posted by davidt on Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:00PM
An inside source sends the following statement:

“With all my heart I urge people to vote against George Bush. Jon Stewart would be ideal, but John Kerry is the logical and sane move. It does not need to be said yet again, but Bush has single-handedly turned the United States into the most neurotic and terror-obsessed country on the planet. For non-Americans, the United States is suddenly not a very nice place to visit because US immigration officers – under the rules of Bush – now conduct themselves with all the charm and unanswerable indignation of Hitler’s SS.

Please bring sanity and intelligence back to the United States.

Don’t forget to vote.

Vote for John Kerry and get rid of George Bush”

October 27, 2004

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  • Oh God!!! (Score:1, Redundant)

    Here come all the political remarks from everyone. This is going to get ugly. Good picture though.
    cbmoz -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:02PM (#133436)
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    • Re:Oh God!!! by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:20PM
    • Vote Nader by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 27 2004, @11:10PM
      • Re:Vote Nader by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 27 2004, @11:14PM
  • quite right.the world has become a tyerrible place with two right wing war obsessed fools in charge of the uSA and Israel.

    Hopefully bush will be whacked at the polls.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:05PM (#133437)
  • . . that no one wants to admit they go to, i love how they call it "an inside source"
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:05PM (#133438)
  • John Kerry, you've got my vote!

    Your Pal,
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:16PM (#133440)
  • Finally we get an official word from the big man himself.

    I'd love to see a Michael Moore - Morrissey talk show on George W. Bush. It'd be hilarious.

    Vote KERRY 2004
    Mada -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:19PM (#133442)
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  • morrissey can't get any more loveable...seriously.

    looks, talent, and sanity...what more could we ask for?

    vote kerry.
    sunday -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:20PM (#133443)
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    "a hundred other words blind me with your purity..."
  • Morrissey finally gives us his view on voting. As though we didn't already know how against Bush he is. Though it is enlightening to know that he actually supports Kerry. His Texas shows are going to be very interesting. He hasn't touch Texas on a tour in 2 years. And even back then the closest he got was El Paso.
    Looking forward to the Houston show tomorrow. To those attending Texas shows: lets show Morrissey that we are not all Bush supporters!!!
    averylyssa -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:27PM (#133444)
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    "Sing Your Life"
  • Oh dear (Score:2, Interesting)

    To be honest, Kerry could get voted in and I still think the anti-American feeling that has swept the world would sadly still remain. I love America and most Americans so that depresses me. Bush has done a huge amount of...well...evil to the world, especially environmentally with Kyoto and his love of that thick, black substance (oil I think it's called) and I do want to see him out to stop the disease deepening it's roots but it's going to take a lot of elbow grease and hard work before America is viewed in a quite-so favourable light again.

    Vote Quimby. Love Morrissey.
    Ben Budd -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:34PM (#133445)
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    • Re:Oh dear by AmericanMorrissey (Score:1) Wednesday October 27 2004, @03:38PM
  • george bush is a truly repugnant, arrogant and manipulative man. please america, don't lets have another term under the dark cloud of beady eyed bush. the world (and america) has suffered ehnough.

    martin, uk
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:43PM (#133447)
  • I May Be A Bit Thick Here But who is Jon Stewart ?
    wally range -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:44PM (#133448)
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  • As an independant... (Score:1, Interesting)

    ...I can not vote for Kerry. He is an outright liar.
    Bush is not my best choice either, but he is preferrable to Kerry, in my opinion.
    someraincoatedlovers -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:44PM (#133449)
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  • morrissey doesnt like getting frisked at the airport?

    Hey morrissey 3000 people were murdered on 9-11 because some foreigners smuggled in box cutters on those airplanes. Jesus christ

    ps see you tonight! I still love your music, just not your wacky political ideals (and ill eat some meat before i go to the concert too!)

    morrissey-bush fan in texas
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:45PM (#133450)
  • I've tried over the years to look the other way, but the older I get the more I realize that Morrissey's polictics are whack! Viva Bush!
    Bob -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:45PM (#133451)
    (User #246 Info)
  • on his corrupt arse! And, that goes for Cheney too...both are a couple of self-righteous liars.

    My absentee ballot speaks for itself!
    J. Razor -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:49PM (#133455)
    (User #724 Info)
    I'm Alone
  • Let see if he makes an appearance on the show.
    Maladjustedx -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:50PM (#133456)
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  • Anyone who wants to be taken seriously should leave out the Nazi comparisons. Any fair points they may have are likely to be ignored.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:52PM (#133457)
  • As a Yank, I'm proud of Morrissey taking an interest in American politics. Jon Stewart is funny, Moz, but I'll stick with the Democrats. They're funnier.

    By the way, when is Morrissey going to release an official statement regarding the passing of John Peel? I think that would be a big mistake if he doesn't acknowledge that. He knew the man for heavensakes and he was instrumental helping alot of young talent get heard, including the Smiths.

    Say something Moz. Anything. Alot of your UK fans are distraught.
    mozmic_dancer -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @01:54PM (#133460)
    (User #11277 Info)
    "I am the fun and the fair, on a Mozsite for the criminally insane..."
  • ...and by the way, Morrissey, you look soo Handsome!
    sonnet29 -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:06PM (#133465)
    (User #4574 Info)
    My love, wherever you are, Whatever you are...Don't lose faith...I know it's gonna happen someday...
  • If it is...Please folks, listen to him! It's true, anti-American sentiment is worse now than ever in history! Kerry is no real prize, but I think he is willing to make amends to old allies and forge new alliances we desperately need.

    DOWN with GW! Down with the government sticking its nose into people's bedrooms! Down with the government trying to tell a woman what she can do with her body! Down with unsubstaniated preemptive wars! Iraq had no WMD's and had nothing to do with 9/11! Ultra right wing Christian fundamentalism under the guise of Republican conservatism must be taken out! Bush thinks he is doing God's innocent people die everyday in Iraq.

    Anyone is better that that whack job! Vote Kerry!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:07PM (#133466)
  • it's up to you to undo what those who live in states infiltrated with jingoists, rednecks, the christian coalition, the southern baptist convention, the NRA lovers, and the "screw you over for a dollar" types can't do even if they were allowed to vote twice.
    suzanne -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:12PM (#133470)
    (User #36 Info)
    I scare dead people.
  • i dont appreciate any celebrity telling me who to vote for. i just dont. i love morrissey. i am however a bush supporter. if he wants to encourage me to vote for jon stewart(not a real viable option) then fine but not john kerry. people are only voting for kerry not because senator kerry has any list of real worth while accomplishments in office or because people think he make a great leader, people are voting for kerry because he is not bush. i am sorry but i am not that vacuous to just vote for someone because he is not the other guy. you have to give me more reasons to support senator kerry. the man is a terrible leader and candidate for office and will say and do anything to get elected rather than make the tough decision or stand tough for his core beliefs and principles.
    klions99 -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:16PM (#133476)
    (User #3814 Info)
  • George W Bush is a joke that's not funny anymore. Move Bush out and Kerry in. I live in Texas and Bush never did a thing here when he was Governor. Americans unite and take over! Vote Kerry/Edwards 2004. If you are in a state that lets you vote early, vote NOW!
    texasbloke -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:17PM (#133477)
    (User #8721 Info)
  • What I find ironic is the fact that the Americans who buy into Bush's fear of terrorism are the Americans who are least likely to ever be affected by it. Given the opportunity to knock over the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station, the Brooklyn Bridge, the United Nations, to kill thousands of people, to ruin the national economy (because the USA's entire economy is entirely reliant upon NYC) or to destroy a farmers co-op in Kansas or Iowa, I think a terrorist will opt for any of the above-mentioned NYC targets (or any other large American metropolitan area such as LA, SF, Boston, DC, Seattle, or Chicago).

    And few middle Americans are wealthy beyond belief. None of Bush's economic policies will benefit anyone but the rich. The only aspect of Bush's administration that appeals to middle Americans is the policy on terrorism (which is a thinly disguised racist policy to kill Arabs {even though Jesus Christ was a Middle Eastener}). And which Americans are dying in Iraq? White Americans from rural areas who joined the service as that was likely the only employment option available in the economically suffering Midwest and South.

    Anyway, I survived September 11th. I walked home to Queens beneath American fighter jets providing cover. How fucked up is that? (and don't blame it on Clinton. September 11th basically happened because this country favors Israel and ignores the plight of anyone we can't get anything from) And I'm not voting for Bush. We are on the verge of WWIII.

    So why are so many Americans who face little threat from terrorism so afraid? Why are the Americans who face the most likely threat so horrified by Bush? A vote for Bush is a vote for the death of America as we once knew it. Much of it is already gone. We can never go home again.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:21PM (#133481)
  • boo hoo he got frisked at the airport

    Moz is losing tons of credibility

    first the moronic pen of America is not the World then a truly stupid statement like this...shows you to enjoy his voice but as a political commentator...he leaves much to be desired...

    he must have a crush on Stewart to be kissing his ass so pathetically.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:23PM (#133483)
  • Republican's keep calling Kerry a flip-flopper. They tell you voted against the Patriot Missile but then voted for it.

    Here is what really happened.

    A bill came to the senate and they wanted to get money approved for military spending. The items on that list were a bunch of tanks an bombers and missiles. In that bill was a $9 billion chuck of pork. Kerry voted no. Meanwhile, Republican John McCain also voted no. They both said that they would approve it with the pork cut out.

    The bill failed.

    The bill was rewritten without the pork.

    Kerry, McCain and most others passed the bill.

    The republicans take that and call it flip-flopping.

    Kerry looked out for your tax dollars to only be spent on what the bill said it would be spent on.

    Bush took office with an annual surplus of money in the budget and now its the biggest deficit in the history of the country.

    Bush's response?

    "We've created jobs!"

    My response.. "Yeah, I've had 5 of them"
    bored -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:26PM (#133484)
    (User #8415 Info)
  • Sorry Morrissey, but the fact that it's very difficult for non-Americans to get into this country makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.
    handsome devil -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:26PM (#133485)
    (User #94 Info)
  • Morrissey,

    To compare US immigration officers to Hitler's SS is just shameful. It may take longer to get through immigration, but one things for sure, you won't end up in the gas chambers.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:36PM (#133494)
    • Re:Shameful by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 27 2004, @03:26PM
    • Re:Shameful by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 27 2004, @03:29PM
    • Re:Shameful by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday October 28 2004, @03:12AM
  • There was an independent study done about the influence of entertainers on voting all over the news the past 48 hours.

    Here is what the study found, of all entertainers
    Oprah has the most credibility
    garnering 19%, (as in would be swayed by her opinion.)

    As of today Oprah has been very very quiet about who she is backing, I assume its Kerry.

    Now, where the results get really fascinating is M. Moore actually turned 26% to vote for Bush, Independents finding him totally disingeniuous.
    Springsteen also has a very weak impact in swaying people to vote Kerry as he has been trying so hard to do. A mere 2% considered his opinion worthwhile on Politics.

    The overall conclusion of the study was that people in America give very little credence to Actors, Singers, Etc...Feeling that they (entertainers)could never relate to what their own lives were like. So go Moz tell us who to vote for!!
    Tell us what color the new jag will be too!

    Hey at least you will be able to pen another tune full of vitriol in the next four years. Bush is better for your career I say!
    giant -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:38PM (#133496)
    (User #430 Info)
    I Like You
  • but if you have a chance, check out this link:

    it is the best thing i've found on the web in a long time. i realize it would take a few hours to read the whole thing, but at least give it a glance. this was posted earlier in response to a bush supporter on this board asking to list, in detail, bushs' failings.... so, there you go.
    VIVAMOZ <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:39PM (#133497)
    (User #184 Info |
    blame me! i didn't vote!
  • I honestly don't see how anyone in their right mind can take a look at what America has become in the last 4 years and say "Yes, I want this ignorant warmongerer to run our country for another 4 painful years". I am just curious, has he actually done anything positive for these people because from where I stand all I can see is hate, death, and endless supply of fear.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:43PM (#133501)
  • This statement from Morrissey makes "Sorrow Will Come In the End", "Journalists Who Lie" and "Death At One's Elbow" all worth it.

    Thank you Morrissey, please vote everyone. My friend's American expatriate aunt has lived in Greece for 20 years, but will vote for the first time in decades in an American election. She thinks it's that important. And it is. And she picks Kerry.

    And to show balance, I eagerly await the day Labour gives Tony Blair the boot as well.
    sadlad -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @02:54PM (#133508)
    (User #5434 Info)
  • I love Moz's shirt! Particularly amusing considering Stewart's rant on CNNs Crossfire a few weeks ago. Poor Republican Tucker Carlson was struggling to maintain what little respect the general public has for him.

    Kerry is a two-bit hack, but he's worlds better than Bush. Baby steps, American, baby steps. . .
    AmericanMorrissey -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @03:00PM (#133511)
    (User #12428 Info)
    • Re:Hilarious! by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday October 27 2004, @04:33PM
      • Re:Hilarious! by AmericanMorrissey (Score:1) Wednesday October 27 2004, @06:21PM
  • I'm not american! Our Man Mozz is right, and John Stewart is orgasmically funny! Guys, on Nov. 2nd, stand up and vote for sanity and a president who can eat pretzels without choking and sign his name with more than an X! VOTE KERRY!!! If you dont, consider all your sorry asses DRAFTED!!!

    Maplefreak -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @03:01PM (#133513)
    (User #1234 Info)
    And the songs we sing, they're not supposed to mean a thing...
  • liberals have more sex and better sex than conservatives.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @03:17PM (#133518)
    • Haven't you noticed? by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday October 28 2004, @03:36AM
      • I forgot by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday October 28 2004, @07:07AM
  • I am huge on Morrissey, but could care a less about what his political thoughts are. He needs to keep his mouth shut except for when he is singing. On second thought, he should put more effort into a bigger tour than spouting off about The President.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @03:24PM (#133522)
  • Glad he has realised that this is too important an issue to ignore. Never liked all his "you must never watch the news- its so depressing" malarkey. Though I suppose if he was talking about american news programmes then yes they should be avoided like the plague.

    Wish he'd stop harping on about that ONE time he got stopped at the airport though. Doesn't particulary strengthen his argument

    P.S that photo proves what i already suspected...
    that Morrissey has the finest forearms in rock and roll!!
    - truly a cracking pair.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @03:26PM (#133523)
  • I was at Sunday's show (Miami) in which Morrissey mentions for us to change the direction of this country. Can you believe that a county in Florida has already!!! lost several hundred absentee ballots? I am so ashamed!
    lamthequarry <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @03:26PM (#133524)
    (User #12863 Info) you’ll find my heart and I...
  • Morrissey is a great singer and a great artist, but he's always proven himself to be highly ignorant and irrational in politics, and often resorts to the extreme statement designed simply to get attention and revealing he's unfortunately he's a rather feverish lefty.

    I don't think a singer who bought into the bullshit of Michael Moron's propaganda is well-informed at all, and instead he follows his emotions.

    Comparing our government to the Nazi S.S. is laughable and, frankly, moronic. I understand that Morrissey was personally harassed at an airport, but that still does not excuse his asinine comparison.

    Morrissey had nothing to say, no public declarations, back when 3,000 Americans were murdered.

    Morrissey thinks Western Europe is the world, and that Western Europe's opinion of America is all-important.

    He cares not that the votes in Afghanistan have just been counted and the pro-American Hamid Karzai won 55% of the votes in the first election that country has ever experienced. If Morrissey had had his way, the Taliban would still be enslaving that country.

    I also recall Morrissey's ridiculous wish od death against Thatcher in 1988. As he himself saw when he returned to Manchester this year, Thatcher's policies helped Grea Britain's economy tremendously and today they are leading Europe while France and Germany have massive unemployment and economic disorder.

    I like you, Morrissey, and I think Kerry has a better chance of winning than Bush. However, I must do what I think is best and vote for who I consider the lesser evil, George W. Bush.

    Morrissey said this summer on British radio that he never meets anyone who supports Bush's foreign policy. Morrissey, you exposed yourself as living in a bubble in your Los Angeles mansion. 45-55% of the country intends to vote for Bush next week. And the reason the Democrats chose Kerry was because Kerry was not an anti-war candidate. Therefore, even a substantial percentage of Americans who will vote for Kerry certainly do not subscribe to Morrissey's vew of the War on Terrorism. Morrissey really has no insight to America even though he now lives here, and he won't until he actually spends time in places outside La-La-Land.

    Anyway, whatever happens, I can't wait for the election to be overwith already.
    LoafingOaf <reversethis-{moc ... otstnilfcitnarf}> -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @03:35PM (#133531)
    (User #778 Info)
    Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.
  • i too do not like bush's politics and feel that his MISS CALCULATIONS are a real threat to all the world. there is nothing more that i would like to see than bush's smirk out of office. morrissey has all the reason to say what he feels as so do we. but its getting really old hearing entertainers telling us who to choose for in our best intrests. to all entertainers give us some credit and let us descide what our best intrests are on our own. please vote guys and be heard. much love moz....
    jimmyjazz13 -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @03:47PM (#133536)
    (User #12395 Info)
  • One big problem I have with Morrissey's various statements on American politics after 9/11 is he seems to believe Islamic-fascist Jihad is a figment of the imagination.

    Is Morrissey unaware of how many people the jihadists have killed worldwide in the past few decades? Is Morrissey unaware that his beloved London has been targetted? Is he unaware that since 9/11 there have been many terror plots foiled on American soil, from plots to blow up shopping malls to even taking down the Brooklyn Bridge?

    It's not a figment of the imagination, and one only has to look at what happened in that Russian school this year to see it is ridiculous for Morrissey to want to pretend we're not at war.
    LoafingOaf <reversethis-{moc ... otstnilfcitnarf}> -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @03:53PM (#133539)
    (User #778 Info)
    Fuck it, Dude. Let's go bowling.
  • please go to to find out more about bush's campaining. if you are interested in getting rid of bush you should also consider boycotting all the corporations to support bush financially. if you love bush you might be interested to discover that bush, like almost all presidents in general, cater to the highest bidder.

      altria (formerly Philip Morris) is a big republican contributor. donations from 1999-2004 total $6.5 million.

      AT&T is another contributor, from 1999-2004 a total of $5.36 million.

      microsoft has contributed $5.12 million.

      ups has contributed $4.48 million.

      MBNA (MBNA Credit Cards)has contributed $4.38 million.

      citigroup (Citibank credit cards)has given $3.93 million.

      Pfizer, FedEx, bristol-Myers Squibb, WalMart, General Electric, ExonMobil, AOL Timewarner (HBO, Columbia House, Atlantic REcords), Anheuser Busch (Budweiser, Michelob, ZiegenBock, Busch), CheveronTexaco (they've merged), PEPSI, Walt Disney, AMerican airlines, etc., etc., etc....

    and just so you know, altria owns malboro, basic, l&m, virginia slims, parliament, among others...

      we don't only have our voting rights but we also have rights as consumers. we can refuse to buy the products they sell. we can refuse to work. we can refuse to take part in their crimes.

    kerry isn't a saint and God knows how much he'll mess things up but he's the only rational alternative at the moment. he's not the lesser of two evils, but the evil of two lessers.

    viva mozzer
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @03:56PM (#133541)
  • I can't believe that people who supposedly like Morrissey can hold anything but dislike for Bush or Blair. Morrissey's music is about love. Jesus! What's wrong with these people.
    dazzak -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @04:01PM (#133545)
    (User #12218 Info)
    • Re:What? by MasterOfWho (Score:1) Wednesday October 27 2004, @07:33PM
  • i doubt morrissey's endorsement of john kerry will sway the election, but he has every right to speak his mind. he posted it on his own website, for christs sake. if you don't want to read it, see it, follow it....don't.
            i do feel george bush has been a huge disappointment as a president. i think over the last 4 years he has listened too much to the neocons in his administration, instead of the moderates. i don't see him getting reelected.
    sherwo1015 -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @04:01PM (#133546)
    (User #12299 Info)
  • Does anyone in the UK really expect to see a dramatic improvement in their living conditions, or a major shift in UK Foreign Policy, irrespective of who wins the current Presidential Election in America?

    Didn't we learn anything from the betrayal & the string of broken promises we've witnessed from our own Last Great Hope, Tony Blair?

    After 18 years of misery under the Tory Party, we were promised so much by the newly elected Labour Government.

    What we got was more of the same, only worse.

    Neither the Republicans NOR the Democrats care about the so-called 'ordinary Americans', & they care even less about UK citizens.

    Even if Kerry wins, only little things will change, small, cosmetic differences, 'giving' with one hand while taking back with the other, while the same people who are exploiting & manipulating you now, will go on exploiting & manipulating you, ad infinitum.

    It was only a couple of months ago, on The J Ross Show, that Moz was saying he doesn't vote cos he has no faith in any of the major parties.

    I don't know what changed his mind, but I certainly haven't changed mine.

    It's often said that if one doesn't vote, then one has no right to grumble about anything, but what if no-one voted for any of the major parties anymore?

    Maybe then, Politics would get the overhaul it so desperately needs & new, credible parties would emerge.

    I'm still sick to death of Labour & Tories, and Republicans & Democrats for that matter.
    freeyourself -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @04:05PM (#133548)
    (User #12001 Info)
  • I think Morrissey throwing his hat in the ring in support of Kerry is great news for Bush supporters. If you look at Morrissey's record he has predominantly supported losers. Even within the realm of music which is a subject he is far more versed on than politics he has typically been the kiss of death...i.e. The Primitives, The Wooden Tops, The Tindersticks, Echobelly, Gene, The Smoking Popes, Jobriath, Gallon Drunk etc. I actually like many of those bands but I have to admit that they certainly haven't been smashing successes.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @04:07PM (#133549)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @04:33PM (#133562)
  • Morrissey once again is right. Bush has ruined this country - and wasted more money beyond belief. Bush is poison - sending our men there for what? For Nothing. His chemical theories (so called) for nothing. Bush needs to be voted out. Yes, Kerry seems logical. I mean at least he's better than Bush. I am going to take my chances. Don't let him Rig the election yet again. Fraud. Hmmm.... comes to remind me of another person who also perpetrates fraud.... name beginning with an M and ending with a J. Two peas in a pod and with equal values. Vote Kerry
    Kate2828 -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @04:36PM (#133563)
    (User #12664 Info |
  • ***Spoiler Ahead!***

    If you do not want to know who wins the election please stop reading now. However I encourage you to come back and read all of the comments posted above after you do find out who wins as several of the posts become humorous in light of the result.

    So here turns out to be a relatively close race with above average voter turn out but Bush ends up winning the election. There are some legal disputes surrounding the outcome but ultimately they only end up putting some cash in lawyers pockets and giving the media hours upon hours of additional coverage and newspaper content.

    For all the sound and fury Bush ends up having what most political analysts consider to be a successful 2nd term. Kerry slips back out of the picture for the most part except for one interesting event that pops-up about a year or so later that puts him back on the telly for while.

    What is far more interesting than the boring old 2004 election is where Morrissey ends up taking his career over the following years. Any guesses? I can tell you it's facinating enough to rewind and watch it all again! So don't let the election distract you too much and savor every moment fellow fans! There are some good things on the way!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @04:43PM (#133565)
  • I'm a Morrissey fan and listen to him for his songs not his political opinions.

    I'll be happily voting for W on Tuesday.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @04:47PM (#133566)
  • i can't believe moz doesn't like bush. they both have the same hair dresser.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Wednesday October 27 2004, @04:59PM (#133567)
    (User #2789 Info |
    True friends stab you in the front.
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