posted by davidt on Thursday June 16 2005, @11:00AM
jp.5.22 writes:
I was excited and surprised to see that Lt. Dangle wore a Morrissey shirt circa Quarry Tour during a scene on the season premiere of Comedy Central's "Reno 911!" Tuesday night.

This show just became that much better.
HdsDevil also writes:
In the season premier of Reno 911 (comedy central US), Lt. Dangle is wearing a black Morrissey T-Shirt. He was warming up for his American Idol try out and wearing the T-shirt with style. It appears that he's going to be wearing that t-shirt in the next episode as well (previews show him wearing the same shirt). Funny show!!
helloiamthegirlracer also writes:
i was watching comedy central tonight, and there was a preview for next week's episode of Reno 911. i don't follow the show, but apparently all of the police officers lost their jobs in last season's finale. the season premiere details what the officers decided to do with their lives. Lt. Dangle (Thomas Lennon) appears to have decided to be an actor, and he was wearing a morrissey shirt. he was wearing the black sleeveless girl's shirt with "MORRISSEY" written in pink gothic lettering. coupled with the white scarf he had tied around his neck, i believe the intended effect was to illustrate that Lt. Dangle is a homosexual. i don't think it was the mozzer shirt that did it so much, as it was his complete inability to speak normally, choosing instead to treat every encounter as an opportunity for a musical number.

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  • it is a very funny show!
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 16 2005, @11:38AM (#167338)
  • Lt. Dangle got pretty buff. So sexy.
    fut -- Thursday June 16 2005, @11:54AM (#167343)
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  • Reno 911, for those not familiar, is a spoof of a reality cop show, where the camera follows the officers on their beat. The only thing nuttier that the incompetent officers are the characters they run into on duty.

    I missed the premiere episode Tuesday, (it used to be Wednesday) but what's nice is that they will play it more than once. It's on tonight at 10:30 est. or check for your local listings here: jhtml []
    mozmic_dancer -- Thursday June 16 2005, @12:06PM (#167347)
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    "I am the fun and the fair, on a Mozsite for the criminally insane..."
  • He's a fan. (Score:2, Interesting)

    I went to one of the shows at the Wiltern a couple years ago, right before YATQ came out, and the guy that plays Dangle was there. I recognized him from Reno 911 and the show he was in before (Exit 57 I think?). He was dressed all in black with a blonde lady. I remember that he looked pretty hot.
    jypu -- Thursday June 16 2005, @12:38PM (#167356)
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    • i'm a nerd by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday June 17 2005, @10:25AM
  • hipster comedians (Score:2, Interesting)

    the cast members of reno 911/viva variety/stella/the state etc. always seemed pretty hip. the state, at least, always had good indie bands accompanying the comedy skits.

    also remember when michael ian black name dropped morrissey on that "i love the 80s" series vh1 did last year? something about how he never got laid in high school because instead of being social and popular he was always just listening to morrissey records in his bedroom.

    i wonder if moz will get wind of this.
    jp.5.22 -- Thursday June 16 2005, @02:10PM (#167370)
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