posted by davidt on Friday November 12 2004, @12:00PM
An anonymous person writes:

Tonight on "Bands Reunited" in a behind the scenes show, they showed footage of how they failed to get Moz to participate in a Smiths reunion. They attempted to approach him during the Apollo Theater gig.

Pretty twisted. They showed that guy Ameer trying to ambush Moz on his way to the theater. They waited five hours and Steven just blitzed by them into the side door.

They made no real attempt to approach him assertively and acted surprised that he wouldn't just stop in his tracks and eagerly be interviewed.

They have managed to reunite some really decent bands from the 1980's, but they should have done their homework better for this attempt.

I'm sure they'll replay this "behind the scenes" show a few times. Only current Morrissey footage shows him going in the side door of the Apollo. They also use some footage from Smiths Videos.

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  • a note to vh1 producers for the third season, do what you've done with just about every other band: go after the smiths in their pecking order -- mike and andy, then johnny, then morrissey -- then you can at least salvage something for a 30 minute segment and not waste my time.

    if vh1 rounded up andy and mike first, they would have surely conducted proper sit-down interviews. i'm sure johnny might have humored them as well. but going after morrissey first and then just giving up that fast was pointless.
    eugenius -- Friday November 12 2004, @12:14PM (#137261)
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    I'm almost sure you can do better than that.
  • I don't count stamding outside of the Apollo theater for 5 hours an attempt to reunite the Smiths, judging by the other great lengths this show has gone thru to reunite bands, this was the lamest attempt ever.

    All we see is Moz showing up for the show going the the back door, whilst the VH1 crew stand across the street going "Moz, Moz!"

    Hardly counts as an attempt. There was no attempts to talk to Mike or Andy or Johnny. This was pathetic.

    There is no way, shape or form, that Im implying that they would have a chance in hell, but if I had to waste many of my 30 minutes of life watching them run all over the world for groups like, New Kids, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, et al then dont try to scavenge ratings by implying they made "attempts" to reunite the Smiths.

    Rubbish! Log Vh1 as "Flamebait"
    Anonymous -- Friday November 12 2004, @12:25PM (#137267)
  • I remember them saying something about not the Best Time to approach Morrissey, considering all the tours he's scheduled for.
    They will probably wait till he's done and surprise him at his home.
    Anonymous -- Friday November 12 2004, @01:48PM (#137293)
  • It's such a shame, it could have worked. they should have been more sensitive
    Quentin <[email protected]> -- Friday November 12 2004, @01:53PM (#137296)
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  • Does anyone remember the interview w/ Morrissey from a while back when the interviewer asked Moz what he would do if this very same VH1 show asked him to reform the Smiths. I only remember he had a witty/ funny answer..something involving guns and violence, lol
    Anonymous -- Friday November 12 2004, @04:01PM (#137317)
  • ok the morrisseytour girls have better footage than what I saw last night! This was a blatent ploy to get higher ratings! Boooooo vhnone!
    Anonymous -- Friday November 12 2004, @08:54PM (#137352)
  • a smiths reunion is never going to happen. i'm sure everyone except morrissey would be interested but since mike and andy sued moz, i think that was the straw that broke that camels back.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Friday November 12 2004, @10:55PM (#137358)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • Let's not mince words here, my dear brethren...VH-1's "Bands Reunited" is utter shite. It's cuntingly and achingly irritating and almost every goddamn act featured were horrid relics from the 1980s! A Flock Of fucking Seagulls! Kajagoofucking-goo! Squeeze (they were shite, and you know it), Berlin (an American electro-pop band? Bad idea!), etc etc.

    Morrissey shoulda let loose The Rock on Amir...pound that mincing little bastard to a pulp and then maybe grant a five-second soundbite interview...hahaha!!
    Ramon -- Saturday November 13 2004, @01:33AM (#137380)
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    "I'm all over a vulture, like impending death"
  • that is, where were the clips taken from?

    the first one was "This Charming Man" - that wasn't the promo video, was it?

    the second one, with no sound, was from some live TV appearance. was it TOTP or something else?

    thank you.
    mozandeffect -- Saturday November 13 2004, @09:04AM (#137429)
    (User #13082 Info) evil something you ARE, or something you DO?

  • they even had the audacity to eat hamburgers while they waited. had they actually been able to talk to morrissey, he would've seen the wrappers and told them to sod off. and rightfully so!
    river_euphrates -- Sunday November 14 2004, @12:57PM (#137604)
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  • A "filler" show on a shitty network that no one could possibly take seriously as a true outlet for music, "attempts" to re-unite one of the most important bands of all time. This is not only so obviously not going to ever happen, but it is so arrogant of the producers of the show to think they could be the medium that could perform this miracle.

    It is offensive for the producers of the show to even try to bring The Smiths down to the level of the fucking Information Society or Vixen.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 15 2004, @01:16PM (#137748)
  • i don't think morrissey would ever speak with Vh1 or Aamer for that matter.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Monday November 15 2004, @08:13PM (#137793)
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    True friends stab you in the front.

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