posted by davidt on Thursday October 28 2004, @01:00PM
Matthew Zolan writes:

Just spoke with Direct Events, who handle the Backyard shows and Austin is cancelled too.

just got this in an email...

Dear Customer,

We have been informed by the promoter that the Morrissey show on October 29th
originally scheduled to be held at the Backyard has been cancelled.

We require that you return the physical tickets to us postmarked by the end of
the business day on December 1st.
We will not be able to honor refunds if tickets are received postmarked past
this date.

Please ship your tickets back via UPS or FedEx to:
Attn: Morrissey ticketing
5391 Three Notched Road
Crozet, Va 22932

Or via USPS Priority mail to: (UPS/FedEX do not deliver to PO Boxes)


Attn: Morrissey ticketing
P.O.Box 1911
Charlottesville Va 22903

Once tickets are returned we will process a refund of the face value of the
tickets for your order. Please allow 48 business hours for the transaction to
appear on your statement following the refund.
Ticketing Customer Service Department
Musictoday, LLC
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  • any particular reason the tickets have to be mailed back? do they realize what an inconvenience this is?

    i knew this would happen...moz treats his fans like garbage yet we pay $50 for a ticket, buy multiple copies of his cds to push it up, etc etc. why?!
    txspawnedamonster -- Thursday October 28 2004, @01:10PM (#133944)
    (User #11624 Info)
  • This is absurd. He cancelled Austin years ago right before show time because security was weak. I know the real reason he cancelled Austin this time...he couldn't sell out the 3k tickets for the Austin venue. I've been a dedicated fan of Morrissey/The Smiths for over 16 years...I gave him everything and he gives nothing in return. KISS MY LATINO BROWN ARSE!!! This relationship is over...
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 28 2004, @01:25PM (#133949)
  • call Star Tickets (512)469-SHOW for Austin show refund info
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 28 2004, @01:40PM (#133961)
  • chihuahua!! que mala onda, ya no se me hizo ver al morrissey, cualquier cosa, esperemos que luego se arme algo...
    desde mty,mx, saludos
    fernando -- Thursday October 28 2004, @01:46PM (#133968)
    (User #398 Info |
  • looks like nostalgia doesn't fill half a fucking stadium, huh?

    go roast, Moz.

    austin tx
    Anonymous -- Thursday October 28 2004, @02:01PM (#133982)
  • Ok...lets take away the personal sorrow of waiting 12 years to see morrissey again...lets just put that aside for a moment

    we have to ship the ticket back and only get refunded for the face value??!?!!

    Cost of ticket to concert $35.00
    Additional service fee for who knows what : $6.15
    Shipping charge for ticket since they wont let you pick up a ticket ordered online even though you live 10 minutes from the venue: $8.00
    Cost to send ticket back: $3.85
    Finding out that you've just spent $18 to NOT go to a concert: Priceless. FECKING PRICELESS.

    I am outraged. I am outraged that I spent $18 -- a tank and a half of gas for my car, a fantastic meal out with a friend, drinks for the night at my local bar, two months of catfood for my cats, etc to NOT GET TO GO TO A CONCERT. Screw you, morrissey and screw you
    gunstreetgirl <{gunstreetgirl} {at} {}> -- Thursday October 28 2004, @05:18PM (#134163)
    (User #6019 Info)
  • I cannot believe this shit.... no wait I can...Morrissey should listen to his lyrics on "Hold onto your friends". TRULY DISSAPPOINTED. I requested the weekend off- I work at the local Harley shop in Boerne and believe me it wasnt easy getting it off-had to kiss my bosses ass and do bullshit around the shop- had to budget money so I could stay in Austin and have a good time...waited two hours in line before tickets went on sale...had to kiss ass so I could get a babysitter for my kids..just to get online today to find out the show is cancelled. Let me hang my head and sigh. This will be my last entry I will every wait- I changed my mind...good night and thank you...
    parish -- Thursday October 28 2004, @08:04PM (#134227)
    (User #12102 Info)
    I am hated for loving......
  • youre getting a refund. dont bitch about it.
    tenderliz -- Thursday October 28 2004, @08:22PM (#134232)
    (User #11301 Info)
  • I called Star Tickets (this is also stated on their website) and was told that if you return your tickets to where you originally purchased them (if not online), you will get a FULL refund: $42 (I think that's what they were). So don't mail your tickets back if you actually physically went somewhere to purchase them.

    I didn't allow myself to get my hopes up for this show; I had a gut feeling he would cancel. I've had to drive across the country twice to be able to see him, so the fact that he was going to be practically playing in my backyard was too good to be true. I don't know why he doesn't come to Austin...I think he would like it here (there are so many great vegetarian restaurants).
    alaszlo -- Friday October 29 2004, @09:58AM (#134437)
    (User #12921 Info)
  • i saw morrissey in dallas during that video "live in dallas" and also have loved the smiths when i was in school around 89-92 and he is in that catagory of bands/people that i must see if they come, and i was first disappointed that they picked Fort Worth for the show instead of dallas, but since i have ADD and a bad time problem, plus i was unfamiliar with Fort Worth, i got lost on the way there, and also left a little late, but i was angry at myself, sad, but i still just went inside and walked in and just only caught the last 4 songs, and i liked it a lot, but i could'nt enjoy it as much knowing it was going to end any minute.

    on the way back home i thought of a plan to just make up for my "time planning screw-up" and just get permission to leave work early and drive straight to Austin and catch him there and see it with my older brother who lives in Austin, and so we emailed each other and made plans, and he gave me the news that there were still tickets on sale and as long as i made it down at 7:30 we would have time, but then suddenly i got an email from him with the title "OH SHIT", and he told me the news of him cancelling the show due to "hoarse vocal cords", ..................and i just could'nt believe it, i was just devastated, and really down about it.

    so, all i can hope is a "make up date" cause i would be so satisfied, i mean it made it worse that the Fort Worth show was on a weeknight on Wednesday!, plus it was in a city i was unfamiliar with, plus the fact that the will rogers auditorium's website directions were'nt detailed enough, etc.... its like i had the mindset that i would have a great night seeing the whole show of morrissey in Fort Worth, but instead had a miserable night of driving around in a frenzy while on the phone with a friend helping me with mapquest!!!, and i got there at 10:35pm or later, and all i wanted was to see him in Austin and just make myself feel like i was never late in the first place.

    it was bad enough i knew after missing 3/4 of the show that i would be forced to drive to Austin, but since it was canceled its even worse, .........cause now i am forced to FLY somewhere else he is playing to catch him on the rest of this tour, and i am not sure i will be able to get off work or even have the money?

    i agree he can say what the hell he wants to, i mean he always has, and no reason to react differently now??, i really don't know what happened, i mean look at the Beastie Boys, they always say stuff like "don't vote for bush" even on MTV's live show they did, and they don't get "death threats"? so i doubt about the death threats thing, but there is a possibility that since Bush was the Gov'nr of Texas, that he heard about all these comments MOZ said, and had his people put a stop to the show? and maybe all they can say is "he is sick"??? who knows??

      but he should understand how open-minded Austin is as a city out of most of the majority of the cities in the US, and give us a make up show, i mean Austin to me is like a main place for Alternative music fans.

    i guess whats even worse is since i only caught the last couple songs and then had to leave, it was like a teaser, kind of like a waiter giving you an appetizer, but saying "you can't have the main course, i am sorry", i just need to be full.
    jon_warren -- Friday October 29 2004, @10:12PM (#134671)
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  • sometimes texas isn't big enough for me and my broken heart.
    lisa <[email protected]> -- Friday October 29 2004, @10:16PM (#134672)
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    • Re:sigh. by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday October 30 2004, @09:58PM
  • I too, had a feeling that Morrissey was going to cancel the Austin show, I flew out from Phoenix to see him, bought 2 tickets for myself and a friend that has never seen him live before, and didnt find out until arriving at the venue. Had no internet access so had to wait until today to hear other people confessions. What a true disappointment. Was longing forward in seeing his on his 2005 tour and plus being in another city and meeting other morrissey fans! I dont think he will be coming to Phoenix for this tour and who knows this might be his last!

    "this night has opened my eyes"
    vauxhall25 -- Tuesday November 02 2004, @12:52PM (#135337)
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    Scavenging through life's constant lulls So far from where I'm determined to go

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