posted by davidt on Friday December 17 2004, @04:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Bigmouth Strikes Again / I Like You / Redondo Beach / Let Me Kiss You / Subway Train (into) Munich Air Disaster 1958 / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Friday Mourning / I Have Forgiven Jesus / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / You Know I Couldn't Last // Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

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  • Come on - where's the set list? Where are the descriptions of the concert? This has been posted for one full minute - I expect you people to be more on top of it!
    Grillo <[email protected]> -- Friday December 17 2004, @04:02PM (#143609)
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  • I know this sounds a bit wimpy, but actually I think it was too loud to get the balance right. There were five or six trucks parked out the back which is at least two or three more than normal for the brighton centre. You might suspect this was a dry run for Earls Court. Also there were large screens either side of the stage and the Brighton centre doesn't really warrant it.

    So, the mix wasn't great, but also they played 'there is a light...' slower than normal. There was only one real attempt to get on the stage when this song normally attacts a flurry of activity.

    It was an OK gig, but the sound simply wasn't upto Brixton Academy or RFH.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 17 2004, @04:23PM (#143614)
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  • So, How's this:

    Ticket off tout £15
    Parking £1.20

    Afterwards give lift to 5 guys in suits who want to go to 'Pussycats' in Hove (where I live) (Hove that is, not Pussycats). And they give me £20.

    Net outcome £3.80. And I get to see Morrissey.

    Tomorrow night I'm going to Earls Court. Anyone need a lift back to Pussycats (or any other lap dancing venue in East Sussex) afterwards... say £80?
    Anonymous -- Friday December 17 2004, @04:38PM (#143616)
  • Just got back from the gig and, I have to say, it was far better than the RFH meltdown gig I went too. Started with 'how soon is now' straight into 'first of the gang' and included, there is a light', 'shoplifters', 'more you ignore me'. It was all rather exciting and for what is a usually crap venue, the standing was in great spirits and Moz was pretty talkative. Jokes about George Michael, Kylie (leading into 'crashing bores'), Brighton, and some good responses to heckles (one really loud guy screaming 'william, william). Other random things: Moz through two shirts into the crowd, two large screens a bit unnecessary. Quite a few seats were obviously unsold and were behind curtains - at about 8pm touts were selling standing for just £10.

    Anyway, i'm off to bed
    Anonymous -- Friday December 17 2004, @04:41PM (#143617)
  • I'm away this weekend so I can't go to the Moz show at Earl's Court, so I've got two seated tickets free to a good home: only problem is you'll have to collect them from me by 10am tomorrow morning.

    I'll be at Paddington station in London tomorrow at 10am or I live in Central London so anyone keen could collect tonight!

    If you're interested, post a reply and I'll check back here in an hour or so.
    carlos_blakos -- Friday December 17 2004, @04:58PM (#143622)
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  • How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Bigmouth Strikes Again / I Like You / Redondo Beach / Let Me Kiss You / Subway Train (into) Munich Air Disaster 1958 / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Friday Mourning / I Have Forgiven Jesus / The Never Played Symphonies / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / You Know I Couldn't Last // Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
    Anonymous -- Friday December 17 2004, @05:35PM (#143628)
  • I thought the show wasexcellent. Iwent with my wife. She is totally sexy and we snogged loads and loads. The music was good too.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 17 2004, @05:45PM (#143632)
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  • If the setlist posted above is corect, i.e. the same as both Glasgow and Birmingham, we can safely assume this will be the same tomorrow in Earls Court and therefore be the tracklisting for the album and DVD.

    Without comparing to 'Rank' and 'Beethoven Was Eh?' what do you think of the content?

    For my two shillings, Everyday Is Like Sunday should be in there, as well as Now My Heart and - perhaps for nostalgic reasons - Rubber Ring.

    Without including songs that have not been played on this tour, should there be any other drastic changes folks?
    • Re:Great CD? by Stan (Score:1) Friday December 17 2004, @06:34PM
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  • Set list (Score:1, Insightful)

    The set list differed from recent shows by not including The Never Played Symphonies but by playing The World is Full of Crashing Bores. I think the order was slightly changed too, with Irish Blood coming before Shoplifters. So I think the setlist was:

    How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Bigmouth Strikes Again / I Like You / Redondo Beach / Let Me Kiss You / Subway Train (into) Munich Air Disaster 1958 / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Friday Mourning / I Have Forgiven Jesus / The World is Full of Crashing Bores / Irish Blood, English Heart / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / You Know I Couldn't Last // Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

    While any Morrissey show is excellent, I was a bit disappointed. Morrissey did not seem to engage much with the audience. The last time I saw him live was two years ago. Since then a few things have changed. The technical performance is much better - the band and Morrissey are performing surperbly, but I didn't feel that there was the same vibe. It was also incredibly professional with extensive lighting and TV screens. This makes it very pretty and impressive, but I think I still prefer the old style minimalist live Morrissey.


    Anonymous -- Friday December 17 2004, @06:41PM (#143642)
  • He did not say goodbye at all which makes me think he was pissed off for some reasons. He also looks tired and a bit bored on stage, first time i see him like that. The man has had a tough year behind him so you can't blame him.
    Banter : " well 3 years ago when you were all listening to Georges Michael.........(boo from the crowd).........oh you can't fool me!"
    Same set list than Birmingham but no Symphonies and Crashing Bores added.
    The band was in great form though and the Smiths tracks sounded great, the real problem is the set list with too many downtempo tracks and B sides.
    I do agree with the previous post, minimalism suits him better.
    somebody loved me -- Friday December 17 2004, @07:15PM (#143645)
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  • Enjoyed many of the Brighton boozers in The Lanes pre gig, on a freezing cold night. We just walked past security, when they where searching people, so should have took my bloody camera with me. Merchandise was a bit shit.

    I thought the gig was brilliant, I was in standing, about 4 rows from the front, the atmosphere there was very good, made better by the large quantity of Stella Artois I had drunk.

    I thought the band sounded great and I thought Moz was as good as ever.

    My highlights where How Soon Is Now, Crashing Bores, November .. and Shoplifters, which he introduced by saying "Only 7 shoplifting days till Christmas"

    The security where very good and not at all heavy handed, most people who got over the barrier managed to shake Moz's hand, so I decided to go over myself when he played The More You Ignore Me. I got pulled over, wild eyed and pissed up, and said to the security bloke "I'm going fucking nowhere till I've shook his hand", he said "OK mate" so I walked straight over to him and shook his hand, without getting dragged about or man handled and then just walked round to rejoin the frenzy, so that made my night.

    All in all, I had a very good night and now it's onwards to Earls Court. Hope he throws Piccadilly Palare in. "Why Do I Smile When I Think About Earls Court"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    borntohang1968 -- Saturday December 18 2004, @01:39AM (#143672)
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    older and wiser never applies to me
  • Hi all.
    I'm a first timer here, and to a Moz gig!
    I've been a massive Smiths fan for about 12 years, only really getting into Moz solo for a year or two. This was the first time I've seen him live. WHAT HAVE I BEEN UP TO?!
    He is f*****g amazing!! I was SOOO pleased to see some old Smiths tunes. Someone commented on why he does this. It might be a bit annoying for you guys who are not really into The Smiths, but for us who are, it means alot. It certainley did for me. Last Night I dreamt...... I have to admit this, my eyes were so full of tears, I couldn't see a bloody thing! VERY nice.
    Moz is an amazing man, as I'm sure you'd all agree. At one point he commented on why we are all here. I got the impression he was quite touched to see us all there.

    Lovely atmosphere, thanks to all you guys.

    If you read this Moz, (yeah right!!) thank you, you're amazing!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @04:40AM (#143690)
    • Re:Virgin! by jehova's witless (Score:1) Saturday December 18 2004, @05:19AM
  • ...The Never Played Symphonies for tonight please Moz!
    Hairdresser on Fire -- Saturday December 18 2004, @05:36AM (#143697)
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    "The typewriter is holy the poem is holy the voice is holy the hearers are holy the ecstasy is holy!" Allen Ginsberg.
  • and therefore i can't really offer any comments. i could make up a story that i lost my coat and a fatty bloke kicked my knackers cos i was in "his spot" (at the urinals, not at the stage)

    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @06:08AM (#143699)
  • far from standoffish, he was charming and chatty. he said something like 'do you know why you're here? sure you weren't expecting someone else?'

    and: 'i hope you can all get through christmas - it's the hardest time of is for me'.

    he was trying to introduce 'redondo beach' as a george michael cover when some comment clearly displeased him. introducing the next song he was again interrupted and raised his voice: 'for christ's sake would you PLEASE let me...kiss you'.

    redondo beach - this was my fourth show this year, but he never sang it before. beautiful and different from the rest of the set.

    have to disagree with someone above about the sound - it was by far the best i've heard this year, clear as a bell. needless to say moz's voice was perfection.

    my one complaint is they they play some songs so SLOW in comparison with the records. sadly 'first of the gang' has joined 'november' as a right plod. yet they rip away at 'bigmouth', and 'irish blood' gets off the ground once they've left the constraints of the verse guitar echo. the song accelerates when they hit the chorus. why don't they start it (all) quicker?

    anyway he's still magic...

    i liked 'subway train' unexpectedly becoming 'munich air disaster' - does he refrain from 'everyday' when playing seaside towns?
    methadone -- Saturday December 18 2004, @07:00AM (#143703)
    (User #12826 Info)
  • Well, I'm sorry but I thought this was the worst Morrissey gig I've ever been to in more than 30 shows stretching back 13 years. Every song was dreadfully slow, he barely moved, he looked tired, bored, and frankly past it. I was almost in tears at stages - with a setlist like that it should have been great, but watching him slaughter classic Smiths tracks by slowing them down and playing them in a different key to compensate for his ageing vocal was appalling.

    On top of that, I thought the audience was lousy and there was no atmosphere at all. I managed to get three people away from the barrier after walking in as the lights went down - I've never achieved that at a Morrissey show before. Worse still, no-one was jumping around or moving down there. It wasn't even crushed. Normally you could barely move. At one point last night I took a step backwards and no-one was even standing close behind me. Having said that, with the songs being played at a snail's pace, that's no surprise.

    The writing was on the wall at the Festival Hall earlier this year - I said after that that it was like watching him go through his death throes but I blamed it on the venue. Last night, there was no excuse - I've seen some great gigs at the Brighton Centre, it's a good little venue. This wasn't one of them.

    I found it deeply upsetting to see a man I've admired and, fuck it, loved for the past 20 years put on a show that lacklustre. So much so that, for the first time in my life, I'm seriously considering never going to see him live again.

    Pop stars aren't meant to go on forever - that's what tossers like Cliff Richard and Rod Stewart do. Morrissey - please, for the sake of your dignity, retire. NOW.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @08:02AM (#143713)
  • I thought it was a great show but slightly different from others i've seen recently. (def better than the meltdowns.)

    The choice of songs seemed extremely sincere. The B sides seemed to be chosen for the earnestness of the passion.

    This was old fashioned crooning of highest quality.

    Moz seemed a little less dapper than usual. He was even slightly disheveled when he first came out... Was he tired or had he been up to something backstage..?

    What this meant was that this was a show of straight passion. Not a festival of irony or comedy. this seemed to mean something.

    I was close enough not to need the screens at the side of the stage but once or twice i did look at them. What was remarkable was the continuing intensity of the passion.. Did i really see some tears in those Moz eyes?

    The Patti Smith cover obviously meant a lot. As did Irish b lood, but the last two songs took the biscuit for hand-on-heart emotion.

    The glitter ball swirling, the blue lights twinkling, the smoke machine, the huge name in lights - it was "Last night I dreamt" that captured the emotion with most strength.

    And it was incredibly moving.
    carnal artist -- Saturday December 18 2004, @09:40AM (#143724)
    (User #7076 Info)
  • 15 years ago Morrissey live was extremely powerful and going to one of his gigs was always an amazing experience. Today he is just a pale copy of what he used to be.
    Earlier this week PJ Harvey supported Morrissey in Glasgow and Birmingham, last night she officially announced that she quits and will never perform live again.
    Please Moz listen to "Paint a vulgar picture" and "Get off the stage"'ve written those songs and give up live shows now.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @10:12AM (#143731)
  • Oh please.. I saw him in Blackpool in September and he was in fantastic form, the crowd were in such a frenzy that I couldn't get anywhere near the front.. also Reading and Leeds were classic Morrissey. He never 'performs', so if the fancy takes him to hurl himself around, he will, if it doesn't, he won't. He still has a vitality that could well be the preserve of younger men.. he still has something to offer that nobody else can.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @10:32AM (#143735)
  • Get your ticket for the last gig. It'll be amazin.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @01:25PM (#143756)
  • Manchester Arena rocked like a bastard on 22/05/2004 and so did Move festival. Mozzer feeds off the audience and it must be hard when large parts of the audience are just crap so stop blaming his age etc. for what you consider to be the cause of these sub-par gigs. I've had the misfortune to be stood next to lifeless duds at other gigs on this tour and their inability to express anything during the show has ruined and stifled my evening big-style. Having these people around you is uncomfortable and intimidating, I guess Moz picks up on that too. Before the two Manchester shows there was an unbelievable buzz on the whole city knowing Moz was home and you just knew it was going to be mesmerising, just a great feeling in the air. Some of the other gigs I went to didn't have that anticipation or excitement beforehand and predictably, the gig was a quieter, subdued affair. As soon as the gigs are announced you kind of know which ones are going to be the best ones.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @01:36PM (#143760)
  • some of the comments on here put the anal in analyse - the man's been on tour for a long time, give him a break. the gig was fantastic - i was a few feet away and he seemed full of passion and enjoyed himself, particularlay towards the end. remember the crowd is, by and large, growing older with mozzer - so its not going to be a 20 deep mosh pit. however, there was plenty of dancing and pogoing going on in the front - especially during bigmouth and first of the gang. last night i dreamt was very moving. the sound was good, and mozzer got through four shirts, throwing a couple into the crowd. there were people fighting and one girl in floods of tears over who should get the last scrap. perhaps because moz teasingly rubbed it down the (inside!) of his trousers before throwing it. the people around me were very moved, and a good time was had by all i think. incidentally, the people telling hime to give up gigs can go f*** themselves - if you don't like it, don't go. i can't think of a band who can generate the same level of passion or play such a fantasic, emotive set. or have 4 top 10 singles from the same album without making the radio 1 playlist (well, he will by sunday). well done mr M.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 18 2004, @02:43PM (#143764)
  • May Morrissey cover his ears to much of the above and go on singing to his heart's content, at his pleasure, for those who truly appreciate him!
    goinghome -- Saturday December 18 2004, @04:20PM (#143773)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • its taken me 2 days to get home - but have to say that after 20 years of going to see Morrissey and TYhe Smiths - Brighton was the best night I've ever had.

    I think everyone else must have been to a different gig. I used to live in Brighton and Brighton center, but is was a brilliant evening full of great peole and a fantastic gig.

    so there.
    Brighton Rich -- Sunday December 19 2004, @04:07AM (#143859)
    (User #8270 Info)
  • Two days on, and my head is still buzzing with images of this memorable concert. True, Morrissey was not at his most inspired; but even a slightly below-par Morrissey is better than anybody else. Who can dispute this self-evident fact? Personal highlights included Munich Air Disaster, Friday Morning, IHFJ and a thundering version of LNIDTSLM to close the show (with Morrissey visibly moved.) No goodbyes or farewells, but we loved it anyway.
    huxley2001 -- Sunday December 19 2004, @06:11AM (#143877)
    (User #11632 Info)
  • My first time at a Morrissey gig, and I thought it was superb. Loved that he opened with a cracking version of "How Soon Is Now", and the closing "Last Night I Dreamt..." was fantastic, although the shortened intro didn't work as well for me.

    Loved Mozza's overall banter was great and I found him very amusing, especially with his self-depricating stuff, i.e.:

    "Do you know why you're here?"

    (Crowd roars.)

    "Are you sure?"


    "You didn't think you were coming to see somebody else?"


    And the mentioned "Shoplifters..." intro was cool, too.

    The atmosphere was great and the Brighton folk were, as usual, ultra friendly. A good time seemed to have been had by all. Although six quid for a double vodka with tonic at the bar borders on the criminal.
    Sheamus -- Sunday December 19 2004, @07:31AM (#143886)
    (User #13368 Info)
  • this was my second morrissey gig, i was second row and crushed like a b*sard..but to see morri so close was absolutely mindblowing, i thought he was fantastic, me and my friend were stood feet from julia which was fun she gave me a drink and the security man gave her a morrichristmas card needless to say she was very emotional, we managed to throw our letters to him but our flowers were stolen at the door, nevermind, i think some people on here are a bit reeto by saying such negative comments, three months ago i didnt even know who he was and now im hooked. morrissey has an incredable effect on folks from my point of view so y'all anyone who says he was less than mintoes is physically and mentally wrong.
    benw -- Sunday December 19 2004, @08:50AM (#143898)
    (User #13257 Info)
  • Even though it's a bit late, thought I'd add my little comment about this gig! (I only have internet access at work, see? Poor loser that I am...)

    I though the set list was brilliant, and although I've never really liked YKICL on record, it sounded sublime live as the last song before the encore. Then Last Night was amazing, so emotional, it was the first time I'd seen this song played live. Other than that I thought Irish Blood went down brilliantly and generally always sounds great live, as did HSIN?.

    The only thing that was a bit weird was the atmosphere- I got the impression that a lot of the people there were on their "one gig of the year" rota Xmas outing or something- they weren't massive fans, but went because it was something different to do on a Friday night. I was quite near the front but felt like I was the only one singing along to every word!
    viggerz -- Monday December 20 2004, @03:56AM (#144065)
    (User #8421 Info)
  • This, I have never heard at a gig before:

    Father: "Do a wee-wee if you can"
    Son: "I don't need to"
    Father: "We'll it's worth trying - just in case."

    Another first at a Morrissey gig. Seems his audience gets younger and younger as well as older and older.
    Tingle -- Monday December 20 2004, @04:17AM (#144070)
    (User #5731 Info)
  • Hey there all,

    This was also my first Morrissey gig and he is mindblowing live, creeping towards 50 or not. He simply can't retire!!! It's not on. Has anyone got any images, vid of this gig? I would really really like something to remember that night by since there is the possibility that I may not get the chance to see him in the flesh again.

    Colette -- Monday December 20 2004, @06:32AM (#144090)
    (User #13384 Info)
    Pleasure for beautiful bodies. Pain for beautiful souls.
  • its a bit late now, but went to see moz at brighton, thought it was amazing, the 1st concert ive ever been to, not my last. My throat was hurting afterwards thanks to all the singing
    Billy Bunk -- Sunday January 23 2005, @01:51PM (#148155)
    (User #13560 Info)

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