posted by davidt on Tuesday December 07 2004, @09:00AM
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British singer ROBBIE WILLIAMS has threatened to frighten photographers away by blasting MORRISSEY's SUEDEHEAD song out of his window.

The ANGELS star hates being bombarded by photographers outside his Los Angeles apartment, and hopes Suedehead's melodramatic lyrics, "Why do you come here/ When you know it makes things hard for me" will help them understand his need for privacy.

He says, "Next time there's loads of paparazzi outside my house I'm going to put massive speakers in my window and play Suedehead. 'Why do you come here?' I love Morrissey."
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  • I sense an imminent cover version!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @09:06AM (#141404)
  • "Next time there's loads of paparazzi outside my house...."

    if he is speaking about his home in l.a., then i think he meant to say "the first time there is loads of paparazzi outside my house...."

    the man is not even a blip on the radar here which is why he moved to l.a. in the first place.
    Johnny Marr -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @09:22AM (#141415)
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    Going Underground
    • Re:haha by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday December 08 2004, @01:28AM
      • Re:haha by Johnny Marr (Score:1) Wednesday December 08 2004, @04:02PM
  • the world has gone fookin' mad, surely playing any of his own material would have them running for the Hollywood hills. Playing Moz you'll just get a crowd, or at least try summat like "found found found", "get off the stage", "journalists who lie" or his cover of "moonriver".
    (no doubt lovers of those songs will make it known)

    Sure it's not the Mr Bicentennial Robin Williams?

    CaKeS -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @09:30AM (#141418)
    (User #10399 Info)
    "stop the world, i want to get off"
  • I see he is still desperately trying to seem credible (i.e. appearing on Jools Holland's show).

    Robert Williams will never, even somewhat understand Morrissey's lyrics. He will never have such depth. He is the worst kind of scum, sent by Satan to lower the earth's standards. Bill Hicks said it all.
    dazzak -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @10:55AM (#141443)
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  • Robbie.... (Score:2, Funny)

    Just play some of your own stuff out of the window.
    That should frighten the fucking lot off.
    mick ransommich -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @10:56AM (#141444)
    (User #8642 Info)
    'Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less travelled by. And that has made all the difference'.
  • what a dork.
    bernard -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @12:26PM (#141456)
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    ...and like all ugly things, it fell in love.
  • *vomit* (Score:0, Troll)

    As if Moz would scare them off. Robbie's great saggy lizard face should do the trick though.
    MyMelody -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @12:27PM (#141457)
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    ...don't make fun of me later... cos I'm just lost...
  • Cock
    Sheridan Whitehead -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @05:27PM (#141503)
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    A charming man
  • Purely out of curiosity - would anyone have been happier if Robbie had slagged off Morrissey?

    Is it really so bad that helikes Morrissey, and has said so? I'm just irked that he thinks it's good for repelling the press....
    Biscuit Buscemi -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @06:57PM (#141507)
    (User #9908 Info)
  • he could fuck me any wich way...but i'd rather plow mr. williams.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @07:14PM (#141513)
  • This is great. Maybe they can share an ice cream soda together.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @09:34PM (#141519)
    • Re:Wow by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday December 09 2004, @07:00AM
  • Hey Robbie, here's what you should do:

    Next time the fuzz is on you, just run Carson Daly out of your trunk. They will think it is you, and then you can move along with your life. If that doesn't work, buy Jack Nicholson a new set of golf clubs. He lives closer...
    Jim Rome -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @10:45PM (#141525)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • No one in America gives a rats ass who this guy is. It must only be the UK press that's stalking him.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @11:11PM (#141527)
  • yeah yeah (Score:1, Insightful)

    of course bashing him would be the right thing to do on this board, but I like the guy. He is funny, makes maistream music that I have no problem listening to, is hyped (but so was Moz in 2004) and leads an interesting life with his succes, money and depressions. Fame can do funny things to a person. I have just started to read his bio "Feel" and its very interesting and entertaining. Why can't Williams understand Morrissey? And sure, he may not be succesfull in the US, but he moved to LA for similar reason as Morrissey. British paparazi fly across the world to get a picture and while in LA, Williams is a mandatory stop.
    I have been a Smiths/Morrissey fan since 1984, so I know my classics.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday December 07 2004, @11:30PM (#141529)
    • Re:yeah yeah by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday December 08 2004, @01:36AM
      • Here here!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday December 08 2004, @03:54AM
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  • i think he's great... at least, he knows morrissey and love him... that's nice to know...
    ikyan98 -- Wednesday December 08 2004, @02:19AM (#141547)
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  • While I agree with the posts earlier that anyone should be allowed to like Morrissey's music, I've got to admit I'm firmly in the anti-Robbie camp.

    Not only do I hate his music and his irritating cocky-ness, but he's from Stoke on Trent where I grew up, and the first thing people usually say when they hear this is "ooh, that's where Robbie's from, you must be a big fan..."

    Rant over.
    viggerz -- Wednesday December 08 2004, @02:41AM (#141548)
    (User #8421 Info)
  • I'm surprised no one noticed how Robbie is typically the flipside of the coin of Morrissey. The way he looks, the music he's been making since he left his boys band and tried to earn credibility, the Fake London "Union Jack" jackets and jeans, the haircut (before it turned into a mohawk), and even some of his poses... The main difference is their sexual habits and the fact that Robbie is an entertainer "by birth" and that he can't change his nature. To me, he's just the "vulgar" (vulgar, in the sense of "popular" and "common") version of Morrissey, a Morrissey who would be a crowd pleaser and who would be faking sex with Darryl Hannah in his videos.

    If you don't believe me, look a little closer: he would have loved to be Morrissey but he was born trapped in a thicker body and soul.
    Retired Whore <[email protected]> -- Wednesday December 08 2004, @04:37AM (#141570)
    (User #3238 Info)
    Sweet F.A.
  • I'm sure I read a while back on a Morrissey newsgroup that Robbie had said to someone in a radio interview "I wrote a really depressing song and it was crap. I hate Morrissey" so this is quite a turnaround. But then I knew he was a fan of Pulp and Jarvis Cocker so I suppose it would fit in as well.

    I utterly despise R Williams and he's the most detestable media figure on the planet along with Jennifer Lopez. On the one hand, his endorsing of Moz could be good from a publicity angle, but I don't like seeing people I have no respect for like him either - see also, *spits* Fred Durst - having Moz associated with those names could do more harm than good.

    But I also agree that Morrissey isn't (or shouldn't be) the sole preserve of the "elite"; his lyrics are brutally honest and straightforward, not as if they're oblique and difficult to fathom.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 08 2004, @06:51AM (#141602)
  • This news item has brought out some passionately negative comments. His music is forgettable at best (the only song I can remember that bloated "Millenium" track), but I give him credit for going on record about his depression, which is something I'm sure at least some Moz fans can relate to. He's made some very lucid observations about his condition in interviews.

    Obviously he sells tons more records and fills larger stadiums than Morrissey ever ever will, but it's painfully obvious he knows he's missing that x-factor that makes Morrissey an icon, a legend.

    I saw RW doing a duet with Kylie Minogue on some awards show last year and I *swear* he had just watched "Introducing Morrissey" the night before, right down to the too-small blazer/vintage jeans/docks/white shirt look.
    king leer -- Wednesday December 08 2004, @08:34AM (#141612)
    (User #80 Info)
  • For all Morrissey's perceived miserabilism, he has NOTHING on Robbie when it comes to moaning about how "awful" his life is. Well, Rob, remember that suicide is always an option. I'm sure there are plenty of people who wouldn't mind swapping their hard-working for little return lifestyle for your £80 million record contract.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 08 2004, @09:01AM (#141618)
  • Have you seen Mrs. Doubtfire? Well, have you?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 08 2004, @10:24AM (#141635)
  • lol oh this really made me laugh this morning.

    Next time a certain someone comes to my home I will do the same.. haha;)

    Hey we do what we have to do...
    Marisela -- Wednesday December 08 2004, @10:25AM (#141636)
    (User #1865 Info)
  • first of all Moz lives in a HOUSE in the hollywood hills and there, under no surcumstances- would the west hollywood police allow this. anytime I go by his street i never notice anything.
    optimisticairbag -- Wednesday December 08 2004, @04:22PM (#141715)
    (User #10900 Info)
  • That Robbie Williams is actually quite clever. Very well, he is a bit full of himselfand his videos are embarrassing, but he always strikes me as very nice if I accidentally hear an interview of his. I can never actually remember how any of his songs go, but they aren't offensive whilst they are playing. Besides, he clearly has excellent taste in music.
    Poppycocteau -- Thursday December 09 2004, @02:50AM (#141753)
    (User #9489 Info)
    We are ugly but we have the music
  • cockhorse..... Sad he needs to namedrop the great Mozza to get his name in the press these days such is the downfall of his so called "career"
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 09 2004, @07:09AM (#141812)
  • How fu*king embarrassing are the pathetic jibes at Robbie Williams on this board? The guy likes Morrissey - period. Who are you lot to officially sanction who should and shouldn't like Morrissey? Like I said - EMBARRASSING.
    Anonymous -- Thursday December 09 2004, @07:26AM (#141814)
  • and I like Morrissey too! Leave Robbie alone!
    veradicere -- Thursday December 09 2004, @06:55PM (#141954)
    (User #8315 Info)
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