posted by davidt on Saturday December 11 2004, @05:30AM
Morrissey on CD:UK, ITV1 (Dec. 11, 2004). Post your info and reviews in the comments section below.
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  • I think it was mimed but meh! whatcha gonna do! Morrissey still came off well and this is the only way he can get in the top 10, I think I saw 2 people singing along the rest weren't interested, towards the end they did get into it a bit more, after the song Cat Deely asked how he was feeling, he said "blessed" (btw he was in preist attire once more) then asked him what he'll be doing this christmas he said "avoiding Top of the pops", she said he says the lovlyest things and said hes welcome back anytime he smiled and said thank you, remember T4 tommorrow!
    powerbreed -- Saturday December 11 2004, @05:35AM (#142172)
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  • Cat Deeley, in boots, kissing Father Morrissey on CDUK at 12 in the morning?????
    Did you know she can fit her entire fist into her mouth?
    O'Muirgheasa -- Saturday December 11 2004, @05:49AM (#142175)
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    Perhaps my best years are gone.When there was a chance of happiness.But I wouldn't want them back.
  • ...whatever happened to those two ofay Geordie cunts, Ant & Dec?
    Ramon -- Saturday December 11 2004, @05:54AM (#142177)
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    "I'm all over a vulture, like impending death"
  •'s repeated tonight at 2:50am until 3:35am.
    dazzak -- Saturday December 11 2004, @06:48AM (#142179)
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  • Great telly!! (Score:2, Interesting)

    Hilarious performance in front of a load of teenage Brittney Spears, Busted and Westlife fans who didn't know what the fuck was going on, as a bequiffed, greying bloke in a priest outfit mimed on a stage, with a short catwalk on it.

    A girl bottom right sung along to every word, as did 2 fellas, one with a quiff, and one going a bit mental had the look and hairsyle of a fatter Jack Osbourne!!!

    Morrissey mimed quite badly, and even started laughing as he pointed repeatedly to an audience member, singing "Do You Understand ?" as they clearly didn't, but they clapped along like good little seals throughout the song.

    He had a bit of a chat after the song, and got a kiss off the tasty Cat Deely, so it was probably worth going for him.

    Oh well 6 days to Brighton, 7 to Earls Court!!!! YES!!
    borntohang1968 -- Saturday December 11 2004, @08:13AM (#142188)
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    older and wiser never applies to me
  • i think she seemed a bit nervous and intimidated. her voice was quivering. i mean, who wouldnt be. even after the thousands she has probably interviewed.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 11 2004, @08:34AM (#142192)
  • i thought it was a very smiley performance - he did look a bit bemused, as did some of the kids in the crowd - there were a couple of girls singfing along and people clapping. and morrissey walked along a catwalk with the teenagers either side. he leaned down and sang 'do you understand? do you understand?' to someone in the crowd. probably scared them a bit, hehe.

    by the way, does anyone know who is supporting in Brighton next friday? just a few days to go :-)
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 11 2004, @08:38AM (#142193)
  • the whole thing seemed a bit bizarre, mozz seemed very amused and in good form, nice comments to cat (whats her name). interesting, robbie williams on same show live, did they exchange autograph's, robbie a big mozz fan, or so they say, see you all in brum
    wrightytheman -- Saturday December 11 2004, @09:05AM (#142195)
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  • I think is was a very sweet performace.
    Did anyone else spot Julia. Yes she was there too.Standing on the left side of the catwalk. How does she keep doing it?
    patten -- Saturday December 11 2004, @10:41AM (#142204)
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    • how julia keeps doing it.... by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday December 11 2004, @04:03PM
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  • Was Julia the weird looking middle-aged woman with glasses to the left of the catwalk?

    Jesse has to have a shave. He looks kind of stupid with that "moustache".
    dazzak -- Saturday December 11 2004, @10:53AM (#142208)
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    • Re:Ha by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday December 11 2004, @01:08PM
  • How embarrassing.
    I had to turn away for most of it, how cringingly awful...My God talk about sold your soul for rock and roll. Has he no shame!
    And tomorrow we have the T4 teenybopper show.
    What is wrong with this man?
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 11 2004, @12:30PM (#142220)
  • Does anyone have this clip of the performance and interview posted anywhere yet?!!! Unfortunately (or fortunately) we Canadians don't have this show on our televisions. Please post it!
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 11 2004, @12:40PM (#142223)
  • Read the 'Word' interview with Stuart Maconie. Morrissey HIMSELF says, and I quote, "there will be a new record in 2005".

    Now THAT'S good news.

    With Alain gone AWOL though, one wonders who will provide most of the co-writes. Boz's songs are probably the weakest on 'Quarry' (no offence to Boz, as I love 'Now My Heart', 'Speedway', 'Ignore Me', 'Jack The Ripper' et al - all Boorer co-writes), while Dean Butterworth must be a novice songwriter at best. Perhaps there was some truth in the rumour that Moz met with Bernard Butler - if he knew Alain was to be incapacitated long-term, he'd have no choice but to cast the net about for another songwriting partner.

    What does worry me slightly is that those songs recorded AFTER Alain's absence ('Friday Mourning', 'I Am Two People') are somewhat weak. But, as always, I have high hopes for any new album.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 11 2004, @01:05PM (#142229)
  • My Word!
    What utter drivel.
    How can ...never mind
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 11 2004, @01:10PM (#142231)
  • Strange performance with such a young and pop orientated audience that have no idea what moz was singing about, but the man pulled it off - just.
    I wondered if it was just coincidence that Robbie Williams was on the same show? Is there a duet there? RW is definitely a massive moz fan. I think that would be fantastic.
    I thought Cat was building up to the performance really well and obviously a fan.
    Looking forward to NIA on Tuesday, just hope its not the full size venue.
    nug -- Saturday December 11 2004, @01:17PM (#142233)
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  • Morrissey was obviously enjoying the whole effect of the act, and it brought to mind that scene out of 'The Life of Brian' where a huge mob gathers outside his house, insisting that Brian is the messiah and taking him off-guard. He says no, 'do you understand..?' (like Moz!) but they're just tuned in elsewhere, the record's broken (or quentined!) etc. His worldly-wise mother comes to see what all the fuss is about, and, getting the picture, she shoos the crowds away, saying (famously) that he's not the messiah, just a very naughty boy who won't do what he's told, and who'll be the death of his poor old mother!!
    He really did look mischievous, though, whatever about running 'back to ma'(Southpaw)!! It was just great!
    goinghome -- Saturday December 11 2004, @01:25PM (#142234)
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  • Well....there you go then.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 11 2004, @01:52PM (#142237)
  • ...I don't think anyone has mentioned it yet, may be wrong.
    At the introduction of the show, Moz appeared with Cat Deeley wearing a casual light blue collared shirt under a dark blue fairly wide necked sweater. She reeled off the guests who were due to appear (with Moz nodding slightly) finishing with "...and this man, Morrissey".

    He looked 10 years younger than he did later as a priest... mind you he then looked at least 5 years younger than he does on the sleeve of 'I Have Forgiven Jesus'.
    mick ransommich -- Saturday December 11 2004, @01:52PM (#142238)
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    'Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference'.
  • looked better than on frank skinner ( im kinda getting used to the priest outfit !) Funny to see the bewlidered look on the kids faces ! a new fan base perhaps?

    See all you midlanders at the NIA ( not quite the academy but oh well ! ) tuesday, still got t4 tomorrow to keep us going till then !
    Timbo -- Saturday December 11 2004, @02:20PM (#142241)
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  • Made for hilarious and uncomfortable viewing in equal measure. Would have been brilliant if he had blessed the audience at the end!
    liblab23 -- Saturday December 11 2004, @02:40PM (#142243)
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  • It's great that Morrissey has been able to stick with it and get out and about to promote the new single, because in the end it is worth it for all of us and for the band.

    Worth it to see Morrissey on daytime tv, worth it to see Morrissey compete with all the other artists and come up smiling and in complete control showing complete confidence and style.

    And what a performance today - even if the miming was trully horendous - but the show was sealed with a kiss (brian hyland?) from the lovely cat dealey and has made all our christmas's bright.

    Anonymous -- Saturday December 11 2004, @04:09PM (#142258)
  • Blink and you'll miss it but Morrissey was on a programme tonight on BBC3 called "1 - 2 F U".Presented by Jonathon Ross,it was about punk and it's origins.Morrissey spoke about how important punk was and how awful things would have been if it hadn't happened.
    This is repeated in the early hours at 1.25am.
    This is from the BBC3 website.
    1-2 FU
    Sun 12 Dec, 1:25 am - 2:25 am  60mins

    Jonathan Ross presents this intensely personal, fast, furious and slightly deranged look at one of the 20th Century's most exciting, revolutionary and short-lived movements, Punk Rock.

    The show includes a mixture of fantastic archive, great music and contributions from a distinguished cast of characters including Morrissey, Vivienne Westwood, Vic Reeves, Simon Schama and Dizzee Rascal.

    Very strong language.
    Anonymous -- Saturday December 11 2004, @05:54PM (#142272)
  • just watched mozza on cd:uk - great fun ! he seemed to be enjoying the hell out of it - despite looking somewhat revolted when cat deely kissed him - who the hell is she to be mauling mozza about !
    aside from that, i thought the whole thing was great fun - like i said....
    baguley boy -- Saturday December 11 2004, @08:48PM (#142278)
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