posted by davidt on Friday February 04 2005, @09:30AM
taxexile sends the link:

Brit of a snub for Robbie - The Sun

ROBBIE WILLIAMS has been snubbed by MORRISSEY — after he pulled out of a duet the pair planned to sing at the Brit Awards.

Robbie will now stage a solo act for the event’s 25th Anniversary at London’s Earls Court next Wednesday.
unclecraig also writes:

The 'Bizarre' page of The Sun today carries a surely untrue story that Morrissey was due to perform a duet with former Take That singer Robbie Williams at the Brits!!!! Moz supposedly agreed to it and then pulled out as "didn't feel it was the right thing to do and sent his apologies to Robbie". Personally don't know whether to laugh or cry... surely this is tabloid nonsense!
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  • Okay... (Score:0, Troll)

    Now all I want is for Morrissey to mention how much of an imbecilic, talentless oaf he is. That fool should not even be mentioned in the same breath as Morrissey. Williams has to halt his search for credibility and just appeal to his stupid little teenage girl fans. He sucks Satan's cock.
    dazzak -- Friday February 04 2005, @09:40AM (#149648)
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  • Its just a very strange Idea.
    tenderliz -- Friday February 04 2005, @09:45AM (#149649)
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  • I love how all of y'all are so quick to look down your noses at "tabloid" newspapers as opposed to your stuffy Times' and Times' but lord knows you all read and quote from them. Do you think the dopey masses read papers like The Sun or The Post not knowing everything inside is false? No. The truth is pretty much everything, except the gossip page stuff (that is why it is called GOSSIP people) is true and verified. So get off you high horses.
    Jackosuede -- Friday February 04 2005, @09:50AM (#149651)
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  • If true, I would love to know which song would have been 'performed'?
    loafing oaf 1954 -- Friday February 04 2005, @10:05AM (#149653)
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  • Hmm, probably had to pull out because he'd already promised to be a backing dancer for J-Lo...
    charming lass -- Friday February 04 2005, @10:13AM (#149655)
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    this is the last song i will ever sing, oh no i've changed my mind again
    • Re:Shame by astol (Score:1) Friday February 04 2005, @06:02PM
  • Ebony and Ivory?

    Little Drummer Boy?

    Wind Beneath My Wings?

    palare -- Friday February 04 2005, @11:13AM (#149667)
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    where the world's ugliest boy became what you see...
  • If this is true - and I mean IF - I'm very glad that he has decided not to do it.
    Don't get me wrong, Robbie's "OK" and he is an OK entertainer but I personally don't think that Morrissey should get involved in anything like this.
    And I just could not imagine them 2 together - or in fact anyone doing a duet with Morrissey because he is just so much better than anyone else! However, "Interlude" was very good though but then again it wouldn't work in Bloody Britawards!
    Anonymous -- Friday February 04 2005, @11:55AM (#149682)
  • Interesting gossip.

    I heard the story was they were to do a Jackson/Timberlake
    style duet with the encore being Moz was to rip off Robbie's
    trousers revealing his Union Jack bikini.

    Glad they re-thought the matter. It's been done to death.
    mozmic_dancer -- Friday February 04 2005, @11:56AM (#149684)
    (User #11277 Info)
    "I am the fun and the fair, on a Mozsite for the criminally insane..."
  • i'm not going to bother to look up the article, but i saw it this morning...robbie was to perform with BOWIE. nothing to do with morrissey... but bowie had to pull out. where do you idiots get this crap?
    Anonymous -- Friday February 04 2005, @12:13PM (#149687)
    • idiots, eh? by methadone (Score:1) Friday February 04 2005, @12:49PM
      • Re:idiots, eh? by Keith Moon (Score:1) Friday February 04 2005, @03:52PM
  • I'm confused.... Morrissey pulled out of Robbie Williams?
    VIVAMOZ <[email protected]> -- Friday February 04 2005, @01:03PM (#149697)
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    blame me! i didn't vote!
  • I read The Sun everyday and I believe everything they say! The Sun is more-or-less my bible. The Sun cannot be Wrong!?
    Anonymous -- Friday February 04 2005, @02:57PM (#149728)
  • i'd pull in and out of robbie anyday!!!!
    Anonymous -- Friday February 04 2005, @03:23PM (#149735)
  • He seems a nice enough guy.
    Whenever he's been on interviews (Parky etc) He seems a nice down to earth bloke...No pretentions about him. Then again, he is northern.
    Leave him alone for God sake.
    A lot of his material is good too.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 04 2005, @03:28PM (#149738)
  • for all of the unforgivable piffle that he sings, is very clever. I think that he knows what he is doing. In fact, perhaps he made up this story himself.
    Poppycocteau -- Friday February 04 2005, @04:25PM (#149750)
    (User #9489 Info)
    We are ugly but we have the music
  • If you want to know why Moz was right to pull out of this duet, and why Robbie needed this to happen much more than Morrissey, read this article by Mark Simpson savaging Mr Williams which appeared on

    Especially when he love-hates himself so much? EMI's $120 million wannabe-Bowie megaflop symbolizes the desolate state of 21st century British pop culture, a realm of "wankers" and second-rate imitation Americans.

    - - - - - - - - - - - -
    By Mark Simpson

    Salon April 30, 2003 | It's tough growing up British. Not just for all the obvious Austin Powers-esque reasons, such as our medieval dentistry, endemic mold problems and epidemic dandruff, but for something much more existential. The British are great and enthusiastic believers in Original Sin. In Britain, would you Adam and Eve it, we devoutly accept that we are all Fallen, all doomed before we are born, that no child however lovely and chuckly and pink-skinned is born innocent.

    Of course, since we liberated the monasteries, Coalition-style, back in Henry VIII's time, and became nominally Protestant for tax reasons, we don't call it Original Sin anymore. We call it the class system (though in New Labor Britain you will be reported to the police if you mention it). And we don't talk about sinners anymore, just wankers. You see, whichever class you happen to be born into in Britain, it will be the wrong one. Granted, some are wronger than others, but even the most privileged classes are the wrong ones -- to everyone else. Moreover, whatever class you are born into, your destiny, your happiness, your salvation, is not your property and certainly not your right. If you try to escape your British birthright by becoming something you're not, then you will be Found Out, and everyone will point and laugh and call you a wanker.

    Probably the biggest wanker in Britain today is cheeky chappie popster Robbie Williams, or simply "Robbie," as we like to call him here in that affectionate, familiar way we handle tossers (another word for wanker; we have as many as the Inuits have for snow -- and "Robbie" is fast becoming another). Robbie is the biggest onanist in Britain, mostly because he's one of the biggest success stories. Since going solo in 1996 after leaving Brit boy-band Take That, Robbie, who was expected at best to become a kids' TV presenter, has had 15 solo U.K. top-10 singles, 13 Brit Awards -- more than anyone else in the award's history -- and has sold 15 million albums worldwide. Robbie is British pop today. He is also the bragging, self-publicizing, self-flagellating, self-loathing symbol of the lifestyle every young person in Britain is supposed to aspire to and despise at the same time. As he puts it with characteristic modesty on his new album, he's "the one who put the Brit in celebrity."

    Unfortunately for the British pop industry as a whole, Robbie is also a symbol of its pathetic failure, in the post-Spice Girls era, to export much more than Kylie's bottom and Coldplay's runny noses across the Atlantic. EMI, the ailing British record giant famously swindled by the Sex Pistols (and probably looking back fondly now to those halcyon days), recently paid a sweaty-palmed sum reported to be as high as $120 million for Williams' next six albums -- at approximately the same time as the company was laying off 1,200 employees. A sum that could only be earned out by Yank-side success. Oh dear. Best string out those final installments on that advance: Robbie's new album, "Escapology," debuted in mid-April at number 43 on the Billboard charts, selling an anemic 21,000 copies in its first week. (By the end of the month, Amazon was already selling the album at a "Super Saver" price of $9.98.). For a record industry wallowing in deep water after its worst year in memory, this was nothing short of a Titanic disaster. Robbie could be the cheeky iceberg that finally sinks the British record bu
    Anonymous -- Friday February 04 2005, @04:43PM (#149753)
  • Why on earth are we wasting precious time discussing this tripe?
    Williams's publicity people will be laughing until they wet their pants.
    The Riddler -- Friday February 04 2005, @05:59PM (#149762)
    (User #12286 Info)
    • Re:cobblers by astol (Score:1) Friday February 04 2005, @06:05PM
      • Expolsion? by mick ransommich (Score:1) Saturday February 05 2005, @10:18AM
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  • Personally - I think it would have been fantastic had it happened. Even better if it had been Bowie, Moz & Robbie.

    So many people on this site are such twats. Get over yourselves.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 04 2005, @09:19PM (#149772)
    • i agree by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday February 06 2005, @08:20AM
  • I think it was quite probable that Moz thought about doing a duet on the Brits, and though I'm glad it hasn't happened, as these sort of things are usually crap, there is a part of me would have liked to have seen Moz do it just to see what song they would do, and Moz's facial expressions as he performed it.

    As he's pulled out of a duet, is Moz still attending the Brits, and if he is will he be performing, or has he steered well clear of it.

    I can't picture Moz sat next to Doctor Fox (aka Foxy), and Jamie Cullum (aka Twat), but would be funny to watch.
    borntohang1968 -- Saturday February 05 2005, @03:55AM (#149779)
    (User #13232 Info)
    older and wiser never applies to me
  • Robbie takes the stage with Morrissey and Morrissey says, "This song is dedicated to you, Robbie." The band strikes up "First Of The Gang To Die", before Robbie opens his mouth, Morrissey whips out his Heckler & Koch 9mm and empties it into Robbie's smug, cuntly face. The poor fuckhole dies a horrible death onstage. Crowd cheers, Morrissey gets knighted.

    He then proceeded to shoot the Queen.

    Ramon -- Saturday February 05 2005, @08:49AM (#149793)
    (User #2577 Info)
    "I'm all over a vulture, like impending death"
  • ... and Moz even considered appearing onstage with Robbie Williams then I am an ex Morrissey fan. I have been a fan of his since 1987, have practically everything he ever committed to vinyl and love his work but it's all going on ebay if lowers himself to this level. Please God it isn't true. I thought he was a great artist... Robbie Williams is a glorified Butlins Redcoat and not fit to lace Mozzer's Doc Martins! Please say this is a figment of the Bizarre journalist's imagination.
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 05 2005, @09:30AM (#149794)
  • If there's a grain of truth in this story it'll have a source in the story last year that Robbie Williams played 'Suedehead' to journalists hanging around outside his LA pad and declared 'I love Morrissey' or words to that effect.

    Morrissey, being something of a soft touch to flattery, (notice Gene being given a song on his recent NME album and several bands hailing him as an influence getting praise back in Moz interviews), has recognised Robbie and quite likely met with him in LA. The duet could easily have been arranged until Moz decided better of it in typically last-minute fashion.

    I don't see anything too remarkable about the story, to be honest. Sanctuary would have feverishly arranged the details, knowing a duet with Robbie would be the televisual highlight of the awards, and probably egged Moz on when he expressed doubts.

    The fact he's not doing it is rather disappointing, I for one would have loved to see him do it, even if I'm not a big fan of Robbie Williams. Morrissey's got enough credibility to do whatever he likes and the worst outcome would have been an awkward performance, that's all.

    All this talk of Morrissey seeming to sell his soul or commit professional suicide is rubbish. It would have been a laugh.

    If it was arranged, what on Earth would they have sung? I'd go with 'Daddy's Voice', Robbie just joining in on the chorus.

    Any other suggestions?
    Stan <[email protected]> -- Saturday February 05 2005, @04:36PM (#149826)
    (User #9752 Info |
  • "Personally I think that almost everything about Robbie Williams is fantastic... apart from the voice and the songs. He seems to have everything in place, the photos are fantastic, he's reasonably amusing, he's undeterred and he's not precious about what he does. I admire all of that. But I just can't remember the songs."
    methadone -- Saturday February 05 2005, @06:21PM (#149831)
    (User #12826 Info)
  • It sadly proves once again Morrissey is a ungracious and humor challenged as ever. Too bad. It could have been a moment people would have been talking about for years! And he would have sold a shiteload more copies of Quarry because of it!
    As always, no one gets to hurt Morrissey's career as much as Morrissey can all by himself.
    The strange thing is Robbie has a lot in common with all those pre-Beatles stars like Billy Fury that he idolises.
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 05 2005, @07:34PM (#149833)
  • oh Morrissey, Morrissey.
    margot tenenbaum -- Sunday February 06 2005, @03:18AM (#149849)
    (User #8409 Info)
  • If Morrissey (or as I heard Bowie) had intended to duet with Robbie Williams then thank fuck they've thought better of it - better to don cheap hair extensions and hotpants and join 'Girls Aloud' onstage, thereby retaining some small shred of dignity, than to appear as back-up singer and chief ego-stroker par excellence for the insufferable Mr Williams and his malignant medication-resistant narcissism!

    Shame Mozzer isnt going to the Brits it would surely have increased sales figures for YATQ as well as the next album.
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 06 2005, @11:32AM (#149882)
  • I don't think the Morrissey of "Meat is Murder" would even consider a duet with Robbie.

    How do we know this is the real Morrissey?

    1) He's too chubby (the real Morrissey is thin)
    2) He hangs around with Pub Rockers (his band). The real Morrissey was pals with Johnny Marr
    3) He goes onto CD UK. The real Morrissey sat at home with a cup of tea and Oscar Wilde.

    I think someone should investigate further....
    Kenan -- Sunday February 06 2005, @03:13PM (#149897)
    (User #13621 Info)
  • they are both power bottoms.
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 06 2005, @03:42PM (#149903)
  • Weirdly this story has made an impression on the web-site of "The Malaysian Star". 7/7MorrisseyO&date=2/7/2005
    Auric Goldfinger -- Monday February 07 2005, @05:28AM (#149931)
    (User #3416 Info)
    Do my eyes deceive me, or is Senna's Lotus sounding rough?
  • Apparently the record company confirm that this was on the cards!

    'a source at Morrissey’s record label said: “It was all set to go then Morrissey decided it was not the right thing for him to do.”'
    Auric Goldfinger -- Monday February 07 2005, @05:38AM (#149932)
    (User #3416 Info)
    Do my eyes deceive me, or is Senna's Lotus sounding rough?
  • Personally, I wouldn't have any objection to Mr. Morrissey performing alongside Robbie Williams. What is irksome is the fact that it should be done at the lamentably industry-orientated Brit Awards. After all, wasn't it Mr. Morrissey who, in 1987, sought to critique the British Phonographic Industry (B.P.I.), and it's "awards", in "Paint A Vulgar Picture"?

    In view, however, of the way in which Mr. M. has prostituted himself, during the last twelve months, nothing would surprise me.

    At least Robbie Williams is honest about his whoredom.
    Anonymous -- Monday February 07 2005, @01:19PM (#150010)
  • I know I'm late but I think it would have been fascinating to see. Robbie "hamming it up" for all he is worth and Morrissey just being Morrissey with his grand gestures. A massive contrast, class. Think about it! Hilarious man, hilarious. Remember the Williams/Tom Jones duet a couple of years ago? Side crackingly funny. Before the backlash starts I'm not a Robbie fan although Life thru a Lens or whatever it was called was a great solo debut album. He has crawled up his own bum of late but he's not after street cred is he? If he likes Morrissey and wants to say he likes Morrissey then that's his right and we can't stop him. The more people that like Morrissey the better, surely? He may get that elusive Number 1 single some day. We can only hope. Anyhoo it aint happening and we can only wonder about the contorted facial expressions of Morrissey at the young whipper snapper can't we?
    GLEGS -- Tuesday February 08 2005, @06:13PM (#150221)
    (User #7174 Info)
    You see I cannot stand alone, I'm incapable of breathing, INCAPABLE OF LOVE
  • Didn't Robbie Williams take a potshot at Moz last year anyway stating that he liked to play his music out the window to scare journalists off? Anyone know who the fuck Robbie Williams is anyway?!
    Mozster -- Wednesday February 09 2005, @05:03AM (#150247)
    (User #6823 Info)
    Ready with ready wit, still running round................
  • I couldn't believe it when i saw this 'article' talked about on this page - it was such a surprise!! Im glad he did pull out of it to be honest, i dont thibk it would have looked that good for him, and Robbie is such a fool! Im surprised that the Brits wanted to accomodate him 2, not because he isnt great (coz he is) but loads of people wouldnt have known him or the song, as he isnt half as 'main stream' as Robbie is! I dont really want him to become main stream either, he wont seem as special, different n cool if he goes all superficial and really 'popular'. I doubt he would do that but i think it would be a shame if it did happen! Stay exactly how u are Morrissey!! :(
    Anonymous -- Sunday February 13 2005, @11:41AM (#150853)
  • I bet the poster here is Broken! Get your Gay fantasies away from this web-site. There's a lot of gay material in the net already and I am sure you know where to access it - don't bring it in here you C***.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 04 2005, @01:56PM (#149709)
  • Again, just F**** right off with your Morrissey/Gay whispers. Nobody's interested. If you want some "male lovin" I suggest you find some REAL gay stuff on the net (which I'm sure you already are familiar with!)
    Male on male lovin' on the Morrissey web-site? Mate: One advice: F**** right off and toss yourself dry!
    seb71 -- Friday February 04 2005, @02:03PM (#149711)
    (User #13191 Info)
    • Re:That is HOT by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday February 04 2005, @04:21PM
      • Re:That is HOT by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday February 06 2005, @02:50AM
  • You are so brave to post these things in here. Get yourself some REAL gay experiences and move on to some other web-sites. You are (not much more than) a W******r.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 04 2005, @02:14PM (#149716)
    • Re:That is HOT by seb71 (Score:1) Friday February 04 2005, @02:51PM
      • Re:That is HOT by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday February 05 2005, @11:38AM
      • Mmmmm, Hot! by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday February 06 2005, @06:36AM
    Does cumming over a quiff still appeal to you?
    Mr broken.
    Anonymous -- Friday February 04 2005, @03:33PM (#149739)
  • Why are so many male Moz Solo posters so screwed up about any suggestion of homosexuality? Even a nudge or a wink? Surely these twats can't ALL be American?

    I mean, we're talking about people who think they're MORRISSEY fans. Err, HELLO??? There are more than a few hints in his work and his interviews that he isn't exactly Frank Skinner.

    Besides, probably the only thing that would have redeemed the duet if it had gone ahead would have been if Robbie and Moz had snogged one another at the end a la Madonna and Britney
    Anonymous -- Saturday February 05 2005, @10:33AM (#149804)
    • Re:That is HOT by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday February 07 2005, @03:49PM
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