posted by davidt on Monday December 13 2004, @04:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Bigmouth Strikes Again / I Like You / Redondo Beach / Let Me Kiss You / Subway Train (into) Munich Air Disaster 1958 / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Friday Mourning / I Have Forgiven Jesus / The Never Played Symphonies / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / You Know I Couldn't Last // Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me

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  • come on....where's the bleeding setlist?!
    David James Tait -- Monday December 13 2004, @04:17PM (#142584)
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  • Overall, it wasn't a bad gig by Morrissey standards. Started with How Soon Is Now and ended with Last Night I Dreamt....
    Standout songs for me were Bigmouth Strikes Again and The More You Ignore Me.
    The merchandising was awful!! £18 for Mozza rosary beads. Thanks, but no!
    kennyb -- Monday December 13 2004, @04:31PM (#142588)
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  • must be an hour since the old Moz came off stage, come on glasgow, crack up your BBC micro's and give us a setlist.
    sirgordonzola -- Monday December 13 2004, @04:33PM (#142590)
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    resist or move on, be mad, be rash, smoke and explode, sell all of your clothes, just bear in mind there just might come
  • I am hoping that he does this in Birmingham. Please any info on whether or not he did it.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @04:37PM (#142592)
  • set list (Score:0, Insightful)

    not in correct order but...
    i'm just in!!!!!!
    the gig was fab. set list as far as i can remember (maybe in wrong order in some places...sorry!)

    1. how soon is now?
    2. first of the gang to die
    3. november spawned a monster
    4. bigmouth strikes again
    5. redondo beach
    6. friday mourning
    7. i have forgiven jesus
    8. subway train into the munich air disaster!
    9. the never played symphonies
    10. there is a light that never goes out
    11. you know i couldn't last
    12. irish blood english heart
    13. shoplifters of the world unite and take over
    14. i like you
    15. don't make fun of daddy's voice
    16. the more you ignore me the closer i get

    encore - last night i dreamt
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @05:38PM (#142618)
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  • Morrissey finished with "last Night I dreamt that somebody Loved Me". While we were waiting, some in the crowd were second-guessing what the last number would or should be. What would be the most memorable encore ?
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @05:45PM (#142623)
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  • I know this could be seen as controversial but thought the gig tonight was poor - certainly a lot poorer than the previous gigs this year. Thought the mans voice was poor, his stage presence poor. Got off to a flyer with the first 5 or so songs and then fell away and never recovered. As for the version - mid set - of there is a.... slowed down and for me lacked the emotion we all love. Sorry if this upsets some people but i can only call it as i see/ hear it. You have to take the good and the bad. Previous 5 this year have been superb.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @05:46PM (#142625)
  • my head said "don't go, the SECC is horrific". My heart said "You must go. you must." If only my head had won. That horrible big building simply dwarfs everything. Zero atmosphere. There is something about that building that makes everyone behave like bank managers at a convention rather than fans at a gig. The More You Ignore Me was by far the song that towered over the others (amazing performance). Nice gag about Glasgow kiss too.
    Memo to Morrissey: The Barrowland next time.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @05:59PM (#142632)
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  • She looked and sounded a million dollars and had charisma to spare, but she must've been frightened of the crowd or something. No communication with them whatsoever. I fucking love Polly, almost as much as Moz and it was heartbreaking to see her so timid. I wonder if she read this board before coming perhaps? ;)

    As for Moz, well it was a usual top-drawer performance, but maybe he's getting a bit tired now after being on the road all year. I agree that the SECC is an AWFUL venue and I think he could have moderated his setlist a little to reflect the big crowd. He should've kept usual warhorses "Everyday Is Like Sunday" and "Suedehead" and could have done with ditching some of the obscurities like the dreaded "Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice" and patience-stretchers like "YKICL". What happened to "I'm Not Sorry"? and there are still great tracks from Quarry that I haven't saw him play. Mind you, I'm absolutely chuffed he did "The Never Played Symphonies", his best song from the entire Quarry project and already one of his all-time best. In parts of it he looked overcome with emotion, making this a very special performance indeed. I can only imagine how good Earl's Court will be.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @06:06PM (#142636)
  • Morrisey/ PJ Harvey



    AFTER seven years without a record contract, Morrissey’s come-back this year has been extraordinary, particularly coming on the back of an album, You Are The Quarry, which fails to recapture the melodic melancholy of his early solo career. This success surge has taken him out of his natural theatre environment and into the anonymous expanse of the SECC.

    This was not PJ Harvey’s natural environment either. Having sold out her own Glasgow gig at the Academy a few months ago, one presumes she has taken on this guest slot for kicks. Her set remained largely unchanged, although she did resurrect the incendiary and euphoric Big Gun form her Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea album.

    Dressed like a vicar, Morrissey appeared to revel in a stage big enough to accommodate his massive Las Vegas-style illuminated sign, while the iconic guitar shudder of the Smiths’ How Soon Is Now? could fill any arena. The gigantic devotion of the crowd didn’t hurt either, as they lapped up every morsel of chat.

    There were creative chasms in the set, thanks to Morrissey’s loyalty to the nether regions of his solo catalogue. Current single I Have Forgiven Jesus has an archetypal self-flagellating Morrissey lyric, but Let Me Kiss You sounded like a dull contractual requirement, only enlivened by Morrissey unbuttoning his shirt and fanning himself with his dog collar. Despite his ambivalence about "a damp place called the past", the superiority of Smiths’ favourites There Is A Light That Never Goes Out and even the rather silly disposable Big Mouth Strikes Again had nothing to do with nostalgia.

    Five shirts later it was all over bar the blanket adulation. "My heart belongs to Glasgow," proclaimed Morrissey. Glasgow inevitably reciprocated.
    Maude Lynn -- Monday December 13 2004, @07:24PM (#142644)
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  • It looked pretty much full apart from a cluster of empty seats.
    Anonymous -- Monday December 13 2004, @07:51PM (#142646)
  • Was he different? (Score:1, Informative)

    Morrissey and the band were a lot tighter than on the previous UK shows, as you would expect with the length of time they have been touring together. The set list was more obscure with all the b’-sides in, but okay by me. I MAY have been less happy if this was my only show.

    I was on the rail and to be there, any Morrissey show is fantastic. A few things different from past shows were that I did not see him touch a single persons hand in the crowd. I know there was a large moat, but I have seen some seriously better efforts from the great man. Oh and what a tease! He was goading the crowed, looking as if he was going to interact and then just pulling away. At one point the hovered his fingers an inch or two from the outstretched hands, pulled away, wiped his brow and put his hand in his pocket. This was quite early on and this may have been the time when he decided ‘not worth the risk’?

    The poses were constant. The lighting was excellent and seemed to be at the right place at the right time all the time.

    Unfortunately I cannot remember much of the banter, although he did not talk with the crowd much, more to it. He asked if Julia was okay, played Edinburgh and Glasgow off each other a few times and made some reference to not being a recipient of a ‘Glasgow Kiss yet’ when introducing/concluding Irish Blood.

    All Morrissey gigs I have been to are great. Musically, this was definitely the best performance of the tour I have seen (my view) although there have been better sets and better crowds. Face it, you are never going to get everything and I always count my self lucky to be there in the first instance.

    Security were pretty okay, but never under any pressure with no attempts at the stage.
    Meatfreecotter -- Monday December 13 2004, @08:08PM (#142647)
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  • Best line of the night had to be when he was introducing the band...
    "my wee band is the best wee band in glasgow"
    Pure Gold
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @01:33AM (#142671)
  • Sorry for my ignorance but can anyone explain the band's T-Shirts. A Circle with 268 in it?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @02:44AM (#142679)
  • I've got a stressful, frenetic drive from Liverpool to Birmingham tonight, gotta wait for my girlfriend to finish work; what time did he come on stage last night? Was it his usual 9pm? Bloody hope so!!
    MSMOZZER -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @02:47AM (#142681)
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    Retired Mozzerator - MJP.
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  • set list (Score:2, Informative)

    i got hold of mozzas set list at the end, reads like this:
    I LIKE Y
    LET ME

    personally i really liked getting all those bsides, i thought maybe that helped to make the venue more 'intimate'. Personal feeling though is too many smiths songs. obviously they are always fun to hear, and a couple a night are great, but 5 in one night? almost seems to be verging on becoming a parody of himself. still a couple gems from the Moz back catalogue, he sounded good where i was (barrier) and he looked great as usual. despite my reservations about the venue it was a good fun night, and judging by the banter moz seemed amused by it all himself.
    mosschops -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @02:57AM (#142683)
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  • Julia? what kind of self-deprecating quips?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @03:13AM (#142690)
  • Was she any good? Can`t wait for Birmingham tonight!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @03:44AM (#142699)
  • Banter (Score:1, Informative)

    My favourite bit of banter last night was when he said "I've just had my heart broken... so I may as well get my head broken" just before tearing into Irish Blood, English Heart. He obviously thought the English sentiments of the song wouldn't go down too well with a Scots crowd... odd really as he's performed this song in Scotland 4 times before with a good reaction each time!

    He also said last night that he "told" the audience at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh that they were going to play the SECC and the crowd that night said "No!!!" As everyone will recall this is totally WRONG. He ASKED the audience in Edinburgh if they should play the SECC because they had been asked to do so... it was then that the crowd screamed "No!!!"

    It would appear that the SECC show was a done deal long before he played the Corn Exchange and he was only asking out of politeness (He did, after all also say that night "Is that no as in yes?")

    I enjoyed last night immensely, it was pure Vegas era Morrissey but admit that the crowd were too subdued and this spoilt it a little for me. Musically the band were on fire and the obscure song selections went down a treat as far as I'm concerned. Redondo Beach sounded bizzare... almost new wave style reggae-ish.. but amazing all the same. Bigmouth was awesome... pure frenzied electric genius insanity!

    Seeing Morrissey unbuttoning his shirt and fanning himself with his dog collar made the ticket price worth it alone!

    Great show, lousy crowd.

    Tottenham Tom -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @04:21AM (#142708)
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    "I don't sound like nobody"
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  • Glasgow (Score:2, Interesting)

    I cannot believe all the negative comments this gig is getting - it was absolutely outstanding. Fine, the venue wasn’t ideal, but come on - to say it was devoid of any atmosphere is ridiculous (obviously those who commented weren't at the Edinburgh gig)- well maybe a bit laid back which is strange for a Glasgow crowd. The band sounded as tight as hell tonight and to whoever said Moz sounded poor - are you deaf; He was on top form - as energetic as at the MEN arena, quirky banter with the crowd, and his voice was superb. As much as I love the Quarry - I was glad to see he had replaced a few of the tracks he's been singing elsewhere with the excellent b-sides (Friday mourning - never played symphonies; both sounded beautiful live - a real treat)! A little excessive on the smiths tracks, those he gave us sounded fantastic (bigmouth in particular). The more you ignore me was the highlight for me and Redondo beach was a nice surprise, And what an encore - last night I dreamt - wOOOOOah Only negative for me was really the merchandise - 30 quid for a really amateur looking t-shirt and the tour tee was out of focus but still quite smart. Never really heard that much of Pj Harvey before last night - but she was amazing - she’s got one more fan and James Maker was pretty good too. Anyway - you obviously cant please everyone but last night was immense. All of those going to Birmingham, London and Dublin, your in for a real treat.
    MOZ**don’t keep us waiting too long before we see you again!
    Jim: Edinburgh
    Pete, Hilary and Gerry - enjoy Birmingham and Dublin*
    jim_the ripper -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @05:24AM (#142715)
    (User #12240 Info)
    I will be in the bar, with my head on the bar...
    • Re:Glasgow by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday December 14 2004, @06:21AM
  • A very good show last night, by anyone’s standards, but I thought it compared unfavourably with Paisley, where I saw him last. Sure, the SECC has its problems, but I think performers have to adapt to the difference in venue and, as a result, the difference in the type of crowd.

    700 people in Paisley Town Hall is always going to be more intimate and enjoyable for all concerned than 5,000 in the SECC, where you’re logically going to get a proportion of the audience who’d claim only a passing interest in the act. For that reason, I thought it was an odd move on Morrissey’s part to hammer away at the B-sides and move the showstopping TIALTNGO to the middle. I love Last Night I Dreamt, but was disappointed in it as a closer.

    Yes, you can criticise the venue and the crowd, but Morrissey knows how to work a big room to everyone’s advantage... and he didn’t really. I occasionally felt he was wilfully frustrating the audience (e.g. a remark implying Glasgow was ugly, no one-to-one chat, no physical contact, and most of all the Subway segue into a B-side instead of Everyday is Like Sunday).

    Maybe we were punished for a bad experience in Glasgow? Maybe he’s got the cold coming on. Whatever, it’s a shame, because for every arsehole in the room, there’s fifty punters who love him to death.
    Elvis Polonius -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @05:26AM (#142716)
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      • Paranoia by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday December 15 2004, @03:14AM
  • Unfortunately that is it for me, I've done seven gigs this year and various commitments will not allow me to go to the remaining ones this month.After travelling up from Newcastle I have to say I was slightly disappointed on the journey home, before I get hung out to dry let me explain.
    I thought Morrissey and the band were on top form, no complaints there, maybe it was because I knew this was my last gig but the crowd were pretty poor to say the least, there did seem pockets of a decent mosh but where I was, just infront of Boz, it was very quiet but I've grown to love being elbowed, punched, kicked and taken great delight in people throwing beer at me not just at Moz gigs but all the ones I go to.
    Last night was pants for that, if people want to stand still at the front and not get pushed please don't winge, if you call me selfish, well maybe I am but I don't really care to be honest as people like you spoil the atmosphere too.
    Highlight last night was easily Bigmouth, low point was There is light, not keen on that being in the middle as they have finished on it so many times this year, and I love it when Moz goes off leaving the band to play on, each leaving individually, until Mike is the only one left, for me that is the ideal way to finish.
    Didn't mind the b-sides at all and thanks to the people who go and enjoy themselves at the front, if you come out dry as bone and not laced in sweat you don't know what you are missing. Thanks also to my Morrissey bud who has accompanied me on the tour, he knows who he is, I have had a blast with all of you.
    Uniformed Whore -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @05:37AM (#142717)
    (User #12304 Info)
  • I only managed to buy CD1 yesterday before the concert, but it's doing well...

    Battle commences for albums chart top three
    14 December 2004 - 12:17:09
    Source: Music Week

    A three-way battle is underway to top the Christmas artist albums chart with just several thousand sales currently separating U2, Robbie Williams and Il Divo.

    Retailers suggest U2's Island-issued How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb currently has the upper hand as it looks to claim a fourth consecutive week at the top this Sunday, but Robbie Williams' EMI Greatest Hits set and the self-titled It Divo album (Syco) are both seriously threatening to put it off course.

    Lower down, store reports indicate that Kylie' Minogue's Ultimate Kylie (Parlophone), Maroon 5's Songs About Jane (J), Ronan Keating's Ten Years Of Hits (Polydor) and Eminem's Encore (Interscope) all look safe bets for the festive Top 10. Scissor Sister's self-titled debut (Polydor), Keane's Hopes And Fears (Island) and Westlife's Allow Us To Be Frank (S) are also selling strongly in the run-up to December 25.

    Meanwhile, Band Aid 20's grip on the singles chart looks set to continue with another 50,000 sales already achieved this week. Ronan Keating's duet with Yusuf Islam, Father And Son (Polydor), is very likely to lead the new entries, while Morrissey's I Believe In Jesus (sic!!)(Attack/Sanctuary) is on course to give him his fourth Top 10 hit of the year. Avid Merrion, Davina McCall and Patsy Kensit's I Got You Babe/Soda Pop (BMG) is also expected to arrive in the Top 10.

    1.Band Aid
    2.Ronan Keating
    7.Bo Selecta
    12.Cliff Richard
    15.Electric Six
    26.Goldie Lookin Chain
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @06:06AM (#142723)
  • Somehow or other I managed to get a spot in the third row from the front, which was great as I could see pretty much everything. A nice contrast to the Newcastle gig, where I could hardly see a thing due to someone standing in my way :(

    Started off with the 'Hate List' once again, which went into HSIN, with Moz wearing his priest's outfit. FOTGTD seemed to go down well with the crowd, especially those of us at the front, who were jumping up and down like good 'uns. NSAM and Bigmouth were particular favourite for me, the crowd really seemed to get into these songs, as did Morrissey. I remember he showed himself to be a highly talented tambourine player at some point in the proceedings :)

    On introducing LMKY he said something like 'and now a thought that'll make you PUKE... let me kiss you.'

    After a bit of banter with Julia asking her how he was doing (I think), he said 'I'm as good as I can be', to which the audience cheered. Later on he commented to Julia that he wasn't funny - unfortunately nobody really seemed to oppose him on this...

    'Redondo Beach' was a strange addition to the setlist and felt a little out of place, not least because nobody knew what it was, and consequently the audience ended up just standing there since they obviously couldn't sing along to it.

    'Friday Mourning' was another surprise and helped to vary the setlist - maybe Moz is growing tired of 'Everyday Is Like Sunday' now.

    TIALTNGO was a little too slow for my liking, but the audience clearly loved it and put their hearts and souls into singing back every word to Moz, as they did during 'You Know I Couldn't Last'.

    A couple of other points of note:
    There was a guy with a TV camera down the front filming the whole concert - can anyone shed any light on this?

    Before closing the concert with 'Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me', he said, 'the parting of the ways - farewell'. Well, something similar anyway. Another hint that this could be his last tour, perhaps?

    Deano with no shirt on :)

    Morrissey mentioned that with the release of 'I Have Forgiven Jesus', he was 'gonna get Band Aid.' If I recall correctly, this comment got the biggest laugh of the night.

    Overall, the crowd were a bit subdued and the first half of the concert was better than the second half, but still well worth the ticket price to be 10 feet from Moz.

    That's about all I can remember for the moment, which is just as well really cos I'm not a natural journalist :)

    P.S. Did anyone go to the aftershow party at Fury Murrays? What was it like? And did anybody manage to see Morrissey coming out of the venue?
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  •       i felt the set list got a bit stale near the end. i wish i had went to the pogues!! good to see julia still the number one moz fan was there good on her. why does moz attract so many people he abhores
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @08:30AM (#142757)
  • For those interested, this review is taken from the Glasgow Evening Times Newspaper.

    Morrissey: SECC
    STILL riding the crest of his comeback wave, Morrissey delivered an early christmas present to Glasgow fans.
    The former Smiths frontman graced the stage last night dresses in a preists collar, as though spreading the gospel according to Morrissey.
    Fit, lean and pulsating with energy at 46, this is man who still manages to live up to his own legend.
    Backed by his band, the set list kicked off with the classic How Soon is Now, and so began a journey that spanned 21 years and included songs from his most recent album, You Are The Quarry.
    His strongest solo collection in years, it displays the signature Mozzer wit, honesty and sense of loss.
    Irish Blood, English Heart sits well beside the biting black humour of I Have Forgiven Jesus, given life by a vocal style stronger and more assured than ever.
    But the Smiths tracks added the real ecstasy factor. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out was one of many poignant moments of greatness.
    jim_the ripper -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @09:21AM (#142764)
    (User #12240 Info)
    I will be in the bar, with my head on the bar...
  • I the only one who's going to be screaming along to Redondo Beach in Dublin??
    dazzak -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @09:44AM (#142766)
    (User #12218 Info)
    • Its not fair by MSMOZZER (Score:1) Tuesday December 14 2004, @09:50AM
  • I had a feeling it was going to be an unusual day when I awoke with a start. It wasn't that my alarm had shocked me into life, rather confusion reigned. Moments earlier I had been locked in a life of death struggle with several z-list celebs trying to kill the demon who had possessed the soul of [I think] Christopher Biggins. I and some other also ran vainly attempted to pierce it's heart with a plastic knife tied on a vileda mop. It was reality t.v gone wrong.
    Having satisfied myself it was [thankfully] only a dream and I wasn't a washed up has-been trying for one last bite of the cherry and I was infact a dynamic go-getter who was going to see Morrissey. [Again!]
    As it was the third outing to cheer on Stretford's finest in as many months. His holiness had mentioned a trip to the Big Red Shed in Edinburgh and we naturally all said 'No', but really we meant 'Yes'. Having missed out on one gig way back in the dim distant dampisland of the past, Morrissey played the Man Friday role to Bowie, just as Girl Friday PJ Harvey warmed up the natives before Mr Crusoe recited his memoirs last night. Except, Morrissey was laid low with Broomielaw Belly or so they told us. Rather I think he had had a stomach-full of Mr Jones. Anyway it wasn't to be. So now, eight or so years on, finally Morrissey would play Glasgow's worst venue. Canon Docherty summed it up best when he asked me, rather casually I thought over a cuppa in the vestry if I would be going to 'The Ideal Homes Monster Truck Moz Christmas Carnival' this year. Could the old pro pull it off and steal the rug out from under the noses of all us hardened cynics. Maybe. Just maybe.
    Arriving suitably early, but not that early. Standing about waiting for an audience with the pontiff is fair enough in the warm weather, but December no thanks. Not that I would ever do such a thing anyway. I hoped to check out James Maker. He was okay in a sort of 'movie-roughly based-on-Morrissey,-but-we-can't-get-the-rights- to-the-name-or-any-of-the-songs-so-we'll-write-our-own-versions-of-them-and-rele ase-it-with-different-names-and-make-the-story-a-bit-racier' way. I missed the start of his set. Did he play 'No-one Can Hold A Candle To You' by any chance? The crowd seemed interested up to a point. He didn't set the night on fire, but I'm sure he's a lovely fella. Equally old SP has probably seen him alright with his little record deal, so everybody's happy. Except me that is.
    Being used to attending mass with only a few of the devoted, I was a little disconcerted when a large congregation from our parish turned out. Whilst I welcome new converts and the old sheep coming back to the flock, I felt uneasy. I know the new cathedral has space for all, but it is drafty and not a patch on St Barts of the Gallowgate. This came as quite a revelation to me and no mistake. I hadn't even though of it until Sister Mary mentioned I was a little quiet before mass. Everywhere I looked I saw people I knew and I must admit it was putting me off my pre-service rosary. Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe I just got up too early. Maybe. Maybe a lot of things.
    PJ Harvey, what can I say, very loud, very thin and rather good. One of the better choices as support, although alcoholic tramps with one stringed banjo's could offer better resistance and musical talent than some of the lack lustre apostles who have followed the master over the years. I mean does anyone mention any of them without prefixing the statement with 'Oh God do you remember' and ending with 'they weren't very good'. I must admit I did fear apon her arrival that I might be somewhat sick, given the sheer sonic wave eminating from the bass speakers. All the catarrh in my head began making its way toward my nasal passages. In tandem, my throat vibrated and I was heading for a phlegm apocalypse. Luckily it passed quickly. Time didn't though.
    Certainly during the episode of Brookside before the introductory rites. I had hoped with the big telly screens that we could have watched what happened instead of having to listen. I just can't for t
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @10:41AM (#142777)
  • How long was Moz on for?
    dazzak -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @11:23AM (#142782)
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  • why is this gig gettin negative feedback it was brilliant mozza was on top form he was brilliant
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @01:22PM (#142801)
  • Who cares about the atmosphere, Moz was in good form, i was in good form, i couldn't care less about anything else.
    vulgar <[email protected]> -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @02:17PM (#142808)
    (User #12532 Info)
    ill housed and ill advised.
    • Re:Who cares by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday December 14 2004, @02:26PM
  • Karen - didn't get a chance to see you after the gig. If you see this send an e-mail to [email protected].
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 14 2004, @03:36PM (#142822)
  • This was my first Morrissey gig, having only become a fan of the Smiths a year and a half ago (I'm only 19, forgive me!). First of all, PJ Harvey was a goddess- I'm only vaguely aware of her work but I'm definitely going to buy some of her stuff now, but I knew about four of the songs she did. It was worth the £30 just for her. On the first band- the frontman was so awful he made me cringe. I know everyone here's been saying this gig wasn't that good, but I really enjoyed it in general, apart from the beginning when PJ was on and the guys in front of us (I was about 5 people from the front) blatently didn't care about her and just stood there, unmoving and playing with their mobiles and spoiling it for everyone behind them. I was surprised people said the crowd were crap, too- I've never been at a gig where I've been so squashed, my friend and I ended up moving back after the second song to let other more resilient people in! Later on we tried to move forward and, even though loads of others were, got a terribly frightening look from some woman and gave up. My friend and I agreed that it was quite different to a lot of other gigs we've been to, including festivals- I don't know if it's a generational thing, but beyond the crush at the front everyone seemed to be standing very respectably, as if they were watching a play or something. What do older Morrissey fans think of this, have things changed from 20 years ago? I'd be interested to know your opinions.
    Thanks, Holly
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @03:48AM (#142927)
    • Re:General by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday December 15 2004, @05:58AM
  • Morrissey was amazing on monday night! set list was brilliant although id have liked him to play everyday is like sunday or suedehead. His banter with the crowd was funny and he gave a great show!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @07:38AM (#143027)
  • has anybody record this gig?? share it, please.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @07:39AM (#143028)
    • Re:download by Nephronic (Score:1) Sunday December 19 2004, @12:16PM
      • Re:download by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday December 19 2004, @01:19PM
    • Re:download by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday December 21 2004, @08:02AM
      • Re:download by Nephronic (Score:1) Friday December 24 2004, @05:03PM
  • I thought the gig was great!

    Yes the crowd wasnt as animated as it could have been but everytime between song there would be a Morrissey chant which was pretty enjoyable and kept the crowd going.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 15 2004, @03:45PM (#143162)
  • December Spawned A Monster
    GG Productions
    SECC Glasgow 13/12/04
    DAT Recording
    2 CDR
    Quality: Excellent

    Five copies available to the first five to e mail me. Artwork included. Also looking for a recording of the Edinburgh Corn Exchange gig from September.
    Nephronic -- Sunday January 02 2005, @01:46PM (#145625)
    (User #13372 Info)

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