posted by davidt on Saturday December 18 2004, @04:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Bigmouth Strikes Again / I Like You / Redondo Beach / Let Me Kiss You / Subway Train (into) Munich Air Disaster 1958 / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Friday Mourning / I Have Forgiven Jesus / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / You Know I Couldn't Last // Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

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  • Hurry up you budding actors. Did you have to act?
    dazzak -- Saturday December 18 2004, @04:08PM (#143769)
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  • I just hope it was great! If this is going to be on cd!
    evanslyonnais -- Saturday December 18 2004, @04:17PM (#143770)
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  • unless you count a new green shirt..

    same set list.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @04:17PM (#143771)
  • earls (Score:1, Interesting)

    just got back to our hotel from the gig. same setlist as the previous nights. the gig was actually amazing. i was shocked due to how massive the venue was inside. the crowd up front was really rough, and really into the show. there was incredivle energy all night from the band and the crowd. moz said 'there are goodbye's and there are farewll's. this is farewell....' he started to cry slightly at the end of 'last night i dreamt' before he left the stage. he seemed extreemly emotional tonight. the show was amzing for being in such a shit venue. the stage was very far except for a small part that extended out a bit in the middle, where he was able to shake hands with people in the front. the crush was brutal. dublin next. we will see what criptive farewell he leaves us with there... ;(

    Sharron Needles
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @04:19PM (#143772)
    • Re:earls by Bridget (Score:1) Saturday December 18 2004, @04:24PM
    • Re:earls (Score:2, Insightful)

      I don't really know how to express what i feel. Frustrated? Crushed? Elated...? maybe.

      Walking into Earls Court, my heart sank. Smile because I'm in earl's Court, I thought. But who could crack a grin at that enourmous plastic toilet of a venue..? My first real Moz gig (only ever seen him at festivals before - so out my face I can't remember much other than bawling my eyes out atop the shoulders of strangers), and it felt bizarre. In seats, not that we used them, low down, halfway back - i'm sorry if i flailed and squeaked to a degree that annoyed those around me, i realise we were there for slightly different reasons. But the only way i could be there that night was to sit where i did: a group of slightly reluctant friends accompanied me on the condition we didn't get squished to a pulp. Personally, it would have been a heavenly way to be crushed, i felt.

      Despite what others of you have said i found the gig strange - felt detached from the action particularly because whenever i allowed myself to become involved, someone near me would bring me back down. The band were strangely out of sync at the start, though it came together later on. A weirdly lethargic version of there is a light didn't stop me shedding a tear, and unlike my friends i thought the encore was ideal, albeit far too brief, like the whole set in fact. But where were the legendary stage invasions i;'ve heard tell of..? the multiple shirt-launching, the 'intense' physical interaction with the crowd..? I didn't really have a problem with the set, excepting it's brevity - went to Reading just for Moz and he played much longer! But the incessant speculation that it was his last gig made me atrophy with horror..."why am i not down there at the front..? I should have just said fuck it and got standing by myself - what have i done - is this it, forever? It can't be.."!

      The man himself was still incredible, and clearly emotional (even from where i was standing), for whatever reason - Succinct and oh-so-pointed banter: a bit of politik never goes astray in my book: and the writhing during 'November..' (which i believe i appreciated rather more than my sceptical boyfriend..) - i'm just getting used to his live style, he can't stop now!!

      I emerged with a lump in my throat, another in my chest and a distressed/uplifted feeling that i needed to share with someone that vaguely understood, instead of the 2 hour's worth of "why the fuck didn't he play suedehead" i endured on the tube/bus/train/bus/train/bollocks of the homeward journey. (for those of you from elsewhere in the world i can but grovel for my city's wholly shambolic transportation system).
      So there you go. Having never posted on one of these forums before, i've suddenly written a rambling and pointless thesis. Nice to meet you anyhow.

      PS. yer in Earl's court kid - a bit of Palare wouldn't have gone astray, surely..?
      el -- Monday December 20 2004, @05:23PM (#144239)
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    • Re:earls by phcbr6 (Score:1) Tuesday December 21 2004, @10:16AM
    • Re:earls by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday January 06 2005, @07:30PM
  • Yes he said it again...

    With a tear in his eye very emotional like, thanked us all for being us and and "please don't forget me" cue 'Last Night....'

    rode that barrier for all it was worth, got bruised ribs, touch his hand whilst steely blues connected AND Boz gave me his setlist which read as follows....(just as well as my head is still spinning, so glad I only live 3 streets away)

    so here goes...

    I like Y
    Let me
    Subway into Munich
    More Y'Ig
    Friday M
    Crashing Bores


    Last Nite

    Was the greatest I have ever seen him, full of quips, twists n'turns, rolling on the ground and truly put every ounce of himself into tonight.

    When he bid us "farewell" I choked and by the looks of it, was close himself. When the lights reflected on his beautiful eyes..... well must of been the mustard gas stench from the fragrant many that made him mist up...

    If this really is farewell, I will miss you sooooo much but thank you for everything over these years !
    loafing oaf 1954 -- Saturday December 18 2004, @04:27PM (#143775)
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  • good·bye
    An acknowledgment at parting, especially by saying “goodbye.” An act of parting or leave-taking: many sad goodbyes.

    Used to express goodbye.
    An acknowledgment at parting; a goodbye.
    The act of departing or taking leave.

    So, they mean exactly the same thing!!!!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @04:30PM (#143776)
  • Just got back to the hotel, so I must be quick. Wife in bar with friends and she has forbade me to post tonight but what the heck...

    Set almost the same as Brum but not quite. Here goes: - 1. How soon is now. 2. First of the gang. 3. November spawned a monster. 4. Dont make fun of daddies voice. 5 Bigmouth. 6. I like you. 7. Redondo Beach. 8. Let me kiss you. 9. Subway intro/munich air disaster 1958. 10. there is a light that never goes out. 11 the more you ignore me etc... 12. friday mourning. 13. i have forgiven jesus. 14. the world is full of crashing bores. 15. shoplifters. 16. irish blood... 17. you know i couldnt last. 18. last night i dreamt...

    Absolutely awesome much better than birmingham and thats my hometown but sorry the venue there is shite. the crowd were well up for the bequiffed one. Im buzzing but in trouble with the missus whos in the bar thinking ive gone for a slash. Sharon & Chico you missed a really great night.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @04:39PM (#143782)
  • Just before 'There Is A Light' Mozz said 'I used to be associated with three miserable people - oh well, at least the songs were good!'

    He he he....
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @04:47PM (#143784)
  • Only MEN Arena and Universal Amphitheater got 19 this year.
    Great! All will make it onto the live-cd!
    Johan de Witt <[email protected]> -- Saturday December 18 2004, @04:57PM (#143786)
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  • It is going to be the highlight of the live-cd!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:01PM (#143787)
  • Someone in the audience early on really pissed him off tonight. Early on he said something like ”What did you say, FRIEND” And gave someone the blackest, most threatening ”look”. Well that’s what it looked like on the big screen.

    Anyone up front know what the joker said?

    I thought it was hilarious and most impressive. He got over it though.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:02PM (#143788)
  • I cannot believe some of the comments I am reading. I saw Moz in New York and Manchester earlier this year. Earls Court was the worst show by a country mile. Morrisseys voice was fine but I am afraid the band were abysmal tonight.

    There is a light was played so badly, that if you shut your eyes you could pretend that it was a local pub band doing a cover version. How soon is now lacked the frightening intensity of the original. Last night I dreamt had a horribly brief intro and seemed off key.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:09PM (#143789)
  • he was looking a lot darker (hair wise) today then brighton. he must have less stress now its the home straight
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:10PM (#143790)
  • preferred it to Meltdown and MENA.
    The Smiths songs were absolutely dazzling. Loved Boz's high speed strumming on Bigmouth! The crowd went nuts for First of the Gang and even more bonkers for Irish Blood! Looked around quite a lot. Interesting to seee that relatively few people knew stuff like The More You Ignore Me (sounded amaxing with 3 guitars) and November. Loads of young people singing along to the YRTQ stuff and the Smiths classics. Friday Mourning was really lovely. Beautifully sung. What a great song! But no-one else near me seemed to have a clue about it!
    My two main complaints were replacing EILS with Munich (an average b-side): so disappointing when you're expecting Everyday Is Like Sunday after the Subway intro, and dropping the Never Laid (that's the never-played) Symphonies which is easily my favourite song of 2004.
    OK, that's all from me!
    PS Moz's opening words were 'Why do you come here' and then he mentioned smiling when thinking about Earls Court but failed to play the wonderful Piccadilly Palaré the old tease!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:11PM (#143791)
  • of the many morrissey shows i've seen since 1991, this was pretty much the best. shame about the smelly little creeps up near the front. morrissey fans are largely dreadful idiots, and it was proven again tonight.

    i was next to ms julia riley at the beginning. she looked like a fairly normal young lady. i soon fled the morons who surrounded us.

    other than the "fans," the only thing i didn't like was "there is a light," which was sluggish. but morrissey sounded great, and looked very well. porky pig boorer has lost a bit of weight, thank god. deano treated us to his half naked dreaminess. should make a great live cd, if this happens...and would definitely make a better live dvd than the comparitively boring manchester show.

    happy christmas.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:17PM (#143793)
  • And it was my 12th (first in 1992).
    The passion.
    The dramatic movements
    The dramatic gestures.
    The wit.
    The mime.
    The squalor.
    Let it not be farewell for good.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:19PM (#143794)
  • This gig had everything stacked against it. Huge barn-like venue, a set list full of b-sides, I ended up in the seated section (long story), and to top it all off I forgot the tickets and had to go back home to get them, thus arriving only just before Moz took the stage. Let's just say, my expectations weren't high, especially after the intimacy of the Meltdown shows. But fucking hell... it was awsome. Moz and the whole band were giving it all they had and most of crowd did the same. The seated section where I ended up didn't sit down once and were jumping around like they in the front.
    HSIN was spoiled somewhat by all the wankers late back from the bar, but still thrilling. Big Mouth sent chills up my spine that didn't stop still they reached my forehead (I have them again just writing about it) and the band were flawless IMO. Other highlights, Friday Mourning (who knew it would be so good live), Shoplifters, IBEH and of course the encore LNIDSLM was sublime. Moz almost cried, I almost cried, I think we all did (well most of us anyway). When Moz was writhing on the floor during NSAM, I got a flashback of the Kill Uncle tour when he did the same thing, only this time he sounded fantastic and then he sort of screached the whole thing. I'm sorry, but some things do get better with age, no matter what some people on these boards might say.
    If this if farewell, I will be very sorry but at least I was there, at least I was part of it. But somehow I believe that it's not. This story may be old, but I reckon it will go on (sorry I couldn't resist).
    Cazza -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:28PM (#143801)
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    God give me patience, just no more conversation
  • I’ve just released a charity single. And the charity is me.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:29PM (#143802)
  • The signed half! So thanks to the French guy next to me for sharing that with me.
    It was awesome, natch. He was introduced by the Imperfect List and opened with HSIN as usual, although encored with Last Night I Dreamt... He started off with his priest outfit which was peeled off by the third song and the dog collar thrown into the audience. Highly unimpressed with the security for the event though; for future reference, shouting "Can everyone push forward please?" and letting everyone off running into the arena like wild animals on a hunt, with no discernible organisation and no apparent care for anyone's safety was a BAD idea. But we got to the front and spent the whole gig there!! He was supported by Remma and James Maker and was himself on top form both musically and personally, chatting away and quite relaxed. The audience seemed a lot more subdued than I'd expected though. He reached out to touch the hands of the people in front of him and those who made it over the barrier (and past the security guards bobbing about like penguins needing a piss every time they saw someone move) but being about 7 feet away it wasn't easy, and he mock-strained and -gasped when he did so. He quipped a bit too, not the best ever but still lovely to hear him. Some of them that I remember:

    (in response to chants of Mo-rri-ssey): Yes, it's a good name isn't it?
    I'm happy to be in Earl's Court. What does that mean? I don't know.
    I used to knock about with three miserable guys, but there were some good songs (probably very badly worded)
    I don't think the feeling's mutual, but I Have Forgiven Jesus.
    We've got rid of Blunkett, now let's get rid of Blair!
    I can't always be wrong. (before IBEH)
    There is goodbye and there is farewell, and this is farewell.

    By the way, dictionary definition people, the dictionary definitions of the two are much the same but the actual meaning is slightly different; goodbye is goodbye and farewell is short for 'fare thee well' which is basically 'look after yourself' - still goodbye but not usually as long term or permanent, for the record. But really don't read too much into these things - he's only teasing, as he does so well.

    As usual, the man knows how to put on a show. He seems more comfortable in smaller, intimate venues but he filled Earl's Court well - a good choice of concert to film. Completely exhilarating!! Can't wait for Dublin!!!
    charming lass -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:32PM (#143803)
    (User #11741 Info)
    this is the last song i will ever sing, oh no i've changed my mind again
  • On the strength of tonight I sincerely hope this is not the final curtain. Twas a cracking gig -support acts were lame - but frankly who cares! Love how the live experience can totally change your opinion on songs. Was surprised to find myself not that bothered when bigmouth kicked in whereas you knew i couldn't last= which has always slightly annoyed me- was tonight this rousing epic anthem (obviously with added poignancy given the circumstances)
    Moz was on good form banter-wise and had a good old look at the different sections of the crowd - which was really nice. Greeted us with "why to you come here?" and ended up saying we were a dream audience for an old sea-dog like him - made me chuckle. the encore was really beautiful and i got all choked up seeing him shed a tear. Think the whole audience wanted to give him a big hug.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:38PM (#143805)
    • chesty morgan by methadone (Score:1) Saturday December 18 2004, @06:29PM
      • Re:chesty morgan by Some Dizzy Whore (Score:1) Saturday December 18 2004, @06:57PM
  • Good performance from both Morrissey (some great quips, especially liked the Smiths one, "I used to spend time with 3 very miserable men") and the band (Boz in particular) but the atmosphere in the crowd was as flat as I have ever known it at a Mozzer show.

    I'm sure there never used to be quite so many knobheads about and there never used to be so many people with digital cameras. Before these would have been on the floor halfway through the first song! Some people were quite aggressive too and not in a good way.

    I just hope that this playing arenas will not continue as I would like to think it was the shit venue that resulted in this poor atmosphere and not just that this is what Morrissey's fanbase is like now!

    A few nights at Brixton would have been a better idea.
    Richey <[email protected]> -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:39PM (#143806)
    (User #13337 Info)
  • Couldn't see too well but at one point it looked as if someone who was shaking moz' hand attempted to drag him into the pit or at least was very reluctant to let go. They received a scolding look from moz for their trouble. Who was the cheeky sausage?! - Can't say I blame you.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:54PM (#143809)
    • Re:grabby by Some Dizzy Whore (Score:1) Saturday December 18 2004, @06:06PM
      • Re:grabby by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday December 18 2004, @06:11PM
        • Re:grabby by carnal artist (Score:1) Sunday December 19 2004, @04:48AM
  • Dis anyone get the name of the first supporting band coz they were really good and my friend really fancies the lead singer!! The second band were abysmal though!!
    amysquie -- Saturday December 18 2004, @06:33PM (#143819)
    (User #12405 Info |

    I also snatched a few video clips of inbetween song banter - including his "goodbye/farewell". I'll bung a torrent file with these in tomorrow.
    lutewhine -- Saturday December 18 2004, @06:42PM (#143821)
    (User #10051 Info)
  • Hey does anyone know what was up with the Houston Bulldogs t-shirts that the band was in (well thankfully not Deano). Signifigance? Answers on a postcard, or preferably posted here...
    Cazza -- Saturday December 18 2004, @06:42PM (#143822)
    (User #8712 Info)
    God give me patience, just no more conversation
    • Re:Bulldogs? by Tingle (Score:1) Monday December 20 2004, @04:03AM
  • That song title is destined to be ironic. A pity, I wanted it to get more exposure on the album.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @06:58PM (#143826)
  • > So why do you smile
    > when you thing about Earls Court?
    > but you cry when you think of all
    > the battles you've fought (and lost)?

    "I'm glad to be here at last in Earls Court. What that means, I don't know."
    He finally did it. The sly fox. He's finally played his last English gig.
    Since he wrote Piccadille Palare, he has known that he'd finish his English Career in possibly the biggest venue - Earls Court.

    He's done everything he needs. He's even landed himself with a cushy job at Attack Records as the talent spotter (what better way to leave the music industry as an artist than to enter it as the recruiter of artists).

    I fucking hate to see the day come (especially as I sold my tickets to the last gig on ebay, ffs)... but my friends I think it has.

    Next year? 2 CD B-side album including Redondo, Home is a Question Mark, Playing Easy To Get, and Noise is the Best Revenge.
    Mada -- Saturday December 18 2004, @07:22PM (#143828)
    (User #9578 Info)
  • An emotional roller-coaster of a concert. Highs and lows. The crowd felt a bit flat at times; then it went absolutely wild. I was about 3 from the front. About 10-15 minutes in to the set, Moz looked VERY pissed off indeed. I really thought he was going to walk off. He scowled and snapped at the crowd, 'I'm S-I-Q-U-E, SICK!' and you could hear a couple of hundred jaws drop. Then he noticeably started to enjoy it again. Some of the playlist in the middle of the set could have been pacier. Still enjoyable though and certainly different playing B-sides. 'Friday Mourning' was great. Nice quips about 'Have you finished your Christmas shoplifting yet?' and 'We've got rid of Blunkett, now let's get rid of Blair'. When 'Irish Heart' started, the crowd went totally wild again and the atmosphere was electric. The end felt very valedictory - he looked emotional and close to tears as 'Last Night' started. I felt like crying myself. It had obvious overtones of Ziggy's farewell at the Hammersmith Odeon. The only consolation was the delightful frame of Deano. It all felt very final. Is this the end, beautiful friend..?
    Bilious Queen -- Saturday December 18 2004, @09:47PM (#143838)
    (User #13079 Info)
  • Great gig. I'd put it up there with the best shows I've seen him play since 1991. "Redondo Beach" was marvellous.

    I agree he almost started blubbing at the end. He almost did the same at the end of the Brixton Academy show in 2002. It doesn't mean he's retiring. It means he'll be back in 2006.

    Quibble No 1: £18.00 for a fucking ROSARY!!!!

    Quibble No 2: No "Symphonies"
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 19 2004, @02:05AM (#143845)
    • Re:Tears by fishnet_monkey (Score:1) Sunday December 19 2004, @09:58AM
  • So who got the shirt that Moz wiped his sweat on and stuffed down his trousers?That was the funniest thing ive seen for ages.
    Dan Burton -- Sunday December 19 2004, @03:12AM (#143852)
    (User #13289 Info)
  • Does anyone know the name and artist of the song played a while before Moz came on, it has the lyrics ' I can't stay here cause I'm single, and its raining' or something along those lines.

    Anonymous -- Sunday December 19 2004, @04:04AM (#143857)
  • Only my 4th time seeing Moz, but I have to say that for me, the Earls Court show was beautiful. When I walked into the venue my heart sank, it had a nasty feel to it, like an old aircraft hangar. However, once inside it felt better. I love to watch the venues fill up. Last night I was again struck by the varying ages of people. As well as the 30/40's, there were some people old enough to be my parents (and I'm 43!), the usual hoards of 18/19 year old students, and even a few "babies". The couple next to me had a child with them who was no more than 7 or 8, and I kid you not, he sang along all night!

    As for the show, well, it was everything I had hoped it would be. Moz looked absolutely fantastic and the band were amazing. Certain songs have more affect on me than others - somtimes making me a bit tearful at the joy of hearing them, I was ok last night until "Big Mouth, and then "The more you ignore me"... I lost it a bit with both of those. Anyway, I had a great time and personally, I do not believe we have seen the last of Moz live. The man loves what he does, you can see it and feel it, it would be hard for him to never do it again especially after such a magnificent year, surely.....?
    AH -- Sunday December 19 2004, @04:05AM (#143858)
    (User #13365 Info)
  • The gig was great, was able to stand on a little step 2 rows in from the front, dead centre of the stage. The arena was bloody huge, from what I could see the place looked sold out.

    The crowd was really good but nowhere near as rough as the Manchester MEN gig, he only threw one shirt into the crowd. Morrissey was full of ad libs which will great for the CD release.

    Loved Crashing Bores, Last Night I Dreamt, sung with a tear in his eyes, and Redondo Beach is truly a beautiful song.

    Just hope its not as final as it all looked at the end of the gig, with him saying "Please Don't Forget Me, I Love You", and "There Is Goodbye And There Is Farewell, This Is Farewell" all tear jerking stuff.

    Just got to hope and pray for more of the same soon, there is no other artist anywhere close to how great Morrissey is, the B sides alone from Quarry would make an exceptional album.
    borntohang1968 -- Sunday December 19 2004, @04:16AM (#143862)
    (User #13232 Info)
    older and wiser never applies to me
  • 5 Earl's files []
    lutewhine -- Sunday December 19 2004, @04:26AM (#143864)
    (User #10051 Info)
  • I'd like to think of myself as Morrissey's biggest Mongolian fan, unfortunely he doesnt make it to Mongolia much and I'm so happy that I went to my first ever Moz concert yesterday. The people I was with had seen him lots of times before, but they all said yesterday's was one was the best, so I wanna say to all those who's saying it wasnt great, "WHAT RUBBISH!" I loved it, Morrisey you're a star! I love you.
    zola -- Sunday December 19 2004, @04:51AM (#143869)
    (User #13366 Info)
  • This is farewell:

    Leaving the stage:

    I can't be wrong about everything:

    We've got rid of blunkett:

    christmas shoplifting
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 19 2004, @07:22AM (#143884)
  • I didn't think there WAS a support! Amazing gig, Bigmouth and The More You Ignore Me... brilliant. I love Friday Mourning as well.

    I think people are reading too much into the whole farewell thing, it was just a casual goodbye!

    It was a wonderful night. Really brilliant.
    MyMelody -- Sunday December 19 2004, @07:24AM (#143885)
    (User #2329 Info |
    ...don't make fun of me later... cos I'm just lost...
  • This was my 15th show, and 4th of 2004.

    It was also my girlfriend's first ever gig.

    Both of us left totally mesmerised by the performance. I guess it depends where you were in the arena, but I thought the crowd response was so much better than the NIA on Tuesday.

    Frankly, I was surprised to look around the arena after a couple of songs, and see that it was almost completely full (I think the timing of Morrissey's arrival caught some of the 9.20 club by surprise).

    The set was great - even Redondo Beach - which I thought seemed out of place, sounded quite good. Moz whipped the mic lead like I haven't seen in some time, without letting his vocals go astray. Boz and Deano in particular were giving it everything..

    I sincerely hope this isn't Morrissey's last show on these shores. His final remark about Goodbye/Farewell doesn't exactly calm the fears that he is about to retire, but at the same time there are plenty of things to suggest that he is just stringing us along. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens over the next 2 years... Until then, thanks Morrissey for some magnificent songs and some incredible nights last last night. We won't forget you.

    Sorrow of Stamford Bridge

    (oh, one gripe at the venue - for fuck's sake, introduce some queue lines at the bar!)
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 19 2004, @07:50AM (#143889)
  • does anyone feel seriously let down by last night?
    i mean what was played was good (there is a light was way too slow tho), but it only lasted about one hour 20 minutes, and was the same setlist as the previous shows on this jaunt. When this show was announced it was announced as a special one-off pre-xmas gig, but it was standard. And expensive. With the ticketweb charges it cost £37, and there was no decent support (PJ Harvey on the first couple of shows-it costs £25 to see one of her own gigs!). Moz seemed to enjoy it but there was more than a hint of going through the motions.
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 19 2004, @08:13AM (#143890)
  • Had a fab night in Earl's Court (oh the irony) except for a few things. Firstly, the first support band's singer's dad (or possibly granddad) blinding me and my mate with a flash when he was stood elbow to elbow with us - cheers mate! Find a bigger gap next time! Then there was the second support band who were abysmal (the singer obviously thought he was the bastard child of some bizarre mating between Morrissey and Ricky Martin, and a word of advice mate, if you're going to gyrate like that, at least get a top that covers your overhang - not a pretty sight). Lastly, the stupid bints who decided to try and elbow their way past me and my mate to get closer - sorry love, we're in the second row, have been here since 6.15 keeping these places and if you want to get closer I suggest you get here earlier!!! And if I EVER find you elbowing me or my mate in the kidneys again to try and get through, you'll have hell to pay!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

    However, all in all, fantastic night! Special thanks to Deano for spotting us during the second band and waving (TWICE!) - made me grin like a teenager. My night was made by The More You Ignore Me... simply because it's one my little 4 year old and I sing on the way to/from nursery and he always asks "mummy is this Morrissey" and it made me think of him.

    Yet again the great man was in gracious, witty, whimsical mood and provided us with a fine performance (despite the sound being decidedly dodgy all night). The band looked like they thoroughly enjoyed it too.

    Thanks Morrissey x
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 19 2004, @09:27AM (#143907)
  • I Have Forgiven Jesus enters the UK charts at number 10 today. The only artist to have 4 top-10 hits this year!
    Johan de Witt <[email protected]> -- Sunday December 19 2004, @09:27AM (#143908)
    (User #4231 Info)
  • If this was his final show, and I think it probably was, then it was a great way to bow out. He realises continuing forever will only destroy his legacy.

    It was a great show with an excellent setlist, and a few nice quotes, but a few he'd used before. Morrissey? "It's a beautiful name, but just think where it's been..."

    "We've got a charity single out this christmas, the charity is me.."

    "Bores.... is our christmas single.. in Idaho!"

    The show was obviously quite moving for him - he looked more emotional than I've seen him during "Last Night I Dreamt" after he'd announced "when you say goodbye there's goobye and there's farewell.. this is farewell."

    Probably because of his impending retirement from live shows, he seemed almost preoccupied, and not as vibrant as he'd been earlier this Summer, or perhaps it was just because it was Christmas.

    I would have preferred to have seen a few more surprises in the setlist, stuff that's never been played solo, but overall it was excellent. Excluding "Everyday" and playing "Munich" was puzzling, but "Friday Mourning" was a surprise highlight - very epic and quite soaring melodically, it was performed with a certain gravitas with Moz in a black shirt. Also great were a storming IBEH, a great opening one-two with How Soon Is Now and First of the Gang, and Redondo Beach was surprisingly good and Last Night I Dreamt was sublime.

    I felt very sad to think I'll never see Moz again, but at least I got to see his final show and made it to the second row, near to Julia, my sweetheart.

    Also spotted freeyourself in the crowd - his was the only builder's bum on display. Had no idea he's 4'7" tall either, but I suppose the fact he's taken to spending his afternoons and evenings registering names on the message board so he can deleate messages he doesn't like should have served as a red flag that he had issues. Hope things improve for you.

    Overall, a splendid night and an excellent show, but a terribly sad occasion too - let's hope he releases another album or two even if he doesn't get on stage and tour.

    Thank you for another beautiful night Morrissey - and I hope the future brings peace and possibly happiness for you.
    broken -- Sunday December 19 2004, @09:30AM (#143909)
    (User #12260 Info)
    It took a tattooed boy from Birkenhead
  • The gig was disappointing. I went to MEN and the first night of Meltdown. At both previous gigs, Moz was more relaxed and more coherent. the previous gigs were much more complete.

    The ticket price for a 1 hour 20 mins concert was a disgrace - even the most cock-sure major music stars have a decent support act. was it because the gig had already sold out that there was no attempt to add decent support? If so, isn't that treating the die-hard London fans rather poorly?

    The audience was flat - limited singing and little celebration other than making noise during old Smiths songs and IBEH.

    The set list was rather poor - some b-sides that compared with his early b-sides could be said to be average. Friday Mourning and Munich were a waste of concert time - expecially when the concert was so short. There were several lulls and he lost an audience that was hoping for more. Redondo beach sounded poor and was flat.

    I've been a fan of his for 18 years - it worrys me that the blind love of his music can affect people musical judgements. It also confirms to me that London crowds are nowhere near as celebratory as Manchester ones.
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 19 2004, @09:43AM (#143911)
  • What was the song that was played inbetween performances which kept going OUUUUUUUUUTSIDE

    I really loved it but can't find who sang mainly due to the fact that I only remeber the lyric - 'outside'

    Can anyone help
    astol -- Sunday December 19 2004, @09:59AM (#143921)
    (User #7611 Info)
    there's more to life than books you know but not much more
  • That was the first time I've seen James Maker perform live, and I have to be honest, he was awful. The lyrics all featured cliches about south london, girl/boy interchanges to indicate gender issues, or mentioned "fuck you, I love you" or whatever. You get the picture.

    To make matters worse, he was whizzing around like a little spinning top to tunes with absolutely no rhythm at all, and virtually no melody. At times, I wondered if he was singing or shouting, and the guitar riffs were even worse. The guitars sounded like Oasis trying to do Jimmy Page, while high on coke. I couldn't actually believe what i was watching.

    Even after numerous half-pits of beer, nothing improved. "Born that way" only re-emphasised how little Maker has to offer aside from a mildly rousing desire to shout how pissed off he is about something slightly gay. I think.

    At first, I remarked to my friend that Bobmozza must have got a deal - it looked exactly like bob, only 5 or 6 years older and slightly more bulky. Apologies bob, having witnessed this diabolic display of rockabilly posturing, tuneless wailing and incongruous compliments "you were sensational" to a crowd who were whistling, or nodding off could only serve as an insult to you bob.

    What else can I say? Oh I almost forgot - he even introduced his band like Moz does, saying things like "fresh from pentonville prison... " before telling us who the drummer was. Like we cared. Hhe introduced them all and probably thought we all knew who he - big star he is - was but by the end of the gig most people had no idea he was james Maker, and ironically were more familiar with his drummer.

    Remma were ok, and had 1 nice song spoiled by some awful drumming (the next single) and a couple of semi-passable efforts. Like every other Moz support act really.
    broken -- Sunday December 19 2004, @10:07AM (#143925)
    (User #12260 Info)
    It took a tattooed boy from Birkenhead
  • Last nights show was amazing proving that Moz is stronger than ever. Same set as Brighton but his connectivity with Brighton seemed stonger, speaking more and slipping in witty gags.Went in a little pub outside Earls Court that was playing classic Moz, getting everyone in there to sing along which was a great laugh. Also slipped out for a beer during 'Jesus' and bumped into Kelly Osbourne, not very talkative or she just didn't want to talk to a drunken boy like i was.
    Two great nights, thank you Morrissey!
    imperial_hellfire -- Sunday December 19 2004, @10:35AM (#143929)
    (User #13369 Info)
  • Earls Court was an amazing gig.I really didn't believe Moz would pull it off-but in grand style he did.As said elsewhere,same set are previous dates etc., yet there was a definite surcharge not only around the arena but from Mozzer Himself.Whereas Birmingham sounded jaded,the songs reverbed around Earls Court with surprising energy.
    As for Moz, the signals he sent out about forthcoming retirement were obvious to me.The comments about farewell,the look in his eys during 'Last Night'-as if he knew this was his last live appearance on home soil- I was emotional with him.I thought he was going to give in to his emotions for a brief moment, yet held on.Leaving the Court, to the echoes of 'My Way' oh well, enough said...
    Sad to say-how still we are in love with you...

    I don't believe Moz could ever formally retire because of the rare effect he has on people.There really would be a few jumping in front of ten-ton trucks...hence he has probably been advised not to announce it.
    So, 2005 will probably bring a new unpromoted album,live dvds and most exciting of all in my view, the autobiography that many will read and receive no surprise from...still, hopefully a book-tour?
    Then...a place in the sun...
    KevinNorthants -- Sunday December 19 2004, @12:48PM (#143942)
    (User #6488 Info)
  • This is not the end of the road for Morrissey. I just wish that all of the posters who come on here whining about it being 'the end' would get a grip of themselves and realise that he's loving it at the moment.
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 19 2004, @12:52PM (#143944)
  • I know Morrissey plays a lot of Jobriath before the gig but does anyone know what is the song by a female singer (also I think it's sung in french)? Also, has anyone got any Cds made up of older pre-gig stuff, such as Nomi, Nico, Cockney Rejects?
    The party in West Kensington was absolutely blinding! Thank you guys.
    seb71 -- Sunday December 19 2004, @01:04PM (#143948)
    (User #13191 Info)
  • apart from the drunken redhead next to me that ruined the first few songs by elbowing me, she was so annoying she could easily have got an elbow or two back if it wasn't for her big boyfriend haha. other than that it was all good, I loved redondo beach as I'm a massive patti smith fan. it would seem like I was the only person that nearly fell over laughing at his pat benatar joke. oh well different strokes for different folks.

    oh and I'd like to say thankyou to the girl who was with her friend Emma from North Yorkshire, for keeping me entertained during James Maker so I didn't top myself.

    Adrian [mailto]
    Anonymous -- Sunday December 19 2004, @01:18PM (#143955)
    • Earl's court by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday December 20 2004, @07:52AM
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