posted by davidt on Friday November 19 2004, @12:00PM
An anonymous person writes:

I'd never even heard of this show before, but I happened to catch literally the last 2 minutes of a recent episode. When the contestant makes his final decision as to whose daughter he wants to date, "First of the Gang to Die" comes on as the lucky young lady emerges from a limo in slow motion. The couple runs along the beach at sunset as the program loops Moz singing "He stole all hearts away."
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  • How is that 'First Of the Gang To Die' appropriate to that scene? Congratualations to whoever missed the point with that one.
    Poppycocteau -- Friday November 19 2004, @01:32PM (#138711)
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    We are ugly but we have the music
    • Re:Eh? by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday November 20 2004, @12:19AM
  • What a new low for human creativity.

    "Date My Retarded Brother"
    A new show in which a pretty cheerleader must date a retard! If she last 1 whole hour, we'll send her on a date with the retard's attractive non-retarded brother. Will she make it? Tune in and find out after "The World's Ugliest Pimples"
    dazzak -- Friday November 19 2004, @02:06PM (#138729)
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  • Clear off with this piffling nonsense.
    What a bore.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 19 2004, @02:53PM (#138746)
  • if MTV is trying to look hip by playing Moz on another horrible, horrible reality show. they've already played the chorus on that gawd-awful "Laguna Beach."

    the sad part of this is, only a Moz fan would even KNOW that was "First of the Gang." they must have to pay royalties for the song, so I guess they're just milking it for what it's worth.
    mozandeffect -- Friday November 19 2004, @08:24PM (#138805)
    (User #13082 Info) evil something you ARE, or something you DO?
  • Laguna Beach is THE WORST show ever! It's all these fucking plastic,rich,Abercrombie and Fitch teenagers. It's so fake! How dare they put Moz on that show! He shouldn't be subjected to that kind of show. I hate how Moz has become so trendy
    XUnruly_GurlX -- Saturday November 20 2004, @11:06AM (#138864)
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    "You shut your mouth How can you say I go about things the wrong way ? I am Human and I need to be loved.
  • moz played (Score:1, Funny)

    The whole of YATQ was played the other day from start to finish on the stereo in my kitchen.
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 20 2004, @02:54PM (#138896)
  • Oh, so now MTV chooses to play Morrissey's music! Well guess what MTV... his air play is way overdue!!!!! He doesn't need you anymore, he never needed you! Morrissey has became successful without your help and he most certainly doesn't need it now!!!
    HandsomeAngel -- Saturday November 20 2004, @04:32PM (#138914)
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    I could have been wild and I could have been free but nature played this trick on me.

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