posted by davidt on Sunday October 31 2004, @09:00PM
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Set List:

How Soon Is Now? / First Of The Gang To Die / November Spawned A Monster / I Like You / Bigmouth Strikes Again / Such A Little Thing Makes Such A Big Difference / Subway Train (into) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Let Me Kiss You / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / Munich Air Disaster 1958 / Now My Heart Is Full / The Never Played Symphonies / The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / You Know I Couldn't Last // There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

setlist provided by Jim Rome
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  • Come on you Californians! Don't keep us waiting all night!! :-)
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 31 2004, @09:01PM (#134937)
  • Este Jueves!!!

    Anonymous -- Sunday October 31 2004, @09:02PM (#134938)
  • review (Score:2, Informative)

    morrissey was dressed up in a priests suit. boz and the boys were dressed up as catholic nuns. lawn ticket holders were allowed into the seats which created lots of pandomonium. the usual setlist from the tour was played.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Sunday October 31 2004, @09:05PM (#134939)
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    True friends stab you in the front.
  • first time seeing morrissey live.only played for 1 1/2. started show with the great song how soon is now?. not to ruin the whole show but played 5 smith songs total, and about 4 from new album.great show.will see him again in nov 11 show @ universal amp in hollywood.!!!!
    nene40 -- Sunday October 31 2004, @09:30PM (#134945)
    (User #12949 Info)
    • Re:devore show by crashintomyarms (Score:1) Monday November 01 2004, @08:16PM
  • well?
    chrisarclark <[email protected]> -- Sunday October 31 2004, @09:35PM (#134946)
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    "I'm just passing through here on my way to somewhere civilized and maybe I'll even arrive, maybe I'll even arrive..."
  • Amusing that he now plays at the Hyundai Pavilion when a few years back he wouldn't deal with anything from Japan due to their policy of butchering whales in the name of science. How times have changed.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 31 2004, @09:48PM (#134948)
  • all i can say is wow.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 31 2004, @10:23PM (#134954)
  • Morrissey if you are reading this...please don´t leave your Chilean children!!!

    Chile and Argentina is waiting for you!!

    A chilean girl ;D
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 31 2004, @10:35PM (#134957)
  • I sat out in Golden Gate Park with my walkman, all of my Billy Ocean tapes and several copies of Bigguns, waiting for the make up show to start. Oh, he's not playing a make-up show in SF after cancelling three times. He's playing a make-up show in LA where's he played and will play over a dozen times in three months. I have an aqueduct to go piss in. Think of me when you drink your water SoCal.
    hergle -- Sunday October 31 2004, @10:50PM (#134960)
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  • SO many people! (Score:2, Interesting)

    I couldnt beleive how many people were there - it looked like at least 30,000 or more as the venue holds 65,000. Moz was in tip top form, in the priest uniform. His voice was beautiful as ever. I was surprised to hear The Never Played Symphonies - it sounds so beautiful live. Though I love the songs, I think Everyday and Such a Little thing could be dropped and instead 2 other songs form his large library - maybe something from Your Arsenal? But still, hearing Everyday just brings that nice comforting feeling of sadness that we all love so much... A few people made it on stage, almost stopping his singing. He actually forgot where he left off I think during TIALTNGO. And he made some comment like "they are such good boys" [referring to the two who almost knocked him down]. Actually the security guy clearly shoved the hell out of one of the guys on stage.. and Speaking of security - Oh God, i thought i would never get in - it was a huge crowd of people stuck out front. I swear I thought there was going to be a riot. Some idiot threw a beer can or something onto people's heads. Anyways, Moz also said something like "Please, do not vote for Bush. If you do, you are DEAD". And it didnt sound like he was joking. Anyhow, just some things from my Mind... Love to all.
    handsomedoctor -- Sunday October 31 2004, @10:51PM (#134961)
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  • i got their and morrissey had already played for 40 minutes,all becuase it took an hour to get there when i got on the 15 >:| but it was my first time seeing morrissey and haha, i could've died. it was great! i loved the whole priest costume, and cheers to the boys that got on stage, lucky bastards.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 31 2004, @10:58PM (#134962)
  • does anyone have the set list or some pics from this show?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:03PM (#134963)
    • Re:hey by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday October 31 2004, @11:19PM
  • What a show!!! anyone who did not go for whatever reason....DUMB!!DUMB!!DUMB!!!

    Down side: took me about two hours to exit the venue. usually it takes me 10 to 30 minutes. it was really jamm-packed tonight.
    billybud71 -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:13PM (#134965)
    (User #555 Info)
    We are the change that we seek.
  • Allright clones, let me give you the setlist:

    How Soon Is Now?
    The First of the Gang to Die
    November Spawned A Monster
    I Like You
    Bigmouth Strikes Again
    Such A Little Thing
    Subway intro - Everyday Is Like Sunday
    Let Me Kiss You
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    Don't Make Fun of Daddy's Voice
    Munich Air Disaster
    Now My Heart Is Full
    The Never Played Symphonies
    The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
    Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
    You Know I Couldn't Last
    There Is A Light That Never Goes Out

    Hopefully that was in order, i'm pretty sure that was if my memory serves me correctly, but you never can tell after a few errr ten beers.

    As for the performance, it was an excellent show. Moz was in top form as was the band. Brought out the boys, my XR4-TI crew representing. Before the show, me and the boys were wondering what stops Moz was gonna pull out for us this Halloween. Was he going to wear a mask? Or...go "Mozzenstein" like in that painting a couple of days ago? Then I just figured he'd settle with dusting off the pvc suit and going Elvis on us again. Afterall, this was his 'comeback' tour wasn't it?

    I was wrong. Moz was decked out in priest gear and his boys were dressed up as nuns. All we needed was Julia as Linda Blair, and we could have had a horror movie. (Sorry Julia, i've stuck up for you before, but I couldn't help myself on that one!) When he first came out, he said that we all had our masks on...then said "Oh, you're not all wearing Halloween masks". The main Moz quote of the night had to be when he told Deano to close his legs - "Didn't they teach you that? Everybody loves a Catholic girl". Don't take me to heart on these quotes, I don't usually post them but he did say something to that effect.

    This was practically a free show...literally. They were giving out lawn seat tickets inside the event (try and make sense of that one). About ten minutes before he took the stage they opened up the gates and allowed lawn ticket holders to rush the front. All the drool and was like a scene from 'Dawn of the Dead'. On that note, we did get some stage invaders toward the end. Who said L.A. doesn't have 'riot fan'? There were a few breakouts as security was rough. On that note, aside from all this, people were out to have a good time. We didn't have people standing on the seats...or dancing wildly...or singing along.

    I do have to admit, it didn't sound at all like Moz was sick, or had been sick. Like I said before, he was in top form. Great show all the way around except for that long wait to get out. I'm pretty sure we ALL wanted to get back to the city. Any place you see horses tied up at the local diner, you don't want to stick around too long unless you have a trusty 'boomstick' handy. One more thing, looks like Rick James (or was it John Salley?) has been to just about every gas station and pit stop around that area. No joke, any place you stop by around there, and you WILL see autographed pictures. And one of those pics, will be Rick James...or John Salley...couldn't really tell. First time i've seen the 'Morrissey' background ala Elvis. Not too shabby. See you at the Ampitheatre Moz...maybe...hopefully...hell, just make it to at least one of those days?

    Jim Rome -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:14PM (#134966)
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    ...and how?
  • bravo to the stage invader who literally ran down the stack of amps to the side of the stage and leaped onto the stage.
    megyn -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:14PM (#134967)
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    • Re:wow by Johnny Marr (Score:1) Monday November 01 2004, @12:52AM
      • Re:wow by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 01 2004, @12:17PM
  • oh my, what crazy kids. Me and my peoples got there at 4:55 and were told "at 5 p.m. you can sit anywhere you'd like." It was hell from there, the Lawn People were jumping fences like it was an olympic sport. The Loge Folk dove across the railing to the heaven of the orchestra. And us Orchestra Resdients moved to the center of 3 orch. sections for a better view. I was in row Z Orch. 1 at first. After the dust settled, I was in Orch. 2 row C!!!! I had to ignore a few people complaining "yo ... thats mah seat." But after I told them that people went nuts once 5 p.m. rolled around (and they verified it with security) they were never heard of. I've seen MOZ 4 times this year and about 9 times total ... he kicks ass eventhough he cant hit the high-notes anymore. "Such a Little Thing," "Shoplifters," and "How soon is now" were ideal!!! See you on the 12th my Camp Morrissey people.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:16PM (#134968)
  • Be nice to your students, fellow teachers out there. I had planned on sitting in the same seats from the inland invasion...but a student from one of my classes had the connection with Clearchannel...voila, I was in the pit, on the rail...tall, dark jacket, dark hair for anybody who cares.

    Moz's voice was superb and he really threw himself into the show....the priest outfit was epic.

    Of course, Julia got the obligatory nod, and as he ended the show, he left us with a heartfelt "Keep me in your prayers, Vaya con dios...".

    Rough night for stage tried a suicide leap from the pit with his buddy's help, but tragically, he ended up face first on the concrete and was taken out post haste.

    Two did get on successfully nearly smothered Moz in a hug and the other made good time to get a handshake from moz before being carted off stage.

    Overall, after seeing Moz four times previously, this was the finale. Thanks Moz for keeping to your promise and making up the show!
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:20PM (#134970)
    • Re:Incredible. by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 17 2004, @10:13PM

  •   The Dears Opened up their music was great I must say Favorite Opener so far.

      After The Dears closed their set, minutes after people started running towards the seating area and myself to started jumping gates and seats til I got 3 rows down from the pit

    Imperfect List when on and then
    Father Morrissey and his Band of Nuns came out
    A suprise left for me. I couldnt imagine that they would dress up for today

    How Soon is Now Sounded wonderful never herd it live nice Opener.
    He said he liked Our Holloween Masks
      "my bad your not wearing any masks" something like that

    He introduced the band shortly after 3 or 4 songs
    Maestro Boz was great
    The never without a date Gary Day
    Deano with tons of enrgy.
    Jessie tobias
    Mr Mikey wonderful sax player

    no particular order but here are the songs I remember

    How soon is Now
    First of The Gang
    I like you
    Bigmouth Strikes
    Let Me Kiss You
    Now my heart is full
    Munich Air
    Never Played Symphonies
    The More you Ignore me
    November Spawned
    Subway Train Into Everyday
    Irish Blood
    Such A little Thing
    There is a light

    he said he was Still Ill
    and that he would always be "Ill"

    asked if we where voting for Bush and urged us not to vote for him which a everyone cheered

    he said something Like kiss me "Im desperate, really Look at me"

    he was funny tonight hopefuly some of you can recall better quotes.
    I kept yelling (Lonley Planet Boy) but I dont think he herd me

    He said "Good thought though" almost at the end does anyone that was in the pit know

    Well it was a great night The whole band was in good energy. Lovely to see them again. See you in the next one
    tenderliz -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:20PM (#134971)
    (User #11301 Info)
  • Amazing show!! (Score:2, Interesting)

    The venue holds 65,000 but about 30,000 attended... Chaos ensued when they let the lawn people into the lower bowl to fill the no-shows' empty seats and impossibly I was somehow able to still link up with most of my friends and get up even closer than my original Orchestra level tix... The setlist was of course outstanding and Father Moz was in fine form- and his Sisters of Mope: Jesse, Dean-o, Mikey, Gary and Jesse were hysterical in their Nun outfits. Naturally the High Priest of Misery himself was hilarious with his many witty in-between song comments. We shall indeed keep him in our prayers.

    I took lots of pix and put them HERE []



    I'm really just Some Totally Random Moz Fan
  • What's my third post tonight???
    this show was completely unbelievable. Father Moz was in top form. And he was not ill, from what I analyzed anyway. He seemed very healthy and very happy to be performing. WOW!!! what a show! I'll see you in Las Vegas Morrissey!!!
    billybud71 -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:23PM (#134974)
    (User #555 Info)
    We are the change that we seek.
  • one of the best setlists so far. i have lawn tickets but ended up front row center! he played lots let me try to remember some of the highlights:

    he told dino to " close your legs, didnt you go to girls school" or something like that

      "are youwonder if i am still il, well i am"

    "if you vote for george bush he will kill you"
    " am i dead, i cant feel my pulse, believe me being dead is a good feeling"

    "keep me in your prayers"

    and other i cant remember right now.
    played three recent b sides, munich, never played symph., dont make fun.

    about 3 people made it on stage but 5 others werent so lucky.
    shane sarabia <[email protected]> -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:25PM (#134975)
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    "My only mistake is i'm hoping"
  • If anyone has pictures to post or knows a website who's posted them Please post them, I'd love to see Moz in this get-up. I'm in NYC and am missing all this West Coast action. This is almost as hot as when he was a 'sailor boy' in '99 Vegas... =)

    A priest... goddamn...
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:28PM (#134976)
  • I just got finished listening to this awesome show for the 2nd time...Made a really nice sounding boot..Let me know if anyone's interested in a copy...does anyone have the exact setlist?
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:38PM (#134979)
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  • I was in the orch wanting to walk up and incite a riot so they would rebel against the Inland Concetration camp guards keeping them on the grass. Looks like Moz management told them to stand down. Security was the 1st to be all over you for having a pack of cigarettes and were the last there when one big fat woman was being beat up by another fat woman while her asshole redneck husband stood by and watched. Water was $5.00 for a large cup of tap water. An atrocity during summer time. KROQ is responsible in my opinion. 103.1 Rules. Morrissey urged everyone not to vote for Bush crowd split 50/50. I'm ready the next American Civil War will start 11/3. I hope Kerry wins. When Moz introduced Jesse some booing from the Alain contingent. Jesse is doing a good job but Alain must come back and bring balance back to the stage.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:41PM (#134981)
  • Morrissey rocked. He put on a great show tonite it was the best.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:51PM (#134984)
  • Reverend Morrissey did a fantastic job, sounded amazing, looked amazing. The band was great as always except for Jesse missing a few notes and Boz giving him dirty looks which was entertaining. One of the guys who made it on stage got knocked out by Morrissey's body guard before he could even close to Moz. It was kinda brutal, I was in the pit and could see the whole thing. They left him there unconcious for a few minutes. Other than that I would have to say that this was one of the best shows ever. Security did a really great job of keeping others out of the pit for about an hour. I didn't really care though, I could see his beautiful blue eyes just fine. They could have played for four hours and I still wouldn't have heard all the songs I wanted to. Maybe a little switch up for the Universal shows, I will be at both!
    radiobear -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:54PM (#134986)
    (User #12410 Info)
    Thank you from the heart of my bottom!
  • I know this is undoubtedly morrissey's most famous song, but "How Soon is Now" was brilliant. I never thought a song that has been overplayed over the years could sound so good. Sounded just like on the album. Simply brilliant. Munich Air Disaster was also great! Low Point: The Never Played Symphonies.
    Glory Hole -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:57PM (#134988)
    (User #9257 Info)
    "I tried living in the real world, instead of a shell, but before I began, I was bored before I even began!"
  • Very good show. I still liked the Ft Worth one a bit better, but this was close. He definitely seemed in a much better mood than in Fl, or Tx., by far.... He seemd really pleased with the crowd, and the priest's outfit was great! The crowd was not too wild, as my fears of being crushed against the barrier did not pan out tonight, but saw quite a few fights. security was really strict about letting people in the pit, but a few managed to get on stage still. Can't wait till Universal and Vegas, to see him ina slightly more intimate setting again, but still, this show was very good. I especially liked the line about us wearing our masks. he was cracking up at his own jokes all night. Oh, and the stage was about 6 feet high, and the barrier was really, really far, so he did not get to shake anyone's hand tonight.
    Sharron Needles -- Sunday October 31 2004, @11:59PM (#134990)
    (User #762 Info)
    Inside every adult male is a denied little boy -Nancy Friday
  • I have to know if she was there...
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @12:29AM (#134998)
  • Oh my, my what a show! There I was sitting in Loge when the crowd started pouring in from the lawn...without hesitation I yelled for my friends to follow and we wove in and out of confused security personnel who were yelling for us to stop until we reached the Orchestra section. From cruddy Loge to 7th row! What a night!

    My High Priest put on a spectacular show. He was really quite silly near the end of the set which was wonderful to see.

    One highlight, quite unintentional, was the stage invader who was pummeled by security during the music swelled the stage invader struggled with three security in what was a surreal mix of violence and beauty, set to strobe lights, rising music and apropos lyrics.

    Smashing show. It was well worth the wait!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @12:35AM (#134999)
  • The Never Played Symphonies!!!

    What a beautiful song, but more importantly, it was sung beautifully!

    he really pulled off the priest look quite well. It was kind of scary actually!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @12:36AM (#135000)
  • I wish Morrissey would change his setlist a little more often, I know that he changed songs more than a couple of times during this tour but he leaves so many songs out. Jack the Ripper, a great song, but played on too many tours. Bands like New Order who used to change their setlist nightly and they have "more" to re-arrange than a band like Morrissey's. It would have been nice to have thrown in a second encore song for the Devore crowd tonight. Something he hasn't played for a while or something just to make this show a little more "special". Still Ill or Queen is Dead, anything just to make this show stand out from the others this past month.
    stiffkittens -- Monday November 01 2004, @01:08AM (#135009)
    (User #12032 Info)
  • Did anyone get a Morrissey Afterparty flyer? If so can you scan it and post it, or email it to me. I think it was for the Universal shows. It was shaped like Morrissey. The guy passing them out ran out when I was walking up to luck. By the way the boys were in tip top today, some sound problems though, did anyone else notice?
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @01:10AM (#135010)
  • Did anyone notice Morrissey mumbling to "There is a light and it never goes out" during some of the song? It was like he was thinking about something and then all of a sudden he jumped back into it. Weird.
    stiffkittens -- Monday November 01 2004, @01:18AM (#135012)
    (User #12032 Info)
  • Dear Morrissey,

    EPIC show Moz, dug your clothes!


    Michael Jackson
    Jim Rome -- Monday November 01 2004, @02:43AM (#135023)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
    • 1 reply beneath your current threshold.
  • Tonight, Morrissey was awesome, his voice is enigmatic, despite any complaints of secuirty or anything, just the fact that this man is around, and the power behind his lyrics affects so many of us, makes the traffic, and security crap all worth it! Morrissey I Love you! Yeah i'm the one who screamed after, "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" thanks for making my day! And i'm glad you love me too, haha and all the other fans!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @02:49AM (#135024)
    • Re:kick ass by yoyazyas (Score:1) Monday November 01 2004, @02:52AM
    • Re:kick ass by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 02 2004, @02:40AM
  • Thanks Morrissey because I hope everyday was like this SUNDAY!
    yoyazyas -- Monday November 01 2004, @03:06AM (#135027)
    (User #12951 Info)
  • Bernard Butler said he hated me. And I who bought all his records! The guy's never even seen me!
    Cheeky Butler.

    Go beat him up this instant.

    Yours catholically
    PS: Mind you keep that cross clean, now, or I'll kill you with my bare nails.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @06:07AM (#135040)
  • And in Houston...he still has us waiting and waiting. :(
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @07:30AM (#135051)
  • I just want to say that I was really upset about the Austin show being cancelled. It sounds like Morrissey did OK at the California show (30,000 fans). My wife and I don't get a chance to go out that much and this was a night out that we sure could have used. We had a sitter change her plans for us to watch the kids. I booked time off work for this and lost out on a lot of money for one days pay. I could mention a bunch of other things but I'm sure I would bore you.

    I called someone at The Backyard venue and they told me that ticket sales were very low and that is the reason Morrissey cancelled. I understand that Morrissey is a business man and this is a business. He did not want what happened in Indiana, happen in Austin and Houston. I just wish he didn't lie and say he was sick. It's funny to see people actually wish him good health, when he's lying to us.

    I have to admit that I didn't like his new CD and seeing pictures of him as an old man is really uncomfortable. I'm 34 years old, married with two kids and I work long hours. Maybe it's time I move on with my life when it comes to music. I will admit, people do think it's wierd when I wear my Smiths and Morrissey shirts.

    I would just like to thank Morrissey for what he did. I think it's time to put this part of me in the past, like the way I have said good bye to high school friends when I got married.

    I hope people don't respond with hateful and nasty things. I don't mean any harm.

    Paul Patrick
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @08:10AM (#135059)
  • I'm happy for the people that got the privilege of a make-up show in Cali. Still quite snubbed because of the Austin cancellation, but I won't begrudge anyone what seemed to be an awesome Moz show.

    Morrissey, please don't forget the rest of your Texas fans! Please schedule make-up dates for us too!!!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @08:15AM (#135060)
  • so at 4:30 i was planning on missing moz since my friend was stuck studying for midterms. but after reading the setlists on this site for the past few nites and seeing that he indeed does play smiths songs and after reading all the great reviews - with the show starting in less than 1/2 an hour and me still a rough 50 or so minutes away in the OC, I said eff it and I made the drive out anyway.

    I only caught the last 4 songs (it's true, the last 5 miles of the 15 after passing the 210 took 30 - 35 minutes, the length it took me to get 40 miles previously!!!) but in an awesome way - I really feel as though it was worth it.

    Loving a band like a smiths and listening to the songs I remember playing over and over again in high school made me feel like I was visiting an old friend. Even though I had gone by myself - a rather spontaneous decision - I felt like I was surrounded by the moz family.

    And I wouldn't have been impulsive had I not been on this site @ 4:30 to leave and get to Devore @ 6:00. Thanks again all you posters. cheers! - kathee
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @08:18AM (#135062)
  • I'm going through a pretty awful time in my life. I won't go into details; it's irrelevant and certainly no one on this board would sincerely care.

    For months now, whenever something bad would happened to me, I could always comfort myself with the thought that I was going to seen be seeing Morrissey, live in Houston, for the first time, after years of loving him and listening to his music.

    Then, it gets cancelled. Which I find out via a cellphone call from a friend who was going see some awful band called Kittie nearby. Right in the middle of the 1.5 hour drive from my town to Houston.

    Of course.

    Shocked as I was, I don't think it should have come as much of a suprise. Just one more little turd in the pile of shit that is my life.

    This entire post is sad and pathetic, I know. But I had to get it off my chest. Seeing Morrissey wouldn't have have been a cure for my problems, of course, but it damn sure would've made me feel better. Feel free to respond with hateful, sneering things to say. I've almost certainly heard worse.

    I hate myself, I really do.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @08:34AM (#135066)
  • Please hop on my time machine and remember the following story brought to us on September 21st...


    September 21, 2004
    Thank you to everyone for your kind letters of support and concern about Morrissey’s well being. He sends his very best wishes and looks forward to seeing you all on tour over the next few months starting in Washington next week. What should have been a wonderful triumphant weekend playing to 35,000 of you in LA and 10,000 or you in San Francisco ended on Saturday morning with sinusitis, acute laryngitis and a high fever with orders from Dr Joseph Sugarman to get to bed and not speak for the next 48 hours at a minimum. Sadly we not only had to postpone the shows but also cancel (at great expense!) the video shoot for Let Me Kiss You which was due for Tuesday. The most important thing of course is Morrissey’s health and we are happy to report that with the prescribed rest he will be ready to go next week and we will make an announcement later this week on a special event to make up for the KROQ show that all 35,000 of you who were there on Saturday will get to see AND THE SAME FOR THE ALICE SHOW IN SAN FRANCISCO. On a final note we understand that there are those in the Morrissey community on spreading erroneous rumours about lawsuits and questioning whether KROQ did everything possible to bring you the information in a timely fashion. I can assure you that the rumours are false and the integrity of KROQ cannot be questioned. They handled a very difficult situation impeccably and you should treat anything you are told to the contrary as rubbish.

    Best wishes,
    Merck Mercuriadis
    The Sanctuary Group

    Ummm... Merck? You were saying something about an announcement? If this is any indication of how cancellations due to "sickness" are handled, I feel bad for those of you in Texas as well.

    Instead of cancelling and rescheduling at your whim, make a fist Morrissey and kiss the arse of those who have kissed yours for all these years.
    Troy's Keen -- Monday November 01 2004, @08:34AM (#135067)
    (User #197 Info |
  • As anyone who was at this event knows, it was great--just great!!! I had just arrived at the top of the lawn trying to figure out where to stake out my spot when I see this crazy mass of people all running up towards me. THinking they were running *from* something my friend and I stood there like dopes until she finally tells me they took down some gates and people were getting through, down to the front. So yes, I was one of the crazies jumping down rows and rows of seats, evading the older guards - poor things - who were still trying to check tickets, I think. I didn't care, I was runnin' and runnin' and just heard "STop running, people...we have plenty of not run" over the PA or something, I don't even know. Ended up in row M, ended up hoarse today. Screaming since the first strains of that eerie music at the beginning with that woman's voice again, like at the wiltern...though the sound here was MUCH better I think...
    The entire show was incredible.
    Priceless moment:
    Morrissey: Are you, uh, are you starting to get cold?
    ( cheers )
    Morrissey: Well, shouldn't your heart be warm?
    ( cheers )
    Morrissey: Mine is...
    This is, um, a disgraceful thought, I know, but
    Let Me Kiss You...

    Then heaven as he played my favorite song (I don't care if you disagree!!) from YATQ...
    In regards to that bush comment, he said
    "Bush will KILL YOU"
    Amazing what you remember when sober. =-)
    See you all at Universal, I hope.
    NotLostLA -- Monday November 01 2004, @08:44AM (#135072)
    (User #12726 Info)
  • I would love to have a couple shots of moz's cosyume. Anyone?
    [email protected]
    fantasticdj -- Monday November 01 2004, @09:09AM (#135078)
    (User #12206 Info)
  • does anyone know the track listing for the intro tape?before the show started.I would like to know who sings the song in spanish that mentions morrissey in the song,and what the title is.thanks
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @01:54PM (#135145)
  • i've seen moz about 12 times now, and last night was truly the most magical, fantastic show i've even seen. the man is truly at the top of his game. amazing setlist, the requisite l.a. choas (i was having ucla '92 flashbacks when all those kids came running down from the lawn), and simply 'father moz' himself. still ill forever!

    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @02:26PM (#135153)
  • next saturday in Argentina again ,thank you GOD the only one MORRISSEY ,I hope you .
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @04:10PM (#135165)
  • i hope you Morrissey
    Anonymous -- Monday November 01 2004, @04:16PM (#135166)
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