posted by davidt on Monday November 22 2004, @04:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / Bigmouth Strikes Again / Let Me Kiss You / Redondo Beach / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Rubber Ring / Irish Blood, English Heart / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / The Never Played Symphonies / I Have Forgiven Jesus / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / You Know I Couldn't Last // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

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  • C'était un très bon concert (en tous cas un des meilleurs en France) avec de très bons moments comme "The is a light", "Last night I dreamt" voire "Rubber ring". Mais le problême est quand même toujours le même: à quand un concert du Moz de deux heures, ou au moins d'une heure et demie ? On a quand même l'impression que c'est à chaque fois le service minimum.
    Cela reste malgré tout un moment extraordinaire...
    Anonymous -- Monday November 22 2004, @04:12PM (#139122)
  • Excellent show, even if he didn't play now my heart is full.
    Here is the set list (not in correct order) :

    How soon is now
    The first of the gang
    I like you
    Let me kiss you
    Rubber ring
    Redondo Beach
    I have forgiven Jesus
    Everyday is like sunday
    The world is full of crashing bores
    How can anybody
    The never played symphonie
    Last night
    You know I couldn't last

    There is a light

    Morrissey was dressed like a priest at the beginning of the show.
    The crowd was amazing, a lot of "Morrissey morrissey morrissey".

    Morrissey said that he has invited Sacha Distel at the Meltdown Festival but that he was dead one month later, and then he played the never played symphonie...
    The boys were great, and were wearing kilts!
    Also, there was a lot of young people in the crowd (like me) which is a really good thing and means that you are the quarry is successfull.
    Also, Julia spoke in the microphone and said that Paris is a wonderful town but that it is more beautiful with Morissey...

    Thanks Moz!
    Benot -- Monday November 22 2004, @04:14PM (#139123)
    (User #12414 Info)
  • A good gig (Score:1, Interesting)

    Bonjour !

    I'm just back from the Zénith concert. It was almost full, not completely, but not far. The ZEnith was the place where "Beethoveen was deaf" had been recorded, it can receive 6500 personne. I do not know how many we were tonight.

    I was a little bit afraid at the beginning, because
    Mozz was wearing that strange priest outfit, which does not fit him at all (IMO), and because the sound was awful.

    The band and Moz are not guilty, the Zenith venue is just an awful place concerning the sound. The musicians wore a white t-shirt and a kilt, I was not really in love with that idea. Mozz changed his clothes after 5 ou 6 songs, that was then far better ! The crowd was a bit too shy during the first 4 songs, maybe because of that strange clothes, but Moz received a loving welcome.

    The gig started really with "William it was really nothing", with a good atmosphere. Not hysterical, but good and friendly. Moz spoke a lot with us, and we even had a Julia moment (not sure that all the french audience understood everything).

    The things got better and better then, and the audience became warmer. The gig was good until the end, with remarkable moments (the Smiths songs especially, and a special mention for Everyday is like sunday).

    Mozz seemed to be pleased to be here, but just made one encore (I do not understand why, a second one would have been logical). The lights were on just after the encore, so the hope was gone.

    THis is my fourth MOzz gig, my favourite still is the Paris La mutualité one in 2002, this one was quite different (the venue, the awful noise, the crowd a little bit too calm), but I loved it however. A little bit too short, as always, but not a real problem.

    It's always good to see the man in Paris. This is my opinion, maybe some will not agree with me.

    Mozz, please come to se us in France soon ! I was happy to see you, I wait for your next concert.

    Bye bye.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 22 2004, @04:20PM (#139127)
  • A good gig, except maybe the sound (due to the place, not the band).

    Many great moments. A great Morrissey.

    One of his best concerts in Paris. I think he should have chosen another place that Le Zénith, but we were so pleased to see him in the City of lights.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 22 2004, @04:27PM (#139131)
  • First time in my life that the crowd is so passive at a Morrissey concert

    He was perfect so was the band, at my surprise I have to confess, even if the keyboards during the end of Last night made the song lost its urgency

    I still think How soon is now ? is not a live favourite, especially as an opening track, but could not help thrills on my body during it

    And, by the way, he did not perform Willam

    Anonymous -- Monday November 22 2004, @04:40PM (#139137)
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  • I would just like to commend all you French people for posting in English on here. I am in no way being sarcastic by the way, but when foreigners such as yourselves, make the effort and then feel the need to apologise for the bad grammar, well it is very touching.

    The English speaking world would never ever make the effort.

    Believe me, it is appreciated, and I'm not right in the head.

    However you all deserve a pat on the back.
    Also, you gave Mr Arafat a decent send off.
    Good on you France!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 22 2004, @04:48PM (#139145)
  • Je lis ici ou là quelques commentaires désabusés.

    Ok, le public n'était pas hystérique, mais le Zénith était bien rempli quand même, bien qu'en configuration basse (4000 personnes, c'est plus qu'honorable) et l'ambiance était sympa, globalement. Il n'aurait pas fallu grand chose pour que le public se lâche, ça n'a pas eu lieu, pais ce n'est pas grave.

    NOus avons vu un bon concert, nous avons passé un moment avec MOmo, que demander de mieux ?

    MOi, je suis content. pas vous ?
    Anonymous -- Monday November 22 2004, @04:49PM (#139146)
  • Whatever Arafat has done, do not forget that he was always willing to negotiate, and had Rabin not been shot by an Israeli fanatic Arafat may have seen his life's work completed.

    As it is, the comparison to Moses seems apt. He led his people through the wilderness for many years and brought them far closer to the promised land than they had been before. But due to his rashness and anger he never got to see it himself.

    He was a man who many Christians and Jews should learn a lesson from. He really did learn to love his enemy, in the end.

    To any Americans who feel the need to disagree with this, the most staunch supporter of Israel's ILLEGAL moves against Palaestinians is and was the US of A. Yet while others celebrated in the street on the evening of 9/11, Arafat was literally crying. Never forget that.

    And to those who call him a terrorist, were the French resistance terrorists? Yes, in the same way that Arafat was.

    In Arafat you had a man who was willing to negotiate and compromise with those who had promised his people land and then gave it to somebody else as well as those who took that land and then took more without any right to it. But he was never prepared to compromise at the cost of his people, hence the breakdown of negotiations in 2000, something which has always been held against him.

    There was a man stronger, braver and more upright than any person I can think of.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 22 2004, @08:15PM (#139195)
  • Wow, nearly everyone in France is Anonymous! Any new people want to register with Morrissey-Solo? There are no people from France in the way!
    palare -- Monday November 22 2004, @08:27PM (#139196)
    (User #152 Info |
    where the world's ugliest boy became what you see...
  • Je t'aim
    Well I think that's how it goes
    (If I remember correctly, adding an "e" onto the love bit is intended for a female, but who knows)Anyway Je t'aim or Je t'aime.

    You know what I mean x
    Everyday x
    Anonymous -- Monday November 22 2004, @09:51PM (#139206)
  • Mr Arafat's 40-year-old wife Suha is given more than €87,600 a month from Palestinian Authority. Palestinian president Yasser Arafat had a personal fortune of up to €2.6bn and his wife is given tens of thousands of euro each week to fund a lavish Parisian lifestyle.

    So while fat fuck Arafat was supossedly a fighter for palestinian freedom, millions of palestinians suffered and still suffer in poverty while he lived in lavish luxury...and palestinians think of him as a hero?

    ...and the french have no problem having her in their country?
    task -- Monday November 22 2004, @09:59PM (#139207)
    (User #12649 Info)
  • How was Suggs?
    Anonymous -- Monday November 22 2004, @11:26PM (#139217)
  • 5/6 lads from Liverpool were there with the Liverpool flag "There is a light that never goes out" that some of you might already know.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @12:15AM (#139223)
  • The gig was excellent. Well worth the horrible trip to Paris.
    Silver Surfer -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @01:09AM (#139228)
    (User #12116 Info |
    To me, my board!
  • What's with this priest outfit?

    A PETA awareness-campaign for endangered species?

    The show was better without the Halloween costume.
    MILVA -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @01:22AM (#139230)
    (User #12729 Info)
    no previous convictions
  • Le caca le poo poo! No?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @01:30AM (#139234)
  • For it has nothing to do with Morrissey post-show!! Thank you.

    Now has someone a trace of what Morrissey said along the show?? I did not hear/understand everything!
    Thank you in advance everyboby.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @01:55AM (#139238)
  • Morrissey, we love you, please come to see us soon again in Paris.

    Tu es le meilleur.

    Your gig was great !
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @02:29AM (#139244)
  • I think your name is Sophie, but I could have heard incorrectly. Anyway, you asked me to give your letter to Morrissey backstage. Morrissey was not back there, but I did ask Dean to pass it along. Dean is a decent guy, and as he assured me he would do it, I'm pretty sure Morrissey will receive the letter! Hope the show was memorable for you!

    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @02:35AM (#139246)
  • To say the least... (Score:2, Interesting)

    Not truly, not entirely, but half-way disappointed...

    First of all, the Zenith was in a small configuration and it was not packed, not as packed as in 1992. The venue can usually welcome 6000 persons, yesterday, there were hardly 4000. At on moment, Morrissey asked if the audience preferred the Olympia or the Zenith. Whatever answer he achieved to grab, he replied "Me Neither" and that was it. I really believe the Olympia, the Cigale or the Elysée Montmartre would have been a far better venue. But Morrissey likes symbols and "Back at the Zenith" probably sounded good to him in both acceptions of the expression.

    I won't say anything about James Maker who was given 5% of the power and sounded like an old punk band with a frontman fawning Marc Almond. From outside, most people though it was some bad radio music, not a gig.

    Then the balance was awful. Too much bassn the trebles and the keyboard were litteraly hidden by a the bass guitar. The whole structure tended to tremble at Gary's fingers.

    I never expected him to do it : he actually gave the mic to Julia who said a two-liners of bullshit about the beauty of Paris. Thank you, Julia, good night.

    The crowd was passive. except for the pack of brits with a red "TIALTNGO" flag standing at my right who started chanting Morrissey at every pause. It was nice to have you by my side guys. But I think it was due to the venue.

    Sorry Morrissey, you are even lazier than what you pretend to be : you've been in Paris for a whole week and instead of playing 2 Olympias or spend a couple of days doing the promotion (for once you have a real marketing service at your service), you just hang around shopping.

    Finally, I don't wanna end that post with such a negative impression : the setlist was brilliant and the performance was in a good standard. Bigmouth was a kick, Last Night I Dreamt almost made me cry and I could go to the loo during I Like You.

    Thank you for the show, Morrissey. Nothing's changed, I still love you...
    Retired Whore <[email protected]> -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @02:55AM (#139251)
    (User #3238 Info)
    Sweet F.A.
  • This all sounds wonderful - but why is almost everybody who has posted on here anonymous?
    Poppycocteau -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @03:06AM (#139252)
    (User #9489 Info)
    We are ugly but we have the music
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  • bonsoir (Score:1, Interesting)

    I don't undersand people who complain about the gig lenght. 18 songs that's great! Maybe he cancelled "daddy" because we've heard them singing it on the afternoon.
    I do feel hang-over even if I haven't drunk yesterday night.
    The arena configuration was strange. 6 doors and 6 queues but the point is the doors didn't open at the same time! Anyway, I arrived early (9am) and I was the first to go in. I began to walk fast as I heard a rolling army growing mightier behinf me. So I was obliged to run. I was in the middle front row and hooked up the barrier. Some people tried to take my place. Anyway "you-know-who-you-are", here's my e-mail adress ([email protected]) in order to explain you the difference I make between those who are late and the others.
    The James Maker show was not great. I didn't like him. The letters where there. MOz arrived with a priest collar and change shirts few times (black, pink and blue). His guys where in kilts with jobriath t-shirts. Deanno was torso naked. Few songs were fake ("how soon" with prerecorded guitars, on "sympho" dean pretended rolling with his stick like a marching drum but that's fake). Anyway, I don't care because the only interest of the night was MORRISSEY. He was in great shape. Spoke in french few times (bonsoir, merci). Before "sympho" he regretted the death of sacha distel (a french crooner he invited at meltdown just before he died). Few people in the audience sung a distel tune. I said I would replace him but I was trapped because moz heard me and he said "why? whay don't you thonk you could replace him? what could you do?) I said miserably replied "everything (sex, writting, slavery)". and moz turned on to the next song. On guy told him about bush: he repplied "I hate bush. The whole world hates bush. Actually, america hates bush". At one time, he turned back once again to me when he spoke about James maker. No-one seemed to care for Maker. one guy said "he's a good dancer", I replied "a gogo dancer". He looked amused. the night was great except for the one who tried to get on stage at the encore. He felt the ground and the pitiless of the bodyguards. Security-guards were not charming. Deanno throw his sticks on the crowd. People fought for it and the gorilla security-guard took and throw it away. One italian girl replied by a wonderful middle-finger in his face.
    great gig. I do feel terribly lonely now.
    message to the deutch people I met in the metro: morrissey really preformed rubber ring!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @03:19AM (#139261)
  • I'm French so please forgive my English!

    I was there 12 years ago (I was only 18) and obviously our favorite singer is getting older. The 1992 show in Paris was some kind of real show but I don't know why, I think that Moz is also getting better on stage (in any case better than the last shows in Olympia and La Mutualite!).

    The big capital letters "MORRISSEY" were shining in many colors at the back of the stage which was "funny"...

    Too many new songs for me, and his last album is not really to be played on stage, better to be heard at home after a hard day with a couple of friends/drinks !

    Above all, Moz is still the greatest... What a great pleasure to hear again "Every day is like Sunday", "Bigmouth strikes again", the once heard never forgotten "There is a light" (by the way I did not see the lads of Liverpool with their flag, i would have liked to pay them a beer for that !!) and even "The First of the Gang to die"... His voice has not changed, he is still very funny with a couple of comments on Sacha Distel (French crooner died one year ago) and his performance at l'Olympia !! He also said "I hate Bush"... He's getting very policaly correct !! :-)

    He did not speak about Oscar Wilde... Any way, one day he will play "Cemetry Gates" again!

    After the show, while we were going out sadly, "My way" from Sinatra started... With my friends we all agreed that Morrissey could be the next Sinatra within the next few years..

    Last word to say that seeing Moz in concert is forever the experience of a lifetime... From time to time I was looking at the people around me and what telling myself "all these folks are like you, they share the same torn in their side"!! Even if we French are not as warm as an English crowd (I'm really sorry for this, it's a question of blood i think!) we tried to give Moz what he desearves for being some kind of virtual brother every day...

    Last but not least, a lot of gorgeous girls were standing next to me (French ones !!), and that's a little bonus !!

    I will try to see the Earl's Court gig !

    Take care

    bigmoz -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @03:21AM (#139262)
    (User #13171 Info)
  • Bonjour,

    Je suis à la recherche du nom d'une des chansons passées entre James Maker et Morrissey. C'était une chanson avec un rythme assez lent et marqué, un piano et des roulements de tambours par moments, et des choeurs à la fin... Un ami m'a dit que c'était peut-être du Bowie, mais j'en doute...
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @03:25AM (#139263)
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        • Re:Question by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 23 2004, @04:33AM
  • As many might have noticed, Morrissey's priest costume was fun but the shirt itself was terrible and didn't fit him at all, he looked as fat as an... american in it.
    Fortunately, he disappeared after 5 or 6 songs, re-emerging with a Dries shirt that was far better looking.
    Knowing that he hates France (or never really understood it, or never took the time or was never really interested in french culture), he looked somewhat puzzled when people started chanting "Morrissey, Morrissey, Morrissey...". Yes, Steven, the french understand you, and the french love you !
    Oh, and : Julia : why not buy a ticket to go on holidays somewhere where Morrissey is not playing ? You sounded very tired last night. Have a rest !
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @03:26AM (#139264)
  • here's the set-list in the right order

    How soon
    Lemme kiss
    Redondo Beach
    Rubber ring
    crashing bores
    How can anybody
    sunday (Subway train)
    Last night
    You know I couldn't last

    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @03:38AM (#139269)
    • Re:set-list by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 23 2004, @02:40PM
  • Morrissey, clad in his priest garb, opened with How Soon Is Now. He unbuttoned his priest shirt near the end of November Spawned A Monster and left it open for the duration of the instrumental part. Then he moved on to a pink shirt followed by a blue shirt and a final reddish-orange shirt for the encore. Once out of the priest outfit, he put his rosary into his pocket but took it out later and incorporated it into his gesturing. The band wore white, blue-lettered Jobriath t-shirts and red and blue kilts. Dean shed his shirt, thank god, after the first song.

    By far, this show had the most minimal audience craze I’ve ever witnessed. However, I believe this was only because the barrier was set so far away that nobody even had a chance to touch Morrissey. Well, not exactly. One guy jumped the rail and fought off several security guards to hold Morrissey’s hand. Another, Vic from Belgium, pushed off the rail and tried to pass along a poster reading “Reach for my hand and the race is won.” As he tried to reach for Morrissey, the gap seemed too far to bridge and Morrissey said “You’ll never make it, but thank you.” But audience members and a security guard helped out, and the race was won after all as Morrissey not only received the poster, but Vic’s hand as well. Morrissey also accepted some letters from the audience and put them into his pockets, and he walked off with someone’s CD and a piece of paper.

    As for Julia, he asked her to speak, but she couldn’t be heard from such a distance even with his microphone extended out towards her. Finally security passed the microphone to her, and she responded “Paris is a beautiful city, but even more beautiful today…I think you know why.”

    Despite the hollow acoustics of Le Zenith, the band sounded quite nice and performed cohesively. Jesse Tobias is infinitely better at each show and is slowly making Alain’s piece of the stage his home. For me, the musical highlights were How Soon Is Now, I Like You, Bigmouth Strikes Again, Rubber Ring, I Have Forgiven Jesus, Irish Blood English Heart, You Know I Couldn’t Last, and of course, the encore. These are the songs that seemed to garner the biggest audience reaction. That Redondo Beach cover, however, was not impressive. I don’t believe reggae style songs are Morrissey’s strength. Patti Smith’s lyrics are great, but he should stick with the likes of go-go pop songs such as No One Could Hold A Candle To You. Morrissey provided alternate lyrics to a few songs, but unfortunately I cannot remember these. The best I can offer is that he referred to himself as a freak during November Spawned A Monster.

    Just before the encore the band plus Morrissey gathered for a bow. It took a bit of time though because they were jokingly running from each other. Morrissey stuck around slightly longer than usual during the encore, but after he left, the band continued to play with Gary at front center stage, and with Boz and Jesse out on the speakers set just in front of the barrier on their respective sides. Note to kilt-wearers: this is good or bad, all depending on the audience’s general mood.

    Great show. Thanks Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @03:52AM (#139276)
  • Sure there were a few things that were not that good (the guy next to me shouting "Sandie Shaw" the whole time.., the sound of the bass guitar that almost blew me away, Julia been handing the mic to say something a bout how nice Paris was, and that it was especially nice "because you know why", and also because France need some smoking laws badly) but other than that, great show. Ok crowd. I was in front and there were lots of chants. Young crowd as well. Zenith seemed sold out, but the higher ring / part of the seats was closed so I am not sure if it contained 6000 people. I dont think so, maybe 4000 or so. Tough security. Nasty looking bunch. They did not give an inch and had annoying flashlights to prevent people from taking pictures. Morrissey seemed in good spirit and was talkative, but not as much as other concerts. Maybe because it is France. He made a few jokes about not understanding the people and did some funny impersonations of the French speaking fans. Embarassing moment when he asked if the crowd liked James Maker...they did not apparently (i arrived too late- cant tell). Priest outfit a little tight around the waist (ha) and changed shirt 4 times. Did not throw it in the crowd as usual. No surpises with regard to the set list. Smiths tracks were welcomed more than the You are the quarry tracks (except for Irish Blood and First of the gang.) Thats it. Well worth the long drive!
    National Front Disco
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @04:07AM (#139281)
  • Hi Guys,

    I was also at the zenith show yesterday. It was great. Just seeing Moz was great anyway.

    He came back at the end with "there is a light...", he did the same 2 yrs ago in la Mutualité, so it was a bit expected. The show really started with "Bigmouth". If you closed your eyes you could imagine Marr playing guitar ;-) which is nice for persons like me who discovered the Smiths and Morrissey only a few years ago.

    Concert a bit short, but still longer than the one in la Mutualité 2 years ago.

    It was great!!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @04:45AM (#139292)

    INTRO (un peu longuette, et s'achevant sous les sifflets)
    HOW SOON (son catastrophique, pêchant par son aspect métallique)
    FIRST OF THE GANG (bonne rythmique, voix en difficulté sur la fin, son calamiteux mais il faudra s'y faire)
    NOVEMBER (superbe)
    LIKE YOU (aucune réaction du public, ce qui terriblement surprenant ; la faute à une basse trop en avant ?)
    BIGMOUTH (parfait)
    LET ME KISS (entrée par une oreille et immédiatement sortie par l'autre)
    REDONDO (dispensable)
    MUNICH (bien, mais le public était vraiment très hier soir)
    RUBBER RING (impeccable de bout en bout)
    IRISH BLOOD (version là encore impeccable, faisant suite à une maousse ovation)
    CRASHING BORES (la chanson fait suite à un couplet sur le combat perdu d'avance en matière de pop music ; interprétation joussive, même si la rythmique est plus faible que sur disque)
    HOW CAN ANYBODY (ce titre ravageur, joué d'une manière solide, aurait quand même mérité une foule un peu remuante...)
    SYMPHONIES (belle surprise, et belle version)
    JESUS (solide, meilleure que sur disque)
    LAST NIGHT (fin de concert grandiose)
    COULDN'T LAST (grande surprise : ce titre de YATQ que je trouve insipide en studio devient ce soir un grand morceau scénique)
    LIGHT (très beau, très pur, et de magnifiques kilts en plus de ça !)

    Concert dans l'ensemble vraiment bon, quoique donné à un public plutôt "limace" (mais plutôt fourni).

    Immense plaisir...

    PS : la prochaine fois, des titres de Your Arsenal et Vauxhall And I ne gacheront rien à l'affaire.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @04:50AM (#139295)
  • Well, fist of all I'm desesperatly French so excuse my English.
    Last night I was at the Morrissey concert on Zenith. I was there twelve years ago, and that was here I've made my first french kiss (anyway, I've never seen this girl again, too sad). I was at the Olympia and La Mutualité in 2002.

    What I can say is : it's not my favorite gig. I really don't know why.
    4 of my friends were there and find it wonderful. It's true that Morrissey seemed happy to be here, with his new good record. It's also true that Bigmouth Strikes Again, There Is a Light that never goes out, First of the Gang to die (I love this song) or Everyday is like monday were really moment of grace (I don't know if it means a thing in English).
    But, well, how someone write it here, somewhere above, Morrissey is gonning to be the New Sinastra. And it's not so exciting. I think that's why most of the audience wasn't as mad as Morrissey fans shoulb be. There was too few rock, too few fever. Well, that what I've felt.
    The audience have changed too, most of are older than 30.

    I don't know if I am clear.
    The songs are here, the man are here too. Very classy, still handsome, not too fat. The voice hasn't changed (except at the begining of the concert). But last night I didn't see something as exciting as The Libertines.
    I repeat it, it's only me and may-be I wasn't in a good mood (because today I have to go to the dentist and it will be long... I DON'T WANT TO DIE). All of my friends were astonished, blown away, as happy as a man can be or evey -ist ou every -ism.

    So good bye and wish me luck.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @05:23AM (#139303)
  • Beaucoup de réactions plutôt moyennes sur ce forum, je trouve ça dommage.

    Le concert ne fut pas parfait, le public non plus, mais dans l'ensemble, ce fut un excellent moment. Certains disent qu'on s'éclate plus aux concerts des Libertines, certes, mais Momo a bientôt 50 piges, ce n'est plus le perdreau de l'année, c'est normal qu'il aille vers des sets plus calmes. Morrissey, ce n'est pas les Libertines, je trouve ça plutôt normal (et rassurant pour lui, je n'aimerais pas trop le voir faire le vieux beau).

    Vive Morrissey, j'espère qu'il reviendra bientôt nous voir (dans une salle plus sympa que cet austère et froid Zénith).
    Guillaume -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @05:38AM (#139310)
    (User #13175 Info)
  • First of all, I am not English, neither French, not even Italian but Estonian so my English must be particularly excused...
    I read the comments because I was there by myself yesterday and in my opinion, you are just forgetting one really important thing - there are people who will NEVER get a chance to see Morrissey on concert for many different reasons. And there you are, complaining about the outfit (I quite liked the coloured shirts), the quality of the sound, the audience... I am not frantic about Zenith either but the thing is that Morrissey was there. At least for me as I have been an unconditional fan since I was fourteen (so exactly 14 years for now). So try to be a little more indulgent because the reason to come to the concert of somebody like this is not the concert hall or Jean-Paul Gaultier on the scene but the CONCERT ITSELF.
    [email protected] (Johanna)
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @05:59AM (#139316)
    • You are right.

      This site is full of people who complain about everything. When Morrissey doesn't release anything they are whining about the lack of new material, and when he releases singles, DVD's and albums they start quoting "Paint a Vulgar Picture."

      The truth is, my dear Johanna, most users on this site are bitter, vile, old queens who want the whole world to be a miserable as they are.

      Ignore them. I am glad you enjoyed Mozzer last night. So did I. It was a wonderful evening, and yes, now my heart is full.
      Silver Surfer -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @06:13AM (#139320)
      (User #12116 Info |
      To me, my board!
    • Re:AT LAST my heart is full.... by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 23 2004, @06:18AM
  • I was blown away by «Strangeways» when I was 14 and I'm 30 today, but living in Portugal I didn't have much chances to see Him before. So you can imagine my awe and delight when he entered the stage yesterday. I've enjoyed it throughoutly, it was a moment I will relish and worth every km of the 800 I drove. To be accurate it wasn't the best concert I've ever seen, I'd pick Tindersticks in Porto everyday, but that's not Moz' responsibility, it has more to do with a certain mellow crowd and the low quality sound, as others have pointed out. Some songs didn't work very well live (the synth on «Last night I dreamt» was awful), but others, like «Jesus», keep getting better and better. As does Morrissey, I believe - and the huge letters in the background are simply great.
    I also have a couple of good photos and even a small quicktime film I can mail. My address is hugo.pinto
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @06:48AM (#139327)
  • Forum Français (Score:1, Informative)

    Vos réactions ici:
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @07:46AM (#139333)
  • Excellent concert, bon son et très bonne séléction des morceaux. Le concert a duré un peu plus longtemps que d'habitude. Les reprises des Smiths ont été magiques. 5 musiciens dont le clavier qui a permis de donner une force incroyable à des morceaux comme Last Night I dreamt. Un batteur à la hauteur et des fringues inattendues. Moz a fait son show avec des poses tout aussi originales. On aimerait que ce genre de concert ne s'arrête jamais.
    Merci MOZ.
    A bientôt.
    BUBBA ZANETTI -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @08:28AM (#139335)
    (User #12988 Info)
    • Re:Zenith by Montaigue (Score:1) Tuesday November 23 2004, @08:46AM
  • Great moments. Thanks for somes of this classics Smiths tunes and the very very very impressionate cover of Patti Smith "Redondo Beach"!!
    God, this guy have an incredibly good taste for covered songs "fater "nothing rythm", "trash" etc etc etc this one is a must!!
    The voice of the Man on Redondo is perfect and Boz playing congas was great to see!!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @09:30AM (#139346)
  • Je dois dire, le concert ne semble pas être un du sien mieux. J'ai pensé il le ferait aime L'et fait un effort maximum.
    dazzak -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @10:18AM (#139354)
    (User #12218 Info)
  • The morrissey show in paris was excellent!!!

    Its the best thing that ever happened to me in the last 10 years!!!!

    I can't understand why many people are so negative about the show + priest outfit!!!

    Morrissey is my light that never goes out xxx

    [email protected]
    dirkvangils -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @11:04AM (#139362)
    (User #12776 Info)
    • Re:paris 22/11 by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 23 2004, @03:46PM
      • Re:paris 22/11 by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 23 2004, @03:53PM
        • Re:paris 22/11 by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 24 2004, @03:02AM
  • The show was so good, Charles De Gaulle would have given a standing ovation, Napoleon Bonaparte would have blushed, and Louis the 14th would have fainted.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @01:27PM (#139379)
    • Please by lg (Score:1) Tuesday November 23 2004, @02:40PM
    • Re:Paris Show by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 23 2004, @05:47PM
      • Re:Paris Show by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 23 2004, @07:42PM
      • Re:Paris Show by Montaigue (Score:1) Wednesday November 24 2004, @02:10AM
        • Re:Paris Show by Ghost of Troubled Jo (Score:1) Wednesday November 24 2004, @10:37AM
  • 1h45 d'é de proximité de son public.
    Nous l'avons attendu, patienmment toutes ces années, mérité et avons été largement récompensé entre plaisir, émotion et tristesse de ce moment qui nous renvoyait sans cesse vers notre passé.
    Un seul mot merci.
    Claudie -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @02:40PM (#139396)
    (User #12928 Info)
  • Hi everyone,
    yesterday in Paris, between the first part and the Morrissey show there was a song which sounded latino and whose refrain was simply "Morrissey Morrissey...". Does anyone know who play that song? Could it be The Sweet and Tender Hooligans or some cover group like that?
    Thanks in advance.
    Georges Abitbol -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @04:00PM (#139421)
    (User #13185 Info)
    • Re:Interset song by tenderliz (Score:1) Tuesday November 23 2004, @08:54PM
    • Answer by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 23 2004, @11:09PM
      • Re:Answer by Georges Abitbol (Score:1) Wednesday November 24 2004, @12:38PM
    • Re:Interset song by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 24 2004, @01:52AM
  • Well I loved it. Mainly because I was so very close to Him. True, the crowd was a bit quiet, but it's quite easy to have a fabulous time on your own. I wish He'd thrown his shirts into the crowd though - that would've been fun!

    And, because I want to...

    Eh bien moi, j'ai beaucoup aime. Surtout parce que j'etais si proche de Lui. C'est vrai que la foule etait assez calme, mais on peut bien s'amuser tout seul! Mais j'aurais aime le voir jeter ses chemises vers le public - trop marrant!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @04:17PM (#139428)
  • [IMG][/IMG]

    By kaisayr (France)
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 23 2004, @06:16PM (#139441)
  • This ecstatic experience!

    This man is everything : smart, funny, kind, delicate, truly beautifull -you know, this "physical" beauty that in fact comes from the soul-, full of grace, and showing a way...

    Well he shares it with us!!! What a present!

    None of the people who were there will forget this gift, that's for sure.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 24 2004, @01:50AM (#139459)
  • bon concert mais pas le meilleur, c'est chiant de sortir d'un concert de momo avec une mauvaise impression 'la magie est perdue?', j'espère que non!Je suis déçu par la playlist, trop molle.Quand on pense aux titres qu'il aurait pu chanter à la place de 'munich air'on se fait du mal, non?Et puis c'est tiste à dire mais je regrette presque alain white! Jessie retourne chez toi et prends des cours de gratte, ça te fera pas de mal!Sinon quelqu'un a entendu l'intro de bigmouth, moi pas!Pour finir j'ai vu de belles coupes de cheveux type derby 83 (ridicule),j'adore morrissey pour sa personalité mais il doit nous apprendre une chose c'est qu'il faut garder la sienne, enfin si on en a une evidemment!
    bizz à tous quand même
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 24 2004, @02:28AM (#139462)
  • Could anybody say to me what is called the intro song before Morrissey run on stage during this summer??

    I´ll be glad if someone tell me.

    Morrissey, come back to spain.
    FERREIRO <{nomebusques} {at} {}> -- Wednesday November 24 2004, @02:37AM (#139464)
    (User #7331 Info)
  • That was one of the great moments of this concert.

    This Smiths song is not well-known, but it's a wonder.

    It was so nice to hear this song again, and his marvellous voice.

    I was crying inside. It was so beautiful. I'm already nostalgic of that evening.
    Montaigue -- Wednesday November 24 2004, @03:55AM (#139484)
    (User #6688 Info)
  • Le forum des fans français vont attend :

    A bientôt
    Guyom M Moz <[email protected]> -- Wednesday November 24 2004, @04:32AM (#139491)
    (User #9053 Info)
    (Guillaume METAYER /Paris - France)
  • Just got back to Dublin after 3 days in Paris and I want to let everyone know who wasn't at this concert that it was amazing.James maker was a good support act who got a great reception from the french crowd the only songs I knew of his were Unbearable and Born this way and they sounded really good. Morrissey came out in his Priest Outfit which I think is very funny, why are so many people complaining about it,its just his latest thing and it ties in well with the release of I have Forgiven You Jesus.Morrissey opened his shirt and went backstage after 1 or 2 songs but he never threw any shirts to the crowd. At one point during the gig he came over to the left side of the stage and it looked like he was going to step on a big speaker and come a bit closer to everyone,but no he was only teasing us.The highights for me were hearing Munich Air Disaster and The Never Played Symphonies,the crowd were very animated when Bigmouth was played, someone must have shouted for This Charming Man because at one point Moz said " No I will not play Zees Charming man" in a funny french accent.There was a lot of Chanting Morrissey, Morrissey etc. Moz was going to say something once but didnt bother cos he couldn't get a word in, Very mixed crowd, older people,teenagers, punky people a little girl who looked about 3 or 4 on her mothers shoulders.The Security were very rough with a guy who tried to reach Morrisseys hand,they were also really hard on anyone with a camera and would shine a light on them and then reach out(usually over my head so I couldn't see the stage)and try to grab the camera.The band were great and Boz realy reacts well with the crowd coming right up to the edge of the stage so we can see up his Kilt (only joking)Deano has totally dispensed with wearing a shirt these days and thats not a bad thing.Moz introduced them as people he met coming out of Miners this could be a local club ,I don't know correct me if I'm wrong it sounded like he said Miners.Moz and the band looked really happy before the encore when they had their arms around each other,he had a big smile on his face. Overall this was a fantastic night and well worth 3 hours in the rain outside,only downside is I would love to have heard Now My Heart is Full.Afterwards with the huge crowd waiting on the platform for the metro back into town I spotted Jarvis Cocker and his wife.Roll on December 20th thats all I can say!
    CandyCanegirl -- Wednesday November 24 2004, @04:44AM (#139495)
    (User #6699 Info)
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