L.A. at the last-minute for that cancelled Vega$ show in '99... Enjoy the show in your backyard, Suzanne ;^)


    Mud <[email protected]> -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @08:51PM (#195711)
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    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • Ringleader of the Cancelled Shows
    Anonymous -- Wednesday February 01 2006, @09:25PM (#195714)
  • Why can't the guy just play normal metropolitan cities where he would actually have fans? Tulsa, Ok City, Odessa??? ODESSA??? I mean, whether that show was really on or not, its embarassing that he should even be mentioned with Odessa. For those of you outside Texas, Odessa is just a little shit-town known for high school football and oil fields. Thats it. While every other artist at SXSW will be doing pre and post shows in Dallas and Houston, our Man will be rockin' in Oklahoma and whatever podunk west Texas towns he can find. Maybe he'll go back to New Mexico next. Or maybe a big gig in New Orleans.
    pimpfnick -- Friday February 03 2006, @09:04PM (#196232)
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