posted by davidt on Monday December 20 2004, @04:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Bigmouth Strikes Again / I Like You / Redondo Beach / Let Me Kiss You / Subway Train (into) Munich Air Disaster 1958 / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Friday Mourning / I Have Forgiven Jesus / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / You Know I Couldn't Last // Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Joseph Kelly
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  • If my memory serves me well, forgetting Civic Hall show, The Point was his first gig in 1991 in these here shores. Is this a sign of the final gig? Hope not, but someone please give us a clue as to how it was. Bet it was ace.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 20 2004, @04:17PM (#144199)
  • surprise songs? farewell comments? announcement of 2005 tour/new album? don't keep us waiting!
    jp.5.22 -- Monday December 20 2004, @04:19PM (#144202)
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  • this gig has been over for more than an hour and no one has posted anything yet...

    what happened out there?
    Anonymous -- Monday December 20 2004, @04:47PM (#144215)
  • Best Experience Ever (Score:1, Informative)

    Even though I was a bit late I got in the second row to the left of the stage. Jed came around and took pics of the first few rows. Had to endure Remma. They played five or so songs, all of which sounded the same. James Maker was okay. Some good songs, especially the third last one. He does however move like a grandad. was Moz time. Lights went down. Curtains came back to reveal the Moz lights. Imperfect list was read out and was dead on. Band and Moz come out and launch into HSIN. Amazing. Same setlist as the other nights, may be a few changes. For the encore he played Last Night I Dreamt and.........There Is A Light AGAIN!!Amazing crowd,band,Moz,songs.Amzaing. The best atmosphere
    dazzak -- Monday December 20 2004, @04:48PM (#144217)
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  • same setlist basically with a few mixed up

    but the amazing thing was at the end. Like in the other recent shows he was looking like he's about to quit or something - but after the first encore he came back out for one final song.

    I know it's over. Amazing. Maybe only a third of the crowd were still there but there were lots of people shouting morrissey, morrissey so he came out and played that one song, after the standard encore. Totally blew me away, best moment of my life

    he changed the words of i know it's over to "oh mother i can feel the soil falling over me now"

    It was a totally amazing moment, and a fucking awesome show.

    Even if he retires, i can rest happy knowing i was there tonight.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 20 2004, @04:49PM (#144218)
  • I just got back to the hotel but i heard he played i know its over - anyone confirm?

    If true, I can't believe I missed it, when my way started i thought that was the end
    Anonymous -- Monday December 20 2004, @04:52PM (#144221)
  • Can't believe i got a ticket - this was just a perfect ending

    a double encore of last night I dreamt and there is a light for the second time, then a final "I Know It's Over" - the perfect night, and even better for the fact not everyone remained behind to catch encore 2.

    Oh and irish blood was incredible - again. They're perfected the guitar outro with Jesse.

    People were actually crying during "I Know It's Over"

    Full report tomorrow!
    broken -- Monday December 20 2004, @04:54PM (#144222)
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    It took a tattooed boy from Birkenhead
  • Broken has posted the same thing twice, both lies. There were two encores, Last Night and There Is A Light. Then My Way came on and everybody left, including Moz and the band. No I know It's Over.
    dazzak -- Monday December 20 2004, @04:57PM (#144225)
    (User #12218 Info)
  • Two encores; LNIDTSLM and TIALTNGO (played for the second time) - a leprachaun dusting the instruments before the Imperfect List - stage invasions galore (well done Morrissey the 23rd!!!) - practically dead auditorium until just before he came on - everybody throwing on notes and presents - James Maker and Remma supporting again (Remma came on at half seven - a last minute decision?) - IBEH was uproarious and rightly so - 3(?) shirts and the dog collar thrown out - lots of people trying to talk to him - Friday Mourning was the saddest moment of all - I think I love Redondo Beach - Boz is lovely - hello to the group of people in front in the queue who I saw in Blackpool too and congrats on getting on stage to Mark! I don't think we ever saw that drunk woman again - hello and thankyou Jane and hope you find a nice belt for next time ;-) - I love Dublin - I met Morrissey's manager who shook my hand when he was taking everyone's pictures at the beginning - set list very similar but I'm sure some kind soul will post it up properly!- much better venue than Earl's Court and better sound too - and yep, I cried, I blubbed like a little lost child. Haven't had time to organise thoughts. So for now, farewell, or goodbye, or something.

    charming lass
    Anonymous -- Monday December 20 2004, @05:00PM (#144228)
  • Just got back from the gig, and I have to say Moz was on his usual witty and biting form but why oh why did he have to sing Munich it has got to be the worst song hes ever written its aimless and drifts.

    While I am one of the hardcore I was frustrated that he played TIALTNGO twice the first time was straight after Munich which seemed really lifeless and flat and then as an encore.There was a sluggidh feel to the middle of his set til it was brought back to life Shoplifters and then an awesome version of IBEH.

    Moz has much better material in his cannon and could have possibly made the set more consistant.

    I saw him at the MEN gig which f8cking blew me away but tonight I felt the tour finished on a whimper rather than a punch.

    If he does record a new album in the future I hope he takes inspiration from the power of IBEH and pushes his creativity further.

    As a final gig of the year I was expecting it the performance to have more agression and more polished.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 20 2004, @05:22PM (#144238)
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  • Not a bad show however a few of the firm old favourites missing. The Dublin Castle gig earlier this Summer was definitely better.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 20 2004, @05:34PM (#144240)
  • What a truly amazing gig,definitely one of if not the best I'vebeen to.Two encores and that included TIALTNGO again!!Morrissey was in fantastic form,looked great and genuinely seemed to enjoy the gig.Said thank you to the 'irregular regulars' and' stay regular'.Also joked after TIALTNGO that next year they would be playing Whelans (well known pub venue).Crowd took over singing previously mentioned song which really seemed to tickle Morrissey who stood back smiling for a lenght of time before eventually telling the band to bring it to an end.Mentioned Julia a couple of times but had to keep getting pointed in the right direction,bless his eyesight!Congrats to Moz 23rd and Mozrebel on their triumphant stage appearances.I am NOT jealous(repeat endlessly)So dont think it was the last gig which I did before.Oh also said 'Thank you Glasnevin' and oh hell ,cant remember my head is still buzzing.Hello to all the lovely people I met also.God Bless Morrissey!
    Domestos Salad -- Monday December 20 2004, @05:38PM (#144243)
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  • great gig with a double helping of there is a light.

    I hnow its over was not played,complete rubbish.

    Irish blood,more you ignore me,bigmouth and there is alight went down the best. gret atmosphere much better tban earls court or manchester.
    Moz said he was under no illusions,next time we play it will be at whelans ( tiny dublin venue) thats the way things go.
    the intro to shoplifters was moz talking about christmas time........

    a few stage invaders made it on.
    sadly no everyday is like sunday or never played symphonies but you cant have evreything.

    band all in white jobraith t shirts, deano ditched his early on.

    Made a few references to the :journeys end " last night of the tour.

    walkman starting to melt became i pod.
    a queen was introduced to november spawned a monster.

    all in all a great gig,venue about 95% full ( capacity 8,200)

    a gig to put a smile on your face as you approach another christmas alone
    Anonymous -- Monday December 20 2004, @05:46PM (#144249)
  • Where the fuck is Alain!!!
    Bring his ass back!!!
    JAMSDEAN -- Monday December 20 2004, @06:08PM (#144255)
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              • Re:Alain (Score:2, Insightful)

                People seem to be glossing over the fact that Alain actually wrote the vast majority of the songs Morrissey has produced over the last 12 years. Without Alain who will write the songs? Sure Boz writes some but never that many and who knows what Jesse will be like at songwriting?

                Alain wasn't just a session player who performed live and Morrissey was lucky to have him. In terms of time working together he is his longest standing collaborator so if he has left the band for good it is quite a big deal!!
                Richey <[email protected]> -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @07:59AM (#144336)
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  • --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Not a wonderful gig

    good in parts; How Soon Is Now? opener, Redondo Beach and Shoplifters rocked
    Bigmouth was entertaining, Irish Blood English Heart - thrilling as always. There Is A Light strangely subdued

    Left as Last Night I Dreamt came on (had seen it performed live before anyway) and the last bus for Newbridge goes at 11pm.

    First time in my life I have had to leave a gig for that reason but I hadn't the energy to wait for the 12:30am "Nightrider special"

    Overall - average with too much emphasis on the mediocre You Are The Quarry stuff.
    The perfect set would have been Southpaw Grammar from start to finish and nothing else but that was never going to happen.

    So could that have been the last Morrissey gig ever?
    Anonymous -- Monday December 20 2004, @06:39PM (#144260)
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  • ...No post duds.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 20 2004, @06:59PM (#144262)
  • a few questions from tonights dublin gig..

    1/ why did he do 'there is a light' twice?
    2/ was that moz dressed as a leprachaun at the begining?
    3/ who is julie?
    4/ why does he not do suedehead + every day is like... anymore?
    Anonymous -- Monday December 20 2004, @07:34PM (#144264)
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  • He said that several times. `it was a brilliant gig but I really hope it is not the end. This is so hard. I've been to them all and always known that something else is going to happen but this time it seems not to be. Huge love and kisses out there to the people I have met on this journey too. Ken who was too flued up to be here, a special thanks to Elina whose friendship I would be lost without, a big hug to Lucy, I wish I had been that nice when I was 18, Aaron (you are sweet), Marco, Julia, Melinda, Hugh (well done!) what will you do without a stage to jump onto! Seb, .... and the list goes on. Keep in touch because you are all lovely and don't forget Quarry on 22/01/05 (

    I'm sure I've forgotten somebody. That's the old age kicking in.

    And last but not least by a long stretch is my brother John. I love you. It has been a great journey for you and me too and this is not the end, it is the beginning.

    See you all soon,


    sounds <[email protected]> -- Monday December 20 2004, @08:38PM (#144270)
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  • Thought the Earls Court,gig on Sat,inspiring,electric,audience,performers all at one,funny,old,new,songs,people..Morriseys grown,remained true as you can,to yourself,all for the better...The Quarry album as good as anything,hes done,some maybe even better.....Look past the cover,preconcieved ideas,...So Go On Morrisey
    chance -- Monday December 20 2004, @09:11PM (#144271)
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    • My name is ... by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 24 2004, @06:31AM
      • Re: name game by goinghome (Score:1) Wednesday December 29 2004, @03:44PM
  • I know for sure (almost straight from the horse's mouth) that Morrissey wants to carry on. He'd be silly not to, now that things are going so well.

    He's not been the one to give up when only a handful of fans dragged themselves out to see him, he won't be the one to give up while he can still pull 8000 a night. Don't read too much into "hints", that's just him.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @12:15AM (#144276)
    • word interview by jp.5.22 (Score:1) Tuesday December 21 2004, @12:48AM
  • Well I can tell you the gig was brilliant and exciting. There was no mention of the rumoured 'retirement'.
    I was delighted to hear such favourites as "The More You Ignore Me...." and "Last Night I Dreamt"
    The band were in fine form with Boz clowning around at the end balancing a guitar on his head.
    This was my third time to see Morrissey this year. He looked great and the voice was sublime. Three lucky people made it onstage for a hug and security were agreeably gentle with them. I would rate it as one of his best gigs this year.
    Hope to see him again....maybe in 2006?
    Thunderthighs -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @01:11AM (#144279)
    (User #11175 Info)
  • The You Are The Quarry Tour 2004 is over. It was a remarkable tour. At 66 dates, it was the largest number of dates in one year Moz has ever played. In 1991 he also played 66 shows.
    On the 66 dates Moz played 1135 songs, an average of 17,2 songs per show. Only during the Kill Uncle Tour Moz played more songs per show, 17,98. Considering he played a lot of festivals this year (where the setlist was considerably shorter), the average for the regular shows was a lot closer to 18.
    On the 66 dates a record 37 different songs and a record of 10 Smiths-songs were played.
    Geographically there were no surprises: 36 dates in North-America, 22 in UK/Ireland, 6 in Europe and 2 in South-America.
    Johan de Witt <[email protected]> -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @02:21AM (#144283)
    (User #4231 Info)
  • 1) There Is A Light That Never Goes Out 66
    2) First Of The Gang To Die 65
    3) Irish Blood, English Heart 65
    4) (Subway Train) Everyday Is Like Sunday 57
    5) Let Me Kiss You 57
    6) The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores 55
    7) Don’t Make Fun Of Daddy’s Voice 52
    8) Such A Little Thing... 50
    9) How Can Anybody... 49
    10) I Like You 43
    11) How Soon Is Now? 41
    12) I Have Forgiven Jesus 40
    13) November Spawned A Monster 39
    14) You Know I Couldn’t Last 37
    15) Rubber Ring 35
    16) Bigmouth Strikes Again 30
    17) Now My Heart Is Full 30
    18) I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday 29
    19) I’m Not Sorry 29
    20) Shoplifters Of The World Unite 26
    21) The More You Ignore Me 26
    22) Last Night I Dreamt... 24
    23) No One Can Hold A Candle To You 23
    24) Munich Air Disaster 1958 22
    25) All The Lazy Dykes 20
    26) Headmaster Ritual 20
    27) Shakespeare’s Sister 19
    28) Jack The Ripper 18
    29) Hairdresser On Fire 17
    30) A Rush and A Push and The Land is Ours 13
    31) The Never Played Symphonies 12
    32) Redondo Beach 7
    33) Friday Mourning 6
    34) Hand In Glove 5
    35) Little Man, What Now 4
    36) America Is Not The World 3
    37) I’m Playing Easy To Get 1
    Johan de Witt <[email protected]> -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @02:26AM (#144285)
    (User #4231 Info)
  • What more can I say, best set list to hear Friday morning live was beautiful.No announcements of retirement or anything ike that but Moz was so emotional when he sang There is a light the first time,he left the crowd sing most of it.Lots of craziness down the front when the 1st shirt was thrown, 3 people made it on stage lots tried but coudn't make it.Irish Blood English Heart got the best reaction from the crowd.Deano did a drum solo at the end and the rest of the band stayed at the edge of the stage.This was an amazing night I'm still on a total high and so happy to have been there.Its been a great year for Morrissey, and us fans.Met loadsa people hello to Maggie and Vicky Ian and Chicago people. I was the first Irish person in the queue outside the point.
    CandyCanegirl -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @02:29AM (#144287)
    (User #6699 Info)
  • It doesnt really matter what songs Morrissey played at the gig last night.Hes never gonna please everyone.Youve got to just stand back and enjoy the performance, something that the man knows how to do.I thought every song was spot on.The second playing of There Is a Light That Never Goes Out was just a little self indulgence i think.Theres nothing wrong with that. It was good to see some younger fans at the gig. It shows that Morrissey is progressing still as an artist.
    The Naas Plecker -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @02:52AM (#144288)
    (User #13390 Info)
  • I'm an old school friend of his and I really don't think some of the abuse he suffers here is fair. Sure, he can wind people up but I honestly think he makes a lot of good points.

    Anyway, it's really not his fault if he's annoying. You see his parents abused him in ghastly sexual ways when he was a child. The trauma he suffered is enough to turn anyone into a dysfunctional, low intelligence asshole. It's a wonder he's managed to stay out of institutions. Well, unfortunately once he did molest his grandmother, but that was purely the result of his own abuse. He also has issues with exposing himself to children in public conveniences, but he's been working on that really hard.

    In short, I know he's an inhumane, idiotic creep, but it's only because he's been denied the love that most people take for granted.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @03:54AM (#144304)
  • The night was truly special and emotive, the audience expected and as is always the case when Morrissey "comes home" we were not disappointed.The running comments with Julia provided the cryptic farwell message we have all become accustomed to.The set list was mostly predictable except for second encore....a refrain of there is a light!!!!I would venture that he has never played the same song twice on any tour(I could be wrong please correct me)The band aid jibe was classic Mozz and the mention of a gig in whelans(a wonderfully tiny venue in Dublin) next year would be a wet dream. "Irish blood" was exceptional and his "10 parts Crumlin" comment thoughtful as always.The venue is one of the largest in Dublin but intimate in comparison to the emotional vaccum that is any of the UK halls he a has recently played.The band,sound and voice were perfect.Perefct end to a perfect year.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @04:41AM (#144311)
  • and other anonymous aliases

    I am keeping a record of what you post on this forum - the lies of your, at best "pervy," mind will come back to haunt you, my tubby friend.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @04:54AM (#144312)
  • Can someone explain to me why Moz doesn't tap into his back catalgoue of songs, particually from Viva Hate and Vaxhall and I. I fell it would be more welcome than some obscure covers and better than most of You are the Quarry.

    The gig itself was good but not great. Much better in May at Dublin Castle and better again in the Ambassador in 2002.

    Also, what a shame about Alain, I would love to know what happened!
    crumlin -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @07:50AM (#144334)
    (User #13393 Info)
  • Can anybody tell me?, has there EVER been a more complete gig than BRIDLINGTON?
    Now be serious.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @09:19AM (#144362)
  • Just back from Dublin and all I can say is what a great night. The gig was amazing, Mozzer was in top form, fairly long set (19 songs). I got onstage at the end and also got the sleeve of Morrissey's shirt. Went on to the Hub afterwards, which we thoroughly enjoyed. The perfect evening.
    Hello to everyone I met.
    mozrebel <[email protected]> -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @01:13PM (#144404)
    (User #12605 Info)
  • Dazzak was right; God knows what depraved reasons certain people have for posting malicious patently untrue news creating confusion and distress. If Morrissey’s prepared to come back to Whelan’s next year if it doesn’t match the upward propulsion of 2004, where by the way, many headlining acts perform (really, that’s an ok word), then why speak of this non-existent retirement? Silly trouble-makers that nobody should pay attention to anymore. ‘Don’t dig for a secondary meaning ; At worse you might just find a first ‘…(from Playing Easy to Get)

    This was an entirely different gig to Dublin Castle; it was an ace arena celebration, with close to full house, fuelled floor-full with a prolonged swell of welcoming enthusiasm. Remma sounded fine as an initial vibrant warm-up, with people steadily swarming in, and James Maker was quite impressive; powerful resonant voice with a couple of beautiful atmospheric numbers. A support band rarely has it easy. The suspense mounted with energetic loud football chants; Jobriath songs rang out, and the Imperfect list of ills of the world was very effective. It was like someone switched the crowd onto an electric current when Morrissey and the band walked on, and the magical mesmerized vibes were non-stop till the finale. My impression was that he really appreciated the mass unrestrained ardour of the packed crowd, saying ‘well, my friends, this (emphasis, pause) is the Point!’ This is what he’s in it for, the team effort. This is communion, Fr Morrissey-style, and all dressed up for the occasion! The first song was the incomparable HSIN, though, overwhelmed with a sense of fuses blowing, metaphorically speaking, it was hard to focus for a while - ‘Oh my soul…!’

    I had arrived with anxious responsibility, having persuaded 5 companions to join me, but I needn’t have worried. They were all transfixed, which was a treat. One observed how interestingly Morrissey flexes his eyebrows, while another was fascinated with his astounding range of expression and his gestures! Seriously! That was on top of being profoundly affected by the whole experience, having been Smiths devotees. Another recent convert with occasional claustrophobia was immediately soothed as by a lullaby, despite us being cramped about 10 rows from the front, even if he missed his favourite CBTC. The version of Redondo Beach was delicious; the newish b-side ‘Friday Mourning’ stunning. I was delighted to hear ILY and YKICL. November and Ignore me were fanstastic. He choked ‘please stop’ at the strident mantra arising from the audience at the end of TIALTNGO, but, dare I say it, crocodile tears, I suspect – all that opera’s going to his head a bit, in a nice way! We questioned why, despite it being a sure pleaser, it was also played at the end but maybe Jesse’s catching up with the repertoire? I had high hopes of seeing Alain back; not yet it seems.

    Security were helpful, good-natured and alert. They had to step in to break up a row over a shirt (2 I think, were thrown) in front of us, and oversee a couple of stage invasions; nothing major. The man himself was also diplomatic, no repeat of controversial comments with unfortunate consequences as happened in June. Since then in my eyes, he appears more confident and more competent to handle the overall crowd reaction. He was having a great time, numerous laughs, which enhanced the attraction of the whole show. He spoke about animals suffering particularly at this time of year, while a few opportunities remain for shop-lifting, before that song. He located Julia where nearby someone obviously expressed warm sentiments, to which he replied that he has never been prone to attachment. He is a free agent, living morally, open-eyed, honestly, and to the full. I myself however am somewhat prone to attachment, and, witnessing him safe, in top fettle, with his musical future brighter than ever, I think I must pay more attention to myself for a while, in order to alleviate the Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays etc, and not to ‘drop down dead!’
    So viva Morrissey, viva all his fans, as he would wish himself!
    Christmas blessings, and here’s to precocious rampant pervasive number ones for everyone in 2005!
    goinghome -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @01:21PM (#144406)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • What a wonderful end to a wonderful year. The gig was amazing. The crowd estatic and Moz was well up for bowing out of 2004 in style.
      The Hub aftershow was a perfect way to put a cap on 2004 in Moz-dom. Big hi to everyone who went there. We WENT there, we really did. Thanks to all involved. I'll never forget last night.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @02:15PM (#144413)
  • what can i say,last nites gig was brilliant,just like all morrisseys gigs.said man looked and sounded amazing...was lovely to see how touched he was during the first rendition of my favourite song,there is a light.having admired such a truly wonderful man for almost 19 years,i sincerely hope i get to see him playing to such an appreciative crowd in the not too distant future...and that when he said,journeys end,he was just referring to the end of this clear up a point from the post above,the 1991 gig was in the national stadium in dublin,i was there and it too was a great gig..................

    NHS -0^0-
    NHS specs -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @03:34PM (#144429)
    (User #13399 Info)
  • basically this is how it was from my view...



    MORRISSEY SOUNDED BETTER THAN I'VE EVER HEARD HIM ! (even sang the falsetto bit to FOTGTD & the ending to TIALTNGO which I dont think he has done before LIVE ?!?!? SOLO ! )










    BOZ IS... WELL BOZ !!!








    EB x
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @06:01PM (#144448)
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  • Just now got back into Loose Angeles. The gig was very good. Not quite as good as Earls Court, but better than Brighton. Started queueing before the sun actually came up, and I have to say Dublin was probably the coldest I have ever been. Waiting all day was miserable. I think my toes turned black. Anyways the show was almost the same as the others, but I was amazed that he played Light twice! Has he ever done that before? Played a song twice at the same gig? I figured he must have wanted to have more people come on stage or something. It was slightly too far away unfortunately. I think the most memorable part of the gis was at the end of the first Light, when the crowd was singing "There is a light that never goes out" over and over again for a long time, and he just kinda stood there, amazed, and soaking it all in. He looked really emotional at that moment, and when he half-turned his head, and told everyone to "Stop it, stop it..." and cracked a smile like he wanted to cry, I could not help but break down. And everyone kept going! Truly one of the most beautiful live moments I have witnessed, ever. Standouts of the night: Redondo Beach, Friday Mourning, I Like You, & Shoplifters. The crowd was passionate and a bit mellow. Much more mellow than Earls Ct., which was rather brutal up front. I survived this gig front and center without nearly a bad push until the end. Thanks to all the nice people that were met, including all of the UK 'irregualr regulars,' many of whom were very nice and helpful. Linda, did you ever find your purse? I guess it really did not matter in the end, huh? Talk about the perfect fuckin' way to end the evening. Until next time...
    Sharron Needles -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @06:49PM (#144452)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • Just went over to official webiste and they have a date listed for 2/1/05 in the U.S., says check back soon for details.

    I was excited when I saw it, someone posted about shows in Australia and that he use to do warm-up gigs in Los Angeles before setting off abroad.

    What does everyone think of this? Check it out for yourself at

    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 21 2004, @09:32PM (#144455)
  • 16 years ago Morrissey performed live as a solo artist for the first time. He has now played 396 shows as a solo artist. Here's a complete list of all the songs he has performed:

    (01) 1 November Spawned A Monster 268 (5)
    (04) 2 Everyday is Like Sunday 192 (4)
    (02) 3 Speedway 186 (5)
    (05) 4 Now My Heart Is Full 170 (5)
    (03) 5 Suedehead 170 (4)
    (04) 6 Billy Budd 143 (4)
    (09) 7 Hairdresser On Fire 139 (3)
    (07) 8 Alsatian Cousin 130 (3)
    (08) 9 The Boy Racer 124 (3)
    (10)10 Meat Is Murder 122 (2)
    (16)11 Shoplifters of the World Unite 119 (5)
    (11)12 Sister, I’m A Poet 119 (3)
    (12)13 Reader Meet Author 111 (3)
    (54)14 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out111(2)
    (51)15 First Of The Gang To Die 110 (2)
    (13)16 Alma Matters 108 (2)
    (17)17 Jack The Ripper 105 (4)
    (42)18 Such A Little Thing Makes Such A... 104 (2)
    (48)19 The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores 102 (2)
    (14)20 You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your... 102(2)
    (15)21 Tomorrow 100 (2)
    (24)22 Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody... 96 (2)
    (71)23 Irish Blood, English Heart 91 (2)
    (49)24 I Like You 89 (2)
    (33)25 The More You Ignore Me, The Closer... 88(5)
    (18)26 The Teachers Are Afraid Of The Pupils 82(3)
    (19)27 We’ll Let You Know 81 (3)
    (20)28 You’re The One For Me, Fatty 78 (3)
    (21)29 National Front Disco 75 (3)
    (22)30 Is It Really So Strange? 75 (1)
    (23)31 Last Of The Famous International... 72 (2)
    (60)32 I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday 67 (2)
    (25)33 Piccadilly Palare 66 (2)
    (26)34 We Hate It When Our Friends Become... 66(2)
    (27)35 King Leer 66 (1)
    (28)36 Disappointed 65 (2)
    (29)37 Interesting Drug 65 (2)
    (30)38 The Loop 65 (2)
    (31)39 Asian Rut 64 (1)
    (32)40 Break Up The Family 64 (1)
    (34)41 Roy’s Keen 62 (2)
    (35)42 Our Frank 61 (1)
    (36)43 Mute Witness 61 (1)
    (37)44 Spring-Heeled Jim 60 (3)
      (-)45 Let Me Kiss You 57 (1)
    (38)46 That’s Entertainment 57 (1)
    (39)47 Glamorous Glue 55 (1)
    (40)48 Certain People I Know 54 (1)
    (41)49 Sing Your Life 54 (1)
      (-)50 Don’t Make Fun Of Daddy’s Voice 52 (1)
    (47)51 Little Man, What Now? 51 (2)
    (43)52 Seasick, Yet Still Docked 50 (1)
      (-)53 How Can Anybody Possibly Know... 49 (1)
    (44)54 Trouble Loves Me 48 (2)
    (45)55 Angel, Angel, Down We Go Together 48 (1)
    (46)56 I Want The One I Can’t Have 47 (1)
    (50)57 Paint A Vulgar Picture 46 (1)
    (52)58 He Knows I’d Love To See Him 45 (1)
    (53)59 Lost 45 (1)
    (55)60 Hold On To Your Friends 42 (3)
      (-)61 How Soon Is Now? 41 (1)
    (56)62 Trash 41 (1)
    (57)63 Girl Least Likely To 40 (1)
      (-)64 I Have Forgiven Jesus 40 (1)
    (58)65 Will Never Marry 39 (1)
    (59)66 Sunny 38 (3)
    (61)67 Do Your Best and Don’t Worry 37 (2)
    (62)68 Why Don’t You Find Out For Yourself 37 (2)
    (63)69 There’s A Place In Hell... 37 (1)
      (-)70 You Know I Couldn’t Last 37 (1)
    (64)71 Boxers 36 (2)
    (65)72 A Swallow On My Neck 36 (1
      (-)73 Rubber Ring 35 (1)
    (66)74 Ambitious Outsiders 35 (1)
    (67)75 Half A Person 34 (1)
    (68)76 Satan Rejected My Soul 33 (1)
      (-)77 Bigmouth Strikes Again 30 (1)
      (-)78 I’m Not Sorry 29 (1)
    (69)79 Late Night, Maudlin Street 29 (1)
    (70)80 Mexico 27 (1)
    (72)81 London 26 (3)
    (73)82 Pregnant For The Last Time 25 (1)
    (74)83 Dagenham Dave 24 (2)
      (-)84 No One Can Hold A Candle To You 23 (1)
    (75)85 I Am Hated For Loving 22 (1)
    (76)86 I Can Have Both 22 (1)
      (-)87 Munich Air Disaster 1958 22 (1)
    (77)88 Ouija Board, Ouija Board 22 (1)
      (-)89 All The Lazy Dykes 20 (1)
    (78)90 Cosmic Dancer 20 (1)
      (-)91 Headmaster Ritual 20 (1)
    (79)92 Maladjusted 20 (1)
      (-)93 Shakespeare’s Sister 19 (1)
    (80)94 Have-A-Go Merchant 18 (1)
    (81)95 Moon River 18 (1)
    (82)96 Nobody Loves Us 17 (2)
    (83)97 Driving Your Girlfriend Home 17 (1)
    (84)98 My Insatiable One
    Johan de Witt <[email protected]> -- Wednesday December 22 2004, @12:17AM (#144463)
    (User #4231 Info)
  • Just back from Dublin now.

    Morrissey put paid in his own way to the rumours that he was retiring - hes not and its plainly obvious from his comments on stage on Monday night re: having to play smaller venues next year etc.

    The show was great - lots of bsides - but what do you expect - hes trying to sell an album which is half bsides - so theres the reason in the same way that during the summer he played more from yatq

    the highlight has to be how soon is now - what an experience to finally hear that song played live - even better than the recording imo!

    Other highlights were redondo beach, ibeh, shoplifters.

    His voice on the night was incredible - especially coming at the end of such a long tour.

    Certainly not the end - lookibg forward to next year - be it the point or whelans
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 22 2004, @03:33AM (#144476)
  • What an incredible gig. As Sharron Needles posted earlier, "There Is A Light" being played twice was a wonderful, moving surprise. The entire experience was totally surreal, as well. Hello to everyone: Mike, Hugh, Linda, Lucy, Greg, John, Helena, Peter, Ian (not THAT one!) and everyone else I met (and re-met!) who were so kind and made everything even more special, even though I didn't think that possible. And Sharron Needles, you're right -- there was no better way possible on the planet to end the whole experience. :)
    swedo78 <[email protected]> -- Wednesday December 22 2004, @04:43AM (#144485)
    (User #11761 Info)
    She said, "Eh, I know you, and you cannot sing," and I said, "that's nothing, you should hear me play piano..."
  • I have some private video of the Barrowlands concert in Glasgow from 1985 if fans really want to see what they are missing !


    fozziem -- Wednesday December 22 2004, @06:21AM (#144498)
    (User #3568 Info)
  • On, it posts 2-1-05 three times and says 'venue coming soon' for U.S. dates. Holy shit, perhaps people were right - warm-up dates before the Aussie tour? No prob with me!

    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 22 2004, @07:41AM (#144508)
  • Hi, Morrissey here.
    Well thats it then, career over. Thank yea gods, it was such a miserable time for me you know? Well, thanks for all being fans. As for what Im going to do now, I am thinking of writing a book about the history of the seminal Slaughter & the Dogs. Might think about coming out of retirement if I can get the other members of 'the dogs' to reform. Regards.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 22 2004, @09:37AM (#144526)
    I know I'm a bit late posting but just got back from the fair city.
    Compared to Birmingham NIA , the Dublin gig was fantastic. How the whingers can find fault I'll never know (then again, they're whingers... that's what they do!). I have to say that I haven't enjoyed a gig so much since I last saw The Smiths... and I've been to a lot of gigs!

    The atmosphere, the affinity between audience and Moz, the satisfaction apparent in both - really, really superb.

    'There Is A Light...' was actually better the first time but what a wonderful feeling when it was also the farewell song. There were many highlights and 'November...' has long been my favourite Morrissey song but I'd been anticipating "Irish Blood..." and the surge of emotion as it began was out of this world!

    No need to go on really but "Thanks, Mozzer" and we'll see you next year.
    criso -- Wednesday December 22 2004, @04:16PM (#144568)
    (User #12382 Info)
  • Did anybody see him??? I was standing about 2 from the front just in line with boz and gary and this guys head had a big wad of bandage or something stuck to it..... most distracting
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 23 2004, @02:03AM (#144607)
  • Some English people in q for hub said this.
    I don't know if they were bullshitting or not.
    Anyone else know?
    GreatGael -- Thursday December 23 2004, @10:38AM (#144670)
    (User #10200 Info)
    "I understood it with the eyes, never with thinking...using that would be to find them all equal"
  • Could it be we have witnessed the death of Morrissey, with the phoenix rising again in the shape of the Morrissey and Marr's big guitar collective with Johnny, Boz, Alain and Jesse pretending to be Lynyrd Skynyrd. It's gonna be a big metal monster. Watch out Marilyn Manson!
    Anonymous -- Friday December 24 2004, @03:00AM (#144842)
  • Hi there!

    I'm Arnaud, from France, maybe some of you might remember me, I'm the guy with long hair which arrived at the queu around noon, number 22 hehe!

    It's been a few days since the gig, but still I can say it could not have been more perfect than that. The waiting was really long and COOOOOLD, but it definetly worth it!! First Morrissey gig on the first row, what can you expect? Anyway, jjust wanted to say hi and thanx to the people I met during the gig, especially Jeff and his girlfriend from Chicago, it was really nice meeting you guys! Also Dominique from France, and the girl from N.Y. ... thanx to all for making this special day the best it could have been!!

    The Hub after-party was really cool too!!!

    Anonymous -- Friday December 24 2004, @02:33PM (#144923)
  • just want to mention how wondeful the performance of Redondo Beach was at the point. Mozzer just closed his eyes and sang his little heart out. It just showed how much he enjoys actually singing. Its over a week since the point gig and im still singing that song even though it was the 1st time i ever heard it. great gig too.
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 30 2004, @10:09AM (#145403)
  • Fuck off you twat
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 23 2004, @10:20AM (#144664)
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