posted by davidt on Wednesday December 07 2005, @11:00AM
Manchester Malformed writes:
Derek Ridgers is a long established English rock photographer. During the early Nineties Morrissey asked Ridgers if he could use his skinhead photos for backdrops & passes during the 'Your Arsenal' tour - and they were also used as the backdrop during the now infamous Finsbury Park 'Union jack' gig in '92.

Derek Ridgers currently has some of his original handprinted rock photos for sale on Ebay - including a photo (taken for NME) of MORRISSEY in 1984... in a cave! They are also signed by the photographer.

Original print of Morrissey - eBay item #7568602371

I've contacted Derek and he has more original photos of Morrissey/The Smiths, and which he may print in limited editions if there is enough interest from fans. Remember, these are original photos taken of Morrissey and directly printed from the original negatives! (And photographer signed)

Also, maybe if we asked nicely he will even print copies of the original skinhead photos! That would be so cool.

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  • never saw morrissey look more like that lead singer from U2 Man the 80s were viscious
    moho -- Wednesday December 07 2005, @11:44AM (#188054)
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  • That's a really lovely photo. He's also got about 30 other of his pics for sale on Ebay but the Morrissey one is getting way most hits, of course. I'd be interested to see his other photos of The Smiths/Morrissey. (It looks like he's listing pics regularly so might be worth checking back...).

    I've already got a photo printed the 'old-fashioned' way in a darkroom and on quality photo - like this Moz one -and it is so much more high quality than a commercial copy.

    And yes, it would be great to have an original print of this photographer's English skinhead pictures that Morrissey loved enough to use on tour.

    Anonymous -- Thursday December 08 2005, @10:19AM (#188194)
  • Classy (Score:2, Informative)

    The skinhead girls photo is given a full page in the Morrissey 'Peepholism' book. It looked amazing as a tour backdrop.

    As Morrissey once described his perfect audience as 'skinheads wearing nail varnish' it's no wonder he likes this photographers skin/suede-head photos. Some of them are real hardcore. See link: aspx
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 08 2005, @10:30AM (#188196)
  • casian1.jpg Derek Ridgers' skinhead girls picture used by Morrissey as a backdrop can just be seen behind him on this famous Morrissey cover from NME in '92. I have seen the full image but I can't find a copy of it at the moment.
    English Treasure -- Thursday December 08 2005, @11:55AM (#188206)
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