posted by davidt on Monday November 28 2005, @10:00AM
Uncleskinny writes:
Mike Joyce was on BBC Radio 6 (6Music) tonight, and he was plugging the fact he was selling all his rare Smiths stuff on Ebay. As a taster, he played this song, which he called the Click Track, but which Simon Goddard named the Cowbell Track.
Uncleskinny has also provided the clip for download here:
The Smiths - The Cowbell/Click Track (mp3, 1.6MB).
Jazzy Jeff also writes:
Mike Joyce is selling some unheard Smiths material on eBay, with auction(s) starting on Monday 28th November. Joyce announced his plans on Marc Riley's Mint programme on BBC Radio 6 on Sunday night. Joyce revealed that, due to financial problems, he also had to sell old Smiths records to record shops in the 90's. He claims that one item may attract bids of up to £1,000. This remains to be seen, as many fans on the Morrissey-solo messageboard were clearly furious with the ex-drummer's decisions.
Aly Panic also writes:
Mike Joyce appeared on the Mark Riley show on BBC6 Music tonight where they played the "Click Track", an unreleased instrumental.
If you missed it you can listen to the show again at
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  • why sign them? (Score:3, Insightful)

    why sign them why?

    why mike why?
    Anonymous -- Monday November 28 2005, @10:08AM (#186764)
  • here it is htZ-1
    Anonymous -- Monday November 28 2005, @10:11AM (#186766)
  • Click track was claptrap, no I meant craptrack, Marr was right all the good stuff is out!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 28 2005, @10:11AM (#186767)
    • Re:Click Claptrap (Score:2, Insightful)

      yeah, while it may have worked in a amusingly corny way with Moz vocals (think Mr. Shankly) it was a pretty terrible, badly dated bit of fluff. then again, this was probably just a "jam" or at the very least an underdeveloped-and obviously abandoned-track
      mr. superinvisible -- Monday November 28 2005, @10:19AM (#186772)
      (User #6367 Info)
  • The Cowbell/Click Track

    Even in 1 minute and 45 seconds (and without Moz) - the genius of Johnny Marr, Mike Joyce, and Andy Rourke, shine through. Thanks to U. Skinny & company for posting it.
    Belligerent Ghoul -- Monday November 28 2005, @10:11AM (#186768)
    (User #9224 Info)
    There is a light that never goes out...
    • Re:It's a beautiful song by devoted101 (Score:1) Monday November 28 2005, @04:37PM
      • can't agree with your sarcasm. it's not a finished song but hearing this takes me straight back to the smiths' unique musical energy and reminds me that their jauntiness was crucial in balancing moz's dark outlook. it's true that moz and marr would have prevailed with a different rhythm section but you could say that of any band. would plant and page have failed without john bonham? to which the usual riposte is 'bonham had an inimitable groove'. yes but that's just the way led zeppelin turned out, same as the stones, same as the smiths. john bonham would have been no-one without jimmy page.

        the smiths would have been very different without joyce and rourke. they didn't just roll out the chops of the era. joyce raided 60s pop and 50s rockabily. he had tons of emotional range, playing tired and soft on 'reel around the fountain' and brutal on 'london'. rourke had a signature style, he was a third melodic voice in the group in a way that gary has never been - by comparison moz's band are a bunch of studio presets.

        of course you can all say with first hand knowledge that marr told rourke and joyce exactly what to play but anyone who's ever picked up an instrument knows you can't programme 2 guys like robots over 4 albums.
        methadone -- Monday November 28 2005, @05:11PM (#186867)
        (User #12826 Info)
    • Re:It's a beautiful song by goinghome (Score:1) Wednesday November 30 2005, @05:09PM
  • how sad of your part mike.....
    vauxhall and me -- Monday November 28 2005, @10:11AM (#186769)
    (User #13536 Info)
    • Re:how sad by LawrenceM (Score:1) Monday November 28 2005, @12:54PM
  • It makes me think (Score:0, Insightful)

    Without Morrissey's vocals all Smiths songs would have sounded the same.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 28 2005, @10:15AM (#186770)
  • if i didnt hate this man enough for dragging mozzer through the courts, why is he doing this? just for a bit of extra money, i leave my respect for this tosser after i switch off my smiths albums. i have no admiration for him whatsoever. wanker.
    Mattjolley -- Monday November 28 2005, @10:26AM (#186775)
    (User #15055 Info)
  • Financial problems? (Score:4, Interesting)

    Dear Friends,

    I feel cheap and dirty after reading this news. What kind of financial problems could cause an ex-Smith to sell his soul? Maybe I am being dramatic, but please read on.

    I feel that Mike Joyce may be a desperate individual to sell away memorabilia. I can't understand what type of financial problems he could possibly have. At what point does one "settle down"- ? I feel that this ebay snafu is a last ditch effort to score cash, and that is sad. The Smiths created a legacy, and now it is commercially for sale. I am just so glad that The Gap and Abercrombie are not playing Smiths' tunes. I think I would die instantly.

    Mike Joyce is very talented and this type of behavior signals deeper issues. I respect him completely but ebay is only suitable for charity or other related causes.

    Maybe I am naive or dumb, but I can't understand how bad off he could possibly be.

    Ken S.
    sycophantic_slag -- Monday November 28 2005, @10:26AM (#186776)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • Mike Joyce made a living contributing his talents to one of the best bands of all time. He deserves the credit and money that has been alluding him. All of you need to wake up to the fact that any old rhtym section would not do. The other two were part of it and derserve recognition and part of the royalties
    moho -- Monday November 28 2005, @10:30AM (#186780)
    (User #10663 Info)
  • ...are just another band really. Morrissey's voice and lyrics are what made them.
    Lots of people can play the music. No one else can really sing the songs.
    someraincoatedlovers -- Monday November 28 2005, @11:39AM (#186794)
    (User #10290 Info)
  • Maybe (Score:2, Insightful)

    He should just bite the bullet & get a 'normal' job. There's no way i would be able to sell that stuff, & if he's that worried about financial constraints on his family, then selling that is an especially bad idea. Leaving them to his kids would be the best way to take care of them i think!

    It does make you realise that Mike really does want to fleece the memory of The Smiths for all it's worth, i wonder if he has any strong emotional attachment at all, or just wants to buy a new BMW.
    Keely -- Monday November 28 2005, @12:38PM (#186810)
    (User #13344 Info)
    • Re:Maybe by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 28 2005, @12:40PM
    • Re:Maybe by Keely (Score:1) Monday November 28 2005, @12:41PM
    • Re:Maybe by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 28 2005, @12:47PM
  • What a Track (Score:0, Flamebait)

    Take the cotton! That's a great track--better than anything Moz has put out in 10 years!
    Andy-Mats -- Monday November 28 2005, @01:17PM (#186820)
    (User #151 Info)
  • I cannot see why people are getting so worked up by this story. Mike Joyce has been selling off various collectables, in fits and starts, for ages now and he is not alone; Boz's guitar was on ebay earlier last month, Johnny Marr's guitar was there last year and I believe Morrissey's Aston Martin turned up on it's pages not so long ago.
    And regard the slagging off he, Andy Rourke and Craig Gannon seem to get on this site, Mike Joyce has always been a pleasure to speak to and always happy to sign records, chat about the old days and talk about the music - he doesn't bitch or whinge and I have never heard him talk out of turn about Morrissey.
    He also had a hand in making some of the greatest pop records ever, but I guess that counts for nothing these days.
    If he is making a bit of tax free cash on the side, courtesy of ebay, then good luck to him.
    Popside Aggro -- Monday November 28 2005, @01:40PM (#186822)
    (User #14426 Info)
    You're a big man, but you're out of shape...
  • ....that trio is there?That was exciting hearing that. Whatever you may think about Joyce, the smiths rythm section was one of the best ever, add Johnny Marr to it and its unbeatable.Joyce may well be a tosser,but he can say he was in the best band ever and not a lot of people can say that.Big fan of Moz though I am, the ' dispensible as parts of a lawnmower' comment lost our Moz a lot of respect, as anyone who knows anything about music can see that, with the combination of Rourke and Joyce, he got that very wrong.
    jehova's witless -- Monday November 28 2005, @01:53PM (#186826)
    (User #13345 Info)
    • Re:Theres no mistaking...... by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 28 2005, @01:54PM
    • There are too many people posting about this who are being a bit to drama-queeny over this. Are you all Morrissey's best friends? No, and if you were he'd probably shaft you like he did M Joyce. Then you wouldn't be reacting like this would you?

      What the Hell has Mike Joyce flogging stuff on ebay got to do with having a go at Morrissey anyway? I'd suggest that sending Morrissey a pork chop through the post would have upset him far more than flogging a few personal items on ebay. Utter nonsense.
      ohglen -- Monday November 28 2005, @02:00PM (#186829)
      (User #12046 Info)
    • Re:Theres no mistaking...... by dewdrop (Score:0) Monday November 28 2005, @02:30PM
  • I really hope (Score:2, Interesting)

    that everyone is as miffed as they seem by Mike Joyce flogging his stuff on ebay because then I'll be able to get loads of great stuff for next to nothing. I somehow think you'll all be secretly putting bids in though - even you supposed Joyce haters!
    ohglen -- Monday November 28 2005, @02:12PM (#186833)
    (User #12046 Info)
  • Greed (Score:0, Redundant)

    You wanted everything
    You needed everything
    You wanted everything
    You needed everything
    Everything is...
    Everything is...

    lonedom -- Monday November 28 2005, @04:09PM (#186854)
    (User #7846 Info)
    Veteran of both World Wars on Job Seekers Allowance
  • sounds like a deliberate dig from mark riley, when mike joyce says 'i hope the tape doesn't snap' and riley answers 'if it does you'll have to sue us mate we'll see you in court'
    methadone -- Monday November 28 2005, @04:39PM (#186860)
    (User #12826 Info)
  • I cannot see what all the fuss is about. This stuff probably means more to the fans than it does to Mike, and so the fans can bid on it and buy it if they are interested.

    If he is broke, it is his business, but I imagine he just doesn't give a damn about this stuff anymore.

    If that were the case, it would be more admirable, if he sold this stuff and gave the money to charity, but he is under no obligation to do so, anymore than you or I, if we sell items on eBay. He owns this stuff, so he can sell it.

    I think you guys are over dramatizing this, like everything else on this site. Get a grip.

    Besides, who wants to buy a test pressing signed by Mike Joyce, or an old tour programme??? Who cares.....?

    The way I see it, mike Joyce is not going to get rich selling this garbage.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 28 2005, @05:04PM (#186866)
  • BBC or QVC? (Score:2, Interesting)

    I just listened to Mike hocking his goods on Marc Riley's show. He doesn't seem to be the sentimental type, does he? I understand unloading things he has multiples of but putting this stuff up on ebay seems to cheapen (figuratively) the value of these things. It seems he doesn't much care either way about these things, leaving it up to someone else to decide everything —except he seems to enjoy the idea of making some money. Also, if Mike Joyce has up to 50 items to put up for sale, it makes one wonder how much stuff Moz must have squirreled away feeling the way he does about the Smiths. I guess it just makes me a little sad that something I love so much (the Smiths) doesn't mean much to someone who was a part of creating it.
    langworthy -- Monday November 28 2005, @05:27PM (#186869)
    (User #13603 Info)
    The very thought of it dropped him to his knees
    • Re:BBC or QVC? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 28 2005, @05:41PM
  • don't pay you luxuries? I thought, and since my thoughts are not so accurate on these issues, that Mike Joyce could be perfectly living off of the royalities (pardon me if this is not the right word) collected from the sales of the Smiths albums. I mean, people still buy The Smiths, don't they? Even Michael Jackson or any past celebrity cannot fall so deep into poverty. Could it be that he is spiting on the legacy he is a part of, for some obscure, unfathomable reason? Anyway, I have my Smiths albums too, which have a very sentimental value to me - since they were made in Brazil - but I'd rather be buried with them than sell them (not that they are worth that much financially, but even so). Sorry, Mike, I can't give you those records! Try getting some more gigs, rather than selling your precious memories. What's (or who's) next? Your grandma's china?
    Mrs. Woolf -- Monday November 28 2005, @06:10PM (#186871)
    (User #14157 Info)
  • I'd wait to hear this song, as well as other unreleased songs, in the Smiths box set due out next year.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 28 2005, @06:45PM (#186877)
  • There has to be some vocal part to that somewhere? I cannot see them sh_t canning that song because it has some great hooks in it and I can almost hear Morrissey tearing into that track. If Mike, Johnny and Andy do not want to do anything with it except sit on it, give the song to Moz already. He was, still is and will always be the only one who can put words to that it make it come alive. Oh, and also make it turn triple platinum. Hey Mikey, will you sell it to me for 100 dollars? It will be money well spent because I would make sure it ends up in your old band mate's hand. Sorrow Will Come...
    Paneeks -- Monday November 28 2005, @07:33PM (#186881)
    (User #13051 Info)
    "A beach is a place where a man can feel, its the only soul in the world thats real".
  • I listened to the radio show, and Mike seems like a decent guy. Have you people been in a band before? Do you know it's like? I can see exactly what he's saying. The sentimentality to him is with his thoughts and memories; if he doesn't need the records, then so be it. When you get older and have a family, you don't need as much "stuff" anyways. He doesn't seem like a greedy, money-mongering bloke to me; he seems honest and down-to-earth. I hope he can get some of the cassette takes he has out somehow; he even said it wasn't about money - he just wants people who he knows will appreciate it to be able to have a listen.
    Joshh -- Monday November 28 2005, @09:04PM (#186884)
    (User #4730 Info)
  • Thanks for the link. I think it's a brilliant track.
    jim.roberts -- Monday November 28 2005, @09:05PM (#186885)
    (User #14330 Info)
  • Thats all......
    HyldaBaker -- Monday November 28 2005, @11:23PM (#186893)
    (User #14697 Info)
  • instead of being so in awe and subservient to Morrissey in interviews, he needs to stand up to him and tell him exactly what he thinks of him and maybe he will get some respect. Morrissey seems to have some psychological grip on Joyce speaking his mind, as was probably the case with most people that associated with him. Fame has not changed Mike Joyce that much, he is not very different now than he ever was. Morrissey, on the other hand is a far cry from the lonely Whalley Range bedsit dreamer with no money in his pockets as he swans around 5 star hotels in his Versace suits and Armani shirts and spent the last 10 years living in millionaires LA driving flash cars (is it REALLY Morrissey???). How can so many people criticize Mike Joyce in comparison and say that he has 'sold out' the legacy of the Smiths? Moz and Marr always were, and still are, serious breadheads - they love the money. The whole lot of them are just as guilty of capitalism. The 'success of The Smiths' could almost be regarded as a contradiction in terms when you consider what they championed and stood for and the people they spoke to. Money Changes Everything.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 29 2005, @01:07AM (#186899)
    • Re:I'll tell you what Joyce's problem is... by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 29 2005, @01:26AM
      • Re:I'll tell you what Joyce's problem is... by ohglen (Score:1) Tuesday November 29 2005, @02:51AM
        • Re:I'll tell you what Joyce's problem is... by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 29 2005, @03:28AM
        • Rupert Pupkin! (Score:2, Insightful)

          King of Comedy...there's an semi-obscure reference I wouldn't expect.

          I've always been a Moz-solo fanatic -- I regard The Smiths as the timeless band Morrissey was in before he went out on his own, but my heart lies with his solo records. So, I'm quite objective about Da Smiths and the court case, etc.

          Originally I thought Joyce was after a quarter of recording royalties, which is just stone madness. When I learned he was after 25% of the live performance royalties, I still thought he didn't deserve it but in the absence of a paper agreement regarding the split on said profits, it's not that strange for him to take it to court, and not his intention to sully the legacy of The Smiths, I don't think. Marr was uncomfortable and just wanted to get it out the way, but Morrissey being the brilliant iconoclast he is, just can't let it go that easily. Basically it's a very public spat about a backroom issue.

          I think it disturbs people that Joyce is able to, on one hand, speak cheerfully about how good the days in The Smiths were and still have respect for Morrissey as an artist, and on the other fight tooth and nail for what he believes his his. I don't think it's an impossible dichotomy, but he seems like a simple guy (take that how you want) who's still owed a fiver from an old friend and won't let it go in the name of the good ole days.
          king leer -- Tuesday November 29 2005, @08:28AM (#186934)
          (User #80 Info)
    • Re:I'll tell you what Joyce's problem is... by Katie22 (Score:1) Tuesday November 29 2005, @08:58AM
    • morrissey swaning around.... by suzanne (Score:1) Tuesday November 29 2005, @10:34AM
  • i thought he had millions 9_smiths_legend_marr_in_tune_with_charity.html
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 29 2005, @04:17AM (#186913)
  • 1) Provide it as a professional quality recording to the general public

    2) Hold a contest to see who can add the best Morrisseyesque lyrics/vocals to the track

    3) Hold a simultaneous contest for the single's sleeve design

    3) Sell the track and tie in the profits(?) with the charity that Andy Rourke's event is supporting

    I think I'd stand a pretty good chance, boys.

    king leer -- Tuesday November 29 2005, @08:33AM (#186935)
    (User #80 Info)
  • No self respecting smiths fan would disagree with mike "me & the mrs had to go down the record shop to get the food in for the week" they had kids as well some people dont realise
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 29 2005, @01:27PM (#186966)
  • To all the people slagging on Joyce because of this, let's try to think of something for a moment.

    First off, I like the fact that Joyce has been selling some of the Smiths rare songs. Does he really need the songs anymore anyway? Besides, this can be referred to as a gift for Smiths fans - he could have kept the track and never let your ears having the pleasure to hear it. Instead, he knows there's many diehards out there who would love to get the opportunity to listen to some of these unreleased takes. Myself included, but I wouldn't pay the money for the tracks.

    Speaking of money, why do we all assume that Joyce is making this part up? Who knows what kind of money he and Andy make off of playing with that guy (I can't even remember his name now...I think it's Vinny something)? Does Joyce make everyday headline news? Has he did anything worthwile since the Morrissey days? No, he has not. Also, the man has a family to support.

    Even though I'm no Mike Joyce fan (because of the lawsuit), instead of trashing on him like most of you have done, try to think about why he is doing this.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 29 2005, @02:08PM (#186970)
    • Re:Mike Joyce by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 29 2005, @02:32PM
    • Re:Mike Joyce by uncleskinny (Score:1) Tuesday November 29 2005, @04:20PM
  • The clip sounds like much of their early live recordings. Probably a jam session from the beat and guitar riff of "Girl Afraid"... Morrissey was probably dancing extendedly so they went into this... Hardly an unreleased track... Just sounds lke a live Jam to me.

    - Man of Vision

    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 29 2005, @02:58PM (#186981)
  • Seeing all this attacks from people who would take Morrissey's side if he pulled an OJ and actually slit Joyce's throat as he threatened in song, I'd just like to say....

    I encourage everyone to seek justice through the courts. That's what courts are there for. And that's what Mike Joyce did. It is sad for people to slam him for simply wanting a greedy and dishonest person to pay him what he's owed. It is also sad to constantly read Morrissey's highly spun characterizations of the lawsuit in the press. He knows he has a megaphone of the press and that most of his fans will not look at the actual record of the case.

    LoafingOaf <reversethis-{moc ... otstnilfcitnarf}> -- Wednesday November 30 2005, @05:02AM (#187024)
    (User #778 Info)
    Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.
  • The latest FACTS (Score:2, Informative)

    This has just been posted on by Morrissey. It makes me want to cry.

    "Statement from Morrissey
    30 November 2005

    Statement from Morrissey:

    The latest statements from M Joyce on a BBC 6 radio interview as faithfully reported on the MorrisseySoLow site have been brought to my attention and I feel I should make this reply as an attempt to put the matter straight.

    1. From '83 to '87 M Joyce happily and willingly received 10% of Smiths recording royalties.

    2. In '89, as is documented, Joyce sued Morrissey & Marr for 25% of Smiths recording royalties.

    3. In '96, Joyce took his claim to court - and on the basis of the 1890 Partnership Act the judge awarded Joyce 25%.

    4. In '97, M Joyce was paid 215 thousand pounds from me, and 215 thousand pounds from Johnny Marr.

    5. In '99, Joyce appeared on British television and made the statement: "There was no contract saying we were gonna get 25%."

    6. In 2001, as a final payment of back royalties, Johnny Marr paid Joyce 260 thousand pounds, plus "costs." At this time I was in the US and was not served with court proceedings, so Joyce obtained a Default Judgment. He then put forward a claim from me for 688 thousand pounds - well above and beyond the amount Johnny Marr was ordered to pay. In my absence, the figure was not contested.

    7. Since 2001, and because of the Default Judgment against me, Joyce has taken out Third Party Orders against the following societies: my personal bank account in England, Smiths royalties from Warner Music, my personal PRS royalties, my personal PPL royalties, and he has attempted to seize UK concert fees from venue to venue. This money, to date, totals 700 thousand pounds. This figure is in addition to the figures mentioned above.

    8. By grabbing the full total of Smiths royalties from Warner Music (and this means that when the public buy a Smiths CD in the UK, the royalties go to Joyce, and have done so since 2001) Joyce has knowingly deprived Andy Rourke of his 10% Smiths royalties, and has deprived producers John Porter, Stephen Street, Grant Showbiz and Steve Lillywhite (for "Ask") of their entitlements. Joyce did not declare to the courts that others - namely, the above - were also beneficiaries to the Warner Music royalties.

    9. In 2001, Joyce attempted to seize both my mother's house and my sister's house by claiming that I had taken my assets out of the UK; he made this claim even though he had direct access to all of the above – which are in the UK. Joyce eventually dropped both of these claims due to lack of evidence, and he refused to pay the 150 thousand pounds that it had cost me to defend his groundless claims. Joyce also dropped his claim as co-composer with Johnny M on Smiths compositions, and Joyce also dropped his claim for Producer royalties on Smiths recordings, and Joyce also dropped his claim for a share of Artwork payments given to me for providing Smiths record sleeves. There were, in fact, no payments to me for Smiths Artwork. Joyce made a further claim for 25% of all Smiths t-shirts sold during the '83 to '87 period, even though there was no evidence that any royalty for t-shirts had been received by either myself or Johnny Marr.

    10. In legal fees alone, Joyce has cost me 600 thousand pounds - this is quite apart from any payments made to him, and is quite apart from any money seized by him. In total, Joyce has cost me 1 million, 515 thousand pounds. This is an approximate figure - it could even be higher.

    11. The Joyce action is continuous. Because of his Default Judgment he continues to take my royalties, and the royalties of others mentioned above, from Warner Music - consequently I have not received record royalties since 2001.

    12. Since 2001, the money claimed by Joyce is charged, to me, at 100 pounds a day in interest.

    13. During the Smiths' lifetime, when Joyce willingly took a 10% royalty, he did not contribute towards any expenses of any kind, did not take on any Partnership duties or responsi
    goinghome -- Wednesday November 30 2005, @02:51PM (#187055)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • I don't make this statement in search of sympathy from anyone, but I wish that the people at MorrisseySoLow who support Joyce would at least get their facts right before they say anything.

    How the hell were we supposed to get our facts right when we knew next to nothing about the details of the case beyond speculation?

    I can't believe how much money Joyce has tried to get (and has got!)! Nobody needs that amount. If I hadn't have heard it from the horses' mouth I wouldn't have believed it (although I always take the things Moz says with a pinch of salt!).

    Ugh. I hate reading about this case. The whole thing makes me uneasy.

    amysquie -- Wednesday November 30 2005, @03:54PM (#187065)
    (User #12405 Info |
  • He is destroying the beauty of The Smiths. He is tarnishing what was created with his greed. What a hideous little man.

    stickyhooligan -- Wednesday November 30 2005, @03:55PM (#187066)
    (User #14974 Info)
  • ........A ruff version of Franz Ferdinand's Michael
    Ebeneezer -- Thursday December 01 2005, @08:32AM (#187291)
    (User #13189 Info)
  • I quite like the track (fans loving The Smiths would feel the same, I guess) obviously Moz' voice is missing but I find this very sad from Mr. Joyce.
    This person is out of his mind, what the hell is he doing ?
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 01 2005, @11:50PM (#187442)
  • After reading Moz's comments I have hard time believing Joyce's financial woes story anymore.

    I have a gold record for World Won't Listen that I won at one of the Smith's conventions back in 99 or something like that. It was during a guitar playing contest where you had to play Smiths songs. Go figue. Anyway, the covention people told me they got it from Mike Joyce. I went and had it checked out awhile ago to see if it was worth anything and it turns out that it is most likely a fake. The frame is probably worth more than the record.

    Anonymous -- Friday December 02 2005, @02:29AM (#187453)
  • ..for the up and coming tour.

    Boning - 'Originally, corsets and bustiers were given their structured form by stitching whale bone or the like into the garment. Now, similar, though less oppressive garments are structured similarly with man-made "bone" as supports. Boning creates a defined waistline and shapely torso'.
    Satan accepted mine -- Tuesday November 29 2005, @02:52PM (#186978)
    (User #14277 Info)
  • I'm sure he probably has to.
    Wait for the revelation on her site, straight from the horses mouth.

    Wedding bells?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 29 2005, @06:13PM (#187002)
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