posted by davidt on Tuesday December 14 2004, @04:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Bigmouth Strikes Again / I Like You / Redondo Beach / Let Me Kiss You / Subway Train (into) Munich Air Disaster 1958 / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Friday Mourning / I Have Forgiven Jesus / The Never Played Symphonies / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / You Know I Couldn't Last // Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

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  • I knew i had to be somewhere tonight, hope it was a good un.
    CaKeS -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @04:05PM (#142829)
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    "stop the world, i want to get off"
  • well no moaning about this show tonight please, i set off at 4pm, car broke down just as we got into birmingham, and got back home at 10pm, tickets still in my pocket, not impressed, i hope you all enjoyed the show
    wrightytheman -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @04:22PM (#142830)
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  • excellent, but (Score:2, Interesting)

    A few point from tonights show;

    1 - Same set as in Glasgow. Morrissey was excellent, I was also very impressed by PJ Harvey who is a top spinning rock minx, she reminded me of ian curtis. Only one criticism, I would have liked the headmaster ritual in the set somewhere and maybe everyday is like sunday, i felt the set had too many b-sides.

    2 - Julia is very well, she was very well looked after in the front row, morrissey ensured that and checked several times.

    3 - Is this his farewell tour? Well i thought tonight the clues were there. He said early on in the set "this is my emotional journey, much to my cost", i wondered, was he talking about hiring massive arenas and not selling them out, all in the name of "farewell my friends"? Also, he ended by saying "farewell is the longest word" and on came the sinartra classic "my final curtain", you know the one. I just got the feeling, this was the last time we would see him in birmingham at least, if not another UK tour.

    4 - The arena i would say overall was 3/4 full. However the people around my seat were awful. One complained to a steward because a girl dared to get up and sing. I felt a freak knowing the words and doing my hand movements, it was like a library, why do these people come out to see a show they haven't got the first clue about? The concert would have been awesome in a smaller venue with the diehards, even though i was a morrissey virgin, i still gave as much passion as i could, because i am passionate about his music and lyrics. Others clearly were not. I mean, how can people NOT know the lyrics to "theres a light"?

    Overall ratings.

    morrissey : 9 maybe 8 because of too many b sides.

    PJ harvey : 7-8 really enjoyed her set, she contrasted morrissey so very well.

    brum crowd: overall 5, diehards 8 ( good try diehards ).

    I enjoyed the night and i'm on a high, thank you morrissey. :)
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @04:39PM (#142832)
  • Knowing Julia was well looked after in the front row and checked on several times.

    Personally, I fell she needs checking out by a psychiatrist.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @04:47PM (#142834)
  • Thank you...I'll ignore all you other bastards.
    I won't even look at you.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @05:03PM (#142839)
  • Shoplifters (Score:1, Funny)

    Funny comment about Birmingham and Manchester sharing one thing in're never more than 6 feet away from a shoplifter...(cue music)
    Spank the Monkey -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @05:16PM (#142847)
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  • It was very nice to hear Lucky Lisp. Must be a first, no?
    Spank the Monkey -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @05:20PM (#142848)
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  • Great Night. I'm still buzzing. Lovely to hear almost all of the Jobriath album before Polly J and in between her and Morrissey. Terrible venue acoustically and if you were unfortunate enough to have a seat ANYWHERE in the building (as I was) as you would need the projector screens. Anyway the set list:- 1. How Soon is Now 2. First of the Gang to Die 3. November Spawned a Monster 4. Don't Make Fun of Daddies Voice 5. Bigmouth Strikes Again 6. I Like You 7. Redondo Beach 8. Let Me Kiss You 9. Subway Train Intro/Munich Air Disaster 1958 10.There is a Light and it Never Goes Out 11.The More You Ignore Me the Closer I Get 12.Friday Mourning 13.I Have Forgiven Jesus 14.Never Played Symphonies 15.Shoplifters of the World Unite 16.Irish Blood, English Heart 17.You Know I Couldn't Last 18.Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me (Encore) Excellent Smiths content. There seemed a lot of people there who didn't recognise the Smiths stuff or the B sides. Venue had a lot of empty seats and the scalpers outside would have done better selling the Big Issue. I met a couple down from st Helens (Chiko & Sharon) in the Walkabout bar on Broad Street before the show. If you see this posting I will send you a copy of the Manchester DVD in the post this week. I'm going to bed now. Can't wait until Earls Court this Saturday. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    wilde-oscar -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @05:28PM (#142850)
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    "America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between"..........Wilde
  • Just got back..., great show, my 2nd time ever, was a great experience to hear shoplifters and bigmouth! live! crazy mosh pit were I was at the front, lots of die hard fans, and also alot of people who looked a little subdued?...felt sorry for the people in the seats just sitting there not even clapping but I had a ball and I swear Morrissey looked at me a few really he did! I wouldnt say it was better than the first one I went to but it was still very very very very very very good! hope everyone had a good time.
    powerbreed -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @06:01PM (#142859)
    (User #13280 Info)
  • A strange show (Score:3, Informative)

    Although it did start to fill out slightly just before Morrissey came on I'd say the arena was only 2/3 full at the very best.

    PJ Harvey played to about 500 people standing by the stage and a few scattered about in the seating areas.

    "Welcome to a very costly emotional adventure..... for me anyway" was Morrissey's opening line and the only reference he made to the blocks of empty seats.

    From there on in he gave a very good, very relaxed performance, almost - in the best possible way - like a bit of a jam with the band, who sounded fantastic tonight.

    A horrid venue - made all the nicer by really friendly staff - probably did sound awful from the back but from up close to the stage it was loud and punchy. But stood on concrete with a cavernous stainless steel roof high above you does not make for a cosy gig.

    Bigmouth was excellent, and The More You Ignore Me was musically exceptional - Jesse is the man.

    But there were lots of negatives about this gig. The crowd really was muted. Some people, twenty meters from the stage, were either checking text messages or looking at their watches as Moz crashed through You Know I Couldn't Last and others. The main problem was there were people standing stock still and not even applauding and a few attention seekers who were bouncing all over the place throwing beer at people. It never fails to amaze me at some of the dicks that turn up to Morrissey gigs.

    Some really good banter;
    "You'll have to excuse the television appearances. As you'll have guessed the reason for them was that.... well, we learnt today that our new single is currently at number 4.... [applause] ... Wait, hang on, I don't think I've got my hands around Band Aid's throat yet.... But, if you've got an elderly relative, buy a second copy for her. Oh, that was horrible of me wasn't it? Never mind it's done now."

    When the (slightly feeble) 'Morrissey' chant started up he sung "Sing to me, Sing to me..." from 'Asleep'.

    "My motto is; don't explain it, just accept it." (before Daddy's Voice)

    Oh, and Redondo Beach was definately one of the highlights of the set - it's a brilliant cover.
    Stan <[email protected]> -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @06:32PM (#142861)
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  • This was my 11th gig of the year and I thought it was really good. Redondo Beach was awesome and Bigmouth was amazing. As someone said before, Jesse is the man.

    I wish people would stop complaining about the number of b-sides being played. The point of this tour is to plug the platinum Quarry release so they've got to play them really. And it's not as if they're crap anyway. Slight shame Everyday Is Like Sunday is no longer in the setlist though.

    And the crowd in the seating area were terrible. I was the only one standing up in the block I was in singing and swaying totally out of time with the music. It was full of people who knew the name and thought they'd go along as he was there rather than being passionate about it, which is why I prefer standing at the front like I have done at all the other gigs this year I've been to (except Newcastle).

    I'm starting to ramble now so I'll stop.
    mspendl828 <[email protected]> -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @07:12PM (#142868)
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    I offered love and it was not required... what else can I do?
  • That was one of the most brutal gigs, I've ever been to in my life. I seen some of most heaviest rock bands around and even I struggled to survive. i just hit the deck during 'You know I couldn't last'

    The set list was mint, It was so nice that he played a couple of slows ones. if he hadn't I would have not got out alive. To hear 'Friday Mourning' live was magic.

    Roll the biggie at earls court on saturday :)
    Ebeneezer -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @11:15PM (#142879)
    (User #13189 Info)
  • What was the problem with some of the crowd. I was asked to sit down by someone behind when dancing to "There is a light...".

    Great night overall. Redonda Beach and Friday Mourning were excellent. What is it about Morrissey and b-sides live - the most pedestrian song becomes a belter when played in concert.

    Someone will probably shoot me for this but I also thought the bootleg Smiths t-shirts were nice outside!
    webbowba -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @01:10AM (#142885)
    (User #13254 Info)
    • Re:Attitude (Score:2, Insightful)

      If you were in the second row back of Block 10 it was me who asked you to sit down. We already had a shit view and when you and your girlfriend stood up you didn't dance at all - you just stood there obscuring my party of 3's view of the projector screens. A family of 3 were behind us with a young boy of about 11 years old who was thoroughly enjoying the concert with his parents. If we had stood up also we would have spoilt his view. You could have walked down to the balcony and stood all night if you wanted to - You wouldn'thave spoilt anyones view that way. There was also a short lady next to you who stood up all the way through the set and never moved once. What was that all about. I didn't mean to offend you, I just wish people would consider those around them.
      wilde-oscar -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @02:00AM (#142888)
      (User #11298 Info)
      "America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without civilization in between"..........Wilde
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      • Re:Attitude by wilde-oscar (Score:1) Wednesday December 15 2004, @04:13AM
  • Did she say anything to the crowd this time? Apparently she's always quiet at concerts. But I loved her all the same in Glasgow and was thrilled when I heard she was supporting Moz - a dream line-up if ever there was - as I was gutted I missed her concert at the Academy the other month. I'd definitely like to see her on her own with her fans and a more appreciative crowd. I wonder if she and Moz met backstage. I'd love some sort of collaboration between those two, a PJ song with Moz lyrics or something, but that'll never happen, the two of them at the same concert is great enough.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @02:31AM (#142894)
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  • It was my 3rd Moz concert of the year; Move Festival, Manchester (life changing), Bridlington Spa (close-up,intimate, more life-changing) Birmingham NIA ( impersonal,disinterested crowd,bad venue akin to a sports hall). That aside I enjoyed myself as a Moz fan of 20 years - I was that woman in Block 8 who (dared to) stand up and dance - even my husband told me to sitdown for fear of me being lynched by the lobotomised masses in the seats! Why go to see Moz if you're just going to sit there catatonic?
    Would have loved to see more gigs - some of us have jobs & kids though. Moz looked tired. Glad I saw him at beginning of year, preferred that.
    Hookey t-shirts outside £10 in Birmingham, only £5 in Brid and Manchester- North/South divide?
    CassLass -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @02:34AM (#142896)
    (User #13321 Info)
  • make of this what you will, it will hit the newstands soon!

    British singer Morrissey is reportedly planning to retire next year after hinting to fans his current world tour could be his last.

    His first album in four years, You Are The Quarry, has proved a hit with fans and critics alike, but he is not happy in the business.

    A source says: "Morrissey has been making hints during his shows, telling fans that this could be his last tour. The word is, he'll release his final single early next year.

    "He has never wanted to become an ageing rocker."

    Morrissey's spokesperson adds: "I honestly don't know. The fans probably know more than we do."
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @02:39AM (#142897)
  • Kinda Wierd (Score:2, Insightful)

    I'll be brief:
    1] Crowd were piss poor - this is the 6th time i have seen Moz, 3rd time this year, and the crowd's pathetic attempts at "Mor-ris-sey, Mor-ris-sey, Mor-ris-sey" were embarassing - the atmosphere was the worst by a million miles.
    2] Set list was good, I'd prefer just a couple less Smiths songs and more from his solo imo.
    3] Moz's performance was excellent, very relaxed, great vocals; a little less chatty than usual though :-/
    4] car park was sh*t - took me as long to get out of the local NCP as it did to drive 90 miles back to Liverpool (no exageration!)
    5] The band were very very tight, i remember one bad note from Boz (think he actually cringed as he played it) but The More You Ignore Me (with Mikey on acoustic guitar) was particularly superb.
    6] I did get the distinct impression that he was retiring.
    7] He said hello to "Janice" (possibly Janice Long??) and happy birthday to Linder (Linder Sterling??) and mentioned Julia possibly 3 times. I think I saw her arriving into the crowd around 8:20. I don't envy her the way some do, good luck to her for having the time and money to go to every gig!
    8] Overall, a great show ruined somewhat by the crap "vibe". This may be my last gig as I want to keep the memory of watching Moz as special as possible and having "just ok" experiences where people seem as interested in their mobile phones and their next ciggie/beer/joint is not gonna help hold that thought :-(
    MSMOZZER -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @02:52AM (#142902)
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    Retired Mozzerator - MJP.
  • merchandise (Score:2, Informative)

    I'm gonna get torn to pieces for saying this - but it must be said.

    The Merchandise was AWFULL!!!

    rubbish Jobraith and NYD pastiche t-shirts.

    £4.00 for THREE tiny pin badges ( manufacturing costs - 00.01p)

    and the rosary was terrible - eighteen squid for something that should be in Top Man - really disposable.

    totally lacking any finess - he's really fumbled the ball with the merchandise over the last few years - it all used to be so good and well thought through.
    Brighton Rich -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @03:05AM (#142909)
    (User #8270 Info)
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  • Were there any attempts to invade the stage? Did anyone make it? Did anyone try?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @03:05AM (#142911)
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    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @03:10AM (#142914)
  • It might seem a controversial point but why do idiots moan about people sitting in their seats?
    I was there with my eight-year-old lad so had to buy a seat. So we all sat and enjoyed the gig.
    But, surely, if you want to stand and dance then why don't you buy a ground ticket and do that with the rest of the crowd?
    To me, standing up in front of somebody and obscuring their view is just totally out of order, selfish and ignorant.
    Not everyone wants to stand up and dance. Some like to come, sit and enjoy the show. For one minute of your lives could you not think about others around you?
    You listen to the music but do you understand it?
    Wouldn't it be a revolutionary thought to wonder about other people for once in your lives?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @03:55AM (#142930)
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  • That's the main problem here isn't it?

    I didn't go to the RFH gigs in the summer because I assumed he'd be doing a proper venue down south at some point (RFH is shit for pop artists, it was built for classical). I was looking forward to somewhere like Brixton. I've ended up having to make do with standing tickets for Earls Court. After all these reviews I'm really hoping it won't be a disappointment.

    I can appreciate if he's offered these gigs it's hard to turn down because it's a bit of an ego boost after all the lean years (and no, I don't think he's just doing it for the money) but I hope he's got it out of his system now and will go back to more sensible venues in future.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @03:57AM (#142931)
  • the gig was great. Polly's and Moz's setlists were both very very good. thank you PJ for doing down by the water and meet ze monsta.
    I feel sorry for the people who didn't get standing tickets, it sounds deader than Manchester. the atmosphere on the floor was great I thought, though I couldn't survive in the moshpit. I know, I wouldn't live at a metal concert.
    Redondo Beach, Last Night I Dreamt, There is a Light, First of the Gang, November = brilliant
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @05:11AM (#142967)
  • Well thats what i thought. I got 3 rows from the bars on the right side as you enter the areana. And there were only me and this woman who were moz pitting so in the end it wasnt a pit.And there was this big fat lad stood next to me who didnt know any of the word to any songs.and he wouldnt even let people past him and he was shocked when he was getting pushed around.I pretty sure he wont read this cos he isnt even a fan probably.I think had moz made eye contact me and there had been a moz pit which i thought there would be, i think i would have enjoyed it more. That fat lad and many others seemed to be there to say yeah i have seen morrissey arent i great.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @05:16AM (#142969)
  • who is julia?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @05:21AM (#142971)
  • First a deadpan scouse voice recites a dark cultural list: "Stock, Aitken and Waterman, Myra Hindley, acid rain." Then the wailing riff and arching melancholy of the Smiths' classic How Soon is Now? leap from the speakers. Morrissey is starting this tour exactly as he started his last one. Tonight he dresses like a vicar, wields his mic like a bullwhip, exchanges mystifying dialogue with the fans at the front and spends much of November Spawned a Monster rolling around on his back while a clarinet parps. He changes his shirt three times, generating a wave of excitement each time, once pausing to fan his chest with his dog collar.

    For a man possessed of such majesty - not to mention a dose of songwriting genius - Morrissey has spent much of his solo career sounding like a journeyman. This year's triumphant comeback was based as much on fashion's changing tides as on the album You Are the Quarry, a solid but unspectacular record that felt heavy on filler.

    He plays some of the album tonight, but while in a smaller venue Morrissey's force of personality can make the likes of new single I Have Forgiven Jesus sound essential, in this hangar such songs sound pompous and empty.

    Thankfully, the lulls do not last. Shoplifters of the World Unite comes with a glorious roar, while the tempestuous Irish Blood, English Heart sounds more vital every time he plays it. Then Morrissey lets victory slip from his grasp. A funereal Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me is the only encore, and as he troops off in presumed triumph, it's hard not to feel short-changed. He is offering little that is new: taking advantage of his popularity, not building on it. Fine for hardcore fans, but disappointing for the rest of us

    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @05:25AM (#142972)
  • I really enjoyed last night and I knew people would whine about there being too many b-sides, and the crowd being poor etc etc etc but what has really pi**ed me off is that James Maker seems to have been only a figment of my imagination. The lad did over half an hour and I personally thought he was great, as he was in Manchester in the summer. However this site is littered with posts referencing PJ Harvey and her ear shattering screaming but not a single reference to James. He was there, He was great (in my opinion) so lets give the lad and his mates some credit eh!
    boy_afraid_uk -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @05:29AM (#142973)
    (User #4881 Info)
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  • Wish he'd drop Irish Blood and replace with Now My Heart is Full and drop Daddys Voice for Candle.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @06:00AM (#142982)
  • I agree with most of what has been said, Moz was excellent and the crowd was untypical of Morrissey gigs in that it was not particularly manic.

    PJ Harvey was captivating though, and I was pleased and amused to note that those who had plenty of mouth as faceless contributors online and planned silly, childish protests during her set were conspicuous by your complete absence!
    I am human -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @06:10AM (#142987)
    (User #3100 Info)
    ...and I need to be loved.
  • Loved the concert though the people around me werent very enthusiastic, i had a very nice time, it was the 1st time i saw him me being slightly tipsy hehe. Only problem was that me and my friend in the end wanted to go out to some place where they would play morrissey or like an aftershow party but couldnt find it and had to go to some very strange nightclub lol.
    everyone was very friendly in the concert specially when i would tell that im from portugal. Some kind girl even gave us two cigarretes for freeee lol. I loved last night.
    Frankly Vulgar -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @06:23AM (#143000)
    (User #1967 Info)
    "You can tell, by the way, i sleep all day"
  • No, not Morrissey, who was excellent, but the same list of complaints against people who were sitting down, making out that we were just tourists who didn't really know who he was. In my case, at least, this is NOT true. I knew the words to every song, I have all the albums and many of the singles. I sat there, and I enjoyed every minute of it. No, I didn't get up and dance - I wanted to LISTEN. It's the way I enjoy a gig. Even when I'm in the standing area I do more listening than jiggling about. My friend got out her mobile phone to try and take a picture of the stage, NOT to text others as some have said. Those who wish to get up and dance, even in the seats, fine. I would never complain, it's up to you. But please don't tell me that I'm not a proper Moz fan if I just sit there and listen. I go for the music. I loved it. I clapped very, very enthusiastically. And that's my right. I do not have to "gurgle in the circle" if I don't want to. I thought Moz was on top form, witty banter, great singing, acoustics of venue were not too great, perhaps one too many b-sides, but those are only VERY small gripes. But it is irritating when those who didn't stay in their seats make out that those who did aren't proper fans. NOT TRUE. And, in the spirit of independent thought and decision which Moz would approve of, I can enjoy the gig however I like.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @06:44AM (#143007)
  • But I do think it's OK to talk about how things could have been even better.

    It was a great gig and a great night. I've seen him on 4 tours since 1995 and his vocal is better than ever, no question. Venue was fine - for an arena - and the crowd were excellent. Very appreciative and vocal and both Morrissey and the band were CLEARLY and repeatedly very pleased with us! You can so easily tell when a band and an audience are clicking and last night was exceptional for such a vacuaous venue. His Nibs was in very good spirits, chatty and even playful. But......

    I've posted before about my Morrissey/Smiths relationship. I've stated my case as someine who would take Moz's back catalogue to my desert island over The Smiths' so cards are on the table. Now saying that, I also love The Smiths, but when I get 5 Smiths songs and NOTHING from 5 of Morrissey's studio albums, I'm a bit disappointed. No Viva Hate, No Your Arsenal (Almost unforgivable!), only TMYIMTCIG from Vauxall, Nothing from Southpaw or Maladjusted (many might say phew to those two but I think that in parts they contain some of his VERY best). That's just not right! I'm all for an artist concentrating on the now, enjoying their recent compositions, so Quarry SHOULD be well represented. B-sides? Mixed feelings here. I like them, Friday Mourning less so, but again to play 4 with so little taken from elsewhere was slightly disappointing. And not to get How can anyone possibly know...after he's played it all year was a gutter. It's my favourite Quarry track. Boo.
    TIALTNGO does not have to be an encore. In fact I'd rather have a Morrissey than a Smiths encore. And it was good, the crowd singing was awsome. But it was, like in Glasgow, SOOOOOOOO slow! And though, again a great track, LNIDTSLM is NOT a closer. Either You Know I Couldn't LAst or IBEH (Probably my highlight of the gig, if not my favourite song) would have been better.

    I know I sound like I am just whining, but really I'm not. It was fantastic! I just have such a fondness for his music (as do many who post here) that it was for me a long way from a mega-set list, personally. I don't need to hear him play the Smiths. Did I mention that?

    I don't think I'll ever get to vthe heights of Aston Villa Leisure Centre, Feb 95 again. But that's OK. Why don't you find out for yourself....I've heard it live. I'm a happy man. No really.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @06:54AM (#143010)
  • A big venue needs big songs, simple as that. That's the only way you are going create any atmosphere at all in the seats. Hopefully he will make some adjustments before EC. He just needs to ditch a couple of b-sides and add couple of more show stoppers (just like when he added HSIN after a rather flat reaction at Glastonbury and look at the result). He has enough of them. Fingers crossed. Of course he could get up and sing Mary Had A Little Lamb and I would go bananas, so I'll be happy either way. I'm not expecting this to be the best Morrissey gig I have ever seen just because of the venue anyway. But it's still an event not to be missed...
    Cazza -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @07:04AM (#143013)
    (User #8712 Info)
    God give me patience, just no more conversation
  • 6th gig this summer for me last night, and musically, by far the best. As sad as i am about Alain's departure, Jesse has added something. They seem a complete unit and the product is electric. Moz seemed to enjoy him self and Bigmouth was amazing. Shame the place wasn't full but hey i was there and i don't care.
    The merchandising is poor, the rosary beads £18 and the badges seemed a rip off.

    Apparently IHFJ is No 4 presently, so as moz says "go out and buy a 2nd copy for an elderley relative"

    Overall a good as it has been.
    sirgordonzola -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @07:10AM (#143014)
    (User #7095 Info)
    resist or move on, be mad, be rash, smoke and explode, sell all of your clothes, just bear in mind there just might come
  • I have not checked the site in a while, but I see a new song in the set
    list. Does anyone have Redondo Beach on MP3. I could exchange an MP3 of Striptease with a Difference or I have an excellent recording of one of the 5 L.A. shows from the beginning of the tour.

    Jerry ---Milwaukee WI
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @07:31AM (#143024)
  • Please, share this show if anyone could record it.

    How or when we can download it?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @07:35AM (#143026)
  • Sorry to say but myself and others warned about how bad this venue was when the date was announced, but hey it's Morrissey so we all knew we'd still would go anyway, if only to see maybe his last time in Brum?
    I agree a lot of the crowd seemed disinterested and his name alone and no other interest may have bought those people out to see him.
    Venue notwithstanding, I thought it was a good Moz performance with YKICL being a real highlight for me. I'm afraid though it's going to take some performance to top the MEN gig for me, probably the only time Moz has really mastered playing an arena (I hate arena gigs but if it's the choice between seeing Moz or not it's just something I'll have to put up with!)
    Here's hoping Earls Court can be special and top off a wonderful year for Mozzer. See you there!
    Sacred Wunderkind -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @07:40AM (#143029)
    (User #12502 Info)
  • on the set list is says subway train intro then munich air disaster. did moz not play everyday is like sunday? or did he use subway train intro for munich air disaster???
    i wanna shag moz -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @08:06AM (#143037)
    (User #13237 Info)
  • I don't think that the crowd were as deliberately apathetic as you guys are making out. I think more likely that the huge barn of a venue killed any feeling of atmosphere, as was certainly the case for me last night. The seating was so high that we were no more than 20 feet from the ceiling while being a good 3-400 yards from the stage. The lighting didn’t help either with blinding spotlights pointing directly from the stage right into our seats, meaning that we had to watch the whole show via the screens, and that seems to miss the point for me. Anyway, add that to the poor acoustics and you can see why we in the cheap seats might not have been as up for it as the rest of them on the floor.

    Well that my 5 cents anyway. Having said all that though, Morrissey is still top entertainment at it was great to see him so on form last night.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @08:10AM (#143039)
  • thought his support act was a complete pile of shit, he looks a cunt in that vicar outfit as well
    never mind still love him
    moz please come back to wolverhampton before retiring
    wolves88 -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @09:16AM (#143056)
    (User #12273 Info)
  • I was at Bham last night and what a show!. 'How soon is now' was absolutley electric and what a way to kick of the show.The set list was perfect for me and some of the songs live were better than the recorded wersions , eg , never played symphonies.Mozzer was in excellent form , apologising for all the tv appearances , band aid (hesnot got his hands around their necks yet , and what done it for me was when he introduced the band , in particular , Jesse. Im telling you , Alain isnt coming back after Mozzer told us " Jesse is a miracle to modern science " or words to that effect. Moz was full of praise for this bloke and ive got to admit what a guitar player.If he can compose as well as he plays , we are in for a treat. All the boys were on top form last night and ive got a message to J.Marr , if you think these musicians cant play your music , do yourself a favour and buy a ticket to a show , wear a beard if you want..... mind you , dont , no one will give a toss if they see you , because Boz , jesse etc can play the music better than you.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @09:29AM (#143057)
  • Leaving aside suggestions that Spencer may be a better drummer (as suggested in the previous post) I can say without any doubt that Deano is a real 1st class Gent.

    I shouted him from the side of the stage when he was watching PJ Harvey and he came down to see me. I explained to him that I have a 3 year old son and that he is his hero. I also explained that we have bought him a drum kit for Christmas.

    Deano gave me the drum sticks he uses to warm up with for my son and I just thought this warranted a comment. I may have thanked him personally but I wanted to do so publicly too.

    Thank you Deano, you will have really made my sons Christmas. I know he is only a tot but he goes mad everytime he see's you. "There is Deano Daddy" and then bashes anything he can get his hands on pretending he is drumming.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @10:59AM (#143085)
  • Hi Moz
    I'm pretty sure you will read this so please this is the set list for friday in Btn.
    Why? Well just because it's you...and it's me.
    How soon
    1st of the gang
    Daddy's voice
    I like you
    Let me kiss
    Subway + Everyday
    The more you ignore me
    Friday mourning
    Now my heart is full
    The never played symphonies
    Irish blood
    Last night i dreamt
    you know i couldn't last

    There is a light

    Lov u
    MAN U
    somebody loved me -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @12:22PM (#143112)
    (User #10801 Info)
  • First time i've seen Morrissey last night and it absolutly blew me away. Managed to get right to the front and when screaming for an encore one of the band members threw out a tweed Armani jacket that I caught(very lucky)! It looks like the kind of thing Morrissey would wear but I diddnt see him wearing it last night, anyone got any ideas, just one of the band members getting carried away?! Cheers guys
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @12:29PM (#143114)
  • I really enjoyed it. I just wished I'd known better - should have got standing tickets not the seats.

    I really enjoyed the less common stuff and the Julia references. Good stuff.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @12:49PM (#143119)
  • Having watched Moz since The Smiths,I found Birmingham to be a real damp squib, atmosphere-wise, bit of a redundant venue.However,what concerns me most,is that for the first time,in my opinion,the great man was overshaowed by his support, being PJ Harvey. I've seen the previous acts, James, McAlmont & Butler, the superb Sack, Marion, FF, etc...but this time, I really believe Moz was trumped,by someone all I knew about was 60ft Queenie from a few years back.
    Maybe it's my age, but the past 18 months, Moz, I think is now overcooking it.Finish this tour, take a 6 month break, record the next album and maybe (hopefully) come back mid-2006.
    Still,looking forward to a great Saturday night in the biggest air hangar in London!
    KevinNorthants -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @01:03PM (#143124)
    (User #6488 Info)
  • I for one hope that fat, squawkish scarecrow won't be supporting at Earls Court. Anyone know who's lucky night it will be? I don't know if Steve from X-Factor is doing anything better?

    Can anyone tell me is it normal to go to Morrissey gigs alone? I have been to two previously with friends, but on saturday I go on my own. Will I be well looked after? Or need I anticipate being mocked, bullied and tripped?
    slumdad -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @02:23PM (#143138)
    (User #13328 Info)
  • Ill give the NIA thumbs up for a venue, but as a music venue it is VERY hard to fill. The music often feels empty if you are seated. PJ Harvey sounded very empty and souless from Block 4 and I know she isnt.
    Fans around us and in Block 5 seemed fine. There were ones who didnt know the songs but nobody really was disturbing us.
    The music, despite the arena, was very good. I loved The Smiths stuff and I think he done some very good solo stuff. November Spawned a Monster was a nice song to have. I would have preffered it if he dropped one of the B-Sides for Everyday Is Like Sunday, but we cant always get what we want. My only complaint about the songs we all know are good is that "There is a light that never goes out" started off quite souless. By the end of the song I was very pleased though, and I really enjoyed it.
    I do wish he would do just a few more UK shows, preferably closer to the West coast. Earls COurt and Brigton are pretty much out of my range considering I do not own a car.
    The mans voice is sounding better and better. But he seems to be aging quite fast. I was watching some clips of him recently and he looked older in Birmingham.
    Those visiting Earls COurt and Dublin and Brigton, dont feel put down by the reviews of this gig. You will not go home disapointed. The gig had its flaws but generally I loved it and its easily the best night I had out in 2004. And yeah, as previous said, the band is really playing Marrs stuff well. I dont want to complain about his attitude towards them, because for the man to just allow Morrissey and the band to play the songs he wrote is enough to ask.
    I just hope he does a few more shows next year. I know he has toured alot and must be tired, but I just want to see the man live again. If he does, as he seems to say, release a new album next year, Im sure we can expect another Manchester and maybe a bigger UK tour.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @02:31PM (#143140)
  • Mozza on form
    Crowd could have been better.
    Venue,the jury is out...

    Why no Suedehead or Every day is like sunday?
    or does he never playy these 2 songs live?
    Yes it was my first time last night...Been a fan since the early days of the smiths tho'..
    Enjoyed the Smiths songs only expect there is a light...tho'

    The carpark awful,parked on the ground floor & took us 45 mins to get out grrrrrr..

    Bluenose Mozza Fan
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @02:39PM (#143143)
  • hiya i chucked a little white and orange beanie soft toy on the stage on the 3rd track and it got thrown back into the audiance at the end did any of you guys on here get it?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @03:17PM (#143156)
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