posted by davidt on Thursday December 09 2004, @03:30PM
Morrissey on "The Frank Skinner Show", ITV1 (Dec. 9, 2004). Post your info and reviews in the comments section below.
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  • Yeyyy!!! My first ever first comment!

    He`s not actually been on yet but having seen the rest of the show my God what awful company he's in. I don`t actually mind Frank...occasionally....sometimes.... but Jodie, Davina and Avid..... I`m just glad he wasn`t interviewed as well....
    Ben G -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:15PM (#141911)
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  • the dirty rotten scoundrels!
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:17PM (#141912)
  • Because this show has been f**king terrible. Hurry up and get to mozzer please!
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:20PM (#141916)
  • Mmmm.......tasty!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:31PM (#141920)
  • I've never really liked the song but it was well performed; Moz in great voice and looking pretty good. The boys in matching tops. Well done all!
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:34PM (#141921)
  • Isn't very good is it?
    Did a bad thing -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:34PM (#141923)
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  • white shirt with the frilliest of frills on the front.

    Great rather fruity performance of IHFJ.

    No talking except a couple of thank yous at the end.

    The boys were all wearing grey t-shirts with a picture of a group in black shadow on the front. (possibly the New York Dolls?)

    Performance ended with a delightful little roll on the gong.

    In summary: Short but sweet.
    carnal artist -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:37PM (#141924)
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  • Loved the shirt. He was superb. Handsome Devil :)
    thedoctor -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:37PM (#141925)
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  • i luved the performance but i have 2 ask 1 question wherez aln whyte there was a new guy on guitar his name is jessie tobias is this permant or what
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:39PM (#141926)
  • Amazing (Score:1, Insightful)

    Morrissey and the band were awesome tonight. Never have I heard anything like this before on TV. The sound was alright (not quite to the standard of jools holland - even in NICAM) but the band and the keyboard player were just amazing. At the end, Morrissey was smiling to the studio crowd - thank you, thank you he said as the credits rolled out. What a year we have in store in 2005, and what a year it has been in 2004 for all the regulars.

    Anonymous -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:40PM (#141928)
    • Re:Amazing by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday December 11 2004, @11:15AM
  • Frank Skinner.

    what a fucking COCK!
    Brighton Rich -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:41PM (#141930)
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    • Re:Jesus!!!! by pashernate (Score:1) Thursday December 09 2004, @04:44PM
      • Re:Jesus!!!! by Biscuit Buscemi (Score:1) Friday December 10 2004, @10:45AM
  • Absolutely decent version of "Jesus", not particularly over-the-top gestures, great voice as usual, the band were neat if a bit bored (is Gaz ever not bored?) and we even got a thankful and sincere smile at the end..

    The unusual thing I noticed though - maybe it's happened before - was a kind of Doctor Who outfit going on, circa Jon Pertwee, eg: frilly shirt and dark velvety jacket..very dashing. He looked very tall tonight, actually.

    Perhaps he'll come back as the new Doctor once Christopher Eccleston has snuffed it, I might even apply to be his assistant..imagine the job!
    pashernate -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:42PM (#141931)
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    • Re:Oh Doctor.. by Biscuit Buscemi (Score:1) Friday December 10 2004, @10:47AM
      • Re:Oh Doctor.. by pashernate (Score:1) Saturday December 11 2004, @02:13PM
        • Re:Oh Doctor.. by Biscuit Buscemi (Score:1) Tuesday December 14 2004, @02:34PM
  • was appalling wasn't it? All over the shop.

    He sang it brilliantly. I love the song but I don't think it's going to be a big hit because I think it's too unconventional for the mainstream pop chart. But like Shakespeare's Sister. Most single buyers can only deal with verse chorus verse chorus etc.

    Didn't like his outfit though. It made him look fat.
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:42PM (#141932)
  • Tony Bennet is a gent but that interview was shit too.

    Pretty good performance I suppose. I really don`t think "Jesus" is single material though, "I Like You" or "Crashing Bores" would`ve been much better. Although four singles off an album is too much anyway, I know everyone else does it but the point still remains. I do like the whole Jesus/Christmas cheekiness but I don`t think this is gonna trouble the charts very much.

    I`m looking forward far more to the Janice Long session but I`m recording that and off to bed now. Some of us work for a living you know!!...Julia....
    Ben G -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:42PM (#141933)
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  • ITV1, 11.30am I think.

    Also T4 on Sunday morning.

    Dunno about TOTP.
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 09 2004, @05:00PM (#141943)
  • He looks far sexier in normal clothes.
    Love you.x
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 09 2004, @05:40PM (#141948)
    • agreed. by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday December 10 2004, @09:10AM
  • for all of us saps in the States...
    It'd be much appreciated!
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 09 2004, @07:55PM (#141953)
  • I thought the performance was really good! I was hoping for an Interview but Frank Skinner would have somehow turned the convosation around and made it about himself...What a week it has been Live concert on VH2, Morrissey vs The Smiths, Frank Skinner and theres still CD:UK and T4, I checked the TOTP tv listing and It doesn't look like he's performing...But anyway great performance and I will be buying this on Monday!
    powerbreed -- Thursday December 09 2004, @10:36PM (#141966)
    (User #13280 Info)
  • It's on UTV in Ireland tonight instead of yesterday.
    The show's in 2 parts.
    Was Moz at the end of the 1st Half hour or the 2nd Half hour ?
    Anonymous -- Friday December 10 2004, @02:51AM (#141979)
  • i was a tad dissapointed with the performance. he looked uncomfortable, especially with that big fuck off light in his face. what was that all about?!! he wasn't on top form, but he's still an absolute legend. bring on CDUK and T4!!
    luv u morrissey. x
    i wanna shag moz -- Friday December 10 2004, @02:58AM (#141981)
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  • This is one of the best Morrissey performances I've seen- either solo or with the Smiths. He sang it as if he meant it and there was real pathos in his voice and manner. FIRSTODIE
    Anonymous -- Friday December 10 2004, @03:17AM (#141985)
  • I can't believe Frank talked to Jodie Marsh but not Moz, maybe Moz refused to sit in the seat after she'd been in it, he might have caught something.

    The performance was great except for my boyfriend saying it was overdubbed which annoyed me quite a lot.

    A missed opportunity for Skinner.
    MyMelody -- Friday December 10 2004, @04:04AM (#141997)
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    ...don't make fun of me later... cos I'm just lost...
    • Re:hmmmm by Teddy (Score:1) Friday December 10 2004, @09:25AM
  • That show was soooo lame. The Tony Bennett interview made my skin crawl! And with typical predicitability they left us waiting for the ENTIRE show to see Moz. The reward for this though was that the song was played in it's entirerty and it was a great performance from Moz (even if I worried his voice was gonna pack up at one stage!).

    His hair looked terrible in that stoopid light though and he looked at little plump round the waist too :-(
    MSMOZZER -- Friday December 10 2004, @04:08AM (#141999)
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    Retired Mozzerator - MJP.
  • I couldn't think of anything more attractive than Morrissey doing a moon. Who was the lucky recipient in the song ?

    Another dazzlng performance by Moz and the band, he oozed with confidence, appearing happy and at ease with himself on stage. His singing was as beautiful as ever, bringing the song to life. Thank you.

    Can't wait till Earl's court (Mary & George)!!
    Teddy -- Friday December 10 2004, @04:15AM (#142001)
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    • a full moon by suzanne (Score:1) Friday December 10 2004, @10:50AM
  • enjoyed mozz and band, great performance, crap programme otherwise, don't forget, single out monday, buy it. 7" will be collectable in time, and more importantly, a top 20 position will round off a great year, my prediction, a new entry at nos.18
    wrightytheman -- Friday December 10 2004, @09:06AM (#142056)
    (User #7063 Info)

    It'll only allow 25 downloads so first come first served.
    Anonymous -- Friday December 10 2004, @10:12AM (#142068)
    Anonymous -- Friday December 10 2004, @01:00PM (#142108)
  • Still cringing after the Tony Bennett interview. Worst lighting I have ever seen on TV for a performer - every bulb in the place tuned up to 11!
    liblab23 -- Friday December 10 2004, @05:40PM (#142135)
    (User #13287 Info)
  • I watched most of the show and was amused by the earthy often witty chat. A short interview with Moz would have probably been lively. While on interviews, I don’t know why people are slating the one with Jonathon Ross; they were surely perfect verbal sparring partners, and there was a lovely intimate playful quality about it. I cherish my copy of that. On Skinners’s show I thought Morrissey looked fresher than at any time on the tour, and more relaxed. It was just no bother to him, except for the slightest dither on the first bar. And what a lovely warm smile at the end to an exceptionally enthusiastic (live?) round of applause! That’s entertainment, all right!
    goinghome -- Saturday December 11 2004, @11:28AM (#142215)
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  • Well, after that painful, painful interview with Tony Bennett (who seems like a lovely chap, but clearly didn't want to be there) anything would be great...

    But seriously...yeah, it was fine.
    Boy With The Thorn -- Saturday December 11 2004, @06:31PM (#142275)
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    Reliably devious and truculent.
  • thank god that frank skinner didnt attempt to interview mozza - after the ross interview that would have been a cringe fest too far.
    i dont hate skinner, and he is twice the interviewer that ross is,but the tony bennet interview was painful ! if you dont want to talk about wanking, bowel movements and football then stay away from frank skinner - thank god mozza did !
    baguley boy -- Saturday December 11 2004, @09:24PM (#142282)
    (User #10080 Info)
  • Well why did he need to record it twice then as those that went have said? To keep up the pretence?
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 09 2004, @04:50PM (#141939)
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