posted by davidt on Thursday November 04 2004, @08:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / Bigmouth Strikes Again / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Let Me Kiss You / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / Now My Heart Is Full / Rubber Ring / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / You Know I Couldn't Last // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Eli and charles byron
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  • oh come on! someone has to post for this show!
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 04 2004, @09:05PM (#135876)
  • Never in a MILLION years would I have known that MORRISSEY was performing today. I have known EVERY date until last week. Him performing ANYWHERE has not been on my mind since a week ago today.

    I remember when I was so excited to tell people that he had played Bigmouth Strikes Again for the first time in forever. And now, I won't be waiting for tonight's setlist. If I were talking out loud, people around me might be saying "He's popped" "He's lost it." With reason.

    Thank you, Sir Morrissey. I hope tonight's show was everything you had hoped for before you went onstage. I hope the rumor I read today was just a rumor. And I hope your throat has healed to never allow you to have strained vocal cords ever again.

    Best wishes.

    I feel better now.
    Maybe not.
    palare -- Thursday November 04 2004, @09:09PM (#135878)
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    where the world's ugliest boy became what you see...
  • incredible gig...........seems like moz enjoys playing in chile!!!

    hope to see you again!

    pd* every day is like sunday...........uff what a song.
    harold -- Thursday November 04 2004, @09:23PM (#135882)
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    • Re:gig by lg (Score:1) Thursday November 04 2004, @10:15PM
  • Now My Heart Is Full, demaciado feliz....
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 04 2004, @10:10PM (#135887)
  • extraordinary, with rubber ring I nearly die
    diegochile -- Thursday November 04 2004, @10:13PM (#135888)
    (User #12998 Info)
  • What a great show!!! (Score:2, Interesting)

    Today I woke up nervous, I spent the whole day anxious and later on, when I arrived to the stadium, I was really excited. It was my first time ever to see Morrissey live. The expectations were high, 'cause I've been reading all about his latest shows, and I deserved no less than the other fans worldwide. First The Mars Volta played for about an hour, then P.J. Harvey for about an hour and a half... then: Moz. By the time when the stage curtain dropped, my heart stopped beating for a while, then it run as fast as ever before. I was so happy, I couldn't believe that Morrissey was in front of me, only a few meters away, dressed like a priest, holding an incense and blessing us. All throughout the concert he talked to us and was really kind, he also said something about the US election manifesting his disagreement and hoping that we will not get killed because of a war. He often kneeled down and talked with the people standing on front, and he also touched the hands of the fans that were reaching out for him.
    Well, I could say a lot more about this show, but it would be too boring... it's good enough to say that it was a great performance, with excellent music and Morrissey's one and only lovely style and voice that have stayed immacculate through the years. (Though I missed some songs from You are the Quarry like "The world is full of crashing bores", "How could anybody possibly know how I feel?" and "Don't make fun of daddy's voice", the setlist was very similar to Morrissey's usual show on tour, for I haven't got much to complain about).
    He thanked us for being there tonight, singing with him and dancing his music, but we are the ones that have to thank him for coming to Chile, because it seems he hasn't forgotten this southern part of the world, and, for what he said, he is expecting to come to Santiago again.
    Hopes are up, because there is a light that never goes out...
    Eli <[email protected]> -- Thursday November 04 2004, @10:34PM (#135893)
    (User #12997 Info)
  • From one, thousands of miles away.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 04 2004, @11:12PM (#135903)
  • sobre buch dijo q lamentaba q saliera electo y q a la gente de usa " q dios los bendiga " jaaj eso fue.

    me gustó mucho el show aunque el show del 2000 creo q fué mas intenso, mas para fans.

    el publico en general no me gustó, no se para que querian llegar adelante muchos si no se sabian las canciones , despues me alejé un poco no mas y pareciamos locos cantando con una amiga y un desconocido y toda la gente a los lados NADA, no se sabian las canciones , tonces creo que eso le quitó energía al show, que comparado con el del 2000 fué mas eufórico
    pero tengo que destacar que el señor morrissey esta de muy buen animo y mucho sentido del humor, lo pasé muy bien con moz y espero que vuelva
    chelomix78 -- Thursday November 04 2004, @11:55PM (#135909)
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    • con permiso by helloiamthegirlracer (Score:1) Friday November 05 2004, @07:35AM
      • Re:con permiso by charles byron (Score:1) Sunday November 07 2004, @07:43PM
        • Re:con permiso by helloiamthegirlracer (Score:1) Monday November 08 2004, @12:36PM

  • Morrissey fue puro garbo y devoción: Apareció vestido de cura

    Morrissey pertenece a una estirpe en extinción. Él es parte de una fauna donde el garbo y la mística se cruzan con la leyenda y la devoción. Y eso, anoche, hizo que el cantante británico no sólo concediera clásicos de The Smiths para explotar el carácter histriónico y la elegancia sonora que lo han convertido en un sobreviviente del rock, sino que también mostrara las nuevas canciones que le agencian una envidiable salud musical frente a las nuevas generaciones.
    Dando sus bendiciones al público o haciendo uso de su traje de sacerdote para invocar a Dios, Morrissey se expuso accesible, ambiguo y egocéntrico. Dejándose querer ante un público entregado y diverso. Hecho a la medida de un hombre que abrió con “How soon is now?” y terminó con el fondo de “My way”. O sea, ecléctico y nostálgico.
    chelomix78 -- Friday November 05 2004, @12:12AM (#135912)
    (User #12964 Info)
  • No..So....
    Anonymous -- Friday November 05 2004, @01:29AM (#135921)
  • mozz did 6 smiths songs in that setlist.
    is that a first??

    when i see him he does 3 usually.
    lately he has been doing four and even 5 alot, but 6 !!!!!!!!!!!
    inlovewiththepast -- Friday November 05 2004, @01:30AM (#135922)
    (User #1028 Info)
    truth rest your head there is more than a life at stake here..she may well sell sanctuary but she'll also sell your soul
  • I'm one of those rare beasts who would take Morrissey's back catalogue to the desert island over The Smiths if I could only have one. So I'm always a bit disgruntled at the ever increasing appearance of Smiths tracks in the live set. Don't get me wrong I love(d) The Smiths, its just that Morrissey has such a huge and mostly magnificent repertoire and there are SO many tracks he could play live. Again, unlike many, including the music press, I am a huge fan of much of Southpaw and Maladjusted. Stuff he could/should play live, bringing up that often discussed topic of varying the setlist so much more during a tour (just a random selection...):

    Late night, Maudlin Street
    Last of the famous international playboys
    Yes, I am blind (wow)
    Swallow on my neck
    Have a go merchant
    Pretty much ALL of Your Arsenal (!)
    Billy Budd
    Hold on to your friends
    Why don't you find out for yourself
    Trouble Loves Me
    He Cried
    Satan rejected my soul
    Do your best and don't worry
    Best friend on the payroll
    Southpaw (perhaps without the 6-7 minute outro!)
    Harsh truth of the camera eye
    My love life

    But never, EVER, Moon River


    bennyhana22 -- Friday November 05 2004, @01:41AM (#135924)
    (User #12229 Info)
  • Moz in his priest costume!!! here in Chile!!!

    The show was perfect!!! Moz looks so beautiful, healthy and kind!!!

    Thanks fhater Morrissey, vaya con Dios!

    and please come back to Chile someday!! we love you!!
    Anonymous -- Friday November 05 2004, @06:03AM (#135965)
  • Was a very sensible and kind show. we love morrissey attitude, near to us, friendly. i would invite to my home. was very kind.

    i hope morrissey feeling same.
    we respect so much.

    pd: sorry by my english
    pablo m -- Friday November 05 2004, @06:09AM (#135966)
    (User #12996 Info)
  • GEnial, no me pude ir más feliz, sólo una duda... que pasó con Alain White?, pq no está tocando con morrissey?.

    Creo que el hecho de que no hubiese venido hizo sonar menos epíca que la vez anterior (no por eso mala, de todas maneras estuvo genial) Last nigth i dreamt...

    Por lo demás gran show, el es grande y se entrega a su publico de manera espectacular... simplemente agradecido de que haya tocado lo que toco...

    punto a parte los que no tenian idea de donde estaban parados, y pedian incansablemente la canción "so sorry"... gran sorpresa se llevarán cuando se enteren que se llamaba suedehead...

    lo otro bigmouth strikes again simplemente genial junto con su gran forma de cantar i like you.
    felipe -- Friday November 05 2004, @07:39AM (#136015)
    (User #13003 Info)
  • just returned from Santiago....
    "Priest" Moz was amazing!
    comments later.. i have to get ready for tomorrow's show

    buenos aires - argentina

    01- How Soon Is Now?
    02- First Of The Gang To Die
    03- November Spawned a Monster
    04- I Like You
    05- Bigmouth Strikes Again
    06- Such a Little Thing Makes Such a Big Difference
    07- (Subway Train into) Everyday Is Like Sunday
    08- Let Me Kiss You
    09- Shoplifters Of The World Unite
    10- Irish Blood, English Heart
    11- Now My Heart Is Full
    12- Rubber Ring
    13- The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
    14- Last Night I Dream That Somebody Loved Me
    15- You Know I Couldn't Last
    16- There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
    charles byron <{boy_afraid} {at} {}> -- Friday November 05 2004, @07:40AM (#136016)
    (User #49 Info)
    life without my sweetheart is only half a life
  • Hola, lo del concierto estubo muy bueno, con un Morrissey cercano a su publico.

    Manden datos aquellos que lo grabaron en video y con sus aparatos mp3, para poder intercambiar/comprar material.


    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Friday November 05 2004, @11:42AM (#136087)
  • -Morrissey dressing as a priest.

    -All of his band members wearing JOBRIATH t-shirts.

    -His questions to Julia, over the microphone. Is that the girl that follows him everywhere? Does anybody know how does she afford so many trips, or how close she really is to Morrissey?

    -His first political comments after Bush's re-election: "We are horrified about the results of the elections in the Divided States of America" (just before "Such a little thing makes such a big difference); and then something like "tell me whatever you want, because we may be all blown-over soon".

    -In "Bighmouth strikes again" Joan of Arc no longer melts her walkman but, of course, her "IPod".

    -"I love you, I would even sleep with you... Just kidding". Buuuu.

    -The show ending with "My way", I guess you all know that already.

    Moving and wonderful concert.
    solgarcia -- Friday November 05 2004, @11:52AM (#136090)
    (User #13008 Info)
  • This is the second visit of Moz in Chile, and in this ocassion, Moz it sang the more beautifull songs. OK, Suedehead is the great song, but i guess a Moz so tired with her.
    Thank You Priest Morrissey for your blessings.
    Armandomacchi -- Friday November 05 2004, @02:57PM (#136120)
    (User #13009 Info)
  • Nos volvimos a encontrar, en un estadio lleno, donde demostramos toda nuestra devocion a moz, y esperamos que vuelva pronto para recibirlo con ese cariño que le tiene chile.
    Te amamos morrissey.
    DJ Andrés Verdugo
    Anonymous -- Friday November 05 2004, @03:50PM (#136125)
  • escribanme si tienen fotos del sue II al correo [email protected]
    Para seguir disfrutando lo de anoche, de cualquier manera concuerdo con los comentarios que el 2000 estuvo mas nostalgico, 1º porque era su primera venida y eso nos tenia mas euforicos, 2º personalmente la seleccion de temas fue mejor, aunque lo que tocaron anoche estuvo espectacular de todas maneras.
    Saludos a todos los morrisseanos.
    DJ Andres Verdugo -- Friday November 05 2004, @04:20PM (#136126)
    (User #13011 Info)
  • Todo el rato en cuenta regresiva...hasta que apreció y me emocioné al máximo. Mis maigos unos cerca y otros lejos...y al lado mio un señor que vestía una polera de The Smiths que me doblaba y más en edad, cantabamos sus canciones y ayudamos a desplegar un lienzo gigante que el llevaba para la ocación...
    Lo mejor fue such a little thing makes such a big difference, now my heart is full, y por supuesto los temas del you are the quarry.
    Para mi gusto esta vez fue mejor que la del 2000, pero a pesar que aquella fue más nostálgica, ahora también sineto una nostalgía enorme, propia del POST SHOW.
    Morrissey es definitivamnete lo mejor!!!
    Anonymous -- Friday November 05 2004, @06:13PM (#136137)

    link of pics morrissey in chile 04 nov 2004. Prens national

    manden fotos personales a [email protected]

    viva morrissey
    GustavooOoo -- Friday November 05 2004, @07:50PM (#136149)
    (User #13013 Info)
  • SUBLIME!! realmente sublime vimos a un Morrissey mucho mas simpatico y sencillo con reverencia hacia sus musicos incluida. Sencillamente espectacular Moz no nos dejas de sorprender,solo una pregunta y el incienso para que? acaso el camarin de sn. carlos de apoquindo no estaba aseado?
    Anonymous -- Friday November 05 2004, @11:54PM (#136164)
  • Non comprendo spanisho me englisho!
    Anonymous -- Saturday November 06 2004, @11:00AM (#136211)
  • At first I wasn't so excited about seeing Morrissey as I was about PJ Harvey, I had already seen Moz the previous time, and I'd told myself that I was gonna be a grown-up this time and wasn't gonna make such a big fuzz about them playing in Chile... By the time PJ Harvey started playing I was jumping and singing (shouting) along... Then Morrissey, oh!, he just made my year by singing all those songs I wasn't expecting at all... (couldn't help my tears when he started singing Last night I dreamt....)
    Well, I just have to thank him for his music, his witty and not so witty (silly in Chile) comments and of course for ending up with There's a light that never goes out, best lyrics ever....
    veerangel -- Saturday November 06 2004, @12:50PM (#136217)
    (User #13017 Info)
  • links about moz in chile =701&subseccion=901&idnoticia=382960594548727

    pj harvey says "Y con Morrissey quedamos en que queremos venir otra vez a Chile" :P &subseccion=905&idnoticia=C38297852873206

    bueno.. si alguien tiene fotos del show le agradeceria queme mandase alguna a [email protected] o me agrega a su msn byeeee

    Anonymous -- Sunday November 07 2004, @04:18PM (#136349)
  • Ufff me es dificil recordar ese dia, fue hermoso, bello, ver al vocalista de The Smiths frente a mis ojos, ....... un sueño hecho realidad.

    Lo lindo de todo es que logramos con unos amigos grabar el show en video, ¡¡¡¡memorable¡¡¡¡¡, proximamente estara en la red el concierto completo de Morrissey en Chile 04112004, con muchas fotografias.


    VIVA MOZ, Thank you Morrissey
    Anonymous -- Monday November 15 2004, @11:48AM (#137719)
  • What did he say about Bush?
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 04 2004, @10:22PM (#135890)
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