posted by davidt on Monday December 13 2004, @09:00AM
Morrissey on the Steve Wright Show, BBC Radio 2 (Dec. 13, 2004). Post your info and reviews in the comments section below.
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  • info please ;)
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @09:04AM (#142464)
  • And, perhaps more surprisingly, quite informative.
    Benton -- Monday December 13 2004, @09:17AM (#142470)
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  • IHFJ is definitely the final single from Quarry, Moz said.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @09:17AM (#142471)
  • Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @09:26AM (#142475)
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  • Morrissey was really in the mood for this I thought and It proved to be a quite informative interview. IHFJ will indeed be the last single, and Steve Wright was first to mention the fact that he thought Morrissey hated him and his contemporaries. He didnt disagree though Moz is becoming very polite in his old age.
    A few interesting comments about meeting Nancy Sinatra for the first time and his plans to 'avoid christmas'.
    Hearing Everyday is Like Sunday and Last of the famous.. on daytime mainstream radio was a treat.
    Steve Wright closed the interview and immediately played a Geri Halliwell track.
    It really does say nothing to me about my life.
    Kevin Lloyd -- Monday December 13 2004, @09:40AM (#142482)
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  • Can someone transcribe what moz said?

    I do not speak english and I did not understand well what he said, thanks.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @09:42AM (#142483)
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      • stupid french by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday December 14 2004, @08:40AM
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  • I am working in Paris at the moment and I had to ask the guys from IS dept to set up real player and stuff so that I could listen that Moz interview on Radio 2 and guess what!: a client called just as it statted and I missed it all!!! I can't believe it!! I mean it is fair to say that I am not being paid to listen to the radio, but It's a shame really, I am still going to see at earl's court on Saturday.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @09:44AM (#142485)
  • i only caught the latter of the interview, but i believe you can listen again, via the internet, is this correct anyone, and where?. mozz sounded great, relaxed, this really needs to be heard by everyone on this site. this wasn't your normal guest build up, they were really looking forward to morrissey appearing on the show.
    wrightytheman -- Monday December 13 2004, @10:52AM (#142501)
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  • Nice interview.
    nonesoever -- Monday December 13 2004, @11:03AM (#142505)
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    "... turn popular song into sickness"
  • the man
    the voice
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @11:34AM (#142517)
  • someone be an angel and transcribe the interview!
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @12:00PM (#142524)
  • off subject i know, but i sill haven't been able to download the morrissey gig at the MEN - who put the M in Manchester. Can whoever has the file go and seed again for a few hours. Thanks.
    nug -- Monday December 13 2004, @12:35PM (#142532)
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  • Steve Wright's show doesn't have the listen again feature but you can listen to some previous celeb intervies (eg Elton John) on the website.
    Hopefully this one will be included. I'd be surprised if it wasn't put up there eventually as they knew how big a deal it was to have Moz on the show.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @12:45PM (#142534)
  • It really would be nice if someone could provide a transcription of the interview for those of us who have limited electronic gadgetry/skills and daytime leisure. The stimulating tidbits leave us gasping for more.

    To revert to other matters persistently interfering with the main business of the site, does anyone support me in requesting of DavidT a statement about what happenned last year that made Morrissey threaten the site with a cease and desist order - if that was the case as has been claimed - and what's going on with broken/quentin et al? Wouldn't that only be fair to the good-faith punters passing through here? Isn't it about time to clear things up anyway, and start afresh in as far as that's possible on a free-for-all internet site?
    Thank you.
    goinghome -- Monday December 13 2004, @03:03PM (#142566)
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  • That was a beautiful interview.
    I love him . . . it's far from pointless.
    Poppycocteau -- Monday December 13 2004, @03:45PM (#142575)
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    We are ugly but we have the music
    • Re:Morrissey by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday December 13 2004, @03:58PM
  • "I am a real person, not like all these SYNTHETIC pop people".

    How many "real persons" have bodyguards and never intermingle with proles.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @04:11PM (#142581)
  • Statement found (Score:0, Redundant)

    Thanks Benton
    I will hope for a miracle regarding a listen to the interview - Poppy, might you elaborate please?!
    I'm appending below the history of the cease and desist order threat - and the rumour posted here WAS untrue, if originally possibly sincerely believed. I think, rather than Morrissey going in a 'dangerous direction' by simply sticking up for himself, it's relevant to take stock of the importance of honesty where it seriously matters to people's livelihoods, notwithstanding innocently sharing in playfulness. I've been there... Still I think, in dealing with a confusing news-bomb, DavidT is not to blame. There was a misunderstanding. With regard to freeyourself, on 22nd November, he claimed that he needed to keep secret his pennames for obvious reaons with the quentin trademark - lol, so he's not beyond suspicion.
    The half-life is obviously lingering on, and a bit sad for us who care. We will simply have to side-step the regular egotistical impish spats.

    Profits from last U.S. tour allegedly stolen by ex-road manager [updated]
    posted by davidt on Wednesday November 08 2000, @04:00PM

    Arry writes:

    Can anyone confirm the rumour that all profits from the last US Tour were stolen by Morrissey's road manager Garry Westman? Is this the reason the tour ended?

    Although I don't have any details, I can confirm that the rumor is true.
    Update: 05/14/2003 17:21 GMT: Over two years later, I apologize for making this accusation as I am now hearing that it is not true and my original confirmation may not have been reliable. More info in this post.
    Update: 08/06/2003 15:27 GMT: formerly titled: "Profits from last U.S. tour stolen by Gary Westman (ex-road manager)".

            Morrissey's perspective on the rumor/thread posted Apr. 28
    posted by davidt on Monday May 12 2003, @09:00AM

    On May 1 I received the following "Cease and Desist" document through email from Morrissey's lawyers (original .doc format, .txt format). A short email thread followed (.txt format) and this is where it currently stands. Note: In reference to the email followup, I posted the rumor I heard about the band/crew being paid but I neither made any accusations nor did I name Morrissey in the headline as the lawyer incorrectly wrote in his email.

    As a result of these recent actions, I have since acquired legal representation and after things have settled, I'll consider the future of this site. This decision of whether or not to make this post was a difficult one, however I felt I had to make it in order to continue on in an honest fashion.

    Although Morrissey's lawyers haven't indicated in the documents above which of the postings are false and defamatory, they are taking the position that some of them are. The original posts are currently still up and I'm leaving it up to you to decide what you want to believe.
    • Related item: Rumor - tour crew and band from last year's tour not paid yet? - Apr. 28, 2003

    State of the site, after the dust has settled
    posted by davidt on Wednesday May 14 2003, @07:30AM

    It's been over 10 days since Morrissey's lawyer emailed about filing an injunction and the legal action. No word yet on anything further.

    I have read through most of the comments and emails. Some arguments were made on Morrissey's side against me but mostly support, which I found overwhelming. I received several offers to help with the legal costs and even some donations through the PayPal account I set up for the emergency server fund a couple years ago, which is now (hopefully temporarily) the emergency legal fund. All the money collected since I started it is still there, so I should be fine.

    I am not worried because 1) we have freedom of speech in this country and 2) I did not post the items that are claimed to be false/defamatory anyway. That doesn't mean anything can be posted without conseque
    goinghome -- Monday December 13 2004, @04:16PM (#142583)
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    • Re:Statement by goinghome (Score:1) Tuesday December 14 2004, @02:32PM
  • SW: Morrissey is here. Now you know this is a thing because we saw each other, didn't we, about 5 or 6 years ago at a do and we were quite nice to each other, weren't we?

    M: We were very nice to each other but I've seen you two times before that in Henley.

    SW: Yeah?

    M: I just passed you by. I thought if I tapped you on the shoulder you might be scared or something.

    SW: I would be! (laughs)

    M: Yes, I thought you might... Well you looked it, you looked it at the time, so... (laughs)

    SW: What were you doing in Henley though?

    M: Oh I have a fruit & veg shop there.

    SW: Oh that's you there, with the fruit & veg! I've seen it, Morrissey's fruit & veg. (laughs)
    So first of all, we had Nancy Sinatra in here and she was singing your praises and you were of course singing her praises big time, weren't you?

    M: Yes, yes. I do have friends and they like me and Nancy's fantastic.

    SW: Where did you meet her?

    M: I met her a long time ago. She actually asked if she could meet me and I went to her hotel, in London, and we just became fantastic friends.

    SW: And the material that you wrote for her, I noticed you both had the same single out at the same time.

    M: It was released on the same day.

    SW: How did that go?

    M: It was planned that way.

    SW: Really?

    M: Yes.

    SW: Why? What was the thinking behind that?

    M: Well, I don't.... nothing really.... it was just amusing to have two songs, same song, same day, see what would happen.

    SW: And what do you think DID happen?

    M: Not a great deal in fact. (laughs) She entered at 46, I believe, and I entered at 8.

    SW: Did you like her version more than yours?

    M: Uh.... that's a very difficult question. Just as much as...

    SW: Ok (laughs)

    M: Just as much as.

    SW: Yeah. Really good Glastonbury you did this year, if you don't mind me saying.

    M: Well, I do, because I thought it was terrible.

    SW: Why did you think it was terrible?

    M: Cause it rained....

    SW: Yeah....

    M: And it was torrential. And it's very difficult to walk on a stage when the heavens have opened and everyone looks absolutely saturated. So it's difficult.

    SW: But YOU gave a good performance. Do you not think?

    M: Well, I never consider it to be a performance because it's just me really. But, you know, I try.

    SW: Do you still enjoy performing as much as you ever did or....?

    M: Performing.... SINGING. Singing on a stage.

    SW: Yes.

    M: Yes, I do, more so now.... that means more to me now than ever before. But I never view it as a performance, it's quite real for me.

    SW: That's interesting. Why's it changing? Why does it mean more now than it did when you were in The Smiths or when you were starting out?

    M: Because.... well because I actually really love to sing, but actually I'm not saying people like to listen to me but I really do love to sing.

    SW: Well people do like to listen to you....

    M: Well.....

    SW: Do you sing around the house? Do you sing in the bath?

    M: Oh yes, absolutely.

    SW: What do you sing in the bath?

    M: Absolutely....

    SW: Everything? (laughs)

    M: Just operatic. Everything, yes, yes.

    SW: Are you happy with this iconic status that you have?

    M: Well I think that word is thrown at virtually anybody these days, isn't it? Anybody who is known, is considered to be iconic.

    SW: But in your case it's well deserved and it's true.

    M: Yes, it is. (laughs) But when it's applied to people like Barbara Windsor, I'm not sure.... (everyone laughs)

    SW: I think Barbara Windsor has written some good stuff!
    Who is iconic in your eyes then would you say?

    M: I think they've all passed over really. And I think that probably seals the whole iconic thing for me.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @12:18AM (#142666)
  • Part 2 (Score:3, Informative)

    SW: In the 80's, you represented a certain time, a certain vibe, an era. Now that it's almost at the end of 2004, how do you relate to people who like or dislike your music?

    M: Well I think they are more passionate now, and also the people who dislike me are very passionate about disliking me. But that's a good sign for me because it means at least that you leave some kind of an impression.

    SW: I was reading a review of a gig you did in 1998, 1999, I think in LA, and the reviewer was saying Morrissey is godlike to the people that are in the audience and to people that like him and that's true. You have a kind of a godlike status which is why we're nervous at meeting you and nervous at interviewing you.

    M: Well I can't believe you're nervous. I mean you've met EVERYBODY surely in your life.

    SW: Yeah, I know but......
    Are you aware of that aura that you carry?

    M: I am aware of it, yes.... (can't make out the rest)

    SW: And do you think that people think you have a sense of humour about yourself and that you are, in fact, sending yourself up sometimes?

    M: I think they know I do. And people who say that you don't have a sense of humour, simply means that you don't have THEIR sense of humour. So, yes, I think people know that many tongues and many cheeks.

    SW: And in the past 20 years, when folk have said, well Morrissey - he's depressed the whole time, he's suicidal, his songs are meaningless or too meaningful, you would laugh at that?

    M: Well I wouldn't laugh, but I can analyze it as being what they're really saying is that he's actually a real person, he's not like all these synthetic pop people, he actually is a real, living, breathing person and he's telling the truth. So it's a compliment, believe me, it really is.

    SW: I believe you.

    M: You don't believe me.

    SW: I DO believe you. I've got a new single to play.

    M: You shouldn't play it.

    SW: I knew you would say it.

    M: Is it your new single?

    SW: I know you've got all my singles. (laughs)

    M: They make fantastic ashtrays. (laughs)

    SW: I know they do. (laughs)
    I'm gonna play it now..... where is it though? Oh it's up here.

    M: You're sitting on it.

    SW: Here it is. I've Forgotten Jesus. Now this is from the album, yeah?

    M: Yes.

    SW: And this is gonna be the last single from the album, is that right?

    M: Yes.

    SW: No more after this?

    M: No more.

    SW: Is that your decision or somebody else's?

    M: It's governmental decision.

    SW: Ok. I Have FORGIVEN Jesus, I beg your pardon, is coming up. We'll be right back with Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @01:04AM (#142669)
  • Part 3 (Score:3, Informative)

    SW: Hang the DJ was about Tony Blackburn but there was another song about me.

    M: Oh there's been many about you.

    SW: And.... (get's interrupted by a third person asking: excuse me, you can't let that go, so which ones in particular are about him?)

    M: Oh it's too numerous to mention.

    SW: Would it be that you just didn't get me? And that you now understand. Or that you don't understand.

    M: Oh I've always understood you.

    SW: Yeah, you know where I'm coming from, cause I know where you're coming from.

    M: Yes, do you? Where?

    SW: It might be somewhere north London, ain't it! (everyone laughs) But what was it you didn't like about me?

    M: Uh nothing. Nothing at all. I mean, did I ever say the song was about you?

    SW: No, you didn't.

    M: No, but all the people did.

    SW: We used to rebuke, and you used to rebus, it's no big deal really.

    M: It's not really because you can take it in good part, I think.

    SW: Yeah. Did it upset you though? I mean going back to the 80's, 90's, because people did rebuke, people DO rebuke.

    M: Yeah I don't mind. I really don't mind. Because not everybody is intelligent, so you can't really consider that every view is terribly in-depth, so I mean people are silly, and the press are very, very silly, but they're silly to everybody. The music press are absolutely silly. So, the world is silly, in fact.

    SW: Are there times when you might read something or see something or hear something and you make a conscious decision to write a song about that or about them?

    M: No, absolutely not. I think I have a balanced view of everything. I think the media are insane and the world is insane. You must've noticed.

    SW: Well, I wasn't gonna talk about the war in Iraq but I mean I can imagine..... I HAVE noticed! I wanted to know what your feelings were about Iraq and about George W?

    M: I think it's obscene and a thousand Americans have died and that's completely obscene. There's no reason for it at all and he'll pick on somewhere else quite soon. If he didn't have somewhere to bomb and people to kill, what would he do?

    SW: I remember that George Michael made a bit of a musical stand. I don't remember you doing that.

    M: Well, no I haven't. I mean I don't really like charity records and things like that. But if people ask me, I'll tell them how I feel.

    SW: What about lyrics, I've read that if something strikes you as interesting or funny or intelligent, you jot something down, you keep a notebook wherever you are and you bring it back in a lyric?

    M: That's absolutely true, yes.

    SW: And is that the way you always write?

    M: Yes. It's not something I really about, it leads me.

    SW: Do you strive to write, what I always call, Alan Bennett kitchen-sinky type messages?

    M: No, not really. Because I think I have a similar background to him and the northern background is very, very similar, so that must seem quite distinct to a southerner.

    SW: No, I mean I think it's, well it's relatable, ordinariness and it's very appealing, isn't it, and relatable.
    I always think that you probably see yourself as a poet, which is what you are really.

    M: Well, that's very kind of you.

    SW: Would that be how you see yourself?

    M: Well, it's not really for me to say, is it? I mean, it's for other people to say, but I strive to.

    SW: But folk that don't see you as a poet, probably are in the "don't get it" family.

    M: Absolutely, yeah. And let them remain there.

    SW: Absolutely. (laughs) Why did we have to wait 7 years for the studio album? What have you been doing, jotting notes in LA for 7 years?

    M: No, not really, I mean life has gone on, I played live and so forth, but I didn't have a label for a while and so I didn't release anything.

    SW: Do you want people to come
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @02:28AM (#142675)
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    • Thankyou by Meatfreecotter (Score:1) Wednesday December 15 2004, @05:07PM
  • These links will only work 25 times so add a comment when and if they max out and maybe one of the 25 will resend them.

    Part One

    Part Two

    Part Three
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @04:25AM (#142709)
  • I've listened a couple of times now and in my opinion it was definitely Morrissey.
    Benton -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @03:55PM (#142826)
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  • 'Oh my soul, will I live or die this night?'

    Eat your heart out Verdi, drop dead Puccini!

    (Please humour me, you have to listen to that line especially on the b-side 'I am 2 people'; it's massive!)

    Keep singing in the bath, Moz!

    Thank you
    goinghome -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @11:55AM (#143102)
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